Staying Over

Staying OverWritten by whields
"So, the sofa's all yours," Jamie said as Sam followed him through the door of the house, and into the lounge, dropping his rucksack to the floor. "Jack and Andy are out this weekend, not sure where Tom is, but you shouldn't be disturbed."
"No worries, thanks, certainly beats the floor I was expecting." Sam smiled back. He was down visiting Jamie, a friend from school for the weekend, and they were due to have an early start in the morning to go and watch the athletics, so the thought of a decent night's sleep was appealing.

Later that day, after playing on the Xbox all afternoon, followed by tea and a few beers, Jamie announced he was heading up to his room.

"Grab anything you need from the kitchen, and I'll see you tomorrow around 6."

"Sure, thanks." Sam replied as Jamie headed up the stairs.

After using the bathroom, Sam started to settle down. Stripping down to his underwear, he got out his sleeping bag and climbed in, trying to curl up to fit onto the sofa.

He settled off to sleep fairly soon, but found himself waking up fitfully, as it turned out that, although the sofa was soft, the cushions had a habit of trying to swallow him into the back of the sofa. After tossing and turning for a while, with sleep continued to allude him, he slowly climbed out his sleeping bag and carefully and quietly headed to the kitchen for a glass of water.

In the dark, he couldn't see where the light switch was, but he had a general feel for where the sink was, and so grabbing a glass from the cupboard, turned for the sink, unfortunately knocking into some piled crockery on the draining board which created a large clatter before he caught them.

Holding his breathe, hoping he hadn't woken anyone, he then turned back to the sink and poured his water.

Suddenly the light glared on, causing him to jump, and momentarily blinding him Turning to the hallway door, he saw that standing there was another guy, and after blinking a couple of times, Sam noticed that the other guy was similarly dressed, or undressed, as himself, clad only in a very tight pair of boxers that left little to the imagination. In addition, Sam noticed that the guy was extremely well built, with six pack and well-defined muscles.

"who the heck are you?" the guy said.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Sam, Jamie's friend," Sam muttered, trying hard not to stare at the guys toned, and tanned body.

"Oh yeh, Jamie mentioned you were staying. I'm Tom, sorry if I startled you, wasn't expecting anyone down here of this time of night."

Sam noticed the hostility in Tom's voice had gone, and was it his imagination, or was the other guy checking him out as they stood across from each other. Deciding to test the waters he replied:

"Clearly," nodding to Tom's state of undress.

"Ah yeh, well I like to have next to nothing on, especially at night, it's pretty liberating."

"Well with a body like yours, I'm not surprised," Sam smiled coyly.

"you're not too bad yourself," Tom replied, in a similar vein, crossing the room towards Sam. Sam smiled inwardly to himself, whilst this was a nice comment, it wasn't nearly as true as it was with Tom. Whilst he wasn't overweight or anything, he certainly didn't have the abs or muscle tone that Tom had. Clearly the guy was flirting back.

"Mind if I get a glass as well?" Tom said, squeezing between the chair and Sam, causing their naked arms to brush against each other, sending a shiver of static through Sam's body.

"Help yourself," Sam replied, taking a sip of his own water.

"so why are you up at this hour?" Tom replied, turning from the sink and gazing into Sam's eyes over his water.

"Oh, the sofa's been trying to swallow me," Sam laughed, "and somehow just couldn't

get back to sleep. How about you?"

"Heard the racket you were creating and came to investigate." Tom replied.

"oh yeh, sorry about that!" Sam smiled sheepishly, although he was feeling less and less sorry as time passed, the static between the two of them electric.

"Don't worry, I'm glad I did, else I'd never have met you." Tom replied, huskiness creeping into his voice.

Sam didn't immediately reply, instead taking another sip of water, and unconsciously running his tongue over his lips.

"You know, if you're struggling to sleep on the sofa, I know of a much comfier bed you could share." Tom whispered, upping the ante considerable.

Sam was momentarily stunned, and replied "Will there be enough room for two of us to sleep in a single bed?"

"I wasn't planning on doing much sleeping!" Tom replied and closed the gap between them.

Being of a similar height, their lips met instantly, and Sam responded to the probing tongue by instantly opening his mouth. Reaching behind him, he carefully placed his water on the side, before wrapping his arms around Tom, feeling the warmth from the other man's skin.

Their tongues swirled around one another, teasing each other as they darted in and out of each other mouth, entwined almost as one entity. Sam felt Tom's arms reach down, and under the waist band of his boxers to take one cheek in each hand and squeeze.

Sam gave a groan of pleasure into the kiss as he did this, the expert fingers gentle massaging his butt. He continued to run his own hands up and down Tom's torso, feeling the taut muscles below. He traced the shoulder muscles up to Tom's neck, gentle stroking the underneath the shoulder length blonde hair, before running his fingers down the outside of Tom's arms, feeling the Goosebumps form under his fingertips.

For his part, Tom continued to kneed Sam's ass, long fingers squeezing and massaging the muscles below.

As they kissed Sam gently nipped at Tom's lip, causing the other man to pull away slightly, before returning the kiss with added passion, as if he was trying to devour Sam whole. All the while, Sam could feel himself grow harder, and this just sent him further towards the edge.

Suddenly Tom broke the kiss, and both of them paused to catch their breath.

"I don't normally do this with complete strangers." Tom smiled, "but I was feeling so horny, and when I saw you standing here I knew I had to have you. Why don't we take this a little more, private before we carry on?"

"lead the way," Sam replied, glad for a moment to catch his breath.

Tom's room, unsurprisingly was the first they came to down the hallway, and no sooner were they through the door than Tom turned back to Sam, and with hands either side of his face, kissed him once more.

The feeling of Tom's stubble rubbing across his cheeks as they continued to probe each other's mouth just added to the sensations that Sam was feeling. This time, it was he who reached down and grabbed Tom's ass, which like the rest of him was just pure muscle.

Passions rising, he thrust his tongue once more into Tom's mouth, revelling in the muskiness and pure manliness of the taste of him.

Suddenly Tom pulled Sam even closer towards him, and the two of them fell backwards onto tom's bed. Neither broke the kiss as they fell, with Sam on top. Gently, he broke their kiss, and tenderly moved his lips down the side of Tom's neck, leaving a trail of saliva as he went. With Tom's hands now entwined in his hair for guidance, he slowly moved downwards, before taking one of Tom's nipples in his mouth. Swirling him tongue around, he gently nibbled on it, feeling it stiffen as he did. After focusing on one for a minute, he slowly moved to the other, and repeated the process. He could feel Tom's body writhing beneath him, the pleasure Sam was providing coursing through his body.

Slowly, teasingly, he moved ever downwards, reaching Tom's navel. He darted his tongue out into the other man's belly button, drawing another gasp. Next, he traced the outline of Tom's abs, tasting the salty droplets of sweat that were beginning the form. Then downwards once more, until he reached the waistband of Tom's boxers. Reaching down, he gently stroked tom's cock through the material, causing it to leap and rear in his hand. Tom's hands twisted in his hair tighter, as he began to nuzzle his cock through the material. Almost as if the material wasn't there, Sam opened his mouth and rubbed his lips over the bulge, up and down, round and round. He could tell that this was driving Tom wild, to be stimulated so much, without being directly touched.

"Please," Tom panted, as Sam continued to tease him.

Sam was happy to oblige and smiled seductively up the length of Tom's muscular body as he reached up, and slowly slid Tom's boxer over his cock, down his legs, before carelessly dropping them over the end of the bed.

Bending down again, he gentle reached around the now rigid cock, and squeezed slightly, causing Tom to groan again. He massaged the length a couple of times more, drawing out the tug to maximize the sensation, before opening his mouth once more.

This time, without the boxers in the way, he immediately tasted Tom on his tongue. As he moved his mouth downwards, he felt the tip of Tom's cock hit the back of his throat and tried not to gag. Gently, seductively, he ran his lips back up, until only the tip was touching him mouth. This time he darted his tongue out, licking the very tip of Tom, tasting the precum that was forming, and drawing a shiver from Tom. He slowly ran his tongue down the outside of the shaft, deliberately going slowly for effect.

He continued this way for several minutes, alternating between taking the cock into his mouth, his tongue entwining with the thick shaft as he did, and licking the outside. Tom's body was almost arched now, every time he pulled back to the edge, his hips thrust upwards to keep contact, an almost constant moan escaping his lips.

Slowly, he started to build up the speed. No longer taking the cock out of his mouth, he concentrated on taking the full length into his mouth, before pulling back. His hands were massaging Tom's balls as he did, and he could feel the tension building in the other man's body. Feeling he'd teased Tom enough, he sped up even more, and momentarily felt Tom's body stiffen. Knowing what was coming, he continued to take Tom into his mouth, and with more flick of his tongue he tipped Tom over the edge.

Wave after wave spurted out of Tom's cock, the warm gloopy fluid hitting the back of Sam's mouth. He continued to suck, ensuring he got every drop of Tom's cum. Some of it escaped, and dribbled over Sam's chin, dripping onto his chest and legs. Savouring the taste, he swirled the cum round his mouth, the salty taste pungent in his mouth, before swallowing what was left.

"Wow, you sure know what you're doing," Tom panted after a moment, when he'd sufficiently recovered.

Sam just smiled and whispered "I haven't finished yet."

Letting the slowly softening cock drop out of his mouth, pulling strings of cum with it, he licked the shaft once more from tip to base, but this time, continued downwards. Briefly, he sucked on Tom's balls, one at a time popping them into his mouth, before continuing round to Tom's ass.

Shuffling, Tom raised his knees to give Sam better access to his asshole, who then darted his tongue out of his mouth, and ran it around the rim.

"fuuuck!" Tom groaned, arching his back as Sam continued to lick around and round.

Briefly pausing, he sucked his index finger, before gently inserting it up Tom's ass, drawing another loud sigh from the other man. Round and round, he swirled his finger, all the while continuing to lick around Tom's ass. Another finger followed the first, as he gentle massaged Tom, slowly opening him up ready for what was to follow.

Above him, Tom was panting like he'd run a race, moaning and squirming as Sam pulled his fingers out and stood up, positioning himself over Tom's exposed ass, which was pointing up at his cock, beckoning him in.

Slowly he lowered himself forward, until his own rock-hard cock was at Tom's entrance. Gently, he rubbed his shaft around the hole, playing with the other man's emotions, building him up to what was to come.

"Fuck me!" Tom cried, as Sam continued to rub his shaft in and around Tom's ass.

Rubbing his cock around the hole once more, just to show who was in control, Sam then slowly pushed forward, his cock finally entering Tom. All the toying he'd done before had done the job, and his cock slid part way in before meeting resistance. He pulled out, and then slid forward once more, with more force, and flowed further up Tom's ass.

"Yess!!" Tom hissed, his ass muscles clenching around Sam's cock, causing ripples of pleasurable sensation to run through his body.

Sam pushed forward for a third time, his cock now well lubricated, and Tom's ass sufficiently stretched that he slid all the way in.

Satisfied, he started to increase his speed, pounding his cock deep into Tom's ass, then pulling back before slamming into him once more, his balls slapping into the taut flesh of Tom's ass.

They were both crying out now, Tom in pleasurable pain as Sam's cock seemed to split in him two, Sam with the sheer joy of fucking. Tom reached forward to toy with his own cock, now fully erect again, stroking in time to Sam's thrusts. For his part Sam starred down at the body below him, taking in the sweat dripping now over the taught abs, muscles which were contracting and writhing in time to his thrusts. Looking up to Tom's face, he saw that the other guys eyes were closed in ecstasy.

He felt himself coming and started to increase in pace. Tom must have sensed it and started to clench his ass tighter around Sam's cock. With one final thrust, a meaty slap as their bodies came together, Sam let go any restraint, and felt himself come, wave after wave of cum spurting into Tom's ass.

"Argghhh!!" he cried as he came, his cries matched by Tom's own.

Slowly, he felt himself soften, and pulled out of Tom's ass, his dick pulling streams of cum out so they dripped onto the sheets.

"Hell, you fuck good," Tom panted as he caught his breath, hand still pleasuring himself.

"I try," Tom replied. "And I'm not letting you finish yourself off like that," he added.

Slowly, sensually, he climbed onto the bed beside Tom, leaning in to kiss the other man. He briefly enjoyed the taste of the cum still lingering in his mouth with the sweat and raw masculinity of the other man, before rolling over so he was straddling Tom, facing towards him.

"Now you get to have my ass," he said, as he reached around to fondle his own hole.

Tom's cock was still slick from where he had earlier blown it, and he gently positioned it under his ass. Slowly, he lowered himself onto tom's erect cock, guiding it in with his hands.

"Shit!" he cried, as his still tight ass denied entry. Spitting on his fingers, he quickly tried to rectify this situation, before sitting down on Tom's cock once more. This time the head slid in before meeting resistance.

Enjoying the exquisite pain, he slowly lowered himself further, feeling Tom's cock push through resistance deeper into him. It took several attempts before his hole was big enough, but finally he lowered his body all the way down.

Smiling down at Tom, who was laid back flat, he slowly started to push himself up right until Tom's cock was about to come out, before allowing his weight to fall back down again, slamming the cock hard into his ass.

For his part, Tom was thrusting up at the same time, and the two motions came together, Sam felt Tom's cock split him in two.

It was an incredible sensation, feeling the other man's cock so deep into his own body, their motions now in sink as one pushed up as the other slammed down. Gently, he began to rotate his hips, changing the angle that Tom was entering him, adding extra pleasure to both of them.

He bent forward, ensuring the cock never left his ass, and sensually kissed the other man, whilst his lower body continued to ride the other's shaft. By now, they were both panting, their sweat mingling as their lips entwined.

He felt Tom reach down and take his cock into his hands, teasing it once more to full length. In perfect harmony now, their thrusts were matched with Tom's jerking. As if of one mind they slowly increased their pace, Sam's ass slapping noisily into Tom's body as they built to a final release.

Almost in harmony, Sam felt Tom cum into his ass, and as if in sympathy, his own cock spurted once more, cum dripping over Tom's hands as he continued to milk it for every drop. He felt one final spurt from Tom, and gently he rolled off until he was lying beside him.

Catching Sam's eye, Tom seductively took his hands, covered in Sam's cum and slowly, provocatively sucked them clean. After he had, Sam, who had caught his breathe again, leant in and kissed the other man, wanting to taste his own cum on the other man's lips.

"Better than the sofa?" Tom asked when they next came up for air.

"Much better," Sam replied, smiling.

He drifted off to sleep soon after but made sure that he was up in time to get back to the living room before Jamie got up next morning.

"How did you sleep?" Jamie asked, as they drank a quick cup of tea the following morning.

"Erm, really well actually," Sam replied, trying to not sound too guilty.

"Really?" Jamie asked, "You weren't kept up by the noise from Tom's room?"

"What noise?" Sam asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Well, Tom must have pulled when he was out, by the sounds of it. Practically loud enough to wake the dead."

"Nope, didn't hear a peep. Must have been deep asleep!" Sam replied, not looking at Jamie.

"Lucky you!" Jamie replied.

"Yes, lucky me," Sam replied. "For totally different reasons," he smiled to himself.

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