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Wanna Be A Fan Boy?Hey Dude, Wanna Be A Fan Boy?

Sure! What is a Fan Boy?
They are our greatest fans and recognized by us, for supporting us to keep on Keeping On.

I'm Down! How Do I Do That?
By throwing us $2, $5, $25 or more as often or whenever you feel pleased and satisfied with your experience here on, you will be showing your support and help us "keep on Keeping On".

The Gritty
Send your love via PayPal to e-mail address:
Please include a small note (if you can) with the screen-name that you would like to be shown for your support. Otherwise, e-mail us (same address) or use our Contact form to let us know your screen-name once you are finished with PayPal. Real names are NOT permitted.
If you do not explicitly give us a screen-name in your message (make one up if you have to), it will be presented as "anonymous". If you are a Member of the Wall, you may even use your profile name here, of which will be linked to your profile. Again, explicitly. We will not just grab the name from your e-mail address.
Fan Boy stats will be updated (as quickly as possible), and presented here in full.

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Fan Boys
$25 - bdaddydick
$10 - Anonymous
$5 - moviezguy
$5 - Anonymous
$3 - rafap
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  • rafap
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  • HRD4U
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  • moviezguy
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  • bdaddydick
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