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6 Nights of Comedy: SHARKNADO!
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Ultimate Jocks Jake Steel and Tyler Alexander play a game of Table Football in which every wrong move costs an article of clothing. It is a win-win game; the first man naked gets sucked by his opponent. Jake is naked first, and he stands with an ear-to-ear smile as his hard dick towers into view from below the table. He invites Tyler to take his prize. Tyler\'s a prize himself with a meaty body and a meatier butt, stretching his booty across the table,reaching with his mouth for Jake\'s cock and displaying an ass that would give a saint an erection. Jake kneads the perfect globes, telling Tyler how gorgeous it is. Jake fucks Tyler\'s face, then turns him over to reveal a cock as flawless as his buns, with a foreskin that covers the head: even at full erection. Grinning, Jake slides his tongue under the foreskin and around the fat head. Cock, balls, hole, Jake services them all. When he thrusts his own cock long and deep into Tyler\'s ass, Tyler cries out. Jake pulls out. Entry and re-entry are repeated several times before Jake establishes a steady fuck rhythm. The surprise is when Jake detaches and leaps onto Tyler\'s cock, flinging himself backward for a deep, full body contact pummeling, two primal beasts becoming one. Jake explodes, then grabs Tyler\'s cock and brings him to his happy ending.

Jake Steel\' has an amazing tongue and REALLY knows how to use it EVERYWHERE!!
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