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  • A Good Way to Forget

    A Good Way to ForgetWritten by LoveIsUniversal
    He tried to forget it, but it just came back to him. Theo had to keep going. He needed to finish the day even if the most recent painful memory almost severed his high spirits. The science teacher started his last lecture for the day. Sixth period would soon end if he didn't think well enough to keep the separation from his ex-wife as his primary concentration.



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  • Male-on-male Sexual Harassment

    Male-on-male Sexual HarassmentWritten by JayDeviant
    Sexual harassment is a trending topic these days, generally as it relates to men in positions of power harassing women. Not much is said about men in positions of power harassing other men. Whereas I don't expect to begin a #metoo movement centered around it, I thought I would tell my story.

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  • Step-Dad Screams My Name

    Step-Dad Screams My NameWritten by JustAnAuthor1497
    Tyler makes step-dad, Andy his bitch.
    This happens often. Ever since I met this kid he's been a whiny little bitch, just like his father. Don't get me wrong, moving into a house full of other men was a nice change of atmosphere. Y'see it's always just been me, my mom, and my older sister. I was the only man surrounded by women.
    That is until mom started dating Andy my sophomore year of high school. He proposed my senior year and we moved in. My sister had gone off to college my junior year so it was now me, my mom, Andy, and his son Cameron.

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  • The Host

    The HostWritten by unknownmuse
    Traveling Dom meets twink.
    He was the host in the hotel restaurant near the convention center. Early twenties and very cute. Dark curly hair, incredible smile, about five seven and slightly built. Exactly my type. Shaking off the rain from my coat I approached the host to be seated for dinner.
    "Just you?" He asked.
    "Flying solo tonight." I said. "A window seat if possible and a vodka screwdriver." The view of the river would be welcoming after a day wandering the convention complex.

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  • Houston's Story

    Houston's StoryWritten by kwchancellor
    Houston gets picked up.
    I stood in the light of the street lamp on a corner of Avenue B counting the money I had made for the night. I got fifty from an old man who removed his dentures and slobbed my cock with such precision, I busted my nut in the old man's make shift pussy faster than I ever had. Fucking blew my mind. It felt so good, I almost felt guilty taking the old coot's money.

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  • The Swim Team

    The Swim TeamWritten by Kent100
    I was 19 years old when Cindy told me she was pregnant. We had both just finished high school together and had been dating for over two years. Cindy was absolutely gorgeous, a total hottie and we were both heads over heels in love with each other. I felt so lucky to have her, as I really thought she was out of my league, and did not look at her revelation as bad news. While I loved her and planned to marry her after college, the news however was life changing for me.

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  • Coach Able

    Coach AbleWritten by Turbidus
    "What's the problem, Rich? You forget where the exit is?"
    "No, coach. I was running over the mistakes I made in practice and telling myself to get started on my Freshman English composition."
    Rich mentally congratulated himself on staying cool. He'd been busted, sorta. He'd been stalling, desperate for glimpses of his coach walking back and forth from this office to the shower. Coach was careful. He always had a towel wrapped around his waist. Rich didn't care. He'd been stalling longer and longer and now he was paying the price. His coach had not only noticed. He was calling him on it.

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  • Daddy's Good Boy

    Daddy's Good BoyWritten by XxPrinceAnonomousxX
    Damien was a complicated man. He required things just so... he required control. He had to have complete control over his lover. He had to know that his lover depended on him for everything. He had to know that his lover worshiped him, just like he'd worship his lover. Damien was a flirty man on the outside, he didn't seem to have any serious relationships, and everyone just assumed that he slept around, but Damien couldn't.

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  • Hunted

    HuntedWritten by sr71plt
    The rented Jeep Wrangler sputtered and died as Ben was approaching the base of the Vallecito Mountains northeast of Durango, Colorado, and, with a muttered "Shit," he guided the vehicle over to the side of the road. There wasn't any secret why the old Wrangler had died. It was out of gas. Ben had rented the car for the summer from a used car dealer down in Durango as soon as he'd arrived here. It had taken a while to figure out that the gas gauge was misleading. He'd fought with that all summer. Today, he'd been coming down from his uncle's place in the mountains to fill the Wrangler up, but he'd made a wrong turn, spent an hour getting back onto a road he recognized, and the gas hadn't held out.

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  • Threeway with Silver Daddy

    Threeway with Silver DaddyWritten by DWMDenver
    I had been hooking up with this older silver daddy/bear type for a while. He was not very tall, maybe 5'7". Silver hair, a small gut. Shaved 6 inch cock.
    He loved to put me in his wife's VERY tiny panties and tongue fuck me, but had never topped me. We would make out a lot, then I would get on my knees and blow him. He was great at licking and sucking my manhole, and a good cocksucker too. We had some good, not-so-clean fun.

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