The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All HereWritten by datura48
Home for the summer from college, I was up in my room online. Bored and horny, I had just loaded some porn and taken out my dick when my younger brother, Carl, came home with some of his friends. With a grunt of frustration, I tucked myself away and navigated to a more innocuous program.
Despite being only two years apart - at the time I was twenty and he was eighteen - we were not close. There was no animosity between us and we got along okay. We were just two different people with very different interests. Our parents had gone on a cruise and we had the house to ourselves during their week-long trip but hadn't interacted much.

I was a quiet, nerdy guy who preferred video games, sci-fi movies and the fandoms associated with them. Most of my friends were cultivated from online forums and chatrooms. I was also gay, having come out years ago to no one's surprise. Carl, on the other hand, was a stereotypical straight guy who bordered on being a jock. He and the group of guys he hung out with had been the popular kids around school and they all had just graduated. From what I knew, they each had girlfriends and a few on the side to satisfy their teenage libidos. They were loud and rambunctious, and as the noise rose from downstairs, I tuned them out as I always did.

They had been in the house for over an hour before I heard footsteps ascending the stairs. Though Carl and his friends had never been rude or bullying toward me, I tensed waiting for the inevitable series of inane comments and awkward small talk that usually characterized any conversation that I had with him or his friends.

"Hey, Calvin," said a deep voice behind me.

I turned to see my brother's friend Roger leaning in the doorway. Roger was the tallest member of the group and its de facto leader. Of them all, he was the one I both loved and dreaded talking to. Not because we had similar interests or anything in common but because he was the most attractive. The youngest member of their group, Roger was barely eighteen yet was already 6' 3". His light brown hair was shaved short on the sides but longer on top, usually styled in a pompadour but now the longer hair just hung loosely over the sides of his head. He had friendly brown eyes set in a classic square face that was shadowed with a few days' worth of stubble. The tank top and basketball shorts that he currently wore accentuated his lean, athletic body. Each time I encountered him, I thought about the most recent time I had seen him shirtless and sweaty playing basketball in the driveway with my brother.

"Hey," I replied. "How's it going?"

"Good. Good." He took a few steps into the room. "I got a question for you."

Though I had relaxed slightly, my guard went up again hearing his slurred words indicating he, and probably the others, had been drinking. "What is it?"

"Why have you never tried to suck my dick?"

I stared at him stunned by the question, though in hindsight I should not have been. Even when I was still in high school, Roger was known for his dick. I had never seen it but the rumors often compared it to something that belonged on a horse. Not only that, but he liked to use it as often as he could. Though he classified as straight, it was an open secret that any hole would do for him, no matter who was attached to it.

"Because you're my brother's friend," was my short answer to his question. The longer answer was that sex was not a big influence on me. I had had sex with the few guys I had dated and enjoyed it. I, however, didn't enjoy random, indiscriminate sex with whoever happened to be available. And having sex with a straight guy that would never have feelings for me was not high on my list of things to do to increase my self-esteem. I didn't judge people who did, it just wasn't my thing.

"Fuck that," Roger said as he stopped in front of me pawing his crotch. "That's not a good reason. I've fucked most of the guys' sisters and they don't care. Usually gay guys are all over me. You're the only one who's never tried anything. Tell me you don't want this."

Roger lowered the waistband of his shorts and tucked it beneath his balls revealing the largest dick I had ever seen and it was not even semi hard. Though I had only been with a few guys, I did watch a lot of porn and knew that what I was seeing was beyond impressive.

In that moment I knew I had a decision to make. I could either kick him out of my room and go about my business, living in regret about not having touched him, or I could take the opportunity in front of me. Though I knew it was only due to my lingering horniness and in complete violation of everything I felt about one night stands and self-esteem, I reached out and began to stroke him.

"I thought so," he purred. "Guess you just needed the push."

Roger's cock responded quickly to my fists. In a surprisingly short amount of time for its size, it swelled and hardened to an imposing piece of flesh. Though I didn't measure it, my best guess put it at about eleven inches long. It didn't become as thick as I expected but was definitely thicker than average. He was circumcised with a noticeable scar a few inches below the arrow-shaped head. Mocking gravity, it was a straight rod that pointed up out of his bushy crotch at a shallow angle. Beneath it hung a furry, loose sack that contained balls that looked every bit as impressive as the cock above.

He reached out with one of his large hands and rubbed my head. "Go ahead and suck it."

As if I had been waiting for the invitation, I leaned forward and took him into my mouth. Roger sighed above me and immediately began to gently thrust into me. With gradually lengthening strokes, he did a few depth tests before settling into a steady rhythm. My hands reached around him and grabbed his tight ass, feeling the muscles contract and relax with each thrust.

"Roger?" A voice called from the top of the stairs."

"In here," Roger responded without stopping.

I tried to pull away but he placed his other hand on my head and held me in place. Despite my struggling and grunts of displeasure, he didn't release me as one of the other guys approached.

"What are you - Oh. Damn."

"I really needed a nut," Roger said to the newcomer. "I figured Calvin wouldn't mind helping me out."

"Looks like you were right."

As the guy came into view, I saw it was Jake, the least favorite of my brother's friends. He was about 5' 8" with blonde hair that was buzzed short. His face was round and dotted with small, dark brown eyes and a small mouth with thin lips. Unlike the other guys who had the decency to be polite in public, Jake was a boorish, rude asshole who didn't care about anyone. He was always getting into trouble and even my parents wouldn't let Carl hang out alone with Jake.

"Can I get some of that?" Jake asked Roger as he opened his jeans, as if Roger controlled me and my activities.

Roger pulled out and stepped aside, and Jake quickly took his place, shoving his hardening dick into my mouth.

"Better not try anything, cocksucker," Jake warned me. He knew I didn't like him and he didn't hide his dislike of me. That, apparently, wasn't going to stop him from using my mouth. In short order he was ramming a hard cock into me, seeming to enjoy the gagging noises I made when he went too deep. When he pulled out to let Roger resume using me, I grabbed his dick and began stroking it. It was a decent seven-inch cut piece that was capped by a thick, mushroom head. Despite being attached to him, I couldn't wait to get that spongy knob back in my mouth.

"If I had known this was what I needed to do to keep you quiet, I would've done it a long time ago," Jake said as I began sucking him again.

"Why're you guys - Fuck, yeah."

I was now able to see the doorway and saw Barry opening his pants as he approached us. He was the only guy of the group that I actually got along with, though at times I found him annoying because he didn't know when to leave. Barry was a pale, lightly freckled redhead. Though his 5' 9" body was lean, it was soft, not having the rippled toned muscles of his friends. Barry was more at home with the school's chess team and bowling team than the higher profile sports. He was a member of the group because he had been friends with Carl and Roger since kindergarten. He didn't even ask as he pulled my head off Jake's dick and fed me his uncut flesh.

While Roger's and Jake's dicks had tasted like dick - sweaty, salty and musky - Barry's had the additional taste of fermentation from the dried fluid trapped in his foreskin. I didn't mind it and took my time cleaning his cock, savoring the unique flavor. His cock quickly expanded and with my mouth stretched to its limit, I pulled off to get a look at it and wasn't the only one surprised by the sight.

"Damn, dude," Jake said as he took advantage of my empty mouth and pushed back into me. "I didn't know you had it like that."

I looked up and saw Barry grin proudly as he stroked himself. Barry's dick was about eight inches long and thick. When I gripped it to stroke, my fist barely closed around it. I realized it was thicker than Roger's much longer fuck stick.

"That would destroy an ass for sure," Roger said.

Jake grabbed a fistful of my hair and held me on his dick while he backed up to sit on the edge of my bed. This positioned me on my knees between his legs with Roger and Barry on either side of me. While I continued to move between their cocks, I became aware of my own throbbing erection. I lowered my shorts to stroke myself and get some relief.

"I don't mind you stroking," Jake said seeing my exposed leaking piece. "Just don't get your dick too close. Unlike you, I'm not down with gay shit."

I intentionally rolled my eyes so he could see. To me, it seemed pretty gay to be sitting between two guys with erections getting your dick sucked by a third. I saw him understand the meaning of my look and narrow his eyes. He held my head tight and thrust up into me hard a few times, intentionally making me choke.

"Don't fuck with me," he said darkly. "I have no problem getting my nut then kicking your ass."

"Relax, man," Roger said. "If you have a problem leave. Don't fuck this up for us."

Jake muttered something that none of us heard before releasing my head.

I gave him a nasty look as I pulled off and moved to Barry. Quickly getting over Jake's customary attitude, I continued to take turns on the three of them, not so much of my own accord but being used by them. They talked mostly among themselves, only occasionally acknowledging me to give me direction.

"It's getting crowded up front," Roger said as he moved behind me. "I'm going to take the back."

As he not so gently removed my shorts I began to realize what was about to happen. I should have seen it coming from the moment Roger entered my room. "I don't think I can take that," I said to him.

"You will," Roger said brushing aside my concern.

Jake pulled me back onto his cock while Roger began to prepare me. I heard him spit on my hole then felt a long finger push inside me. It had been months since I was last fucked and even with a dick less than half the size of Roger's, it had been a tight, painful experience.

With surprising gentleness, Roger talked me through the process of loosening me. After a few additional fingers joined the initial one, I felt the large, pointed tip of his dick press against me.

"Careful." Barry took a seat on the bed next to Jake and held my head still on him. I had begun to clench my jaw against the pain in my ass, unintentionally biting down on his cock. He ran his hand through my hair soothing me. "Just focus on my dick and relax."

Roger was barely halfway inside me when another guy arrived.

"Guess the party moved up here," Mike said as he entered the room.

Mike was the oldest member of the group, being only a few months on the other side of nineteen. He had long straw colored hair that reached the middle of his back and was tied in a ponytail. His face was angular and attractive, with a light brown goatee and moustache surrounding his friendly, generous mouth. Unlike the others, his 5' 11" body was solid with muscle. He worked out regularly and everyone knew his goal was to become a professional bodybuilder, already having won a few local tournaments.

He stood next to Barry and watched Roger push his dick into me. "Goddamn, Calvin. Where you gonna put all that?"

It was a fair question. At 5' 5" and 120 pounds I was a small guy. Roger's nearly foot long cock was about twenty percent of my height, being as long as my forearm. As he moved deeper, I felt my innards shift and rearrange reluctantly around his stiff rod.

Mike openly massaged his crotch while he watched the action. His cock hardened in the process and began to tent the thin fabric of his sweat pants that were tight around his large, thick thighs. After a few minutes, he dropped them and stepped up to take a turn. Giving way to the newcomer, Barry released my head and Mike guided me to his cock. At full mast, he was also about seven inches, slightly longer than Jake but not as thick. It also had a sharp curve to the left that the other guys teased him about.

While Roger began to slowly fuck my ass, my mouth was passed between the other three guys. I had seen scenes like this in movies but never thought I'd be a willing participant. Though I enjoyed watching porn, in real life I had felt sex was a special, one on one activity. I now saw how wrong I had been. Though the pain was not yet subsiding, being fucked by Roger's huge dick in itself was satisfying enough. Having three good sized dicks to suck while it was happening made everything better. I also knew that if it weren't for the fact that I was horny and had been interrupted earlier, this might never have happened.

Everything seemed to be going well until David and my brother appeared in the doorway.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Carl nearly screamed upon seeing his friends using me.

"Just having some fun with your brother," Jake said without turning around as he pulled my mouth back onto him. "I'm starting to think he's not such a bad guy."

"Seems like he doesn't mind," David said as he moved closer groping his crotch. He was the same height as Barry with a more toned body. His dark brown hair was on the long side but piled on his head in wide curls. He had olive skin and beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to bore into your soul. He took up position next to Mike and lowered his basketball shorts displaying another uncut cock. Unlike Barry's, it didn't have an unwashed flavor and tasted simply like dick. After I brought him to hardness, I saw his cock was thinner than everyone else's but longer than Barry's.

I felt Roger pull out and turned to ask why but saw Barry taking his place. Focused on David, I hadn't noticed the redhead move behind me. As his thicker cock renewed the stretch in my ass, Mike reasserted control over my mouth.

"This is so wrong," I heard Carl say from his spot near the door.

"Your jeans tell another story," Roger said as he stood beside me stroking himself.

I cut my eyes back over and saw that Carl did indeed have an erection. For the first time I realized how cute he was. Like me, he had a diminutive stature. We shared the same brown eyes and spikey brown hair, though his was slightly longer than mine. On our oval faces, my baby fat had mostly melted away exposing more of my squared bone structure while his was still concealed. The one thing that kept us from looking like twins was that he was hairier than I was, already having a full beard on his face. In this moment, he was not my brother but another cute, horny eighteen year old.

"Looks like Calvin won't mind helping you out, Carl," Jake said nastily. "Look at him. The sick fuck's eyeing you."

"Shut up," Carl said weakly, seeing the truth in Jake's words.

Roger walked over to Carl, grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into the group. "I think Jake's right."

With my brother standing next to me I looked up into his eyes as I continued to suck Mike. I saw the mix of arousal and fear in his eyes and made a decision. Though I knew it was wrong, I reached over and opened his jeans. As I lowered them and his boxers, I heard the other guys mutter and express their surprise at what I was doing while Barry slowed his movements in my ass. Seeing Carl's hard dick for the first time, I stared at it for a moment gathering my courage. There was also a bit of jealousy upon seeing that he was slightly longer and wider than my own circumcised seven inches. When I wrapped my hand around it, everyone stopped what they were doing and a pregnant silence took hold in the room. In what felt like slow motion, I removed my mouth from Mike and placed it around my brother's dick.

"Oh, shit," Barry said with a gasp. His cock began to pulse and a warmth spread through me as he orgasmed. "He's fucking sucking his brother's dick."

"I didn't think he'd actually do it," Roger said.

"That's some nasty fucking shit," Jake said, though he resumed stroking himself. "Only a true cocksucker would do his own brother."

As I found a good rhythm on Carl, Barry pulled his softening dick out of me and Jake took his place. Jake's mushroom head punched into me with all the subtlety of an eighteen wheeler and he immediately set up a quick pace dicking me. Despite having been opened up by Roger and lubed with Barry's load, my hole protested his assault.

"Damn," he said around a moan. "You got a nice ass, Calvin. I might have to come back for more of this.

I rolled my eyes again at his words. Despite not being down with "gay shit," he seemed to enjoy me sucking him off then taking sloppy seconds from my ass. I grudgingly admitted to myself that I wouldn't mind being on Jake's dick again if he offered it, despite my near loathing for him.

With everyone moving beyond me sucking off Carl, my mouth resumed moving between him, Roger, David, and Mike. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Barry watching the scene and playing with his dick sitting in the computer chair I had vacated.

I was not surprised, and almost thankful, when Jake came quickly inside me. Despite Mike urging him out of the way, Jake took his time fucking me through his afterglow, relinquishing his position only after his dick softened to the point where it fell out of me. He then redressed and left the room. Minutes later we heard the distant sound of the front door closing.

As Mike slid into me, Barry moved back in front of me and offered his thick cock to me again after I pulled off David. The guys, my brother included, gave each other horny words of encouragement while they made their rounds in me. They urged each other to fuck my mouth, gag me on cock, pound my ass, anything they felt in the moment. If a cock wasn't in my mouth or ass, it was in one of my hands and I was loving it.

"I want a go at his ass," Carl said. He stood and moved to stand next to Roger.

"Seriously?" Roger said as he stopped thrusting into my ass.

Hearing Roger's tone and the sudden silence in the room, I was reminded how novel and awkward this situation was.

"Fuck, yeah," my brother responded without hesitation. "If he's okay with sucking my dick, no reason not to fuck his ass, too."

I felt Roger drag his lengthy cock out of me and a second pass before a smaller set of hands grabbed my hips. Disbelieving myself that this was happening, I pulled off Barry's dick and turned my head to watch my brother. He met my eyes unwaveringly as he lined himself up and pushed into me. Though my hole was still rebounding from Roger's dick and I barely felt Carl enter me, simply knowing he was pushing into me made me moan.

"Fuck, that's nasty," Mike said as he absently stroked himself. "I can't believe you're fucking your brother's ass."

Carl laid his chest onto my back and humped my ass with deliberate strokes. With a volume that only I could hear, he muttered into my ear, "Should have done it sooner."

I heard a groan and turned toward the sound in just enough time to see Barry shooting another load onto his abdomen.

"Damn, Barry," Roger said. "That's your second load."

"Can't help it," Barry said through panting breath. "It's been a few weeks since I got any."

"Looks like that won't be a problem for you with Calvin around," David said as he entered my mouth.

This time, Barry didn't move. He remained in the middle of the action watching everything with his load running off the sides of his body to drip onto my bed. Conversation again devolved into curses and fuck words. After a few minutes, Carl pulled out of me and swapped places with David. As David slid his long, thin dick into me, my brother fed me his cock that was covered with my ass juices, the come of two guys, and his own leaking precum.

"Fucking eat that slimy cock," Carl said as he began to thrust into my mouth.

"You guys could do porn," Barry said in amazement.

"Hell no," Carl said vehemently. "This shit better not get out."

"I don't think anyone's going to say anything about this," Roger said giving Barry a warning look.

"I wasn't going to say anything," he said defensively. "I just meant you guys could make some money with this show."

Like Jake, David didn't waste time in my ass. With this being his second time around, he quickly filled me with his load. When he pulled out, he said, "I gotta head home. Later guys."

It was down to Roger, Barry, Mike, and my brother in the room. Barry remained a spectator while the other three took turns in my mouth and ass.

When Mike was ready to take another turn in my ass, he cleared the other guys off the bed then picked me up and tossed me onto my back on the mattress. He climbed between my legs that had to spread wide for his bulk and began to hammer me. Sweat dripped from his nose and his ponytail fell over his shoulder as his hips slapped against mine. I tried to hook my legs around his waist but they were continually bounced off as I could not find any purchase on his thick, tight muscles. Eventually he folded me practically in half and I could feel the heavy slap of his balls against my ass and absently wondered if it was possible for him to bruise them.

While Roger and Barry kneeled on either side of me stroking their cocks, Carl straddled my face. With no hesitation, I began eating his ass and licking his balls while he stroked himself.

"You guys are too comfortable with that shit," Roger said with a smirk. "This isn't your first time, is it?"

"The fuck it isn't," Carl said sharply. "But I kinda wish is wasn't. It would've been nice to come in here and drop a load instead of using my hand."

"You know what they say," Barry chimed in. "You can love your brother, but you shouldn't 'love' your brother."

"This ain't love," Carl said as he adjusted his position and stuck his dick in my mouth. "I'm just using his ass."

Though I understood what he meant, the words stung. However the hurt was short lived as Mike pulled my attention away with a grunt as he gave a final thrust and began to unload into me. He gradually began to rest more of his weight on me as he progressed through his orgasm and I eventually had to push him off.

"I don't think we can judge anybody," Roger said as he took Mike's spot in my ass. "This is all kinda nasty if you think about it."

"I'm not going to think about it," Mike said as he pulled on his pants. "I am going to go back downstairs and grab another beer and some pizza."

"Don't hog it all, you greedy fucker," Carl called to Mike as he left the room.

The room again devolved into a soundtrack for porn with nothing but grunts, groans and curses as the remaining three guys made their rounds on my body.

"Damn, Barry," Carl said as his friend pounded my ass with abandon. "Go easy on him."

"Can't help it," Barry said breathlessly. Sweat was dripping off the tip of his nose onto my chest and face. "So good." He let out a groan and convulsed in yet another orgasm.

Roger and Carl laughed.

"You really need to get laid more often," Roger said as he pulled me to the edge of the bed and slid into me.

"I get laid plenty," Barry argued as he sat in my chair again. "I'm just in a dry spell."

"Fuck." Roger leaned his torso over me as he found his rhythm but kept his feet on the floor. "You loosen up nice, Cal. I may have to put you in rotation."

"He might be a damn good fuck, but he's my brother and I'm not going to let you use him like a bitch," Carl said sternly even as he fucked my mouth.

I was surprised by my brother's words. Though he had never been mean to me, it was the first time I had ever heard him come to my defense with his friends.

Roger gave me a few long strokes from his massive cock. "He wouldn't be a bitch. This ass is too special for that. Besides, I don't think he's going to mind working my cock again. Will you?"

I smiled around my brother's dick and shook my head no.

There were no more words as Roger sped up his hips, driving himself to his finish. Unlike the other guys' dicks, Roger's was already ridiculously hard and pounded my insides into submission. He had been fucking and getting sucked for over an hour now and his need for release was palpable.

"Gonna fill you now, Cal," he said with surprising calm. "Get ready... Here it comes."

I felt his cock swell and stiffen further and involuntarily let out a whimper. Almost immediately, a wave traveled along his cock culminating in a focused hit inside me as the first shot left his cock and battered my insides. The heat was more sustained than any load I had taken before and I imagined it was because of the size of it. For what seemed like minutes, Roger remained still inside me while his cock jerked and pulsed delivering it. His eyes locked onto mine and as much as I wanted to look away, I couldn't. From his open mouth, his hot, heavy breath fell onto me in time with his panting.

"Damn, you know how to take a load," he said when he finally pulled out of me.

He gave my ass a hard smack and I felt his load, and that of everyone else's, begin to flow out of my gaping hole.

"And that's what a fucking creampie looks like," he added as he climbed off the bed. While he put on his shorts, he said, "I'm going to head downstairs and keep Mike company."

With Roger gone, Carl moved me further onto the bed and took possession of my ass. As he slid in, he asked, "You okay?"

"I'm fine."

"This is so fucked up," he said even as he began to fuck my hole. "Sorry."

"It's okay," I responded with a small smile. "I don't mind. In fact, I kinda like it."


"Yeah. You throw a pretty good fuck, little bro."

"Well hold on 'cause you're about to really get it."

Carl rolled us over and began to thrust up into me. As his hips sped up, he wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and pulled my head down toward his. Our foreheads touched and our eyes locked. As he worked to his orgasm, I breathed in his hot breath and exhaled my own. Though we didn't kiss, our proximity seemed even more intimate. For the first time in our lives, we bonded. Whatever wall there was between us melted away and was replaced by something special. A series of increasingly louder grunts announced his orgasm. His hips stuttered and his body shuddered as he began to fill my ass.

As his motion became erratic, I took over slowly moving my ass along his shaft, continuing to ride him through his orgasm. Even though I had been filled seven times now, this was the best and most memorable. My younger brother had just fucked me and it had been great.

"You guys are fucking hot."

Startled, Carl and I turned toward the sound and saw Barry sitting in the chair fondling his softening dick with a fresh, but small, load trailing over his torso.

With the moment broken, Carl unceremoniously pushed me off him then pulled on his jeans. "I'm going down to grab a drink and something to eat. You should join us," he said to me.

It was the first time he had invited me to join his friends and I said I'd take him up on the offer. "I need to get cleaned up first. Give me a minute."

"Okay," Carl said with a genuine smile. "See ya down there."

I turned to grab my shorts and saw Barry standing behind me looking nervous. "You okay?"

"Yeah," he said hesitantly. "You didn't come."

"I know. It's cool."

"No, it's not."

My eyes went wide and my mouth dropped open in surprise as Barry got to his knees and took my rigid, leaking dick into his mouth. While it wasn't the best blowjob I had ever received, he made up for lack of technique with enthusiasm. Because I had been so hard for so long, it didn't take much for him to pull my load from me. I was further surprised when he attempted to swallow it all, with a little of it spilling from the corners of his mouth.

When he finally pulled off me, Barry smiled up at me with wet, swollen, red lips. "I've wanted to do that for years."


"I think you're so hot, Calvin. I just wish you liked me."

"Wait, what? Are you gay?" I asked not hiding my confusion.

"You didn't know?"

Suddenly it all made sense. Following me around, the comments, enjoying the night's fun a little too much. "I didn't know."

"Oh." Barry's face indicated he felt some relief as he realized I hadn't been rejecting him all these years. "Think maybe we could go out sometime?"

"Sure," I responded without pity or hesitation.


I stepped into Barry's space and kissed him, tasting the lingering flavor of my load on his tongue. Our bodies pressed together, still sticky with random fluids. When we separated, I was happier than I had been in a while. It seemed like I was going to have an interesting summer.

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