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  • A Good Way to Forget

    A Good Way to ForgetWritten by LoveIsUniversal
    He tried to forget it, but it just came back to him. Theo had to keep going. He needed to finish the day even if the most recent painful memory almost severed his high spirits. The science teacher started his last lecture for the day. Sixth period would soon end if he didn't think well enough to keep the separation from his ex-wife as his primary concentration.



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  • Coach Able

    Coach AbleWritten by Turbidus
    "What's the problem, Rich? You forget where the exit is?"
    "No, coach. I was running over the mistakes I made in practice and telling myself to get started on my Freshman English composition."
    Rich mentally congratulated himself on staying cool. He'd been busted, sorta. He'd been stalling, desperate for glimpses of his coach walking back and forth from this office to the shower. Coach was careful. He always had a towel wrapped around his waist. Rich didn't care. He'd been stalling longer and longer and now he was paying the price. His coach had not only noticed. He was calling him on it.

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  • Teacher Lessons

    Teacher LessonsWritten by tommydxxx
    The time I lost my virginity to the hottest teacher at school.
    My name is Sebastian and I've always known that I was gay. None of my friends or family knew until later when I turned 19. I am about 5'10", slim toned body (since I do track and field), light skin, curly black hair, and big brown eyes. I just turned 18 and it was my senior year of highschool. It was August and summer was almost over.

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