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Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:08 pm
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Now Playing at The Big Show
The Big Show: STRAPPED (VIP Members Only) A routine trick at a man's apartment propels a cynical hustler into a series of strange and life-changing encounters in this stunningly photographed drama from San Francisco-based Joseph Graham. Tall and lanky with a mop of unruly dark hair, the young man makes for an attractive prostitute - handsome in body, amiable in personality and efficient in sex. He's just out to make a buck, one guy at a time. But this coldly efficient rent boy begins to look at himself in a different way one stormy night when he finds himself lost in a maze-like apartment building.
The evening begins with a tryst with a beefy but timid man unused to gay sex. Their "session" becomes surprisingly tender for both. But time is money, and he's off - that is, he'd be off if he could find the exit. His unexpected odyssey leads him to a series of encounters: there is one with a "straight" guy with issues; a cocaine-fueled queen who thinks he knows him; an older man.
Drama - 1 hour, 35 minutes.
Featured Star
Featured Star: Landon Conrad Landon Conrad is a Falcon Studios performer with rock-hard abs (decorated with a small tattoo) and chiseled good looks.
His eight-inch dick certainly helps win him new fans, along with his sizzling performances, since he got into the business in 2009.
Originally from Salt Lake City, Landon is now based in Los Angeles.
Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight: 176 lbs (79 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: White

HoMovies Cinema PPV
Now Showing at HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View Come play outdoors with us. Ready to jump in the pool? Want to hike in the woods? This must-see collection brings you the hot rites of Summer... and the horniest Bel Ami boys.
Starring: Keanu Faria, Kris Evans, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Colin Hewitt, Mark Aubrey, Troy Allen, Ariel Vanean, Brandon Manilow, Liam Phoenix and Renato Amoroso.

Next Door Twink
Cheating BoyfriendWhere there's smoke, there's fiery hot sex. When Scott Bridgeton and his friend Zander Williams return to Scott's place after a leisurely day at the county fair, Scott notices an unfamiliar pair of shoes left by the entryway. He's suspicious, but the two head into the kitchen to relax. It's not long before they experience something even more unusual. A lamentation from the bedroom rings into the kitchen, 'Shove that cock in my mouth!' Scott creeps over to the bedroom door to investigate...

Men Over 30
TV BlowsAnother boring Sunday afternoon and nothing is on the TV that neither Alex nor David wants to watch.
After some debating they decide to suck each other off instead which makes for a great idea on a Sunday.
They both trade BJs and some hot 69ing which then turns into a few different positions.
Alex gets the joy of fucking David's eager ass in a few different positions and polishes it off with a nice cum shot.

Falcon Studios
Hung Americans - Part 2Visions of Aleks Buldocek and James Ryder fill the screen, each one revealing more than the last, until they are fully erect and ready to rock. With cocks at full mast, they wrap their arms around each other. James is ripped and smooth; Aleks muscularly defined, bearded and with a thatched chest and abdomen. James demonstrates his bottomless throat on Aleks' cock before bending over a barrel to serve up his fresh, smooth buns with a tight pink hole in the center.
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    Rocco RussoRocco Russo is a fresh young face who is eager to please. A bit quiet and reserved, Rocco comes to life in the gym, as he flexes his muscles and works up a sweat, curling his biceps and toning his chest and back, before slipping out of his workout attire and stripping down to the bone. Seated in the gym, he fondles his cock through his underwear, before losing them as well, revealing his hardening cock as he begins to stroke himself off, spreading his legs around the bench and arching up with his feet.

    Extra Big Dicks
    Traffic JamJames is in another traffic jam and he's trying to convince his girlfriend that he is on his way home but traffic is just moving too slow. Liam is down on his knees servicing James while he chats with his lady trying to figure out a time he will be back. Liam loves James' thick throbbing cock and just keeps sucking his smooth shaven balls while stroking that big dick up and down. Once off the phone James returns the favor but with a thumb up his ass to make Liam squirm even more.

    Men Of Montreal
    My Best Fuck Yet! We don't usually start the scene write-up with the final title of a scene. But upon completing his scene, Alec Leduc was happy to tell us that, as a bottom, his pairing with Mario Torrez delivered his best fuck to date!
    Indeed, when you watch this scene, you understand why.
    Not only is Mario a hot jock, but he is also one horny fucker packing a pretty hefty cock in those briefs of his. Mario is also one very engaging partner and a masterful top.

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