Wild in the Countryside

Wild in the CountrysideWritten by thebearwriter
"Hello? Is someone there?"
Gabriel stood in front of the gate with a basket under his arm, clapping and shouting, but no one answered. In front of him, around thirty meters down a sloop, stood a wooden house with faded white paint, its size almost that of a cabin with a tall tree, almost double the height of the house, at the back, and its slide-up glass windows with bug nets appeared to be open, with its lights inside turned on. _Perhaps they just haven't heard_, he assumed.

Gabriel opened the gate and allowed himself into his neighbor's small farm and approached the front of the house. He entered the balcony, knocked and shouted but yet again no one answered. Indeed, the lights were on. He peeked at the window and saw furniture all over the place, a couple of boxes and some cleaning tools.

The property wasn't that big so wherever the neighbor were he was bound to be back soon, considering how he left his home. Gabriel considered waiting but ultimately pulled a small notebook and a pen to write a note and leave his welcome gift by the door.

"But wait, what if there's a back-door?"

Gabriel had selected a few crops of his harvest: tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, some greens, oranges and berries, plus a generous slice of a chicken pie he had baked for lunch earlier and some coffee his own brother had roasted. If his neighbor somehow missed the basket the pie would go bad by the morning and most likely spoil most of the rest.

So he left the balcony and walked around the house to check. Seen from the side it looked more like a normal sized house than he had first thought. The birds were chirping to the sunset and the hot and humid wind howled through the leaves of the trees all around the neighborhood. Right at the corner there was another glass window - this one closed - and another one at the back so that he could see through the corner through them, the kitchen. Through them he saw the trunk of the tree he had spotted earlier.

After he turned to the back of the house, Gabriel had dropped his basket on the ground and stood his mouth agape. There was his neighbor, bathing with his back to him, under a shower head mounted to a branch of the tree.


There stood a man smaller than him but by no means of short stature, probably ten or fifteen centimeters short of Gabriel's 1.90m. A bare chest but hairy bottom, including his ass, with an apparent tribal tattoo on top. The legs were quite thick in comparison to his upper body, specially his thighs and calves. Before Gabriel was able to react and consider reaping the contents of his basket from the ground and turning around to leave, the stark sound of the basket hitting the ground caught the attention of the man in front of him.

The man turned quickly turned around with eyes wide open with legs flexed, tense shoulders, his palms covering his face, his slightly ajar mouth. After an instant of assessing the situation, specially the basket with its contents fallen on the ground and that big man frozen in place with his eyes staring at him, he quickly broke out of his shock and relaxed his body.

"What the hell, man, don't scare me like that!" The man on the shower said, putting his hands on his chest and breathing heavily.

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to invade." Gabriel crouched to rearrange his basket and to get his eyes distracted from his neighbor that was now facing him, though every now and then he'd lean his head to peek at the the shiny metallic spots at the man's nipples and cock. "I thought there was nobody home and wanted to give you this basket as a welcome gift. Sorry, again."

"Don't sweat it," he said, soaping up his chest. "You're the one I saw earlier this morning, right? While I was jogging."

Gabriel turned to his side to try and give the man some privacy. "Yes. I live in the small farm about 10 minutes from here, you saw me while I was taking care of my garden." Gabriel put his free hand in his pocket and discreetly tried to rearrange his cock inside his pants.


"I'm Gabriel, by the way, nice to meet you."

"I'm Bruno, likewise, and thanks for the gift." He pointed at the clear bag of berries sitting in the basket. "Are these jabuticabas?"

"Ah, yes, these are-" Gabriel grabbed them and turned to show to Bruno only to be greeted by him washing his crotch, one hand between his cock and balls and the other in his belly, then turned around back again. "Sorry. I-I should leave."

"Hey, it's no problem, man, no need to be embarrassed. I'm used to bathing together with others after training. You're fine."


"Besides, it's my first very day living here, and there's nothing around but hills and woods, not a single other building in sight. Wouldn't you do the same too?"

"Do what?"

"Take a bath naked in the backyard, that is. What else would it be?"

Gabriel turned around the other way to not face Bruno and looked at the scenery. Indeed, his property was somewhat special in this region: well surrounded by hills in every direction with mostly wild vegetation, the only exception being a hill in the front with coffee plantations, and a small river, almost imperceptible, cutting the two hills in the far back.

Gabriel nodded. "Heh, true."

Bruno turned the faucet off. "Hey, can you pass me the towel?"


"The one on the window behind you. Can you give it to me?"

Gabriel turned his neck to Bruno, who was shivering and with his arms crossed.

"Sure, sure." He grabbed the towel and decided to just throw it at him, but his body instinctively moved him towards Bruno and he put the towel in his hand.

Bruno smiled. "Thanks, pal. You're bigger than the first time I saw you."

"He he he. That might be because I was crouched when I waved at you today."

"Yeah, Might've been that."

Gabriel couldn't help himself to not look at Bruno's physique. His face had a short, dark stubble and his hair was trimmed short. The chest was bare but there was a patch of hair starting from his belly button to his crotch, where the maintained quite the respectable bush, big and dense. His arms were fit but slim, which up close was dissonant to his legs. But the detail that caught Gabriel's attention the most where the shiny metallic spots he had noticed a few moments earlier: Bruno had piercings and both his nipples, their shape similar to barbells, and a big and round one hanging from the tip of his cock.

While Gabriel's eyes were busy scanning Bruno's decorations, Bruno dried himself off and had his attention focused on how massive Gabriel was in comparison to him. His skin was brown, almost caramel, in comparison to his own white complexion. A shaved head with a thick and well trimmed beard, so long that up front one couldn't see his neck. His chest was big and wide, his pecs and big and round belly marking the fabric o his shirt.

It was Bruno who broke the spell as he rolled the towel around his lower parts. "Okay, I'm done," he said, then raised his hand and pointed to the door leading to the kitchen. "Shall we?"

Gabriel blushed immediately and didn't say a single word while Bruno walked beside him.

"Hey. You coming?"


Gabriel turned around and followed Gabriel inside. He offered him a chair and excused himself to put on some clothes. While waiting Gabriel tried to shrug off the visions of the man he just saw naked in front of him but his hand was acting against him by rubbing his cock over his pants under the table. Up until now his neighbor seemed most pleasant to him, if not a bit too much into exhibitionism, but that might be attributed to a difference in culture, he pondered.

Bruno comes back with a thin long sleeve and a loose jeans shorts and stands by the stove. "You want some coffee? I baked a cornmeal cake earlier today as well."

"Yes, thank you very much. Wait, I brought some coffee as well, it's from around here and was roasted recently." Gabriel reached to the bag of beans and handed it to Bruno.

"Hey, thanks!" Gabriel brought the bag closer to his face and sniffed it. "I love the smell! But unfortunately I don't have a grinder..."

"Do you have a blender?"

"I do, I just need to find it in these boxes."

"Gotcha. I don't mind your coffee, then. I might have an extra manual grinder lying around at home too, if you're interested."

"Heh, fancy. I'm not used to those."

Bruno had set the water in the stove and put some spoons of store-bought ground coffee in a cloth filter, then sat in front of Gabriel.

"By the way, I closed the bug net in your front window. Plenty of mosquitoes here at night, you'll get eaten alive if you forget to close them."

"Gee, thanks. You can see I'm not used to live countryside, right?"

Gabriel chuckled. "Might have noticed a thing or two. So is it your first time in Santa Teresa?"

"No, I camped here three times in the past. I like how quiet and peaceful it is here, and it was at least somewhat familiar to me."

"And where were you living before?"

"São Paulo."

"So you're not from Espírito Santo?"

"No, Sir. My parents were born here, though far in the north."

"I see. You mean São Paulo city? So why such an extreme change?"

"It was a dream of mine. Get some land, grow some crops, perhaps get a dog, and live free."

Gabriel frowned. "Right."


"Oh," Gabriel shook his head, "you mean free as in bathing naked outside or...?"

Bruno laughed. "You're still caught on that. Yes, something like this."

"Well, that explains why you chose a property so hidden in the landscape." Gabriel shrugged.

"Nah, that was a bonus. Like I said, I don't mind people watching, it's their business if they decide to look at me. I mean, this property is somewhat big enough that anyone at the border would just see someone as big as my finger."

Gabriel blushed again and turned his gaze away for a second.

"Hey, don't feel embarrassed!" Bruno said as he got up and patted Gabriel on the shoulder, pressing his thumb gently against his skin. "It's not your fault you found me like that. It's okay, really."

"Right. Anyway, here's your welcome gift. It's just some things we grow and produce at our small farm. This here in the Tupperware was a pie I made for lunch today. I figured that you wouldn't have too much food since this was your first day here."

Bruno let go of Gabriel's shoulder and pulled the basket to his side. "Oh, thanks! You grow coffee as well?"

"No, that's from my brother's job. It's also nearby."

"Nice, really nice. Thanks a lot, Gabriel, I really appreciate it. Also send in my thanks to your brother, for the coffee. As for the pie, I'll make sure to eat it later tonight." The water started to boil on the stove so Bruno got up. "Perhaps we can have dinner together and share?"

"No, please, that one is for you."

"Come on, it's big enough for us both. I think I do have a bottle of wine somewhere so we can drink until dinner time, how about it?"

"Thanks, I'll consider it."

Bruno had finished brewing the coffee and served one mug to Gabriel, along with a slice of the cornmeal cake. "Here. It was the best I could do with the ingredients I brought but it's still delicious."

"So what are your plans for this property?"

"Honestly? I have no idea. For now I've ordered a company to install a satellite Internet here, even though I'm already aware that the speed isn't the best. I will spend my next days painting the house and building a garage slash warehouse, then we'll see."

"Are you good with carpentry?"

"I know my way around it. It won't be pretty, but it'll be functional. Plus, it'll be a way to spend time."

Gabriel nodded. "Sure, yeah. I can offer some help, if you don't mind. I'm not much of a carpenter myself but at least I can help you carry the logs."

"Yeah, I can see," Bruno said, tapping at Gabriel's arms, "you're big enough to handle it."

Gabriel flexed his arm with Bruno's hand. "Right? It's good enough for a thing or two."

"Or three."

Both laughed.

They had finished eating quickly, and Gabriel offered himself to clean his dishes. Bruno tried to find the bottle of wine among his packed things but had no success in it, so they just sat down again by the table with more coffee to chit-chat. Gabriel was still thinking about Bruno's body, in the way he so shamelessly presented himself bare to him, his beautiful and somewhat exotic body. His cock had faded to a half boner by now but his mind was still entertained with the idea of swallowing that cock whole, piercing and all.

"So earlier after I found you bathing outside you said something about training. What did you use to train?"

"Mostly Rugby, and some cycling as well. Here I can only do cycling, though."

"Did you bring a bike?"

"Yes, but it's yet to be adapted for the rough terrain."

"Indeed. So, about Rugby, did you already have your...?"

"What?" Gabriel pointed at his nipples. "Oh, my piercings. Yes."

"But isn't Rugby a sport of contact? How did you manage to not get them, you know, ripped off?"

"I'd take them off."

Gabriel face-palmed. "I guess I could've figured that for myself."

"No, it's okay," Bruno said. "The ear stretchers too, by the way, then I'd tape my earlobes."

"Yeah, they're pretty small, though, should be easy to keep them safe."

Bruno smiled mischievously. "You mean my earlobes or my nipples?"

"Gabriel glanced at Bruno's ears, then at his chest. "I mean your earlobes. Didn't get enough time to see your nipples."

"Heh, did you not?" Bruno giggled. "Anyway, it's true. These bad boys here," he said, putting his fingers behind his earlobes, "are only 6mm in size. The nipples aren't that far from that."

"Seriously? I really couldn't notice. They seemed small from where I stood."

"Yeah, they're 4mm thick each." Bruno straightened his back and took his shirt off, then pointed at one with his pointer and middle fingers to the sides. "See?"

Gabriel leaned forward to see them. Shiny curved barbells with triangular tips, making their way through his tiny, pink nipples. Their smooth surface contrasted with the bump caused by the metal in its flesh, and Gabriel's thoughts were filled with intense lust to suck on them.

"This might be an obvious question but how much did it hurt to get them pierced?"

"A lot, really, but for me it was bigger while they were getting pierced. Right after there was a lingering pain but it faded away quickly."

"And wasn't it difficult? I mean, your nipples look a bit flat."

Bruno had not yet put on his shirt.

"You can pop them out, it works most of the times."

"They also protrude when you're aroused."

"Dead right. If you get yours pierced, make sure you get a body piercer you find really hot. A lovely lady or some hunk, if that fancies you."

Gabriel only laughed and nodded.

"Do you want to touch them? You know, to see if you want to get yours pierced yourself."

Gabriel smirked, and his eyes shined. "May I?"

"Sure," Bruno said, getting up in front of Gabriel. "Why not?"

Gabriel didn't restrain himself and put his whole hand on his chest, his thumb resting on Bruno's nipple. He felt the softness of his nipple against his skin contrasted with the hardness of the piercing when he pressed it in. The tip of his nipple had started to come out and Gabriel naturally playing with it making circles around it. Gabriel looked up at Bruno's face and he was facing the wall against him, not looking at anything in particular, biting his lower lip.

"You're okay?" Gabriel asked.

"Yeah, after getting them pierced they became super sensitive."

"Oh, I see. It's kind of arousing, isn't it?"


"Do you mind if I pinch them? You know, to feel how thick the piercing is."

"Go on. And be gentle."

Gabriel did just the opposite. He pressed against the nipple with his thumb and pointer and pulled the piercing out just a bit, making Bruno let out a moan without any disguise.

Bruno looked down at Gabriel. "I said be gentle."

Gabriel looked back. "I could hear your disapproval."

They smiled at each other.

"Let me feel yours." Bruno put one hand above Gabriel's shoulder and the other in his chest. Firstly he squeezed his biceps, then homed in at his nipple. Even under the fabric his aureole was prominent, and his nipple was big and round. Bruno then slid his hand right into the neck of his shirt and raked his fingers against Gabriel's hairy chest, go again go and pinch his nipple.

Gabriel couldn't hold it anymore. He pulled Bruno's hand out of his shirt, got up and easily raised him to sit on the table, then leaned down to suck on his nipples. Bruno received the act by widening his legs and wrapping them around Gabriel, then putting his hand above his head to press it against his chest.

Gabriel ran around the aureole with the tip of his tongue, along the course of the barbell and then wrapped the whole nipple with his lips and sucked it hard.

Bruno moaned loudly. "Fuck!"

Gabriel let go of the nipple with a loud pop and asked, "is this too much?"

"You're even asking? Get back to it and suck them!" Bruno pulled Gabriel's head against his wet nipple and pinched the other one with his other hand.

Gabriel feasted on it. His tongue traveled his piercing one side to the other, playing with its pointy tips. He sucked on it and bit it, making Bruno moan loudly and tremble in excitement. When he let it go its skin was bright red, so he moved to the other one to give it the same treatment.

"Wait, wait, wait," Bruno said, gasping, "take your shirt off."

Bruno himself reached to Gabriel's waist and pulled the shirt up, then put both his hands on his chest and belly. "Hairy, I love it."

Then he pulled Gabriel's face toward his and kissed him deeply.

"Don't you have a better place for us?" Asked Gabriel interspersed with kissing.

"Yeah, my bed. Hold on, it's only the mattress."

"Fuck it, I don't care, lead the way."

Bruno got up but Gabriel pressed his body against his, kissing him and groping his cock. "I will if you let me!"

They went to the bedroom huddled together in kisses. Bruno got naked and launched himself to the mattress on the ground, laying on his back. He opened his legs wide and held his cock upright, stroking it and spreading his pre-cum all over his shaft.

Gabriel struggled to take off his boots and his jeans but after he stripped himself he stood in front of him jerking off and pressing his own nipple, jerking off to the vision of Bruno's stroking his uncut cock, moving its hood up and down, partially covering the massive hanging on its head.

"Will you hop in or not?"


Gabriel kneeled between Bruno's legs and leaned to kiss him. They crossed his hands together and Gabriel let the might of his body weight against Bruno's. Gabriel got up on his knees again and stroked both their cocks together. Both had the same length at around 16cm but Gabriel's one had far more girth, to the point that Gabriel had difficulty wrapping his hand against both cocks together.

Gabriel pressed his thumb against the piercing in Bruno's cock. "Look at that one, so big and flashy," he said, concealing it under its foreskin, "so that's why I haven't noticed that before."

"It's a PA."

"A what?"

"Prince Albert. It's-"

Gabriel leaned forward and put his pointer in Bruno's mouth. "Wait to teach me about this later, right? Now I'd prefer you to just moan and talk dirty," he added, stroking Bruno's cock.

Bruno consented by sucking hard on the finger in his mouth and moaning wildly. He sucked hard on all of Gabriel's fingers while Gabriel rubbed his cock against his crotch.

"Now let me taste that bling of yours." Gabriel held Bruno's cock and licked from the base to the tip, going over the piercing's rim. He put his tongue in its middle and stuck its tip in his urethra, savoring himself with the delicious saltiness of Bruno's preform. "Damn, how big is it?"
"I don't know, why don't you measure it with your tongue?"

Gabriel giggled. "I mean the PA."

"Ah. Six, same as my stretchers. So how big is my cock in tongues?"

"Let's see..." Gabriel lapped the entire cock from the base to the shaft, then lodged its head whole in his mouth and pushed it all in and gagged when the piercing reached his throat.

"Sorry, you want me to take it out?"

"No, no. I just have to adapt," he said, "and Bruno? It's two and a half tongues."

"You sure? To me it looked like it was three. Why don't you measure again?"

Gabriel took the order with pleasure. It took him a while to get used to the shape of the piercing in his mouth but after he got used to it he gave Bruno a special prize by being extra considerate at stimulating the area around it, specially at the urethra. Bruno thanked by breathing heavily and holding his hands in the edge of the mattress. "Easy there, pal, or you'll make me cum."

"You think you can hold it a little more? It's really delicious."

Bruno laughed. "I can try, but don't blame me if I end up filling your mouth with cum."

"As if I would ever complain of that. Hold on tight, and let me know."

Gabriel grabbed Bruno's smooth balls and fondled them as he kept sucking on his cock, modulating intensity according to his breathing patterns. He only stopped when Bruno shivered intensely and howled loudly, keeping only its tip on his mouth, but Bruno managed to control his own climax.

"You're making it very hard for me to control it, Gabriel," he said, gasping for air.

"Hold on a little more."

"Oh dear."

Gabriel held Bruno's cock against his belly and slowly lapped its underside, then went with the tip of his tongue down to his balls. His hand moved further down to his perineum. As Gabriel pressed his thumb against it, he had a neat surprise. "Ah, look at it, another piercing!"

Bruno gasped for air. "It's a-"

Before he was able to finish Gabriel sucked one of his balls in with so much force that he felt the pinch of pain all over his body. He crossed his arms to pinch both his nipples but Gabriel pulled them away. "No, no, I don't want you cumming all over right now."

"Then fucking let go of me and let me suck you already, God damn it!"

Bruno pushed Gabriel away, got on his knees, kissed him, tasting some of his own pre-cum, then got on all fours to suck his cock. Gabriel returned by sitting and opening his legs wide and straight. He held Gabriel's throbbing cock dripping with pre-cum and felt all its veins with his finger. He was dazed by the delicious scent of his crotch, emanating mostly from his pubic hair, the skin on his inner thighs and the tip of his cock. The scent, the musk of a man who worked all day long. Before he engulfed it he licked it clean of the stream of pre-cum that was running down to his balls.

Then Bruno went back to the tip and slowly put it inside his mouth - or tried. Gabriel's cock took almost all space available and made it hard for Bruno to go all the way down, but he managed it between chokes and coughs.

Gabriel was more silent but his reactions were no less telling. Every time Bruno went down on him he held his breathing and grabbed his forearm it tightly. Bruno reached his free arm to caress Gabriel's nipple, which made his chest and legs twitch.

"Turn around," Bruno said.

"Hungry for some ass as well, huh?" Gabriel obeyed promptly. He turned around, kept on all fours and cocked his ass up. "It's all yours."

Bruno pulled Gabriel's thighs apart and pulled his cock against his belly to suck at it from behind, then he followed its urethra with his tongue and stopped at to his perineum. He pulled his ass cheeks apart with both hands, revealing a hairy, sweaty, musky asshole. He inhaled its scent and licked it right away. Gabriel reacted by clenching his ass.

Bruno kept hold of the ass cheeks and thrusted his tongue in, which made Gabriel moan loudly for the first time. Bruno lapped the border of his ass while Gabriel slowly swayed his ass up and down while Bruno forced his tongue deeper and deeper.

"Damn! Now you're the one who'll make me cum if you don't take it slower," Gabriel said, pushing his ass against Bruno's face.

Bruno slapped Gabriel's ass and said "Now, now, let's wait until after you fuck me, right?"

Gabriel raised one arm and turned to Bruno, "you sure you don't want to fuck this ass?"

"It's a tough sell," Bruno answered as he grabbed Gabriel's cock, "but I want to feel this deep on my ass." He lapped Gabriel's ass once more and added, "you up for it?"

Gabriel smiled. "Why, of course. Let's get to it, come here and lie on your back."

Bruno went and took Gabriel's place on the couch, kissing him on the course. Gabriel reached for a pillow and put it under his hip, then pushed both his knees up and towards his arms.

"Wait, let's get a condom."

Gabriel shrugged. "I didn't bring any."

"You don't have any?"

"I was only expecting you to give some food, not to fuck you to welcome as a neighbor."

Bruno giggled nervously. "Wait up, I have some." He got up and rummaged through his boxes, throwing his stuff about trying to find his toiletry bag. While he searched Gabriel kept himself warm by stroking his cock and pressing his balls.

"Sigh,", said Bruno. "I can't find it, and I can't wait any more. You up for bare?"

Gabriel smiled back at Bruno. "That's the spirit. Bring your ass down here."

Bruno lied down in his original position and held his legs up. "Be gentle, I'm not loose enough for a cock as hung as yours."

Gabriel touched Bruno's pink and smooth asshole with his thumb. "Of course."

"And I mean it this time. Not like when you pinched my nipple!"

Both laughed together. "No, this hole here is special," Gabriel said as he wet his finger with saliva and pushed it in, "I'll treat it with the care it deserves. So, so tight."

Bruno moaned slowly as Gabriel worked his way to loose his tight ass up for the main course. "God, I so want you to fuck me rough... but not now."

"We'll get there," Gabriel said. He wet a second finger and pushed two fingers in. "See? We'll get there."

Gabriel grabbed Bruno's cock and rhythmically synchronized its strokes with each thrust of his fingers in. Every thrust, every stroke, made Bruno shake his whole body.

"Put the head in."

Gabriel spit on his hand and lubed his cock, then aligned it with Bruno's asshole and rested its head on his ass crack. "I'll put the whole head in at once, tell me if it's too much."

Bruno didn't answer, just moaned. Gabriel pressed the head of his cock down towards the asshole with his thumb and, after some resistance, it slid in, triggering Bruno to clench his asshole tight.

"You alright?"

Bruno just nodded and moaned.

"I'll push it in."

Gabriel held one of Bruno's legs and rested his other hand on Bruno's chest. His muscles were mostly sustaining his own weight to keep his cock still, such that for it to slide in he would just let gravity lend a hand, so slowly but steadily he relaxed his muscles.

Bruno grabbed the arm Gabriel had put on his chest with both his hands and clenched his fingernails on them, digging them deeper in his flesh the more Gabriel slid his cock in.

Gabriel then held still and breathed heavily. "It's all in now, you can let go of my arm." Bruno moaned loudly and released the grip of his hands. There were ten fingernail marks on Gabriel's arm, and while they were bleeding a little, Gabriel didn't feel anything, completely taken by the stupor of the moment.

While one hand still held one arm, Gabriel opened the other leg wide and grabbed his cock. This time he didn't announce, he just slowly thrusted his cock and masturbated him. Gabriel felt the innards of Bruno's ass naturally pressing against his flesh, which were heightened every time he moved his cock in and out by Bruno's reflexes clenching his asshole.

Gabriel spit once again in his hand and spread it over Bruno's cock, then pulled his cock off, lubed it and put it in once again. His thrusts were faster now, but he held back on the strength to not hammer his cock down.

"I'm almost there! I'm almost there!" Bruno shouted.

Gabriel let go of Bruno's leg and pinched and twisted his own nipple, increasing the frequency of his thrusts. He felt Bruno's cock throbbing in his hand, ready to cum.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum! Fuck!"

Gabriel pressed his crotch hard against Bruno's ass, pulled Bruno's legs down and hunched forward to give him one last kiss as they came together. Bruno's spunk had splattered and sticked to Gabriel's hairy belly while Gabriel unloaded inside Bruno's ass.

Gabriel collapsed on top of Bruno and rolled to his side. Both were gasping for air and totally out of steam. Bruno turned to his side and rested his head on Gabriel's shoulder.

"That... was fucking wild," said Gabriel.

"Hell of a welcome gift, that's what it is."

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