Joey Mills - Solo Session

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Added by Wolf

Gorgeous Joey Mills needs some alone time and we're all better off because of it! Loving every inch of himself (and thats a LOT of inches) the teen dream jacks his giant for your eyes only. We love seeing the kid on his own because you can really get into the gigantic gift he's been blessed with! He has truly got one of THE best cocks in the biz. Big, think and hanging with a ton of heft, he man handles his own meat with a passion. That alone would be worth the price of admission, but Joey always goes the extra mile! Licking his fingers and diving deep inside, Joey gives you a private show you'll never forget.

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  • Wolf Banned

    Fuck. As of this writing... 1,373 views with 1 Like and 4 Dislikes. Don't you all like Joey? :disappointed:
    Along with the votes, please throw in your comments as well? Like to understand what's going on here. Otherwise, I believed Joey was a fav here at the Wall. :confused: