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Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:00 pm
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Randy Blue

Now Playing At The Big Show
The Big Show: Breaking The Surface (VIP Members Only) Breaking the Surface is about the tough times Greg Louganis had on his way to becoming one of the world's top Olympic divers. Some topics discussed were Greg's childhood problems, his homosexuality, and him contracting the HIV virus.

TV Drama 1 hour, 35 minutes
Featured Star
Featured Star: Geoffrey Paine Standing a muscular 6'1" with eight inches of meat to plow into hungry holes, Geoffrey Paine has made a big name for himself in the gay porn scene since 2007. In the early days he was a standout in 5 Deep from Hot House Entertainment/Club Inferno and Grunts Fisting: Arm Of One by Raging Stallion Studios/Fisting Central. Since then he's delivered cum-splashing performances in DarkRoom volumes 3 & 4 from Dark Alley Media, Men Of The World: Paris from Eurocreme, and more than a dozen other movies. Geoffrey's not one of those guys who's in every other movie you see, but that just leaves you wanting more. Born in Orange County, California in 1982, he's originally pure American beef. Then Geoffrey decided to give up his adult film career and moved to Paris, France with his boyfriend (now his husband). Luckily for his fans, Geoffrey has since returned to performing.

HoMovies Cinema PPV
Now Showing at HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View Here it is: the Ultimate Jake Bass Collection! These are the first scenes that young Jake did when he was starting out (and before he became the PORN STAR he is today.) Even then, there was something so special about him. Maybe it was his cute, devious smile coupled with insatiable sexuality. All we know is that whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, Jake Bass will always be our favorite bad boy!

Next Door Twink
Well Done, Boys As the boys return to the locker room after a hard-fought game on the diamond, they each breathe a sigh of relief now that playoffs are over. Landon Terry, unofficial team leader in the morale department, issues a verbal invitation to his three teammates, Nick, Jake Piper, and Kaiden Haskins. They all heartily accept the invite to Landon's house for a BBQ. Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned burger after playing hard? When Landon asks how his friends want their burgers cooked, he can tell their responses suggest they're all in the mood for some fun, sexy action.

Men Over 30
A Bottom In Need Cameron is passed out in his bed after some long hours at his demanding job. Mike has just finished his shower and was hoping to get laid considering it has been weeks since Cameron coughed up any dick. Mike begins to wake up Cameron complaining about the lack of sex and the much needed loving that needs to happen. Cameron who is still shaking the sand out of his eyes tells Mike not to worry and lets him know that he's naked under the covers and ready for a nice blow. Mike horny and very eager pushes the blankets down and wraps his mouth around the cock he's been fantasizing about for so long.

Falcon Studios
San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2 Exhausted after handling slabs of meat all day, Hans Berlin complains to Tommy Defendi that he needs something to make him feel better. Tommy wonders if his cock fits the bill. This slab of meat is definitely to Hans' liking. He opens his mouth to accept Tommy's offer, becoming more energized with every millimeter that passes his lips. Tommy's tube steak is juicy, fat and veiny, and he patiently feeds it to Hans, who keeps his right hand busy jacking his own dick while he sucks. When Tommy is ready to pack Hans' meat, he begins by sampling the buns, which are smooth and succulent with a furry crack. In a low, husky voice, Hans urges, 'fuck me, man.'
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    Ray Ray is a soft spoken guy who carries a big stick. Originally from the midwest, Ray's quiet, unassuming demeanor masks his extreme lifestyle, where he gets his rocks off drifting cars, street racing and just about anything else he can do to get his adrenaline pumping. When he's not pushing the limits of automotive safety, Ray is all business, and we catch up to him here as he unwinds from the tough day, peeling out of his button down shirt, loosening it up at the collar and slowly unbuttoning it, sliding out of his shoes and pants as he reclines on his desk, legs spread, cock ready for action.

    Extra Big Dicks
    Going Steady Their first date hit it off great and now Dustin is inviting Andrew inside for some cold beers. After some small talk and downing the brews Andrew begins to rub Dustin's crotch and notices that he is packing. Curious as to what lies beneath Andrew pulls the fat cock out and wraps his young lips so softly around the tip of the head and begins to inhale the hard dick into his throat. Dustin, loving the feel of his wet mouth, takes off his clothes and stands up to face fuck Andrew. Soon enough they both stand naked, rubbing and kissing, exploring their bodies to the fullest extent.

    Men Of Montreal
    Morning Wood: Rise & Shine Derek Thibeau (pronounced Tee bow) is a hunky 6'3', 210 lbs MMA fighter who came to us a few weeks back looking to make some extra cash. He's 28 y.o. and defines himself as bi-curious. You wouldn't guess it with his inked body, shaved head and tall stature, but this guy is a gentle giant. He may be charming, but, as a fighter, he's definitely not some you would want cross. Derek works in construction and lives in Montreal. He came in early one morning a bit tired after having scored the night before. So we let him have a bit of a rest, but shortly thereafter, his 8 inch uncut cock was rising to the stars and he was ready to show how talented he is at working his dick.

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