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It’s rare that we find content that simply leaves us speechless but yearning for more, MormonBoyz does just that. Not only is the content beautifully shot and fun to watch, there is a sense of real religious taboo that we’ve never seen before and it is HOT! Have you ever found yourself in an innocent environment that has such a dark sexual tension that you are full of anticipation and excitement? Well then you are in for a real treat with MormonBoyz!

Based around the secret rituals of the Mormon Church, we are treated to an inside peak into the happenings between the Elders and their superiors as they come of age and learn the ropes in this secret society. Clean cut, all American conservative boy next door types participate in ritualistic coming of age sex acts that can only be described as both beautiful and sinful. These Missionaries fit the bill completely from their dark suits to their magical Mormon underwear (which is featured heavily in many of the scenes).

Here we are treated to the story of Elder White… a small town boy with big dreams of wholesome morals and objectives. He is sure to go far in the Mormon Church and has risen quickly in the ranks the few months of his mission. But soon, he will find out that the church is preparing him for a much more advanced and secret initiation that will leave both you and Elder White breathless in the process. The only way to find out is to witness the initiation yourself.

Explore with us as Elder White is not only Called to be a part of the church but to serve the Secret Order of authoritative men that will lead the way to his salvation. We are privileged to see Elder White take part in the most secret and submissive parts of the Mormon Missionaries lives within the church in these raw and intimate scenes that are like nothing you have seen anywhere before.

Join Us May 24th when the adventure begins.

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