The Boarder

The BoarderWritten by canaigle
I live in a small hick town and yes, at 20 years of age I am still living at home with my mother. We own a small three-bedroom house, nothing out of the ordinary yet mom and I fixed it up to be quite cozy and comfortable. My mom has been working as a waitress at little diner located at the other end of town for quite a few years now, the money she earns just gets us by, so funds have been tight for quite some time now. I managed to do the odd job here and there to help out while I go to school.

One-day mother let it be known that she had a great idea to earn extra money. "Ok ma, what is the great idea already?" She went on to suggest that we take on a boarder and that way we would have a little more money for the extras and it would give us an opportunity to put money aside for a rainy day. We had a spare bedroom that was just right for a boarder. We sat down and wrote up an outline of what we were looking for. Mum preferred a male boarder as she felt it was less trouble. He would have his own room, his meals provided and I would have share the upstairs bathroom with him. The next day we put the ad in the local newspaper. It took some time to get a response to our ad but finally we received two separate replies. We set up interviews and met with each guy separately.

The first man applying to board with us was about 40 years of age. He was an average looking man sporting thick black tussled hair. He was fairly talkative and seemed to be ok. Mom asked a pile of questions concerning his past and so on. When the interview was over we let him know we would get back to him shortly.

The other man who was interested in boarding with us was about 55 years of age. He had a wrestler build, was husky and looked to be really physically strong. He had a dark brown brush cut which gave him a tough appearance. He was quiet and shy. Again mother questioned him thoroughly. He answered all her questions without hesitating. Again, we let him know we would get back to him shortly.

Mom and I discussed the two would be boarders. I felt the older man was the one that would be best for our situation. Somehow I felt good about him. Mother felt the same way. So we decided he was our pic.

His name was George. Mom asked me to call him to let him know he had the room and that he could move in right away. He thanked me and said he would move in on the weekend if that was ok with us. It was already Thursday. I was looking forward to having another male around the house. I even hoped that he and I might bond somehow.

Well Saturday came around quickly. I was wondering when George was going to arrive when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there he stood with only two huge duffle bags. He sure did not own much. "Hey George I called out. Glad to see you made it. Can I help bring in your bags?" "No thanks he replied I can manage." I showed him up to his room. His room was situated right opposite to mine next to the bathroom. Mother's bedroom was located on the main floor, it had its own ensuite. So George and I were on the second floor on our own. That made it private for him and me.

His room was furnished in early retro. There was a good queen size bed, a man's dresser, a desk with swivel chair. The closet was quite big and held a lot of stuff. The draped picture window made the room look bigger and the wall to wall carpet warmed it all up. After George gave the room a good looking over he let me know he liked it very much. I let him know he could change things around to his liking if he wanted to and to feel free to add pictures or things of his own. As I left the room I told him supper was at 6pm sharp and if he needed anything to give me a shout. He let out a little a smile and thanked me.

We had Sheppard's pie for supper with apple pie for dessert. George was certainly not the talkative type so mother and I compensated for that. We carried on as usual. George appeared to be pleased with that. I had set up a television and VCR player in his bedroom. That way he could watch what he liked and also rent movies to view. After supper he thanked mother for the delicious supper and excused himself and then headed up to his room.

I was curious about George. I wanted to know more about him, he was certainly intriguing. Later on after supper I retired for the night and went to my room. I heard the shower running and figured George was washing up before going to bed, so I decided to leave my bedroom door open hoping I might catch a glimpse of him when he walked back to his room.

Finally, the bathroom door opened and he came out and headed to his room. He was wearing a pair of white ribbed briefs, the old style with the big slit on the side. As he walked by my room he looked in and nodded, smiled and entered his room then closed the door behind him. I managed to catch sight of the front of his briefs and was taken aback at the size of his manly pouch. It was very big and filled to the brim with his manhood. There was something about his masculine demeanour that appealed to me.

Chapter Two

After three weeks or so we were starting to get comfortable with one another. Again, George was the quiet silent type and even though he kept to himself he was friendly and kind. Mom and I liked having him around.

I noticed George was leaving his door open more often and obviously at ease with me. He now walked to the bathroom in his briefs seemingly not shy at all letting it all hang out. I loved seeing him walk to and fro in his underwear showing off his big bulge. It always looked so full and heavy. I started to wonder what it would be like to feel it and hold it for him. He was the kind of man you showed respect to. Sometimes he walked by scratching or moving his man stuff around in his bulge. It sure looked hefty and I liked that he was so confident, stood tall and proud.

One Saturday morning George asked me to look at the VCR player because he was having trouble getting it to work. He was wearing his briefs and a wife beater top. I could not stop looking at his hot bulge and was really excited about being so close to him. I actually smelled his manly scent, that musky male smell. Slowly I checked the machine, made a few adjustments and got it in working order in no time at all.

While I was doing my thing I noticed several CDs on his bureau. It looked like they were porn movies. George saw me looking and smiled. "I like watching a little porn at night. I find it very relaxing." I agreed with him wholeheartedly wanting to put him at ease. "Do you watch porn he asked me?" "Yes, I replied. Mother does not approve but I keep my porn stash hidden in my room." He laughed. "Well he said, maybe you can come to my room some night and watch a movie together." I was so thrilled to hear that. "I would love to do that I said all enthused." "Great, come over tomorrow night if you like."

I let him know that was ok with me and then went down to the kitchen to help mom.

I could hardly contain my excitement. George had invited me to watch porn with him and in his room. What a thrill that was. Being invited to his room meant a lot to me as I was quite the stay at home shy type, an introverted scrawny little guy with few to no friends.

The following evening George and I retired early. I first went to my room to make myself comfortable changing into my pyjama bottoms and t-shirt. I tapped on his door and he told me to enter. The room was quite dark with only the television screen lit up. He was seated on the swivel chair clad in his white briefs and a white t-shirt. His muscular legs were spread wide open and he looked at ease and in command. It looked like he had lowered the height of the chair.

What a sight. My mouth was dry with excitement. He greeted me warmly inviting me to sit on the carpeted floor. He had set up a few pillows there for me. I was sitting up close and in such a way that when I looked up I could see his big bulge hanging over the edge of the chair.

I could not believe my eyes. The size of his manhood was enormous. He saw me gawk at his bulge and then he pressed play and on came the porn movie.

The first part featured a guy getting sucked by a woman. His big cut cock was very appealing. It was not long before the guy was giving out a huge load of cum, what a sight. The next segment featured a glory hole. A rugged looking guy stepped up to the hole, opened his fly and pulled out a big whopper. I could see the suckers mouth on the other side of the hole, the guy had a huge thick mustache. He looked really sexy.

Obviously George did not have a problem watching a guy suck cock. The sucker was really working that big meat and loving it from all appearances. I heard George say, "Now that is how you suck cock, that guy is a good cocksucker." All I could do was agree with him wholeheartedly. I was getting excited wondering where this was going. Finally, the man getting sucked exploded and delivered a big load that just did not quit and the sucker eagerly lapped up all the man juice like a good cocksucker. Seeing that made me hard and dripping wet.

Suddenly I heard a click and the room was dark. George shut off the screen and VCR. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was a faint light coming in through the window which let me see where George was. I turned around facing him and noticed his white briefs were tenting madly as though his cock might rip them to shreds from all the stretching. What an incredible sight. Then slowly every so slowly he managed to pull his cock through the big generous slit on the side of his briefs to reveal his virile tool. What a beauty it was. His mushroom head glistened. His cock was big and muscular and strong. I was on my knees, mesmerized by this manly vision. I knew George was doing on purpose giving me the time to appreciate and adore his big manly cock. Truly I was in awe.

My stomach was in a knot as I crawled into position between his strong hairy thighs slowly flicking my tongue, my hungry mouth salivating in the presence of this manly man. I knew he wanted me to suck his big cock and that excited me to no end. I was shaking and awed by the whole thing. Carefully I reached up and licked his big mushroom head with one flick of my wet tongue like some agile lizard. It was soaked with precum and tasted like I wanted more.

Cautiously I lapped up all the precum and then proceed to sniff his big hairy balls. They were big fat plump hairy beauties. I took my time to explore these hefty juice makers. I so liked the fact that George just let me do my thing. He sat back without saying a word and let me take care of him. After giving his balls a good tongue cleaning and sucking I sniffed his underwear and his cock and revelled in his manly scent.

Finally, I slipped his big tool into my warm mouth and began to suck his cock slowly making certain to savor his big man meat. This went on for quite some time. I loved how George moaned and patted my head at times, his way of assuring me I was doing a good job. I guess an hour or so went by before I could feel his cock swell and get absolutely steel hard and ready to explode and explode it did. George unloaded a massive amount of man gravy, it tasted so good. I just greedily swallowed and gulped it all down making sure his big meat stayed in my mouth until I had sucked it dry.

Then I went about cleaning his cock and balls thoroughly with my eager tongue.

Alas, I slipped his big manhood into his briefs He looked so good sitting there sporting his big bulge with his legs wide open. He looked at me and smiled. Then without a word from either of us I turned around and crawled towards the door, reached up for the doorknob, opened it and continued to crawl back to my room. I crawled on purpose wanting to show George my subservience to him.

Once I was back in my room I was anxious to review what had taken place. My mouth was still filled with the wonderful taste of George's man gravy. My belly full and happy. This was obviously the beginning of something new for me. I was so excited and looked forward to the following day.

Chapter Three

I got up the next morning thinking about the previous evening realizing how much I needed to have an older man to look up to in my life. My father had abandoned mon and I when I was three years of age. He just left and never returned. She never bothered to remarry.

It also dawned on me that I liked sucking cock and loved swallowing cum. My experience was limited yet I seemed to be a natural at it.

George was already gone when I went downstairs to have breakfast, his workday began early. Mom was sleeping. She was working the night shift later on, so George and I were going to be on our own for supper. I was a pretty good cook. I decided to make a hearty beef stew for supper. All I had to do later on was heat it up and serve it with garlic bread.

Before long George was back at the house, mother had already left for work, she was doing yet another night shift. I gladly served supper excited that it was just George and I having a meal together.

I asked how his day was and he let me know it was fine. He didn't say much at all. Then after supper he excused himself and went up to his room. I heard him turn on the shower while I cleaned up in the kitchen.

I watched the news with a big hard on finding it difficult to concentrate because my mind was focused on George. So finally up I went to my room. George's door was half way open. There was no light on. I decided to get into my briefs and t-shirt and go over to his room. I got down on my hands and knees and carefully started to crawl into his room.

My eyes had to adjust but quickly I spotted him sitting in the swivel chair, again it was lowered and his legs were spread wide open. I could see his white briefs in the dim light. He was fondling his big bulge with his right hand holding it in such a way like it was an offering. I had the impression that he was getting it ready for me to service it. Slowly ever so slowly I crept over to him. My drooling hungry mouth was directly in front of his big bulge and it was conveniently hanging over the edge.

My eyes were glued onto his growing bulge. I sank my nose between his legs nudging his big hefty bulge with my mouth and nose while sniffing around taking in his adrenalin pumping man scent. I just loved the way he smelled. He patted my head and spread his legs open even more. I reach out and gently pulled out his big heavy cock through his underwear slit.

I knew he liked being sucked with his white briefs on. I found it to be very sexy the underwear acting as wrapping for the special treasure. Without rushing I slipped his huge cock into my needy mouth and began to suckle on it like a starving animal. Having his cock fill my mouth made me feel secure and safe. I loved feeding on my hero's cock. I wanted to be the best cocksucker for him. I wanted him to have a warm mouth for whenever his big cock needed to be milked.

I was able to suck him for nearly two hours. His cock was very hard by this time and had been generously leaking precum throughout the whole sucking session. Without warning his cock started unloading his hot reward into my mouth. Gratefully I sucked up his manly offering, not wasting a drop of my man's precious sauce. This time George gently lay his hand on my head while he was unloading his offering. That made me feel so good, he had me moaning and groaning and whimpering.

I was holding his manhood in my mouth just glad to have it in there and proud to hold it for him. Not a word was spoken. I loved how we were bonding and felt I was beginning to belong to someone I could look up to and respect. Carefully I took his cock out of my mouth and slipped it back into the packaging, his briefs. Tenderly I kissed and hugged his moist bulge and then turned around and crawled back to my room totally fulfilled.

Before long I was servicing George's cock every night. I would wait until he showered and got himself comfortable in his favorite "sucking" chair. Then I would make my way on my hands and knees into his darkened room and get nursing on his sizzling cock. I loved how he smelled and he kindly let me sniff his bulge as much as I wanted. I had become his cocksucker.

George loved long quiet sucking sessions, nothing rushed. Basically I was edging him and this made for even more plentiful cum loads and I sure did not complain about that. I observed how he loved having his cock worshipped and quickly learned how to please him that way. It was interesting that George liked hearing me praise his manhood, loved hearing me compliment him on the size of the bulge. Yet he was a man of few words. I knew how to make him feel good.

Mom really liked George. She was thrilled to see how much of a positive influence he was in our home. She realized how I looked up to him and understood that he was a much needed manly influence for me.

One-day mom had already left for work; she was working another night shift. I was making one of his favorite pasta dishes, spaghettini a la vongole served up with a fresh green salad.

Before long George was opening the kitchen door. He quietly gave me a warm nod as usual except this time he did not go up to shower before supper. I instinctively knew to get on my knees and this I did. He looked at me as he started to pull the zipper on his pants down ever so slowly, then he unfastened the button which made for easy access to his white briefs. I could see his hot manly bulge throbbing already.

Slowly he walked up to me and without a word pulled his cock through the brief slit and inserted his big cock into my waiting mouth. Gladly I began to milk his fiery tool reverently sucking on it wanting to make George happy. He had his legs spread wide to give me better access to my feeding station. I loved how he stood proud and let me worship his big manhood with my mouth.

I could tell he was not going to last long. I slurped and lapped up his huge meat all the while moaning wildly. Suddenly he gently grabbed my head with his massive hands and held me in place while I feverishly suckled his cock and he started to unload a steamy hot load of man sauce into my waiting mouth. I swallowed and savored his man treat without wasting a drop of his precious treasure.

After awhile he released his grip on my head then gave me a wink and let me know he was hungry. Later on that evening we enjoyed another long sucking session...I think it went on for two hours and George unloaded two huge loads of his special man sauce. He loved having my mouth on his cock.

One evening George let me know during supper that he was going to watch a porn movie and asked if I liked to join him. I was thrilled to be asked. Wild horses couldn't keep me away. After I finished cleaning up the kitchen I went to his room. He was seated in his chair with a cushion at his feet. I knew what that meant so I installed myself comfortably between his legs facing his crotch. He then pressed play on the remote.

Georges white briefs were already tenting when the skin flick started, they were stretched out to the max with precum seeping out through the fabric. Casually I opened my mouth and wrapped it around his hard bulge sopping up the goodies like a good boy. Lovingly I worked on George's bulge getting it soaking wet. After a while I pulled out his hefty cock through the slit of his briefs and got busy suckling his hard cock for the duration of the movie.

By the end of the movie George was ready to blow his load and that he did. Wow! what an incredibly huge load of cum. I got busy sucking it all up not wanting to waste a drop of my man's special juice. It kept oozing out, generously filling my hungry mouth. He was taking care of his cocksucker. Again he patted my head as I kissed his big bulge and then headed to my bedroom to masturbate and let out a huge load of hot juice.

The following day I noticed George's bedroom door open. He was standing in his room wearing his white briefs and a white t-shirt. His figure was so imposing, all strong and proud. He was waiting for me.

I got on my knees and up close so as to slowly lick my way up his hairy legs, feeling their strength, their masculinity. I made my way to that special place just below his pouch and it was hanging heavy and full-size. His bulge was damp and smelled quite musky. He had not showered yet. So he had a nights's worth of sweat on his balls and cock. It was intoxicating.

I put his big bulge in my mouth proudly held it while I looked up to him in awe. He looked at me and smiled then patted me on the head. That was my go ahead sign to suck his cock. Effortlessly I slipped his big cock out of his briefs and started milking it nice and slow relishing the taste of his man cock. My going slow pace made for even bigger cum loads. I realized that I had definitely become cum addicted.

I was impressed how George stood up for the whole time and let me suck and suck away without interruption. He was not tired. On the contrary he looked to be comfortable and at ease. Suddenly he put his hand on my head and gently caressed it. I loved feeling his big warm hand on my head. He was getting ready to give me his big hot load and my hungry mouth was ready for it.

The man started unloading a mammoth amount of cum, bigger than usual. I took all I had to not spill any. With great respect I cleaned his manly package before slipping it back into his briefs. Reverentially I kissed his manly bulge and then without another word I crawled back to my room.

I had turned into George's cock slave. Some times when mom was at work on George's day off he liked to take me for a ride in his car. He loved driving in the country taking in the sights and sounds of nature. During these outings he liked having my head on his lap with his cock in my mouth, me milking and sucking as he drove. This really turned him on and made me feel so wanted and special.

I loved the fact that my hero wanted me to service him like this. He would muster up two fiery loads of man sauce for me on such occasions. What a treat.

Mother commented to George how attached I had become to him. "Why he follows you around like a little dog, he surely looks up to you George. Thank you for taking an interest in my son." George blushed and said it was his pleasure.

When mom wasn't around he had me sucking his cock all over the house. It seemed like he could not get enough of my hot mouth. George truly loved having his cock sucked often, like everyday. He was staying in the right boarding house with his laundry washed, his meals prepared and a cocksucker to tend to his horny needs. What more could he ask for.

Chapter Four

Life at home was good in general. I consulted part time and took care of the house. Cleaned it, prepped meals and of course now I was taking care of George 100%.

Most evenings George had me in his room seated between legs facing his bulge. What he liked is to have my mouth on his cock that was usually coming out of the slit of his briefs. He liked my mouth good and tight up against his pubes, his cock in my mouth and mine was to hold it until he would signal me to suck and then stop, hold and start sucking again. He was in charge.

At such times it was as if my mouth had been fitted to his cock. He did not like to be disturbed at such time because he either watched a game or one of his favorite cocksucking porn movies that usually featured glory holes. He loved being sucked while he watched guys sucking cock. So I usually sat there for two hours or so until he was ready to unload and reward me for a job well done.

One evening during supper mom announced that she was going to be away during the coming weekend. Her cousin Mable had invited her to spend a weekend and catch up on old times as it had been awhile since they last visited with one another. Mother definitely deserved a little holiday. Then mom asked George if he minded watching over me while she was gone. He let mom know that I was in good hands and that he would take care of me. That was the understatement of year. George assured her that he would look after me and that she was not to worry. Obviously mom was quite protective of me.

I was excited about having the weekend with George as we would have the house to ourselves. I knew this meant that I would be on suck duty the whole time mom would be away.

Alas, mother left to visit her cousin and George and I were on our own. Yes! yes! yes!

At breakfast the following morning I was waiting for George seated under the kitchen table ready with my mouth open to receive his big cock. He sat down and spread his legs wide open then pulled out his big tool and inserted it in my waiting mouth. I lovingly held it in my mouth for the duration of his breakfast. Then he would give me the sign to get sucking until he would unload his thick hot man cream. This became part of our morning routine.

Also for the first time I got to sleep in his bed. My job was to hold his cock in my mouth all night long. I installed myself between his legs once he was lying on his back in bed. Then I would slip his big meat into my hungry mouth. Throughout the night I mostly held it in my mouth. Usually he unloaded two big loads in the night.

The whole weekend was incredible. George and I bonded even more. I was obedient and respectful to him. He knew that, he wanted that and used it wisely. Before we knew it mom was back from her trip. She looked refreshed and happy. She thanked George profusely for watching over me. He gave me a wink when she said that.

Chapter Five

A few weeks later George asked mom if his brother could visit for approximately a week. It was his twin brother Harry. He was coming to look for work as he wanted to be closer to his brother, so he was moving back to our little town. Mon said he was more than welcome to share George's room. She would charge him only for food. I worried this would interfere with me servicing George. His brother was arriving in a week's time. Nothing more was said about it.

Alas, Harry came into to town. Actually George and I went to meet him at the bus station. He was arriving at noon. So George thought it a good idea to have lunch at the local diner, his treat. This way we could all get acquainted over lunch.

I was surprised to see how they looked a like, not identical but close to that. He was also buff and had that wrestler look. He seemed to be strong like George. Introductions were made and off we went to eat.

I felt at ease with Harry right away. He was friendly yet quiet and even shy actually. We enjoyed a good meal. The guys caught up on what had been happening. George told Harry boarding at our place was the best thing that ever happened to him. He told him he was being spoiled by me. I was surprised he would say that. I lapped up the compliment wholeheartedly.

Harry looked at me in a shy way and said, "Well I hope you will spoil me too little guy." With that I blushed and said I would if that was ok with his brother. George gave an approving look and a wink.

Once we were at the house we brought in Harry's luggage and showed him Georges room. They could share the bed. He unpacked and made himself at home. George showed him around while I headed to the kitchen to get supper ready. We were having baked chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and for desert homemade cake. Harry would not meet mom until the following day because she was doing a double shift to help out her girlfriend.

We enjoyed a good supper. The guys were very happy with the meal. We sat up and chatted for a while. George let his brother know that when mom was away we hung out in briefs and t-shirts. So before they came down for supper they both stripped down to their briefs and t-shirts. I was also dressed likewise. Harry was totally at ease.

I quickly observed that he was also blessed with a huge bulge. It just looked so hot and inviting.

Meanwhile George fondled his bulge often throughout the meal. I so much wanted to suck his cock.

I also noticed that Harry was very observant and that he was taking it all in.

George asked his brother if he liked watching porn and Harry let us know he loved it because he said it relaxed him. So George suggested we retire to his room to watch a good porn movie. Upon hearing that I got all excited and wondered if George would let me suck his cock even with his brother present. I also took note that George was in charge even as it concerned his brother and Harry listened to him.

They went upstairs to get ready while I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. When I got upstairs George's bedroom door was open. The room was dark except for the light coming from the screen. George was seated on his chair and next to Harry who was sitting on one of the kitchen chairs he brought upstairs.

Both were in their white briefs with t-shirts on, both had their legs spread wide open with their man bulges hanging over the chair. My mouth was dry and my stomach had butterflies wrecking up a storm. I was so excited.

George had me sit on the floor between the two of them. He pressed play and the movie started. He was showing his favorite glory hole compilation. I heard Larry say, "Now that is my kind of movie." I was so thrilled to hear that. It was a hot cocksucking movie showing guys getting sucked and featuring incredible cum shots being swallowed greedily.

From the corner of my eye I spotted Harry fondling his big basket. It looked to be heavy and bigger and bigger and then I saw George again from the corner of my eye pull out his cock through the slit of his briefs then back to Harry and then he slipped his cock out of his slit and let hang there for me to see.

Immediately I knew this was the signal for me to get sucking their cocks. So I scuttled over to Harry's wide open waiting legs and sniffed his big cock and then inserted it into my mouth. I heard him give out a low moan as I began to nurse and suck his big manly cock. It was like George's cock, big and thick and muscular with a beautifully shaped mushroom head. He smelled all musky and cocky just like I liked.

I sucked him for a good half hour and then George signalled me to suck his cock. Meanwhile the guys watched the movie and I could see how it turned them on. I sucked the guys back and forth until Harry could not help but cum and he began to unload into my mouth delivering a gigantic amount of his precious juice. He sure tasted good. Then after I cleaned his cock and balls I moved over to my hero and sucked him until he was ready to cum. As always he gave me a generous load. I cleaned him up and then crawled out of the room. Not a word was spoken. I sensed that George had let his brother know the situation at the house and that I was his cocksucker.

When I woke up the next morning Harry was standing beside my bed with his cock tenting his briefs wildly. He gave me a big smile. I opened my mouth for him. He carefully inserted his tenting bulge into my mouth whereupon I wrapped my lips around it and began to suction it with great abandon. This was one hot scene that I had not expected. Harry was obviously getting off on this and loving having his cock sucked so readily.

Before long he was unloading a huge creamy load in his briefs. I mopped up the goodies seeping through the fabric until I had sucked up Harry's treat. When he was done he winked at me and headed to the bathroom to shower.

I headed down to the kitchen to find George already enjoying his morning coffee. He gave me that look and I crawled under the table and started to suck his big cock and who should enter the kitchen but Harry. He poured himself a mug of coffee and sat down while I continued sucking George's cock with great relish.

While I serviced George they laid out the day's plan, this would also include a ride into the country after supper. I knew what that meant. Before long George fed me his big man load. Harry was so excited that he signalled me to get onto his cock again. So I gladly obliged and sucked him a second time. He came real fast and once again gave me a big load.

That evening we went out for a ride in the country as planned. I sat between the two brothers. Before long Larry put his hand on my head and guided it to his crotch. I diligently pulled his pant zipper down then undid his pants and wrapped my mouth around his tenting briefs. I took care of his cock and sucked it for about an hour until he shot a huge load into my hungry mouth. It was so tasty. Loved the way his sauce oozed out of his fat cock just like his brother.

Then he guided my head over to George's big bulge. I took care of him for another hour while we drove around the countryside. Throughout the trip the guys chatted away while I serviced them. Finally, just before we got back to the house George unload his hot cum treat. I cleaned him up and tucked his cock back into his briefs. Both of the brothers patted my head, then smiled and winked at me.

We were back home and George decided to go do some shopping while Harry was going to nap. I could tell he wanted my hungry mouth on his cock while he napped. So, of course I gladly positioned myself between his legs once he was in bed and on his back. He liked me to gently and very slowly suckled his cock while he napped. Of course he could not help but unload a big hefty load during his nap time. I just kept on sucking and suckling making sure he was being taken care properly. I could tell Harry loved it.

Chapter Six

Already a week had gone by since Harry came to visit his brother. Mom had the evening off for a change so she prepared a lovely supper for the four of us. During the meal she casually asked Harry if he would like to move in and room with his brother permanently. The reason being, she let it be known to me and the guys for the first time, was that Madge her cousin needed full time care for a period of a year or so.

She thought it would be nice for the two brothers to live together and watch over her me. George, Harry and me all looked at one another, smiled and agreed it was a great idea. She went on to tell her son he was to obey the brothers, do what he was told and be a good boy for his mother.

George let her know he was going to watch over her boy. She was not to worry. So without further ado they discussed what needed doing before she left to take care of her cousin. She was leaving in ten days' time. I could not believe what I had just heard and was beside himself with joy. The house would now be a man's world for the next year or so.

The time flew by and before long the guys were helping mom pile into the taxi with her luggage and head for the airport. Everyone waved goodbye as the taxi pulled out of the drive way.

The guys went back inside and decided to make a few changes in the living room. They would now be able to watch television and porn films in the living room. They walked around in their briefs and t-shirts whenever and wherever they were in the house. If George or Harry needed my mouth they simply pulled out their cocks through the slit of their briefs and let it hang out for me to see and my mouth was on their big man tools in a split minute milking and suckling until the guys unloaded their hot sauce.

Needless to say they spoiled me big time. They fed me cock night and day both being horny types with huge libidos. I was totally subservient to both of the brothers yet George was in charge of this operation.

My birthday was coming up, so George and Harry decided to invite some of their male co-workers to celebrate my special day. They let their co-workers know that the I was a cocksucker. They worked it out that I was to suck everyone of the guys at the party, this was my birthday gift. This of course was to be a surprise. The party was on Saturday night and about twelve guys turned up for 7pm. George had taken the me out for a ride so when we returned and opened the front door all that could be heard was SURPRISE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Well I was absolutely overwhelmed. Tears ran down my cheeks as Harry and George hugged me.

George handed me a birthday card. I opened it up and read. "You get to suck all the men present, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. "Get on all your fours boy and go suck cock I heard George say." And so I gladly got on my fours and started to service the guys while they chatted and drank and ate. I sucked away with a passion gobbling up cock after cock and loading up on hot cum sauce. As I went about sucking the men the feed back was "were did you find such an incredible cocksucker." Both Harry and George assured them it was just one of those things.

They all asked if they could come by and get sucked when they needed a hot mouth to suck them. "I think we can work something out replied George. Give a call, book a time and the boy will suck you." There was birthday cake for all. I had sucked all of my guests and all were very pleased to have been serviced so well. What a birthday party it was.

Life at the house was never the same. George and Harry were happy living there and I was fulfilled and secure, after all I now had two daddies looking after me.


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