The Host

The HostWritten by unknownmuse
Traveling Dom meets twink.
He was the host in the hotel restaurant near the convention center. Early twenties and very cute. Dark curly hair, incredible smile, about five seven and slightly built. Exactly my type. Shaking off the rain from my coat I approached the host to be seated for dinner.
"Just you?" He asked.
"Flying solo tonight." I said. "A window seat if possible and a vodka screwdriver." The view of the river would be welcoming after a day wandering the convention complex.

"Follow me please." He said softly but brightly.

I sat and thanked him warmly. He seemed to like the attention. Good. I needed to de-stress in a certain way and this guy just might be the solution to my needs.

My table afforded me a view of the river and, due to my choice of seat, a view of the host station. I ordered my usual drink and watched the host as he greeted and seated guests. Putting the object of my lust aside I stared out the window watching the rain fall silently into the river.

"Sir?" A voice said. "Your drink."

It was the host. His eyes lingered and he seemed unsure. It was no accident he had brought the drink himself.

"I'm glad you came around. I didn't catch your name." I said.

"Michael." He replied shyly.

"Michael, I'm David." I said. "I stay here often yet have never had the pleasure of meeting you before."

"I just graduated college and am working here until I find something in my field." Michael said.

"Oh, what would that be?" I asked.

"Marketing." Michael replied.

"Well you are in luck." I said. "Here is my card." I neatly wrote my room number on the back and handed it to him. Not wanting to let this little fishy get away i asked him what time he got off work.

"Ten o'clock." Michael replied, smiling.

"Perfect". I replied "Come to my room after you finish here. We can work out the details then."

"Wow, great. Thank you so much." Michael gushed.

I took my time dining and then went up to my room. This was a business trip so I was lodged in a very typical hotel room. Happily, the bath had been recently remodeled and so was rather nice. Stripping down to my briefs I admired the view. A lot of gym time had resulted in a toned, tan and cut reflection. Adjusting my ample package with one hand I smoothed my sometimes unruly wavy chestnut hair with the other. The two attributes the result of fortunate genetic gifts over which I had no control.

I was a Dom with an occasional bi side, usually preferring powerful women who needed a temporary loss of control in their lives. I never took anything. Rather, I simply created a relationship involving a voluntary loss of control by one party. In return my lover might be opened up to experiences they might have otherwise not explored.

My bisexual interest was a penchant for college guys only. Specifically cute college twinks. Most twinks have small cocks which tended to create a fully self imposed submissiveness. The second my Alpha cock sprang free the average twink went full Beta and wanted to be submissive. This was my prediction for Michael if he chose to show up tonight.

Years at a senior sales position helped sharpen my intuition which allowed for better reading of potential playmates. With a combined approach of getting in Michael's horny young head and flat out close physical proximity I felt he could be made needy. The chase would be as exciting as the capture.

I settled into an overstuffed chair typing out a brief plan with a few contacts that might be helpful to Michael as he pursued employment. Hitting save and printing out two copies I stood, stripping off my briefs. Slipping into a pair of pinstripe pajama I again adjusted my package feeling a need for release.

"Big dick problems." I said aloud and chuckled. Just then there was a gentle knock at the door. Shifting my concentration I walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole. As expected there stood Michael holding his coat. I opened the door so eager I forgot I was wearing only PJ bottoms.

"Welcome Michael!" I exclaimed warmly. "Come in, come in!"

Michael smiled sheepishly at my state of undress and entered. His youthful male scent mixed with the scent of cold fresh air swirled in after him.

"Hi'" he said brightly seeming to sneak a quick up and down glance of me. "I came up."

"So you did." I answered. "Sit, I prepared an info packet for you."

I motioned to the desk chair as I settled deeply back into the overstuffed chair. Handing him a copy I went through the details I had collected.

"This is great." Michael. "How can I thank you?"

"A drink and a chat about yourself will be enough." I replied.

"OK." He replied happily.

I dug into my bag and retrieved two airplane bottles of rum and two cans of Coke from the mini fridge. A pair of plastic cups from the bathroom made things complete.

Mixing things up I handed him his drink and asked if he had a girlfriend.

"No." He replied. "Not really my thing."

"Really?" I replied. "Not into girls?"

"No." He replied again.

"Guys?" I asked calmly.

"I'm not sure." Michael replied rather honestly.

"Would you like to find out?" I asked.

Michael seemed to ponder the question, finished his drink and rose from his chair. With a nod of his head he tucked his thumbs in the pocket of his trousers and stood before me.

"Would you like to find out with me." I asked. Again he nodded.

Rising from my own chair I walked around behind him and stood. Placing a hand on his lower back and the other on his shoulder I quarter turned him so he could see our reflections in the large wall mounted mirror.

"What about that do you find attractive?" I asked, referring to the view afforded by the mirror.

"I like your body." Michael said.

"Specifically?" I asked.

"I like how much bigger and stronger you are than me. Hairier too." He said.

"Would you like to see more?" I asked. "Would it be exciting to see me undressed."

"Yes." Michael said without hesitation.

Walking to an area of the room with the best light I turned to face him. Pulling at the tie holding up my pajama bottoms caused them to drape just a bit, catching on my junk and stopping. Michael watched very carefully. In almost slow motion I slid my hands into the sides of my pajamas, lowered them past my hips and stepped out of them. My cock was not yet erect but rather wonderfully full of enough blood to make it thick and inviting. My scrotum dangled low with my balls angled a bit against the leg I temporarily favored while allowing him to view me.

"And?" I asked playfully.

"I like it." He answered lustily.

"Good." I replied. "Now, would you like to return the favor?"

"Fuck yeah!" He answered. Fumbling with his shirt buttons I stopped him.

"Why not make this fun. Go into the bathroom and shed all those stuffy work clothes and come back out naked for me." I suggested.

Michael eagerly went into the bathroom returning a minute later naked but holding his rumpled clothes. I smiled.

"How about carefully folding those clothes and placing them on the desk." I directed. Again, Micheal did as he was told. I watched carefully as he dropped his clothes on the desk and began. This allowed me to see his cock and ass for the first time.

He had a perfect twink ass. Firm, smooth and very round, it was flawless. What little I could see of his smallish cock poked rigidly out from his pubes and curved up over the edge of the desk. The sight of it made me begin to grow hard. Finishing he turned and stood a bit awkwardly. It was then I noticed his intact foreskin. Jackpot!

"Come over here." I quietly commanded.

Michael walked over and stood very close to me. Reaching out I gently fondled his cock, skinning his surprisingly dangly foreskin back to expose his head to me. Pulling it forward again I gathered the folds together and shook the loose skin up and down a bit. Micheal seemed mesmerized by my actions. Grasping his well gathered foreskin I began Michael's seduction in earnest.

Dropping his cock I gently walked him two steps back until he fell/sat on the bed. He placed his hands behind him and leaned back a bit. Pushing him all the way onto his back I loomed over him, my cock dangling between my muscular thighs.

"Ever had a BJ?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Lie back flat." I directed. He complied.

I crawled onto the bed and lightly straddled his left thigh. Balancing myself I began to fondle him. Holding the base of his cock and balls in one hand I carefully stroked the silky, pale shaft while repeatedly exposing the head so heavily veiled by foreskin. I slightly gyrated my hips to feel the smooth warmth of his youthful thigh under my balls and semi erect cock. My hairiness contrasted nicely against his skin.

Working him gently I continually shifted my gaze from cock to face again, studying the rate at which I was arousing him. Making him cum was to be the logical end to our encounter. But I didn't want that train to leave the station too soon.

Skinning his surprisingly ample foreskin up and down his shaft I slid down off his thigh and onto my knees. Gathering the folds of skin I went down on him. By popping him quickly in and out of my mouth I could draw a lot of blood up into the tip of his cock. Angling his cock up I dug my nose into his scrotum and luxuriated in his youthful scent which was a nest of work sweat and pheromones. His freely leaking tip adding to the heat of my forbidden desires. I engulfed his now taught ball sac while running my hands over his slightly built chest. Pulling away, a string of wetness spun from my lips to his rather diminutive cock. I rose.

"Stand up." I said. Michael did as he was told.

Grasping him fully by his cock and balls I towed Michael the few steps across the room until we reached the mirror. I wrapped an arm around his smooth chest and let my free hand wander over his cock, balls and ass while pressing my chest against him from behind. Bending my knees a bit I placed my cock just under his ass until it brushed his balls, enjoying his warmth.

Slowly jerking him I caressed his chest and nibbled his neck. He responded with a delicious jump at the bite. His cock drew my attention again because it was so hard with anticipation it leaked an almost impossible amount of clear fluid onto the carpet below.

"Nipples are an erogenous zone that should never be ignored." I said in a commanding voice.

I punctuated that fact by grasping Michael's nipples firmly and gently twisted. No reason to ruin a first experience with pain. He inhaled sharply, backed into my erection and stood on tip toe before rocking back on his heels breathing out as he relaxed.

Grasping his slight shoulders I led him fully into the bathroom. With both of us facing the mirror I pushed him off balance causing him to place his hands on the counter, one on each side of the sink. With his head down and back arched, Michael's ass protruded invitingly towards my cock. His submissive posture told me what I needed to know.

Grasping my cock in one hand I slapped his tight ass slowly but repeatedly with the thick shaft. Reaching around I grasped his much smaller cock in my other hand and massaged the head with his precum. As I manipulated him his legs began to tremble. Suddenly he shoved his ass rapidly back at me and then pivoted his hips forward, arching at the sink with all his might. Three short blasts of cum shot up from between his legs and stuck fast to the mirror. Dropping his cock I nestled him back into my chest and growled into his ear like hungry caveman.

Leaning over a bit and reaching into my shave kit on the bathroom counter I removed a bottle of lube and a condom. Wasting no time I tore open the condom wrapper and unrolled it over my cock. Popping the top on the lube bottle I liberally splashed it up and down my shaft until it began to run off. After rubbing it in more evenly I took my slicked hand and explored his ass.

Michael hungrily whimpered as I used my slippery fingers to moisten him, readying his tight opening for my cock. I guided myself into him slowly but firmly. He surprised me by fully backing into me, driving my body deep into his.

"Fuck me, fuck me.fuck me." His voice echoed softly off the bathroom mirror, the sound of our bodies slapping together.

I grasped him hard by the hips and began to really piston forward against his backward thrusts. Joined deeply we fucked, totally lost to reality by the sensations of the moment. My orgasm rapidly grew. I swell greatly right before cumming and this was no exception.

Michael could sense my climax and reached under to grasp and caress my heavy balls with each reburying of my cock deep inside him. After a few passes of this new stimulus I couldn't resist and took my pleasure. I came. God how I came.

With complete abandon I fell forward onto his slight body, pinning him to the counter as I erupted. My cock twitched thickly at its base with each release into the condom. Finally my body ceased. Michael swizzled his ass around like a good lover, milking me of every drop. Pulling out I placed one hand in the center of his back keeping him in place. Peeling off the condom with the other I held it up for both of us to view.

"I don't know if I have ever come so intensely with a guy before." I announced. Michael seemed pleased.

Tossing the now heavy condom into the trash I walked out of the bath and back to my chair. Michael surprised me by emerging from the bathroom a moment later with a full erection and climbed into my lap.

"Ready so soon?" I asked, chuckling.

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