Site Update [Sat. April 30th]

Hi bois! Just a quick update...
We are here. It may seem quiet, but there is a lot going on behind scenes here.
We are just about finished, and should be running full-speed before the end of the weekend.

The Portal page (also known as Gay Portal / Hot Gay Links) should be back up no later than Saturday evening. Other features will also be rolled in over the next 3 days or so.
If you happen to notice something buggy or just not working right, please Contact Us.

On another note Yahoo! has been rejecting our mail for it's users. If you have re-joined (after Wednesday April 27th, you will not have to click an activation link to activate your account. We will be doing it manually (which we check the list several times a day. If you joined last week and just getting here now... please read this: (of which you will need to re-join).
So reagardless, after signing up, just check once in a while to see if you can sign-in. If the system doesn't know you, don't panic. Just check again in a bit. We will get to you!
Thanks for being patient during this trying time (for everybody)!

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