Straight Guy Gives In

Straight Guy Gives InWritten by TKK3
Well... I gave in...
I was back on the road again for work. It had been a few months since I ran into Kevin when we were not back at our normal work place. Since our last interaction I and my girlfriend had broken up and I had not been laid for over a month.


I was at the same hotel I normally stayed at and I was getting a drink with the guys like normal. Then walked in Kevin. We of course acted normal towards each other. I hadn't said a word about our last experience and neither had he. Neither of us is gay and we are cool around each other. We were all hanging out for a while when the older guys all left. Kevin and I walked up to the bar:

Kevin: how ya been?

Me: I've been good man, just working and hanging out.

Kevin: same here. How is the girlfriend?

Me: oh lord that bitch was crazy haha we broke up a while ago.

The bartender gave us our drinks as we sat down. We didn't mention anything that happened before. Talked about everything but that. Eventually we went upstairs to go to bed. Kevin was a few rooms down from me. I told him goodnight see ya later. He then told me he was leaving tomorrow so I said be careful and closed the door.

Back in my room I was taking a shower. As I stood there under the water, I kept thinking about the last time I saw Kevin. I kept thinking about how we laid there together and how he slid his cock inside me. For some reason my cock was enjoying the thought. I had precum dripping down my leg. I was lying in bed and all I could think about was the amazing orgasm I had last time and I kept tossing and turning.

"That's it" I stood up and put gym shorts on. I paced the hall for a minute trying to decide if I should knock on his door or not. I then just went for it. I knocked and stood there for a minute... and got nothing. So I started walking back when I heard Kevin's door open behind me.

Kevin: Geez it took you long enough!

Me: haha well I was trying to...

Kevin: get in here!

I walked in his room. He came in and asked if I had done anything with guys since we had done it. I told him no and I hadn't been laid in a long time. He then said he hadn't either but he kept thinking about me.

Kevin turned the lights off but the light from the outside was coming in so I could see. Kevin got to the end of the bed and took his shorts off so I did the same. He started walking to me...

This is where I just gave in.

I stopped him from getting in the bed with my hand on his leg:

Me: Are we going to do this again?

Kevin: I want to, do you?

I didn't answer him, I pulled Kevin towards me. Kevin wasn't hard yet. This time I just let myself go. As Kevin got closer I opened my mouth. His soft cock was down so I stuck my tongue out and guided it all in my mouth. Kevin must have liked this because his cock began to grow in my mouth.

Kevin let out a "WOW!" as he grew in my mouth. I started sliding my tongue up and down and all around his head. I kept taking Kevin's dick in my mouth while jacking him off a little. It wasn't bad at all! I always thought it would be gross to suck on a man's cock but it honestly was great pleasing Kevin that way. I kept sucking him until I got a taste of precum which was great! Thought I wouldn't like it but it wasn't bad at all.

Kevin pushed me back and without a word I turned to my side like we had done before. This time I spit in my hand and made my asshole nice and wet. Then I grabbed Kevin's cock that I had left a lot of spit on. I kept sliding his dick up and down around my hole. After Kevin let out some precum I placed his cock on my hole and he knew what to do. He started sliding his cock inside my asshole. This time the pain was there but I guess since I wasn't so nervous it went away quickly. After Kevin went all the way in me where I could feel his hips on my ass I turned around and said, "It's yours Kevin! My ass is yours! Take it!"

Kevin grinned and started pumping my ass with his cock. There was that wonderful full feeling of Kevin pounding my ass! Kevin's cock kept diving deep inside of me and my cock was gushing precum everywhere!

Me: Oh god Kevin yes take me!!

Kevin then started moving up and bent me over. This position let Kevin go deep inside of me where he was completely filling up my ass.

Me: Pound me Kevin!! Pound my ass!!

Kevin did just that! I was on all fours with my ass in the air as Kevin kept diving deep in my ass! He kept hitting the spot and I started feeling the feeling of me getting ready to explode.

Me: Yes! Yes!! Keep going Kevin! I'm going to cum!!

Kevin kept pounding my ass, it literally felt like he was in my stomach and I loved it! He pumped deep in my ass and I started shaking, then he dove in me a couple times and I let out the most cum I have ever produced in my life! I had cum gushing from my cock for a solid 15 seconds, it just kept coming out!

Kevin kept pounding my ass. I'm not sure if I came once or a few times because cum would sporadically come out of my cock. That's when Kevin said he was about to cum. I slide down and turned around then took Kevin in my mouth like before. Then Kevin exploded in my mouth! I didn't try to swallow it but Kevin was producing so much cum so fast it went down my throat on its own. It wasn't bad at all! I kept sucking Kevin and swallowed his entire load!

We passed out like that. Lying naked with each other.

Kevin must have wanted my ass again because I was woken by his cock sliding in my ass! I let him fuck me; my ass is his after all haha.

He exploded in me then I went to my room to shower. Kevin's cum was coming out of my ass and loved feeling it pour out of me!

The best part? We went to work the next day like nothing happened and everything was normal! When I get back to the office I am going to be sure to make another trip... whenever Kevin is there again!

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