Ian Idol - Scene 2

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Ian Idol is a young man with corn-fed good looks who wants to be a model. He arrives in Chicago, & as he showers before his photo shoot he thinks of Vincent, the Advocate Men Man of the Year for 2000. Ian sets out for & does his art nude photo shoot. Back home from work, Ian relaxes & fantasizes about two of his favorite porn stars, Adam Wolfe & Triton Rivers. Ian imagines seeing these two in an XXX-rated photo shoot together. Adam pulls out some chains & leather, puts a collar around Triton’s neck & proceeds to top him soundly! After a hot fuck, the two shower each other in cum. Of course Ian pops a load on his stomach to finish himself off with the two hot porn stars. Next, Ian signals us in to watch his video audition, but he realizes that he needs to get his dick rock hard, so he relives in his mind the best cybersex he has ever had. Ian remembers the scene clearly because he thought the action of Wes in the middle was incredibly hot. The thoughts work & Ian stays hard for his audition & delivers a healthy cum shot.

HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View

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