The Wall is back and LIVE!

First, thank you for your patience over the last couple of weeks.
Welcome back men. As many of you know, we experienced another crash! Fed up, we picked up our shit and moved elsewhere.

During the downtime and moving stuff, we took the opportunity to find an alternative site format to use. Turn a negative into a positive. Here we are.
This format is rather foriegn to what we came from. But if you are a YouTube user (and of the like), you will easily find this very familiar.
We think this new style is the way to go, based upon the interest of our audience.
Although we are not running at 100% yet, we will be shortly.
In the meantime browse around, play, click and explore the layout.
Over the next couple of days we will be restoring things, items and features that you liked. Hang in there. As well, we will be putting up several answers on "How Do I?" - which many have been asking. Including changing your avatar. Everything is easy. Basically point and click.
We are sure over the next couple of days or so you will get the real hang of it. And the format is really easy to share the stuff you find on the Wall to other social communities you belong to - including creating public/private playlists and bookmarks. No more clunky confusing navigation and layouts. You may notice some features are not active or optimized. We are getting there(...)
So again, thank you for your patience and understanding. It truly was beyond our control.

If you haven't yet, please re-register with us (our previous Membership database was also corrupted).
Note: Yahoo! mail appears to be rejecting our mail. If you are registering with an account from a Yahoo! e-mail address - you may not get confirmation. However, we are manually approving accounts regardless if you actually got the e-mail or not. Once approved, you can sign in with the Username and Password you have just created. We check for new members several times a day. So please be patient if you are not yet approved.

Stay tuned...

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