Step brother at the gloryhole

Step brother at the gloryholeWritten by dickdude
I couldn't believe it my stepbrother Matt was coming for a visit, he had got a three week leave from the military, my parents were really excited. When they told me I was excited too, Matt was hot as fuck!
I had some pretty nasty fantasies about him, whenever he was around I took every chance I could to see his ass naked to fuel my imagination. My family assumed I was straight and in fact I had just started considering myself bisexual. I liked having sex with girls, but had started to experiment with guys mainly at bookstores and public restrooms. The day came when he pulled in the driveway, my parents ran out to greet him hugging him. I tried to control myself and was going to shake his hand, he mistook my outstretched hand grabbing me, he pulled me in close "Hey buddy how ya been."

I forgot how muscular he was as he hugged me, feeling his one arm wrapped around my waist, his face was touching mine. I worked out alot to being on the college wrestling team, but the military had definitely had it's effect on Matt!

Embracing me I couldn't help but draw in his scent, oh god he smelled so good, I had to let go of him, I was afraid he would feel my dick starting to swell "I'm great, it's good to see you."

I was trying to control my self by changing the subject "Staying out of trouble as best as I can." He laughed "You better I don't want to have to come home and get in that ass!" I froze faking a laugh, my heart skipped a beat. Man I would love for that to happen, at the least that just gave me a new fantasy to play out in my mind. My mom smiled at me "Brian you still have the two beds in your room so we're going to put Matt in with you ok." I looked at Matt "That ok with you Matt, you don't want to be in the guest room?"

Matt picked up his bag "Hell no dude we can catch up on what you been doing, and which girl you been doing it with." He gave me a light punch on the arm a big smile crossed his face.

That night Matt and I sat in my room talking about what was going on in our lives, inevitably the conversation turned to sex, we exchanged stories about who we had been fucking although most of mine were made up I couldn't come right out and tell him I had been sucking dick.

Finally it was time to go to sleep I was in my bed when Matt got undressed he stripped own to his boxer briefs. I watched him cross the room, he had the most beautiful ass, reaching for the light switch "You ready for me to turn off the light?" He turned towards me I could see the outline of his cock thru his underwear, it was stretching the fabric, if I didn't know better he looked like he had the beginnings of a hardon.

I was mesmerized as he repeated the question "Brian you ready for the lights man?" I stuttered " can turn them off." I could not sleep that night as my dick was so painfully hard that it made it impossible to sleep.

I finally had to get up and go to the bathroom to jack-off, Matt was a light sleeper, hearing me get up I heard his sexy husky voice "Hey Bri you ok?" I about stumbled over the edge of my bed "Yeah Matt I'm fine, just gotta piss go back to sleep."

My dick was raging hard as I entered the bathroom, closing my eyes while I played out a fantasy with Matt, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror stroking my rigid cock. I shot a load that nearly covered the entire fucking mirror. I had to spend the next ten minutes cleaning the cum off of it.

The next morning I was awaken by Matt coming back into the room, he had a towel wrapped around his waist obviously he was naked under it, shit I thought he is going to drop that towel and I am going to have to make another trip to the bathroom, sure enough he dropped the towel and his big dick came into view, the dam thing must have been six inches and he was totally soft! Of course I was sporting morning wood so I jumped out of bed and made a b-line for the bathroom.

Locking the door I jumped in the shower and started immediately stroking my cock. I had to force myself to tighten my jaw so as to not cry out when I started cumming, Grabbing the towel bar in the shower I absolutely coated the fucking wall.

The next week or so was pretty much the same thing late night trips to bathroom to relieve myself with visions of Matt's big cock being the center of it all. Matt hanging out was giving me some of the best stroke material to date , I had not cum this hard in a while!

One night I had a late class and returned home to find Matt sitting at my computer, as I walked in a look of surprise crossed his face "Hey Matt what's up?" He was sitting in his underwear, he began to rapidly tap on the keyboard then looked up "Uh not alot man, just uhm checking my e-mail and stuff." He seemed nervous but I shrugged it off.

My dad popped in "Hey Matt can you help us downstairs." Matt was hesitant then replied "Uhm yeah, just a sec." taking a few minutes before turning off the computer, he got up, he seemed to avoid facing me. I turned on the computer but the history had been erased, I went to the hard log and found what he had been looking at.

He had been cruising this website that showed different adult bookstores in the area, the one he had clicked on was close by. Hmmm I thought I bet he is going to go check out some porn, I had been to this bookstore many times and hooked up with some pretty hot guys there on the down low. It wasn't exactly the kind of bookstore you just went in to pick up some DVD's if you were there you were for action.

I started to pay more attention to see if Matt left the house hoping to catch him there, one night after dinner Matt told us he was going to go out for a little while my parents smiled saying that was a good idea and they would see him later.

This was it, this was the night he would hit up the bookstore I just knew it. I waited for a little while after he left, then told my parents I was going to study at the campus library. I jumped in my car and started following him, as he turned down the street the bookstore was on I smiled "You dirty motherfucker" I said aloud as he pulled into the parking lot.

I circled around back so I wouldn't be seen then entered the building cautiously. I could see Matt at the counter getting change then entering the back where the booths were. I wasted no time entering the booth area but stayed back so he wouldn't see me.

Matt opened a door to one of the booths then locked it behind him, I reached for the door to the booth next to his but it was in use. Fuck I thought so close, I almost pounded on the door to let me in I wanted a piece of Matt, I didn't want some stranger to get that.

My heart sank Matt was a very straight guy, this would be a one sided deal and after it was over I doubt he would hang out here. But I was in luck just as I was about to turn away the door swung open and the occupant exited, I was so eager to get in there I nearly knocked the guy over.

Locking the door behind me I put some money in the machine I could hear the woman moaning in the porn he was playing. My heart was racing as I looked down at the gloryhole, would I have enough guts to go thru with it? I was going to have to at least get a look at it.

I knelt down to see him, he was standing up close to the gloryhole, he spit in his hand and went back to stroking his dick. He was close enough to the hole, he would not be able to see me. I don't think it mattered because he knew someone was there, turning towards the hole he pushed his hard cock thru the hole.

It was covered in his saliva and all I could think about was sucking it, my mouth went dry as I thought about his spit covered dick it was almost the same as kissing him. I could see the veins in his cock as it throbbed and bounced as I took in the size of him, it must have been nine inches.

I wasted no time in leaning forward licking the head then engulfing his length I wanted his dick down my fucking throat and didn't care what I had to do to get it there! Getting the first few inches down I could hear him groan this just got me fired up more! I worked his shaft down my throat until I could feel his balls against my chin.

I began to bob up and down on his length listening to his sighs and gasps, encouraging me to do more "Yeah man suck my fucking cock." He hissed.

I doubled up my efforts, a few hand and mouth combos and then straight down my throat. Every time I took it down my throat I got a "Fuck man!" As he pushed his pelvis up against the wall.

Finally I could taste his precum oozing out it tasted so good, he pulled his cock back thru the hole. I stood up so he wouldn't see me, then thought shit he's not going to give me his load.

Then I heard a whisper "Hey buddy you like to get fucked?" I got light headed this is to good to be true. Not wanting to say anything for fear of him recognizing me I simply pushed my ass up against the hole.

What came next was a shock, I felt something wet touching my ass at first I thought it was his finger then I felt it swirl around. It was his tongue I couldn't believe it Matt was eating my ass! I was in fucking ecstasy, he pulled back "You like me eatin that ass dude." I mumbled a muffled "Uh huh" so he wouldn't know it was me.

I couldn't believe it here I was with my ass backed up to a gloryhole and my hot step brother was eating it like pussy! He stopped eating my ass then I heard him spit, he rubbed his spit covered hand over my asshole before sticking his finger in. I wanted to yell at him to fuck me already but I knew I couldn't, with his finger up my ass I squeezed it tight and started to ride it letting him know what I really wanted.

He got the hint removing his finger, I felt the head of his dick rubbing my hole teasing it, I couldn't push back any further so it was up to him now. Rubbing his cock across my pucker he finally pushed his big dick in my hole. I pushed out trying to adjust to it's size but it was of no use he was going to stretch my hole and that was it.

He didn't waste any time "Hey man you gonna take it all?" His husky voice asked. Another muffled "Uh huh" and he shoved his entire length up my ass. In one push he was grinding his nutts against my ass I gasped as I tried to adjust to his size, I wanted to absolutely scream as pulled out then shoved it all the way back in my ass! "Dam dude that's it take my fucking dick!"

Matt started pounding at my hole, stroke after stroke he was fucking my ass good, at one point I had to cover my mouth with my hand to keep me from crying out from the ass fucking I was taking.

Matt would pull almost all the way out then shove it back into the hilt, I tried to tighten my ass so as to make it feel like he was getting some pussy but I don't think he cared because he just kept pounding my ass over and over.

It wasn't long before I could here his breathing become more ragged "Dude if you don't want me to cum in your ass you better get off my dick now!" Oh hell no I wanted him to hose my ass good, I stayed put letting him know I wanted his load.

He started to pick up the pace pounding my ass harder "Son of a bitch man here it fucking comes!" I felt his cock swell and jerk in my ass as he shot "Oh god!" he moaned as he continued to pump my ass. I stayed planted with my ass up against the wall until he pulled out.

I could feel some of his cum drip out of my ass and down the back of my leg, I turned watching him kneel down, I stood up so he wouldn't see me. Looking sideways thru the gloryhole I could see his still swollen cock "Thanks man, you got a nice ass." With that he pulled up his pants and left the booth.

I waited a few minutes before exiting the booth, as I left the bookstore I could see him at the exit beads of sweat on his forehead. I waited til he was gone then left for home.

Pulling in the driveway I went to my room, the lights were off but I could see Matt lying on the bed. Turning over he smiled "Hey Bri what's up?" I smiled back "Not much was on campus studying." I stripped down and crawled in bed turning away from Matt I could feel my ass still wet from his assfucking.

I thought to myself this is going to be a long night with multiple bathroom trips!

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