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  • Step brother at the gloryhole

    Step brother at the gloryholeWritten by dickdude
    I couldn't believe it my stepbrother Matt was coming for a visit, he had got a three week leave from the military, my parents were really excited. When they told me I was excited too, Matt was hot as fuck!
    I had some pretty nasty fantasies about him, whenever he was around I took every chance I could to see his ass naked to fuel my imagination. My family assumed I was straight and in fact I had just started considering myself bisexual. I liked having sex with girls, but had started to experiment with guys mainly at bookstores and public restrooms. The day came when he pulled in the driveway, my parents ran out to greet him hugging him. I tried to control myself and was going to shake his hand, he mistook my outstretched hand grabbing me, he pulled me in close "Hey buddy how ya been."

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  • That was Unexpected

    That was UnexpectedWritten by DrMikeHunt
    For years I had sought cock in adult bookstores. Whenever I was on the road, the first thing I would do when I checked into my motel was grab the yellow pages and look for an adult bookstore in that town. I was not interested in meeting guys outside of a bookstore, anonymous cock coming through a hole in the wall, a pair of lips and tongue or a finger beckoning me to stick my cock into the hole and the bliss of having my cocked sucked by some stranger was all I needed.

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  • Straight Guy Gives In

    Straight Guy Gives InWritten by TKK3
    Well... I gave in...
    I was back on the road again for work. It had been a few months since I ran into Kevin when we were not back at our normal work place. Since our last interaction I and my girlfriend had broken up and I had not been laid for over a month.


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  • Better and Wetter

Better and WetterWritten by robinhead
    My boyfriend James is a handsome young black man. He's kind of small but well built. His shoulders are broad and muscular. He has a slender waist. He looks great in tight clothes and even better naked.
    He has well defined pecs and dark nipples. They're hard as pebbles when he's turned on. He's got six pack abs and narrow hips. Being smaller and slender makes his dick look larger than it is. But it is bigger than mine. It is a little on the skinny side, which I like.

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  • More Farm Fun

    More Farm FunWritten by bobapple
    Let me tell you about a former classmate of mine. His name was Cameron and we went through school together, right from grade 1 to grade 12. I was a town kid and he was a farm kid. He got bussed to school every day. While we were classmates and friends, we were not buddy buddy. No opportunities presented themselves for us to hang out together after school and become close.
    The Thursday before Good Friday, he approached me just as we were dismissed for lunch about working with him and his dad for the long weekend. His dad needed some extra help on the farm. He had asked Cameron to check around and see if somebody wanted to make some money working on the farm for 3 days. As an eighteen year old, I sure could use the money for gas for the car and for burgers and babes.

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  • Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'

    Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'Two-and-a-half percent of American men ages 15-44 who identify as straight have had same-sex relations.
    That's according to a December study published in the journal Sociological Perspectives by Tony Silva and Rachel Bridges Whaley, which examined “the relationship between straight identification and nonsexual social factors among men who are attracted to men."

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  • Roger the IT Guy

    Roger the IT GuyWritten by TheJuicer
    Unexpected gay office bromance with the straight IT guy. Roger had joined the company as head of IT around ten years ago. Though we worked in different departments, we had worked on a few projects and over time had become good friends at work but not really having any contact outside of it. More recently, changes in the company had meant our working relationship was much closer.

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  • The Preacher and his Wife

    The Preacher and his WifeWritten by HerLittlePiggy
    Elizabeth was a tall, thick corn-fed Iowa farm girl. She had short blonde hair, big pale blue eyes and a warm inviting smile. Her body was thick and strong with broad shoulders, full hips and modest b cup breasts.
    She was a prim and proper preacher's wife with a dark secret. No one in the congregation knew what she and her preacher husband did behind closed doors but if they did they'd have been shocked.

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  • Tied To The Bed

    Tied to the BedWritten by SluttyBisexualGuy
    "Dude, I need your help, and it's gonna sound crazy, okay?" Caleb immediately said as he opened his front door to let his friend in.

    His best friend Adam has just arrived after receiving a frantic phone call from Caleb only twenty minutes earlier explaining that it was an absolute emergency and that he needed him to come over immediately.

    Caleb lived not too far away on the other side of the campus and so he quickly threw on some runners, his jogging shorts and a gray sweater and headed over to his best friend's apartment to see what was so urgent.

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  • Anal Peep Show

    Anal Peep ShowWritten by wiley4377
    It started when I was 19 and for the next five years, I enjoyed anal intercourse with several men. Two men were regular visitors to my apartment over the garage of my parent's home. I measured Bill's cock at 11 inches long and 3 ½ inched wide. George was 10 inches and slightly thicker than Bill's.
    Both parents worked until eight or nine each night except weekends. Bill and George visited almost daily between four and six. I had a part time job on weekends.
    I liked the sex so much that I installed several large mirrors on the walls so I could enhance the experience.
    Here is my story.

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