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    Now Playing: Csged"Uitgesproken" is a Dutch 13-minute short film. This was co-directed and co-written by Dylan Tonk and Lazlo Tonk, probably a pair of brothers. Or father and son, not sure. The actors in here are not known, at least not outside Holland. For some, it is even their first performance ever. We find out about a guy's reactions when his best friend comes out as a homosexual.
    Stars Joël Mellenberg, Josha Stradowski and Yldau de Boer.
    Drama | Short (2013)
    English Subtitles
    13 minutes.

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    Falcon Studios
    Falcon Studios | Heated 2 | Sean Zevran and Gabriel Cross
    Cocky Boys
    CockyBoys | The Perfect Fit | Caleb King & Zak Bishop
    Extra Big Dicks
    ExtraBigDicks | Payback Bottom | Peter Fields and Max Cameron
    Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:49 am
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    Now Showing at HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View
    Sunny Daze |  Now Showing at HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-ViewThese twinks love to play hard on bright sunny daze.
    Stars Kris Blent, Josh Milk, Gabriel Angel, Ruben Bart, Ray Mannix and Xavier Sibley.

    Note: This premium movie consumes minutes at 2.0 times the normal rate.

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    Featured Star
    Featured Star | Billy SantoroThe American capitol city became a lot less sexy when native son Billy Santoro moved away. Now he's making a different Washington hotter, as he currently lives in Seattle out in Washington State with his husband, fellow porn star Seth Santoro.
    Sometimes the couple lets the world watch them fuck, as seen in onscreen pairings such as Real Couples Bareback (scene 1) from Iconmale. They're so sweet together during their interview, telling us about their differences and how they felt about getting into porn at around the same time. After their tender foreplay leads to hotter and hotter fucking in various positions, Seth unloads on Billy's abs and spurs Billy on to his own orgasm. In Bareback Lovers from Lucas Entertainment [watch preview], Seth is the one taking Billy's condomless cock and hot load up his ass.
    With a mouth-watering cock and a bubble butt that'll hypnotize you, Billy Santoro is truly the stuff of wet dreams.

    Word Has It
    Super Bowl 50
    Super Bowl 50It might surprise many fans that it wasn’t until Super Bowl IV in New Orleans’ Tulane Stadium that the NFL decided to add a big-name star to their show. And it might surprise those fans even more that the first star the NFL selected was Carol Channing, best known for her role in the Broadway hit Hello, Dolly! Strangely, Channing wasn’t the center of attention. [more]

    Queer? No. Gay? Yes.
    Not Queer, Just Gay. No, Thanks.Many people, myself included, had very painful experiences with being labeled "queer." I find the term as insulting as "nigger," or "kike." I don't even like using those words to express why I hate being labeled queer -- regardless of who does it. Yes, the word is painful. It was a point driven home to me with fists and kicks. It was the word vomited at me by bullies at school. It was one of the words, along with "faggot" and "sissy" that the gym coaches threw at us. [more]

    Secret Boyfriend Drops Truth Bomb
    Truth BombWhat began as an awkward conversation at a wedding (we’ve all been there) set off a life-altering chain of events that left one woman alone in the rubble of her shattered marriage to a closeted gay man. Sharing her story on Reddit, 25-year-old Holly writes that she was with her husband, a fitness trainer, at a friend’s wedding reception when the couple was approached by a man she’d never seen before. The man greeted her husband. [more]

    14 Things About Sex
    14 things you definitely should have been told about sex a long time agoHaving sex is something most adults do, but sex education, and the ways we learn about sex, are not always up to scratch. Particularly for those who are LGBT, the minefield of what is acceptable and what to do in bed can cause major anxiety. So here is a handy guide to some things to think about when gearing up to have sex for the first time, or the 10,000th time. [more]

    Men Over 30
    Men Over 30 | Doctor's Personal Touch | Bryan Cole and Dolf Dietrich
    Hot House
    HotHouse | Stiff Sentence | Brian Bonds and Johnny V
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    Icon Male
    Icon Male | Straight Boy Seductions 2 | Nick Capra and Tony Salerno
    Next Door Buddies
    Next Door Buddies | Dirty Hitchhiker | Markie More and Garrett Cooper
    Raging Stallion
    Raging Stallion | Labyrinth | Johnny V and Chris Harder

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