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Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:04 am
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Randy Blue

Bound Jocks
Lucas Knight Fucks Brock Avery
Bound jock Brock Avery is tied to a weight bench and at the mercy of hot, young and hung Lucas Knight.
Lucas has a gigantic cock and can hardly wait to shove it in the bound jock's hairy hole. Brock moans as Lucas' big, hard cock slides in and out of him... Brock's moans get louder as Lucas starts to pound the jock's ass harder and harder. Finally, Lucas can't take any more and shoots a hot and steamy load all across Brock's ripped abs.
Running time: 8 minutes, 15 seconds

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The Big Show: LATTER DAYS (VIP Members Only) Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss) and Christian Markelli (Wes Ramsey) are the two most opposite people in the world. Aaron is a young Elder (or a Mormon missionary) who wants to do his family proud and is quite passionate about his religion and film. Christian is a shallow WeHo waiter/party boy who only looks forward to bedding a new guy every night. After Aaron and three other missionaries move into the apartment across from Christian, his friends bet him $50 that he can't get one of them to jump into the sack, so he instantly latches onto Aaron. There are two problems, though - Christian is falling in love with Aaron and the Mormons are not the biggest fans of the homosexual community. Once Aaron is discovered, the two have to go through trials of regret, loss, perseverance, and forgiveness if they both want to get to the thing that matters to them most: each other.

Comedy | Drama 1 hour, 47 minutes.
Featured Star
Featured Star: Denis Reed Versatile is the best way to describe European twink Denis Reed.
Born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1986, Denis has worked under a variety of names (most commonly Pavel Matous, but also including Sven Capsson, Jos Elios, Janny Husek, Dennis Reed, Jan Vector, Paul Rasscal, Jan Velicka, Denis Read, and Ian Voight).
Denis has also been known to change his appearance, even going from blonde to raven black. No matter which of his many looks you prefer, one thing that always stays constant is his insatiable appetite for sex.
On and off screen, Denis is versatile and bisexual.

HoMovies Cinema PPV
Now Showing at HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View: Enlist Your Fist Enlist Your Fist and join our battalion of special ops trained in the art of butthole destruction. You’ll be sent to our special secret boot camp in the desert, stripped, then made to submit your hole to giant toys and big thick meaty hands. Not that these guys mind: this cast of able-bodied men have the biggest, hungriest holes that pass inspection with flying colors. Become a man today and Enlist Your Fist!
Stars Alessandro Del Toro, Dolan Wolf, Matt Hart, Rogue Status, Armond Rizzo and Sean Duran.

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Maxim Rose The best of strong and soft at the same time; he's Maxim Rose. Take some time to relax and get to know this gorgeous, mysterious and sweet Twink.First learn a little bit about this sexy boy as he lets you in, telling you some intimate details about himself. He's ready to become nude for your enjoyment...and his own. Follow him into the garage where he's playing with a few different kinds of tools. While digging for something fun, he's found a nice, thick dildo. Maxim knows it's just the right size to titillate his sweet hole. Watch him jerk his beautiful cock while riding his new toy. He can't wait for you to see the explosion he's been saving up for you. It'll be an intense experience for you both.

Men Over 30
Ravaged in Rage Its game day and Benjamin is watching his favorite football team which he does every Sunday but what he doesn't know is that Rich is in the bedroom putting on something erotic to grab Benjamin's attention. Rich comes out and stands right in front of the TV and that pisses Benjamin off so much that he yells at Rich to get out of the way. Rich lies next to him on the couch trying to cuddle up with him but he's just way to into the game to pay any attention to him. Rich is now pissed off and goes back into the room to change and now he is going to strike back with revenge for being ignored and yelled at. They get into a screaming match where it looks like Benjamin is going to kick Rich's ass but instead the anger boils over into a fuck fest.

Next Door Ebony
Birthday Bang XL knows his boyfriend Tyson Tyler doesn't like to make a big deal out of birthdays, but he still wants to treat his man and show him how much he loves him. That's why he put a candle in a cupcake and surprised Tyson this morning. Tyson couldn't help but smile and thank his handsome man with a sensuous smooch. XL likes this, and knows that Tyson can't just let a hot kiss stand without engaging in even hotter action. Tyson goes to his knees and pulls out XL's giant cock. It's already very hard, just right for Tyson to suck. He takes it deep, making XL weak in the knees. After a little of this sweet slurping, XL returns the favor by enjoying Tyson's massive, stiff meat in his mouth.
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    Mr. Shane Mr. Shane is here to stretch your imagination and spread his charm far and wide. This lean and long SoCal beach bum can generally be found doing something active outdoors, whether it's holding court with a basketball or just unwinding with a bit of martial arts. Spreading out on the sofa, he watches a scene as his towel falls open, exposing his hard cock, begging for some attention. Mr. Shane takes his cock delicately between his two fingers, slightly massaging the head as he folds his legs, his blue eyes twinkling in the tv light. He stands, stroking his cock as he takes a step closer to the television, then sits down and throws his leg over the arm of the sofa as he begins to stroke in earnest...

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    Public Hole Armond has been sexting with a well-hung hottie from a dating app which connects you directly with other men who are looking for glory holes. Armond has found Brett, who has one of the biggest fattest cocks around, and he can't wait to see it in person. Armond is excited and in the bathroom stall already with his pants down and stroking his cock while peeking in the glory hole to see if that big cock is coming. Soon enough Armond sees Brett's gigantic sexy cock come through the hole and Armond gets down on his knees and can't believe his eyes. He grabs the thick meat and begins to stroke the shaft and suck the tip of the head. Brett has so much cock to play with that Armond is taking his time sucking and stroking every part of Brett's dick

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    Secret Letter Andrew is on his way to class but first needs to grab some books from his locker. He opens his locker and finds a note telling him to meet in a certain class room at 3. He heads over to the class very curious as who it could be. Once he arrives he sees that it was Austin that left the note. He walks in and moves straight in for the kiss and they begin to make out passionately. They both have wanted this for a long time and finally they can make it a reality. Andrew gets his big veiny cock sucked on first and then Austin gets his wet. Once they both have had enough cock in their mouths Andrew lets Austin ride his big dick.

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