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Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:40 am
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Randy Blue

Now Playing At The Big Show
The Big Show: MAURICE (VIP Members Only) Two male English school chums find themselves falling in love at Cambridge. To regain his place in society, Clive gives up his forbidden love, Maurice (pronounced "Morris") and marries.
While staying with Clive and his shallow wife, Anne, Maurice finally discovers romance in the arms of Alec, the gamekeeper.
Written from personal pain, it's E.M. Forster's story of coming to terms with sexuality in the Edwardian age.
Stars James Wilby, Rupert Graves and Hugh Grant.

Drama | Romance - 2 hours, 19 minutes.
Featured Star
Featured Star: J.D. Phoenix With his stunning, clever face and smooth swimmer's body, J.D. Phoenix is a knockout beauty.
Just like the title of the Cockyboys movie he appears in, A Thing of Beauty, he is an object of desire and dreams.
Known for his sensual performances as a bottom, J.D. has stolen the show in Naked Sword's Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 1, Pride Video's Rise, and Hot House Entertainment/Club Inferno's Hole Busters 8.

HoMovies Cinema PPV
Now Showing at HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View Young lads craving hot dads is the theme of this Chi Chi LaRue fuck-fest. Newcomer Joey Cooper spies on his friends Angel Rock and Damian they worship the huge daddy cock of Trenton Ducati. Joey is so turned on that he uses every resource to find himself his very own daddy dick to play with. When young Joey walks into the DILF bar he sticks out like a huge bulge in a pair of jeans. Jake Genesis immediately takes a liking to what he sees, and soon the entire room of hairy daddies and young jocks erupts into an explosive orgy of raunchy DILF sex! This movie will make you search out your own fantasy. Daddy? Boy? Its your choice!

Next Door Twink
Soccer Pals On the soccer field, they're good friends, working together to learn passing routines and running drills in order to be as effective as possible. But sometimes, off the field, Colby Klein, Jacob, and Caleb Reece goof around a bunch! Sometimes all the horseplay gets these sexy soccer pals horny. Today, as they retire from the field, some playful trash talk is thrown around. Jacob always gets razzed the worst, but tries to dish it right back. This time, Caleb and Colby aren't letting him get a word in without physical repercussion! They jump on him and start with some tickling, but very quickly move to playing with each other's hardening dicks.

Men Over 30
Room Service Part 1 Sean is staying at a luxury hotel for his first vacation in a very long time. It's all about relaxing for him and only paying attention to himself and leaving the outside world behind. He's sitting on his couch rubbing on his cock watching some porn and just when he's about to pull out his cock the doorbell rings. In comes Diesel who is hired to change the sheets and bedding plus any other special accommodations. Diesel notices that Sean is watching porn and it becomes very awkward when Sean stands up to give him his tip.

Falcon Studios
Turn It Up Naked, hard and hungry, Ricky Decker and Jimmy Durano eye each other across the room. They are separated by little more than the length of their cocks. Jimmy is slip-sliding his heavily veined foreskin across his thick shaft as he moves closer, not stopping until Ricky's cock is lodged deeply in his throat. Ricky basks in the attention before returning it, wetly challenging his gag reflex as he deep-throats Jimmy. Jimmy's lust is focused on Ricky's hard ass and its tasty center. He explores the hairy crack with his tongue and makes sure it's well lubricated with spit for the moment when he sinks his cock in the hole.
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    Joey Jay Get your tan oil ready and put your fist in the air; Joey Jay is to get down. Confident and cocky, Joey doesn't take life too seriously unless we're talking about getting nasty, and then he's all business. Originally from Detroit, this Sicilian born hunk has finally made it Next Door, and he couldn't be more eager to show he belongs. A real extrovert when the camera is on, Joey strokes his long cock as he reclines in the gym, stretching out and spreading is legs wide as he fingers his own hole. Licking his lips, Joey stands up, bending over and smacking his ass as he continues to play with his butthole...

    Extra Big Dicks
    Morning Ritual Ian is slowly waking up to begin his day and of course he wakes up with morning wood and he knows exactly how to handle the situation. His hard cock is what woke him up. He could feel it rubbing against the sheets which awoke his massive dick. He reaches out to stroke it over the sheets, and grabbing his meat with force, he strokes it slowly. He begins to wake up even more now and he pushes the sheets down to reveal his throbbing cock. Extremely horny he gets on his knees and pulls on his cock while playing with his balls. Ian's thick meat is so aroused you can see the precum oozing out of the tip.

    Men Of Montreal
    Lose A Bet, Win A Fuck Last month, the World Cup fever had reached our models. When we shot this scene, a game was on and they would catch a bit of the action during breaks in between fucks. So, to no surprise, this partisan pitch inspired us to get the ball rolling with this impressive trio. Hunky top guy Mario Torrez took on two sexy bottoms in this scene, fucking Ben Rose and Samuel Stone to their hearts content. Wagering on Germany was a wise move on the part of Mario, not knowing then that the Germans would end up taking all the honours. The guys really enjoyed themselves in this shoot and the chemistry was torrid. As we did last year, we went to a friend's house some 90 minutes east of Montréal to shoot this scene, and a couple more, taking advantage of the summer warmth.

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