Waiting in the Dark

Waiting in the DarkWritten by Popper_Papa
This is a story of how I started hosting a gloryhole. I am naked... vulnerable...defenseless...sitting in the dark of my house waiting for a stranger to come over. He is coming over so I can suck his cock. I have never met him. I don't know what he looks like. He says he has an 8 inch cock! The stranger answered my ad on Craigslist about a private Gloryhole. I have it here at my house.

I made the glory hole from a sheet I have tacked to the doorsill of my hallway bathroom. I used pushpins so I can easily setup and takedown the sheet. There is a fetish like ritual I have developed when setting up a gloryhole. The ritual of setting up a gloryhole is very detailed. I have a checklist:

1. A good sheet to cut a hole in. Remember this hole will have many strange cocks poking through...

2. Pushpins to mount sheet in door frame. This makes it easier to take down than tacks.

3. Chapstick for your lips.

4. Quench gum because sometimes you are so nervous waiting that your mouth juices go dry.

5. Poppers. I like having 2 bottles. One to hand the stranger and one for me.

6. Good porn to show on the tv so your strange cock can get visual stimulation.

7. Have the base turned up on your sound bar. A good bass beat helps them cum faster.

8. I have found eucalyptus scented heated oil is the best aroma therapy to have your house or apartment smelling good. I also spray some of my cologne on the sheet I use for the gloryhole.

9. Red or unique light outside to help identify your house.

10. Have a night light near the gloryhole so they can find it. Sometimes I use a redlight in that hallway to add to the sensual effect.

11. Have a box of tissue and a small trash can so they can clean up when they have finished.

12. Have lube with you because the cock sucking has transitioned many times to anal sex because they get so worked up.

What is my attraction to strange and anonymous cock? This person could steal from me, assault me...or worse...Rape me! I hope they do!

I have a special place in my heart for gloryholes because that is how I sucked my very first cock! It was at a video arcade in Wichita Falls, Texas. I was 18 and still in high school and gone to the arcade to watch porn and jack off. I had no idea what a gloryhole was or even that was what they were called. I did not learn that term till a few years later. I was in my final year of high school with a constant hard on and plenty of hot girls around that loved to tease, but weren't taking care of my needs nearly enough. Many happy hours were spent looking at Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler magazines with my cock in my hand shooting streams of hot cum on my chest and stomach.

When I entered the video booth, I put my quarters in the coin slot and the tv lit up with a hot movie playing. I dropped my pants and underwear and began stroking my cock. I then started to enjoy the movie. I paid special attention to the hard dick being sucked in the girl's mouth, imagining that it was my mouth on that dick. I was jacking on my cock very hard and fast when I heard someone enter the booth beside me.

I had not noticed the hole in the wall beside when I saw the light from the video screen coming through. I was a little angry because I did not want someone watching me jack off. Curiosity got the best of me and I peeked through. I saw that the man was doing the same as me...jacking off to a video. His cock was magnificent! It had to have been at least 8 inches and thick. Then to my horror, the guy turned towards me! I pulled back scared and embarrassed I had been caught looking. Next thing I know, is the cock is coming through the hole and into my booth!

The world went into slow motion and in an out of body experience I found my hand on the cock! I examined the cock. It was a beautiful thing. The head was large and broad. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip and hanging in long spider web strings to the floor. A dense forest of frothy dark hair exploded outward while the massive girth at the base of the man's humongous cock came through the hole. The shaft was a manly eight inches before it reached the head that topped it off at around two inches more. I'd heard the term, "thick as tree trunk", but this tree limb cock far surpassed that. The strange cock had a golden velvety tan with smooth prominent dark blue veins traveling up its substantial length and girth. One vein, bigger and more pronounced than the rest, ran straight across the center with three more on each side branching out sporadically to wrap around its shocking girth.

With no thought as to what I was doing or the results of the action, my hand wrapped my fingers around the extreme thickness of what they held inside and then stroked slightly back and forth. At least two inches separated my thumb and middle finger from meeting around the beast of a cock's majestic girth. I could feel the heat of the Daddy cock in my hands, the ridges of the sturdy muscle and gristle underneath along with the corded veins mapping across the expansive surface of it.

My heart was racing inside my chest as if it was going to beat right out of my chest. My vision blurred in and out as dizziness assaulted my brain and nervousness battled inside my stomach. The drooling, disembodied, cock head was now at my lips that opened before I could consider what I was doing. Slippery wetness hit lips being stretched to their limit along with my jaw just before salty sweetness hit my tongue.

I felt my prick jerking and erupting as the strange hard fat bulky cock pushed across my tongue. I pictured myself with this cock stuffed down my throat and realized this was all I ever wanted to do in life.

The panting groans and moans from inside my own chest and throat sounded far away as if they were coming from someone else. Spit was bubbling out from my throat and down the front of my shirt. The big hairy cock thrust into my mouth to where it bottomed at the entrance to my throat...


Three times.

Four thrusts.


Precum splashed across my tongue to slide down my throat.



I began to suck and suction with my mouth even though I'd never done it before.

Eight thrusts in and out of my mouth, and back against the opening to my throat.


The big hairy strange cock thrust in and out of my mouth faster and faster. More and more salty sweet slime poured across my tongue and down into my stomach. I sucked harder and harder, steadying myself against the booth wall. I wanted that massively long fat hard cock. I wanted it stretching my jaw and lips, the curve of it arching and shoving into my mouth, and the thick white erotic flow of creamy precum coating my tongue and throat.

Thick hot white cum blasted out from the huge thrusting strange-cock, flooding and searing the inside of my mouth while my throat went into overtime swallowing the immense flood blasting across my tongue. I could feel each explosive volley of strange cum expanding and rushing through the thick tube running the length of the stranger's imposing fat cock from its massive base to the battering ram head.

"Oh, yeah, boy." The growl was deep and harsh from behind the hole. I wondered if anyone in the video store could hear us. I was moaning like Gollum and the stranger bellowed urging his cocksucker on.

"Swallow Daddy's load. Milk it, boy. Milk Daddy's fuckin' cock..."

Those words, his words, left my brain melting inside my head. The words themselves were as huge a turn on as sucking on that beast of a cock between the big man's wide thighs and swallowing its huge load.

My mind was spinning with everything that was happening. Here I was on my knees in front of a gloryhole sucking a strange cock. I felt the cum-belching cock pull back into the hole and I was left holding my own throbbing cock.

To my surprise, I had shot cum all over the floor of the booth. My own cock was still hard and I began to jack it off to cum again. I slipped to the floor as my cock began to shoot again. Long, arcing white ropes of cum shot across the dark green tile floor.

I was panting heavily and realized someone else had entered the booth in which I had just sucked cock. I stared at the little dark circle. Moments passed slowly and I figured he wasn't interested but then just as I was about to give up there it was! A huge black 9" cock, half hard, inserted itself into my little room, sealing the hole with the pelvis behind. It was like a dream come true, something I had subconsciously always wanted to get my hands and my mouth on. So I grasped it by the base, marveling at the intricate network of swollen veins, and slid my hand forward as I moved to it to lick the head before tentatively sliding my lips over it.

I was overcome with mad blinding lust! I had to have it, I had to possess it, to take it into my mouth, to taste his delicious precum, to experience that glorious moment when the cock slips past your soft palate and you don't gag, you just give yourself up completely to the joy of having a throbbing cock down your throat.

I worked that black cock like a crazy wet vacuum. I had never sucked a cock before today and now I was sucking on my second! . I was wild, I was out of control, I wanted to give him the best pleasure I could, I wanted to feel him stiffen and shudder and then shoot his precious manseed into me, I wanted to EAT him up completely. I heard him groan through the wall and utter a soft "Man!" as I redoubled my efforts to suck the semen out of him.

I wasn't sucking his cock, I was gobbling it, conscious of every tremor, every little pulsing vein along the length of his shaft.

My free hand was pumping my cock. Oh to be young again, when your cock never goes soft! I wanted my anonymous black lover to know I was his hole...his cum receptacle. And then, almost without warning, my throat was bubbling over with warm creamy manseed, surge after surge pumping into me. There was too much for me to swallow and I felt trails of it oozing from my lips and down my chin. It was like the best gift I had ever received, and I gloried in it, loving the taste of him and the way my whole mouth and chin were bathed in his exquisite cum.

I had shot my third load, letting it splash against the booth wall and on to the floor, but I was hardly aware of my orgasm, so intent was I on savoring every last drop of his beautiful semen. His cock kept throbbing and I never wanted it to leave my mouth, but eventually it slid from between my lips and withdrew, disappearing back whence it came.

I looked at the glory hole; it seemed sad now that his cock was no longer there for me. The click of his door opening, and he was gone, leaving me with his cum still oozing from my lips.

Instantly, I was in shock and shame of what had just happened and did not return to the video store for months. I overcame my shame and I became a consummate cocksucker on those months that followed. I would discover poppers and get my asshole fucked for the first time as well as my first kiss from a man.

It is very hard to find public gloryholes now. I was so excited to discover private gloryholes on Craigslist. I had never thought about one in a private setting. I saw an ad for a private gloryhole and got the address and went over.

The email said the front door would be open and to go in and turn down the hallway. I was nervous because what if this was a prank and I am walking into someone's house uninvited. I get there and parked in the driveway. Sure enough, the door was open. So as I step into the house I start down the hallway till I get to a doorway that has a white linen sheet covering it with a hole cut in it about waist high.

It is dark inside the room on the other side so I only see this dark hole. I am so excited my cock is fully hard at this point and was difficult to get out of my pants. I point it straight at the hole. Then I hear a husky voice say put it in, so I step up to the hole and put my cock through it. The next feeling I have is a warm mouth covering the head.

Not being able to see him take it in his mouth only added to the excitement. Then I feel fingers wrapping around the shaft as I push into the hole till my balls and pubic bone is up against the sheet.

I don't even have to move my hips because for the next 15 minutes because the mouth behind the sheet sucks and blows while the hands move up and down the shaft. The mouth licks the head and gets me close to cumming. I can't hold it anymore knowing I am standing in the middle of a strangers house with my pants and underwear around my ankles. My cock in a hole where a strange man is sucking my cock like no tomorrow and I start cumming hard!!

He sucks it all in and swallows, not a drop missed because after I cum I am still hard but super sensitive as he sucks it more till I am jerking and I have to pull out. I then get dressed and leave. I realized on the way home I could do the same thing at my house.

That is how it began. Several years later and literally over one hundred cocks sucked at my house with many repeat and loyal customers.

I keep my laptop with me in the gloryhole so I can answer replies to my Craigslist ad. Sometimes the traffic control gets a little tricky as I try to prevent having more than one person here at a time. One time, I was so horny and gooned out from poppers I did not care and just gave my address to whomever answered and told them to come on over. It worked out because they did not mind watching porn while they waited or watching the guy I was blowing. Not sure which. I really don't like doing that because of the parking situation at my house and I can't manage who is there and what they are doing in my house while I am blowing cock. I make sure my wallet, cell phone, car keys are all put up. I do have a Glock .40 cal I keep handy in the bathroom with me just in case!

I have a 12 inch cock dildo with suction cup that I ride while I am sucking cock. When they answer my ad I tell them to park in my driveway. I leave my front door slightly ajar so they can come in.

I wait in the dark...masturbating...sniffing poppers...fucking my ass with my dildo. My heart jumps out of my chest because I hear my front door open the rest of the way...

He is here!!

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