That was Unexpected

That was UnexpectedWritten by DrMikeHunt
For years I had sought cock in adult bookstores. Whenever I was on the road, the first thing I would do when I checked into my motel was grab the yellow pages and look for an adult bookstore in that town. I was not interested in meeting guys outside of a bookstore, anonymous cock coming through a hole in the wall, a pair of lips and tongue or a finger beckoning me to stick my cock into the hole and the bliss of having my cocked sucked by some stranger was all I needed.

These were the days before the internet took off and back when there were more adult bookstores and almost every town I stayed had one or more and it was great, but like all good things those times were coming to an end for me. A job that didn't require travel as much, marriage and the closing a many adult bookstores lead to a great reduction in cock for me. I had pretty much resigned myself that this was to be my life from there on out.

I loved my wife, the sex was great, but deep down, every now and then, I still craved cock but it was out of reach as I was not willing to risk my home life and a possible divorce, just so I could suck a cock. Around this time the internet was starting to come into its own and I discovered gay hook up sites. It was great to see so many guys, married and single, bi and gay out there craving cock too. It wasn't the anonymity that I wanted though so I had to be content with reading the ads of guys seeking what I wanted, but was not willing to answer.

After a few years of this, I finally broke down and put myself out there on the just to see if there was any interest in me. It wasn't until I got a digital camera and took a photo of myself, hard and shaved, that I started getting responses. I wasn't going to do anything, but it was fun to flirt with other guys, read the stories they posted, real or unreal and see all the photos all those great looking cocks. The more I read the more I was determined to find someone who was willing to risk what I was willing to risk. I needed to find someone married and who could host.

While surfing a site one night, I got a message that someone liked my cock and wanted to meet. I had seen many of these offers before. I would respond back that I could not host and that it would require a lot of planning on my part. He continued to try to get me to commit to meeting him and one day out of the blue, my wife came home from work and said she was being sent out of state for some training for a week and I realized that this was my chance. I notified the guy that I might be free the next Tuesday and waited for a response. A day later, it came and he asked me to let him know for sure soon.

My wife left on a Sunday and that evening I sent him an email asking if Tuesday was still ok. I got a response back and we came up with a plan. I would call my wife to preempt her bedtime call to me saying I was tired and was going to go to bed early. Then I would meet him at a local coffee place, I would follow him home and once again have a cock in my mouth, only this time it would not be through a hole, but would be attached to the rest of a man, something new for me and another new thing was he was black.

Tuesday came, I called my wife and then went to Starbucks. A newer SUV was waiting there, engine running. I pulled up alongside and rolled down my window and he did the same. He knew what kind of car I would be driving so he knew it was me and he asked how I was doing and I replied I was nervous and he said he understood and if I wanted to back out that was fine and I told him, "Let's go." We drove he few blocks to his gated community. His garage door opened, he pulled in and I pulled in next to him. The door closed and we went inside. He introduced himself as Walter and I told him my name and we sat down on the couch making small talk.

He said I looked cute, which to me was an odd thing to say. I had not looked at a guy and thought he was cute, I was just there for cock. I said "Thanks" and he said, "What do you want to do?", and I told him, "Take you in my mouth" and with that he stood up, moved in front of me and lowered his zipper. I got down on my knees and for the first time, I was about to take a cock into my mouth and it was not in a gloryhole. I looked up at him and said "Here goes nothing" and started to lick his hardening cock. I shifted my head and took him into my mouth, sucking and feeling that wonderful hard and soft sensation at the same time in my mouth, oh how I had missed it.

After a few minutes he pushed me back on the couch, pulled down my zipper, lowered my pants and underwear and dove on to my cock. I was being selfish and I wanted his cock too and in an awkward way I could barely suck on him, but I was wasn't getting as much as I wanted to get. He then said lets go to the bedroom and took me by the hand and led me to his bed.

There were quickly lost the rest of our clothing and we soon laying side by side sucking each other's cock. I wanted to truly 69 so I pulled him on top of me and the sucking continued. Because he was so much shorter than I was, the angle of his cock was harder for me to suck, but I liked the weight of him on top of me and I wasn't complaining. I shifted my attention to his asshole. I started with gently blowing and then licking it. I became more aggressive with my tongue and he responded accordingly, shifting his body and moving up and down to encourage my licking. I probed deeper and deeper until he suddenly raised up and said, "I've got to me some of that" then jumped up and left the room.

I was confused, I had no idea what he meant. I was there to suck some cock and not doing anything else. He was messing around in the bathroom for few minutes then came back in with something in his hands. I was trying to think of what he had in his hand and what "I've got to me some of that" meant as he approached me. He then opened his hand and was a condom. Was that meant for him to fuck me? That was not why I was there, that was not what I had bargained for.

He then opened it and started to roll it on my cock. Everything became clear in an instant, he wanted to get fucked. I eagerly agreed, he got on all fours on the bed and presented me with a target. Now I had fucked women in the ass before, but never a man. I moved closer and placed the head of my cock in his crack, moving it slowly up and down, using the lube that he had evidently put in his ass while he was in the bathroom to get the head nice a wet before I started to push my cock into his eager asshole.

With the women that I butt fucked in the past, it had always been a struggle to slide my cock in, but with this guy, I was balls deep with one slow steady push. I knew that many cocks had been there before me as easy as it went in. The feeling was incredible. When I got all the way in, I let him get used to it for a bit and marveled at the sensation of his ass on my cock. I slowly started pumping away, my mind was blown as this was really happening. I never had to go fast, just slow steady pumping and I knew I was not going to last that long.

I told him that I was going to cum soon and he started backing into my cock, meeting my thrust. That sent me over the edge and I started cumming. Wad after wad filled the condom and my legs felt like they were going to buckle as exhaustion swept over me. I fell forward on to his back, panting for air and feeling euphoric. I had cum to suck a cock and ended up banging a tight ass. I rolled off of him and he went into the bathroom, got a wash cloth and started to clean me up. I was so spent I was unable to lift a finger to help him.

His phone rang and it was his wife and they talked for a bit and my senses slowly came back to me. I was in no shape to continue. There wasn't going to be him cumming in my mouth. I was on the verge of falling asleep, it was that good.

I got dressed, we chatted a bit and he said I will probably never see him as he had been down that street before. I assured him that I was going to do my best to get back and return the favor, but he was right and the stars never aligned again for us. I sent a few more emails and then communication stopped, his page on the website disappeared and my first time topping a guy became a very pleasant but unexpected memory.

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