Busy on the leather sofa

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Added by Wolf

Scene features Sam Truitt

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Twink, xhamster, big dick, Sam Truitt

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  • Wolf Banned

    @wdw I agree. For example this video embedded from xhamster. The ads are irrelevant and a waste of money.
    One of the reasons why we gave up working with third party ad platforms. The format is random, display ads that are general and of not particular interest to the viewer watching - lastly - aggressive marketing to the point that it is dangerous! That last part of the comment can be experienced by simply clicking the play button on some of the videos that are shared here, from other tube sites.

  • wdw Banned

    Can someone explain why these companies making these bizarre video games waste their money showing me ads for straight fantasy games? I wonder if they even know their money is being pissed away like this, even if it is only a penny or two.