Sergeant Miles

Sergeant MilesSergeant Miles
The expressive and orally fixated Sergeant Miles is compactly built, but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for with his cock, which measures eight and a half inches. He’s great at topping with that big dick of his, but he’s equally excited to bottom. When Sergeant is taking a cock, you can see on his face how every inch feels as it pushes deeper inside him—witness this spectacle for yourself in one of his early movies as a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive, Saluting Sergeant, in which he has scenes with Drae Axtell and then Michael Lachlan. There’s no hiding Sergeant’s ecstasy, and that’s one of the things that is best about this versatile, muscular stud.

Sergeant is quite photogenic, as you’ve no doubt observed. It was a photo of him on the internet that got his foot in the door of the business—a producer liked the look of him so much that he got in touch on social media and asked if he wanted to do porn. Sergeant’s got a thing for muscle daddies, gym rats, sucking cock, and even pussy, all of which he knew he could indulge to his heart’s content in the adult industry. He began performing in 2014, starting out in straight porn but soon crossing over to the gay side. A true bisexual, Sergeant is in carnal heaven no matter if he’s fucking women or men. In an interview for Men of Porn, he said, “I enjoy the fluidity of discovering new things. I don’t like to box myself into one thing.”

As a real-life veteran, Sergeant carries himself with an unmistakable military bearing. This strong, dominant energy comes out to play spectacularly in Ass Fucking Alpha Males from Lucas Entertainment. His scene with the angelic Jon Bae is a highlight of the movie, as Sergeant’s verbal and nonverbal commands turn the young bottom into a perfect submissive. Sergeant teaches the smooth, eager twunk how to give a hands-free blowjob and then penetrates that sweet young hole with his thick dick. It looks like Sergeant may have met his match for serving good face during a scene, as Jon’s expressions tell us everything about how amazing it feels.

In his newest movie, The Graduation from Iconmale, Sergeant is a stepbrother to Mitch Vaughn, stepdad to Leo Luckett, and a step-uncle to new college graduate Zander Cole. First there’s a hot stepbrotherly reunion between Sergeant and Mitch, and later the two of them bring in lucky Leo for a hot threeway. The taboo Daddy/boy action in this salacious tale of intergenerational fun is directed by the legendary Chi Chi LaRue. These are just a few of the cumtastic Sergeant Miles movies that you can find in our HoMovies Cinema Pay-Per-View Theater.
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