Urgent Notice to ALL Members | Visitors

Thanks to wdw, he pointed out a user privacy issue that caused him concern.
We shut the site down, and corrected the issue.

In the best interest of everybody (and rather an extreme move), we deleted the entire user database. This was not done in haste, but done with much consideration. We request for you to please re-register.
Social media/communities are really fun, but can be very dangerous and can cause much damage online and offline.
We take privacy very seriously. We don't like to fuck around with such things, as much as as you don't like someone fucking around with your privacy.
As the online world is moving to "share and share more of your information" ... we are not.
While there are "share features" at the Wall, we only want you to share under an alternate name or handle/channel/nickname/screenname/username, especially one chosen for self-identification here at bathroomwall.org
To help prevent from people unknowingly "offering/giving" personal information publicly when registering, we have made it very clear on the registration page - what and where.
This mess was an over-site when we re-powered back up with a new format. An excuse to you would be unacceptable, sorry if we caused you any concern or stress.

We summon you to Re-join

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