White Work Van

White Work VanWritten by zephyer
I was in the Air Force stationed in Great Falls Montana, it was a Monday, in the middle of the afternoon and I happened to have the afternoon off. I was driving by the now defunct Pretty Girls ABS and thought I would stop and watch some porn. I was still a bit new to my bi side and gay sex.
I had a fondness for Pretty Girls as I got my first cock and blow job from a guy there. But, this is in a small town and before gays were allowed in the military so, I had to be careful.
I had been there plenty of times and knew that Mondays in general were slow and middle of the afternoon even more so and as I expected the parking lot was empty.

Inside there was only the clerk in the retail section. I got some tokens and went to the booth areas and it was dead. It was quiet when no one was feeding the machines and all the doors were wide open so, this told me no one was there but, in the last aisle I finally heard the sounds of a porn video.

Stepping around the corner to the last aisle there was a guy standing in the door of a booth. He glanced at me and I could tell he was watching me walk down the aisle towards him. I was going to go by him and as I went around he turned his head towards me. I looked over his shoulder and he had a gay video going. On the video a guy was sucking another guy. The man knew I was looking and said "Wish someone would do that to me." All I could say was "well, I'm here."

Into the booth we went. He was ten to fifteen years older than me and a working man. He was wearing very dirty white overalls and a t shirt. There was no messing around or kissing. He sort of pushed me into a chair and dropped his Bib-overalls. I pulled down his shorts and a stiff cock popped out. He said "I really need a good blow job, let's see what you can do." and he shoved his dick towards my face.

I opened my mouth and I didn't so much as bend over to take his cock in my mouth as he just shoved it in. I started to give him a slow easy up and down motion with my mouth, licking around the tip and up and down his shaft. But, he didn't put up with it long and he grabbed the sides of my head and pushed his cock in until I gagged.

Gagging didn't get me any mercy, he would just pull his almost all the way out and shove it all the way back in to the base.

I finally got comfortable with it and just tried not to scrape his cock with my teeth. At one point he took his hands off my head and I pulled off his cock and went to lick and suck his balls. But, he said "No time for that, suck my cock" and he again grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth, hard. Best I could do was rub his balls and taint, which he seemed to like. Even though he said "suck" it was more of him fucking my mouth.

It didn't take long and he was moaning away. I felt him tense up and a minute later he grunted and shot a couple of squirts into my throat. He finished and I was still had his cock in my mouth milking out the last of it. He pulled out and reached down an pulled up his overalls.

He said "thanks, I sure needed that and you suck pretty good." and out the door he went. I had never been dominated but, I was turned on by how he took control and how brash he had been.

I figured I wasn't going to get blown and nobody else was likely to come in so, I decided to leave. I went to my truck and as I was getting in a beat up, dirty white van was passing by me on the other side of the street. I looked at the driver and it was the man I had just blown. He smiled and waved and went on by. Just the way he looked at me in a stern, rough way though turned me on again.

About a month later one Saturday afternoon I was walking towards my truck in the parking lot. I was thinking about how damn hot it was with the heat coming off the black asphalt; being July it was pretty damn hot.

I was wearing a pair of white shorts and a tank top and I was still sweating buckets.

Just as I got to my truck a beat up, dirty white van pulled up close to me, driven by my former mouth fucking friend. He had his window down and said "jump on in, I can use one of your blow jobs, again." I went to get into the passenger side thinking maybe we were going to his place but, he said "No, hop in the back."

I opened the sliding door and got in and though the tools and all were nicely arranged and secured the floor of the van was pretty dirty and I really didn't want to climb in with my white clothes. I told the guy we could take my truck but, he barked "get in." I guess all the years of being in the military I just followed orders and got in. I asked if we were going to his place or something and he just laughed.

We didn't go far and he pulled the van into what went for shade provided by some scrawny trees in the parking lot's edge. "You can suck me off just fine right here" and he crawled into the back.

From one space of the van he pulled out a small piece of carpeting, just barely enough for him to lay back on and quickly shucked his overalls.

His cock while nothing grand and was already half erect.

He then he barked "Have at it at." and I being a good cock sucker did so.

I gave him a few nice sucks but, again, he was having nothing of a nice slow b.j. as soon as he was hard he grabbed the back of my head and shoved me all the way down on his cock and pushed his hips up and the same time, again gagging me and again he didn't care.

Every time I gagged he laughed or chuckle a little bit and it seemed he would push harder again. I don't know what for because every time I went down my lips were against his body, I had him all the way in.

This whole time I had been on my knees but, I was getting pretty tired of that and I finally laid down on the dirty floor as there wasn't enough room on the carpet for me and I don't think he would of let me anyway; he seemed to relish being in control.

He did reach over and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. Which was nice as I was rock hard. We eventually worked them off me and he began to jack me off but, the main focus was me sucking as hard as I could on him.

I didn't get to lick the head or under the hood. When I tried to slow down and really enjoy licking it he would grab the back of my head and push down and push his hips up.

The hardest part was the over bearing heat! A river of sweat ran off us but, more me than him. I think it was because he was nude and not doing all that much and I still had my tank top on and laying on the warm metal floor.

He was grunting and moaning and I could feel him tensing up. He announced he was about to cum. I rose my head up a bit as I planned to push back down hard to make him cum but, my head slipped off his cock.

Just then he came with a loud grunt and his sperm flew way above my head and back down on my hair and face, he did it twice before I got my mouth back on his cock and sucked for all I was worth.

"Yeah you cock sucker, suck it!" he said while pumping his dick in my mouth. He gave me a few more squirts and I managed to swallow some and some ran out of my mouth. After a few gulps he stopped cumming and we stopped.

We both sort of fell back and rested. After a few minutes he sat up and said "You sure know how to give a blow job. Thanks, I really needed it."

He reached into shelf and brought out a plastic jar of water. We passed it back and forth. I wanted to think it was helpful but, it had been in the van and while and was quite warm.

After a few minutes he reached into a shelf and brought out a little can of oil and squirted it on my cock and started jerking me off. I laid back on the dirty floor and laid my head into something gritty.

It didn't take long but, I squirted my spunk all over my tank top and chest. It had been awhile since my sack had been emptied and the excitement gave me quite a bit to spray out.

In our few minutes of rest I asked what he did for a living. He said he was a basic jack of all trades. He did a lot of home repair, carpentry and such but, just about anything.

He then spoke the a real truth. "We got to get going to we are going to die in this van, god damn it is hot in here." I looked around for some rags or towels or something to clean my self up with but, saw nothing.

I got back into my shorts and he dressed and before I could think he reached over and opened the door of the van and gave me a push. I almost fell out of the van.

I was a bit pissed off and asked "Are you going to give me a ride back to my truck?" and got a "Nope, you can walk. Besides a slut like you will most likely find another cock to suck on the way back" he laughed.

As I turned my back on him to walk away he said "I got to fuck that bubble ass of yours one of these days." I replied that I had never done anal and his response was "A slut like you will."

He slammed the door and started the engine. I was left to walk across the hot parking lot, very much in the open, wondering if the people driving by noticed me, hoping nobody I knew from the air base would see me, sweating like I was in a sauna. I wondered if I was going to make it back to my truck before I passed out.

Getting to my truck I noticed I was pretty much covered in filth. I was glad I kept a blanket in it so I could cover the seat. I jumped in and turned the air conditioning on high.

On the way home I had to stop at a McDonalds and get a large drink. As the clerk handed it to me through the drive up window he looked at me and asked "What the heck happened to you, man? Your face is filthy"

I told him "Really rough day fly fishing." and drove on.

I stopped a little ways up and looked into the rear view mirror and the clerk was right. I had dried cum all over the left side of my face and dirt and sawdust on the right and all sorts of stuff in my hair.

I didn't go right into my apartment building when I got there. I waited for some of my neighbors that were in the front door to leave. I didn't want to walk by them in my condition.

I finally got my chance and ran up the stairs to my apartment and I could really smell the sperm. In the bedroom I looked the mirror and I don't think there was a single place that didn't have sperm, dirt, saw dust, grease on me. My tank top and shorts had to be tossed out.

But, in the shower I thought about what had happened and I was turned on by how he dominated and abused me. I really loved the way he took hold of my head and repeatedly shoved his cock deep in my mouth.

I got erect again and used the shampoo to jerk off thinking of my mistreatment. Later I passed out on my bed thinking of it all.

A few months later one Sunday morning I had breakfast at the Missouri River Diner. I finished and was once again walking to my truck when I heard and felt a car coming very close to me. I turned to look at it hoping not to get ran over and there was my handy man. I assume he spotted my truck in the lot and waited a bit.

This time he was in a big Buick and suit and tie. He had a big smile as I opened the car door and he said "Hop in slut, I don't have much time for you to suck my cock." Like a good little slut I got in. He drove us across the Missouri river, past the refinery and back on the old Red Barn bar as much as he could. That time of the morning the lot was empty.

He pulled down his zipper and pulled out an already hard cock. I assume he got hard in that short drive. He didn't give me a chance to lean over really. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down onto his cock.

"Swallow it all, don't get it on my suit or the car seat. My wife drives this car." he demanded. I pretty much knew the routine and worked hard and fast as I could bobbing up and down on his cock.

"This is great, I haven't had my cock sucked since the last time you sucked my dick." he said.

He didn't last long either. Seemed like less than just a few minutes and he shoved my head down hard and came in my mouth. "Yeah, get it all bitch" as I sucked him as hard as I could following the instructions not to spill any.

And once again I was booted out of the vehicle to walk back to my truck, I was happy it wasn't cold out. As he drove by me he put down the window and said, "Yep, one of these days I am going to fuck the hell out of that ass of yours!" and off he went.

That night I as I fucked my self with my dildos I thought I would keep some lube in my truck and condom in my civilian clothes when I was out for when I met up with him again.

I planned on being a bit of a reluctant virgin saying "no, no" when he was going to take my asshole. I thought with the way he liked to domineer and the way I to submit it would be a real turn on for us both if he took me some what by force.

Sadly it never happened. I went many places at various times of the day looking for his white van. I even went by churches on Sundays looking for his Buick.

I don't know why I didn't get his card or even his name. I could have had some repairs done in my apartment.

But, to this day any time I see a dirty, white, work van my cock twitches a bit.

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