Prepping for the Fight

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If you know Derek Thibeau, you are keenly aware that he is one ripped mixed martial arts fighter with a body full of bad-boy tattoo artwork. Derek is in intense training, getting ready for the next day’s competition. To help him out with his training, he’s hired ruthless slave driver, Hans Berlin. Hans spares Derek no quarter and our studly fighter is ever so grateful for the intense ringer Hans has put him through. But MMA training’s not the only intense thing that seems to be occurring between these two. As Derek is wrapping up his training session by punching out his 80 lbs hanging bag, Hans and him appear to have bonded way beyond the training circuit; they’ve become bros. As their foreheads come into a slow merge, the guys kiss affectionately. Hans then goes down on Derek’s already stiff monster cock, sucking and stroking it with devotion. Derek’s ripping body is on a high. He starts to face fuck Hans’ mouth, pushing his dick in while bracing Hans head with his hand. Hans sucks and swallows that cock with deft talent. Once he’s given Derek the blow job of his life, our fighter gets down to stroke his trainer’s stiff boner, spitting on it for good measure. But his real aim reveals itself when he rises and shoves Hans up against a block of lockers, lubes and fingers his hole and then moves in for the cock assault. Derek pounds Hans’ hole aggressively. Hans is one happy fucker. Then Derek sits down against the standing lockers and gets Hans to ride his fat cock with force. Hans is delirious. And Derek? Well, Derek is fucking a dude the way he likes to… forcefully and passionately. It’s hot and it’s intense! This show of pure testosterone strength and resistance goes on and on. Hans’ ass is getting impaled like it hasn’t in a while. For his final assault, Derek places his trainer on all fours and shoves his dick in from behind. This is one hell of a workout for a guy who just finished his workout! But then again, we’re sure it’s a great stress reliever the day before a fight… Hans is begging for Derek to go harder. Within seconds, Hans shoots his load on the floor beneath him. Then Derek ramps up and shoots his load on his trainer’s butt. Whew! They hug and call it a day. Just wonder how tomorrow’s fight is going to play out.

Scene features Derek Thibeau and Hans Berlin

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Hunk, Derek Thibeau, Hans Berlin, safe sex, muscle

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