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  • HIV brings up a lot of questions

    Getting Through the Emotions of Your First Poz YearGetting Through the Emotions of Your First Poz Year - The first 12 months after your positive diagnosis can be particularly rough. But you can learn to cope.
    Being diagnosed with HIV brings up a lot of questions. People wonder: Is my life over? What’s it going to be like living with HIV? Will my boyfriend leave me? Will I ever find love again? It's also common to ask thing like: What did I do to deserve this? And the ultimate question: Why me?

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  • Getting to the bottom of anal sex

    Ass PlayWhy are we so reluctant to discuss the dirty details of butt play? - “If he tells you his apartment is messy, that’s usually a sign.” I have vague memories of a friend breaking it down for a group of us during university. Crowded around the bar, we were already well into our second pitcher of cheap domestic and — as topics tend to go at that point in the night — the focus had shifted to matters of a more personal nature. “Messy means that he’s not clean . . . down there,” he continued. “That he didn’t douche before he went out.”

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