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  • Step brother at the gloryhole

    Step brother at the gloryholeWritten by dickdude
    I couldn't believe it my stepbrother Matt was coming for a visit, he had got a three week leave from the military, my parents were really excited. When they told me I was excited too, Matt was hot as fuck!
    I had some pretty nasty fantasies about him, whenever he was around I took every chance I could to see his ass naked to fuel my imagination. My family assumed I was straight and in fact I had just started considering myself bisexual. I liked having sex with girls, but had started to experiment with guys mainly at bookstores and public restrooms. The day came when he pulled in the driveway, my parents ran out to greet him hugging him. I tried to control myself and was going to shake his hand, he mistook my outstretched hand grabbing me, he pulled me in close "Hey buddy how ya been."

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  • That was Unexpected

    That was UnexpectedWritten by DrMikeHunt
    For years I had sought cock in adult bookstores. Whenever I was on the road, the first thing I would do when I checked into my motel was grab the yellow pages and look for an adult bookstore in that town. I was not interested in meeting guys outside of a bookstore, anonymous cock coming through a hole in the wall, a pair of lips and tongue or a finger beckoning me to stick my cock into the hole and the bliss of having my cocked sucked by some stranger was all I needed.

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  • Straight Guy Gives In

    Straight Guy Gives InWritten by TKK3
    Well... I gave in...
    I was back on the road again for work. It had been a few months since I ran into Kevin when we were not back at our normal work place. Since our last interaction I and my girlfriend had broken up and I had not been laid for over a month.


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  • More Water Induced Hard Cock

    More Water Induced Hard CockWritten by FunHead
    One of my straight buddies and I decided to do some fishing so we went to a spot with a wooden boat ramp and walked out on it. There was no one else there so we had the spot to our selves.
    We cast a line in the water and waited for some fish to take our bait. The fish did not do any biting so things got a little boring. I was staring down at my cork and I heard my friend reel his in and lay down his gear. He then took off his shoes and socks and dipped his feet in the water as he sat on the edge of ramp.

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  • Growing Up Hung

    Growing Up HungWritten by funandbold
    I've always had a big cock! I mean not gargantuan, but even from a young age, almost always in the changing rooms at the gym or at the pool, I was noticeably bigger than most guys. It was to be expected though. I knew this because I came from a family of athletes. My dad and all his brothers were, hell even my mom was an athlete and so were her brothers. Speaking of that because we all worked out and swam and were into a lot of sports so we constantly saw each other naked. My dad was hung and so were his brothers, and so were my mom's brothers. As I got older and it was noticeable my dad talked to me about it one day, he told me never to be vain about out, or make someone smaller feel bad as cocks were just the luck of the draw, you got what you got.

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  • Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'

    Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'Two-and-a-half percent of American men ages 15-44 who identify as straight have had same-sex relations.
    That's according to a December study published in the journal Sociological Perspectives by Tony Silva and Rachel Bridges Whaley, which examined “the relationship between straight identification and nonsexual social factors among men who are attracted to men."

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  • Roger the IT Guy

    Roger the IT GuyWritten by TheJuicer
    Unexpected gay office bromance with the straight IT guy. Roger had joined the company as head of IT around ten years ago. Though we worked in different departments, we had worked on a few projects and over time had become good friends at work but not really having any contact outside of it. More recently, changes in the company had meant our working relationship was much closer.

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  • Billie's Sore Ass

    Billie's Sore AssWritten by erectus123
    Billie's Sore Ass: Sexual Fraternity Hazing Of course I am gay, just look at me; tall and slender, long bleached blond surfer boy hair, a redone bobbed nose, a bit of dental cosmetics to cure an uneven saw toothed smile and an earring in my right ear. I love to wear tight spandex muscle t-shirts with the 'V' neckline as if I had tits. I do have nice pecs and a great ass if I must say so. I wear long tight pants that show off my legs and ass. Baby, I can talk the gay lingo with those important pauses and inflections when I want too without resorting to the limp wrist. You know what I mean?

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  • Tales from Schooner Street: Don

    Tales from Schooner Street: DonWritten by kurrginatorX
    It all began with me responding to a post on Facebook. Some really misinformed guy wrote saying that sex and gender were the same thing and that everyone needed to stop making up new ways to define people. According to him, if one was born with a penis, then his gender was male, and if one were born with a vagina, then her gender was female. "And forget about these trans-testicles or whatever they call themselves," he wrote. "They're nothing more than faggots in drag." His diatribe knew no bounds, and he was unrelenting in espousing it.

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  • The Straight Guy's Secret

    The Straight Guy's SecretWritten by Lupinity
    So there's this straight guy I've met at the club a couple of times. Handsome, toned, he plays soccer. The last couple of times we've met at the club he's been really charming and low key flirting a bit. He was out with his friends, and we met at the bathroom. I'm pretty open about being gay and that I'm a very sexual being. So I was joking around with him about hooking up because I always do with hot guys just as a "joke", but if they're into it I hope for the best you know. Anyways, he was laughing and joking around with me, but nothing happened that night.

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