The Quarterback and Me

The Quarterback and MeWritten by skinnon95
This is a true story of what happened to me my freshman year of college. I had gotten a job working at the Activity Center on campus. The AC was a gym just for college students where we could work out. Usually it was used just for non-athletes as athletes had their own gym, but occasionally various team members would come in. To gain entrance into the AC, you had a to present your college ID with a staff member (that was me). Then when you left, you picked your ID back up. This way we could keep up with who was in the the AC at any given time.

Joseph, our starting quarterback, and some of his buddies came in one day. Joseph was perfect! 6'3", 180, abs of steel, tanned skin--he was perfect--and totally straight! When he and his teammates would come into the AC, they were always bragging on which chicks they were fucking. They had been working out for about 3 weeks and one day Joseph came in alone. He introduced himself and asked me my name..

"Ugh...I'm Sam" I stuttered getting my own name out my mouth. I was totally shocked this Adonis of a man was talking to me!

"Hey Sam--I'm Joseph but my friends call me Joe." Joe! His friends! Was I now his friend? "See ya around!" I just melted right there.

Over the next few weeks, every time he came in (with his friends or alone), he always said "Hey Sam!" It was surreal. The quarterback knew my name.

One day at work it was super slow. The weather was rainy and not many students were braving the weather to come work out. I had my college algebra book out studying for a big test we had coming up on Friday. In walked Joe. He saw my book and notes out and asked...

"Hey Sam--who do you have for algebra?"

"I've got Dr. Renard. He's tough!" I told Joe.

"I've got Dr. Renard too. I haven't seen you in class. I have him at 10 a.m. M, W, F" Joe said.

"I have him M, W, F but at 1 p.m." I replied. "We've got a big test on Friday I'm trying to study for."

"We've got a test Friday too." Joe moaned. "Hey maybe we could study together if you want. You could come over to my apartment Wednesday night after I get out of practice."

WHAT? I said to myself. Was the hottest guy on campus inviting me over to his apartment to study? "Yeah...sure. That would be great. I need all the study help I can get."

"Cool. Give me your cell # and I'll text you when we are done with practice." Joe asked.

So we exchanged numbers and I told him I would see him Wednesday night. It was Monday now and I could hardly wait.

Wednesday finally arrived! I went through my day. Classes. Work. I got off from the AC around 7 pm. I ran back to my dorm and grabbed a shower and some supper. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Had Joe forgotten? I was about to give up when my cell went off around 9.

"Hey its Joe. Just getting out of practice and heading home. Meet me there--261 Ridgeway Apt. 11"

He didn't have to tell me twice. I replied "On my way" and out the door I went. I actually pulled up the apartment complex the same time as Joe did.

"Man, you must have flown over!" Joe laughed.

Shit! I didn't need to appear eager. "Oh I was already out running an errand when I got your text." Whew! Hopefully he believed me!

"Well come on in. Sorry the place is a mess. I've been here alone this week--my roommate had to go back home--his dad is really sick." Joe said as he picked up some clothes and empty beer cans. The apartment was a typical college guys' place. Empty pizza boxes. Beer cans. Bare walls and mixed-matched furniture!

"Oh, sorry to hear that about your roommate's dad." I was sorry anyone was sick but inside I was dying to know Joe and I were there alone!

"Hey grab yourself a beer from the fridge and make yourself at home. I'm gonna jump in the shower. I didn't take one at the locker room." Joe said as he took off his shirt revealing his rock hard abs.

"Sounds good" I said as Joe went into the bathroom closing the door part way behind him. I grabbed a beer and sat on the couch getting my book and notes out when I noticed I could see down the hall and into the bathroom. Holy shit! I could catch a glimpse of Joe's reflection in the mirror. I saw his hot ass as he climbed in the shower and closed the curtain! My cock sprang into action. SHIT! I had to get it to go down. I couldn't have him walk back in with me having a raging hard-on! It finally went back down just as Joe appeared with just a towel around his waist and the outline of his own cock pushing through the towel. I was in heaven.

"You mind grabbing me a beer too as I go put on some sweats?" Joe asked.

"Sure" I replied as he slipped into what I guessed was his room and emerged wearing some baggy sweat pants and no shirt.

"Thanks" Joe said as he sat down next to me with his backpack. Before we started in on algebra, we spent probably 30 minutes chatting about where we were from. College majors. Past relationships. Just a little bit of everything. We really had a lot in common. We both were having a great time. We studied for about a solid hour until neither one of us could process another algebra formula!

"Fuck! I think my brain is going to explode if I look at another number!" Joe screamed.

"Me too! My brain is shutting down." I said.

"I don't have Tuesday/Thursday classes so I'm going to get wasted." Joe informed me. "I wish you didn't either so you could join me."

"Well guess what? I don't have classes tomorrow either." I told Joe.

"Well Mr. Sammy Boy--we are about to get 'toe up from the flo up' my friend!" He laughed. "I hope you can hold your liquor and can keep up!"

"Oh you're so on Mr. QB!" I said as I poured us both some whiskey with Fireball chasers!

It didn't take too many of those before we both were feeling no pain and beginning to get a bit drunk!

"Let's see what's on Netflix" Joe said. "You find us something to watch--I gotta go take a piss."

Joe went to the bathroom as I searched through his name on Netflix. He had a couple of "Keep Watching" movies. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! They were all gay films. Was Joe? Holy Shit! I quickly went back to the main menu as he returned to the room.

"More shots?" Joe asked.

"You don't have to ask me twice! Hit me" I said. "Hey, you find us something to watch. I don't care." I told him.

He grabbed the remote and clicked on Stranger Things. "I can't remember where I left off on this but I love this show."

"Me too." I told him.

A couple more shots and by now he was officially FUCKED UP! I on the other hand had a bit of a buzz but I had not been refilling my glass. I had just pretended to be drinking it each time.

"Dude why don't you just crash here tonight. You can't drive like this." Joe told me.

"You're right" I agreed. Inside I was dying. I now had Joe exactly where I wanted him. "Hey you got Netflix in your room?"

"Yeah" He mumbled.

"Let's go watch in in there so we can lay down." I told him. I hit the lights and tv and then helped Joe stumble to his room.

"I gotta fuckin piss again" he said. "But I don't think I can make it."

"Yes you can. I'll help ya" I told him. We got to the bathroom and by now he was stumbling and leaning on me with all his weight. He was totally gone! I got him to the toilet and he just stood there. I pulled his sweats down to reveal he didn't have on any underwear. His dick was thicker than average. I grabbed it and held it while he let piss fly.

"Hey what are you doin?" He asked.

"Do you want to piss all over yourself? You weren't holding it so I did. It was either me or piss all over yourself." I explained.

"Oh yeah. Thanks man for holding my dong!" He laughed. "Shake it for me. Shake it!" He was now laughing so hard.

I shook it back and forth. I could actually feel it plumping up in my hand!

I got him to the bedroom and he literally fell into bed. I got the tv on and when I turned back to Joe he was taking off his sweat pants.

"I can't sleep in these fucking hot pants." He said as he took them off lying there total naked.

"Well what do you want to put on?" I questioned.

"I sleep in the nude. Does that bother you Sam? I mean you got a dick and I got a dick. Not like we haven't got the same parts!" Again Joe began to laugh. Drunk folks always think they are funny! "But if I'm gonna be naked, so do you!"

"OK" I said as I took off my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. All I had left was my briefs.

"What the FUCK!" Joe said. "I didn't know you were so ripped!"

"Well I do work in a gym Joe" I told him as I lowered my briefs revealing my dick.

"Damn Sam. How big is that thing? And you're not even hard." Joe was shocked.

I had always been blessed in that department. Although Joe wasn't lacking there either. "How big is my dick? A mouthful!" I was the one laughing now.

"I don't think my mouth could fit it all!" Joe said.

"Only one way to find out!" I laughed truly just fucking with him since I knew Joe was straight as they come and always talking about fucking this chick or that chick.

As I was laughing, the next thing I know Joe's mouth swallowed my dick! I pulled away.

"What the fuck?" I said. Joe looked up at me and said he had always wanted to mess around with a guy. Most guys in college had already experimented with another guy but he hadn't.

Of course, on the inside I was about to die! Here was the quarterback of the football team begging to swallow my cock but I had to play it off cool. "Are you sure?" I said. "We can't let anyone know about this."

"I promise" He said. "And you can't let anyone know I did this either!" It was the perfect situation. I was going to mess around with the hottest guy on campus and he couldn't risk his reputation by telling anyone. Here goes nothing...

I leaned back over and slid my cock back into his mouth. FUCK it felt great. As I slowly began to move my hips back and forth and fuck his face, my cock started to grow and grow. I heard him gag on it as it got rock hard. SHIT it felt so good. Joe was a natural. I'm not sure if he hadn't already done this before. :-)

I turned around so that my own mouth was right over his dick and slid his member into my mouth. We were 69ing each other and it felt great. We found our rhythm and were fucking each other's mouths hard and strong.

In and out. Back and forth. I could feel Joe's balls slapping against my chin. Even though he showered, I could still smell the sweat from his jock strap! I was loving every second.

Harder. Faster. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. Licking the pre that was flowing from his slit.

Deeper. Gagging. I pushed my raging cock deeper into his hot mouth. He was begging me to let up but he was going to take it all. Every inch.

I was getting close and I could feel his balls getting tighter--they were about to explode. Faster. Faster. Almost. Come on. Hhhh. Hhhh. Almost. Hhhh. Close. Hhhh. Hhhh. Come on Joe. Hhhh. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!

Shot after shot. Hot, sticky cum came flying from us both. More and more. My mouth was filling up with Joe's hot jizz. MMMmmmmm. Swallow. Another shot. And another. OOHhhhhhh. Swallow! How much more could he give? Swallow.

I looked and my own cock was spewing forth hot cum all in Joe's mouth. A little trickling out the side of his mouth. Too much for him to take all at once. "HOLY SHIT!" Joe exclaimed. "That was fucking unbelievable! Hands down the best BJ I've ever gotten. I'm still shaking from it! And your cum shooting down the back of my throat. 2 words--FUCKIN HOT! I'm worn out!"

"You sure did sober up quick!" I told Joe.

"Well...I wasn't as drunk as I let on. I had to figure out some way to get us both naked and you touching my dick!" He chuckled.

"You sneaky rat!" I laughed as I jumped on and tackled his hot, sweaty, naked body!

Looking down at him our eyes met and I leaned in to kiss him. Our mouths exploring each other's. We could each taste our own cum in each other's mouths. Hot!

"I don't know about you but I really hope this isn't a one time thing!" Joe whispered in my ear.

"Me too!" I answered as I kissed him again. "And since neither of us have classes tomorrow.." I smiled as I pulled his naked body in close to me...

---------------- Like my stories? Let me know. There are plenty more to come (and most of mine are totally true)!

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