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  • Foundry Furnace

    Foundry FurnaceWritten by rae121452
    More than the furnace is hot at this foundry.
    "Never Fuck Your Small Town Best Friend". That's how I should have titled this story because that's how it all began.
    Troy and I had been friends since childhood. We also started fucking and sucking each other as soon as we figured out how. In small town West Virginia it sure helped to pass the time, even if you weren't into it the way I was.
    Anyway, we had reached our mid-twenties, still riding each other's dick whenever the need hit. Then, Troy suddenly began to get stand-offish and I discovered that he had himself a serious girlfriend. I didn't mind, we weren't in love, we were just fuck buddies. But I should have been more cautious about the whole thing.

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  • Catching Up

    Catching UpWritten by Anotherusername180
    I'm Whitney Wright, a 19 year old male, Sophomore in college, and a bank as a teller to help pay for school. It was Friday, my classes were finished, and I had the day off from work. Needless to say I was elated. I opened a window letting in the outdoors warmth and the occasional breeze. I turned on the TV to have background noise and kicked off my flip flops and slid my very short shorts off enjoying the freedom.

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  • A Life Well-Loved

    A Life Well-LovedWritten by bhart1
    Sunday morning, June 9, was our first anniversary and just over a couple of weeks shy of my forty second birthday. My eyes fluttered open to see 9:47 displayed on the digital clock by our bed. I felt Chik's warm mouth gently nursing on the head of my morning hard-on and I looked down over the crest of my belly to see his head barely bobbing under the sheet that covered us. It felt incredible. I laid my hand on the back of his head and gave it an affectionate rub through the linen.

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