New Muscle

New MuscleWritten by dakotadanders
Beefcake Myles fucks a new 29 yr old member of his gym. 
The steady rhythm of the treadmill calmed Myles, it eradicated all of his thoughts and stresses. All he had to do was just keep running forward. Every so often his concentration would falter and Mason would slip into his mind.
He couldn't make sense of his feelings about him, he was definitely attracted to him, they had a brief encounter a few weeks ago but literally everything had changed after that night. Their relationship was no longer the same and Myles doubted that it ever would be. He found that thought to be unbearable. Mentally shaking himself he increased the speed to its highest. His hulking muscular frame pounded the machine. He couldn't face using the gym in the complex he managed so he opted to go to the nearest 24 hour one.

It was usually quiet at 3 in the morning, he seen the same old faces but was not on speaking terms with anyone. He finished his final burst and decreased his speed slowly. That's when he noticed the guy staring at him through the full length mirrors. Myles stared back sure that the guy would look away now that he had been caught staring but the guy just looked him up and down with a smirk.

"What is that guys problem?" He thought as he took his drink bottle and took a big swig.

He grabbed his towel and walked to the shower room. His body felt like jelly but the rush of endorphin's had kicked in and he felt good. He walked to his locker and removed his shower bag. He pulled the hair tie out of his hair and let his long shoulder length brown hair fall down. He peeled off his lime green singlet and threw it into his locker. He quickly removed his gym shoes, sock and black shorts. He put on some black flip flops and checked his phone. No new messages.

Wrapping his towel around his waist he walked into the empty shower room. It was long and blindingly white, the smell of bleach thick in the air, all the showers were separated by a four foot high tiled wall. He quickly found an empty cubicle and placed his shower gel on the dividing partition. The cool water felt glorious over his aching muscles, soon his hair was stuck to his muscular back. He placed a hand against the wall and let it cascade over him, watching as it swirled around the drain, trying to image the water as his thoughts.

"Sorry, could I borrow some of your shower gel, I forgot mine." A deep voice asked from behind.

Myles turned around, it was the guy who kept staring at him, now that he could see him up close he realized that he had seen him on three separate nights this week alone, always watching him but looking away when he was caught, he wondered why tonight he didn't look away.

"Sure," He said with a lingering stare, he wanted to let him know that he was aware of all the looks he had been receiving.

"Thanks, the names Cameron by the way."


Cameron walked into the next cubicle and turned on the shower.

"So you live around here?" He asked as he wet his short dark hair.

Myles watched him as he lathered in the shampoo, his body was extremely defined and muscular. His whole body was smooth. He placed Cameron to be about 5' 10, a bit shorter than his hulking 6'2. His skin was a bronze color, his facial features were strong and his jaw line chiseled. To Myles he looked like an Arabian Prince. He leaned over quickly and glanced down at his perfectly round bubble butt. The suds cascaded down between his cheeks, foaming in his crack. Myles quickly looked away as Cameron rubbed the shampoo into his arm pit, his bicep bulging.

"Yes I run a building complex a few blocks over."

"Most complexes have their own gyms surely."

"I like this one." He replied sharply, "It's usually quiet."

"Sorry if I am bugging you, I just got into the city last week and haven't had a chance to meet anyone yet."

"It's all good, I just have some stuff on my mind, I use the gym as an escape."

Myles quickly tied up his wet hair in a tie and began to rinse off, he was annoyed with himself for snapping.

"I hear that," Cameron replied, "If you are not busy would you like to grab a coffee."

"When." He asked turning the knob and slipping back into his black flip flops. He gave himself a quick once over with the towel and stepped out of the cubicle. Cameron was right beside him, dripping wet and naked. Suds were still covering the front of his body.

"Now, if you are free, I really am sorry if I am coming across as annoying, you just seem like a cool guy."

Myles tried his best to keep eye contact but he couldn't help it, he quickly glanced at Cameron's cock. It was more brown then the rest of his body and uncut. His pubes were tightly shaved and his balls hung loose.

When his eyes darted back up, Cameron had a knowing smirk on his face.

"So what do you say. Coffee?? I'm buying."

"OK," Myles replied. "I will wait for you in the locker room."


He quickly dressed, his long hair still wet in a man bun, he sat on a bench outside the locker room, he knew that he wouldn't be able to resist watching Cameron get dressed so decided to leave in case he got caught looking again. He couldn't find a reason for saying yes to go for a coffee with him. At first Cameron had annoyed him with the staring but now that Myles had spoken briefly to him he couldn't deny that he found him very attractive.

His mind was just so over the place at the moment that he never even considered or wanted to have coffee with someone other than Mason. The thoughts of Mason and his only sexual encounter often came to him when he found it difficult to sleep. He wasn't sure if it helped him sleep or was the cause of keeping him awake.

The stirring between his legs that had occurred as he got dressed thinking about Cameron's wet, muscular body surprised him. He couldn't remember the last time he had gotten a boner. Between running the building complex, the investigation into Kash and thinking about Mason, he just hadn't really thought about sex. That in itself showed him how busy and stressed he had been the last few weeks, he usually always thought about sex, he was extremely popular on the hook up apps, with his tall, broad frame, bushy, dark beard and thick flowing locks. He had the lumber jack look perfected.

Myles had no issue meeting guys, he just never seemed to meet anyone that he considered special. Most guys were intimidated by his look so all he really encountered were diva bitchy twinks or really old cocky men.

He heard the door to the shower room open and close, he stood up and slung his gym bag over his shoulder. For some reason he found he had butterflies in his stomach.

Cameron emerged, a relieved smile on his face. Myles couldn't help noticing his perfect white teeth, they seemed to glow against his copper skin.

"I thought you had bailed." He said walking towards the bench.

"No, I am not like that, I usually get a coffee after a session anyways." Myles said, surprised at the pitch his voice had taken on.

"Cool because I don't know anyplace that is open this hour.


They ended up sitting in a 24 hour fast food joint, it was empty save for a few truck drivers.

"This coffee is not half bad," Cameron said as he rolled the Styrofoam cup between his hands, "I was expecting it to taste like piss." He added with a slight chuckle.

Myles didn't responds. He was still wary of sitting with him, he really didn't need the complication in his life right now.

"So you said that you run a building complex, that sounds interesting." Cameron added to fill up the silence that was slowly starting to become awkward.

"It has it's good points and bad points like any other job I guess. I get a really decent apartment for cheap and the tenants are either very old or young families, I don't have to deal with much hassle on that front. What do you do?"

"Hmm that's a good question, I hated my last job so I quit and traveled the world for a few years, same old story that everyone has. Now I am back and just wanted another fresh start so moved to the city. I work in an office selling insurance and frankly I fucking hate it."

As he spoke Myles looked him up and down, when he emerged from the shower room back at the gym his breath caught in his throat. Cameron was wearing a tight fitting grey sweat pants with matching hoodie, it was sleeveless and he had the zip open half way down, exposing his flawless skin and guns. He felt self conscious compared to the red checkered shirt he wore over a white singlet with denim shorts and flip flops.

"So what do you do for fun Myles, any good clubs you could point me in the direction off."

"Depends really, I don't really do the club scene, what area are you living in." Myles said, hoping this conversation would take a different turn, he didn't really want to divulge what he had been doing in his spare time as of late.

"I am staying on my friends couch, just until I get myself sorted. I really want to move close to my job, but for now the bus will have to do. I am struggling to meet people, I am not usually like this but it's been years since I had to go out and mingle on my own, I don't even know what the young people do these days."

"Young people! What age are you? You are talking like you are over the hill or something."

"I am 29," He replied with a smirk, "And I guess you're right. I just seem to be much more mature than most guys I meet, don't get me wrong I have lots of fun but I just want something more right now, you know what I mean."

Myles sighed and before he could stop himself replied. "More than you know."

Cameron looked at his watch.

"I don't have work later so if you wanted I am free now if you want to chat."

"No." Myles snapped before checking himself , "Thank you though, it seems that all I do is think about things and right now I just want to enjoy my coffee."

"I understand. Would you like another? I'm still buying." His dark eyebrow shot up in a playful manner.

Myles swirled his cup around before draining it.

"Sure, I have don't have work later either.


They spoke until the diner filled up with businessmen and women on their way to work, the sun reflecting brightly off the glass of the high rise buildings surrounding them. The road was packed with delivery trucks doing their rounds. Myles found himself loosening up around Cameron as the conversation wore on, he did it best to keep it trivial but had to confess that he was having man trouble lately and left it at that. Cameron really was a surprise to him, he had a really friendly personality, was easy to talk to and just came across as a really decent man . Myles found from past experiences, that those qualities were getting harder and harder to find these days.

"It also doesn't hurt that he looks fucking amazing. " Myles thought to himself, feeling a strange sensation in his stomach.

"I better head back to the gym, I know which bus to catch from there." Cameron said quietly, an expectant look burned in his eyes.

Myles hesitated, he knew he was attracted to Cameron but he just didn't know if he could deal with it all right now.

"Well, it was really great to meet you Cameron." He said turning towards him, he seen his shoulders sag a little. The stirring in his stomach made a knee jerk reaction for him. "If you want you can come to my place, I can make us some breakfast, I am not a chef or anything but it will no doubt be healthier than that place."

A huge grin spread across Cameron's face.

"Lead the way."


They walked the three blocks to the building complex quickly, the sun was now starting to get warm. Myles could once again feel Cameron's eyes on him as they walked. His mind began to race and his mouth began to get dry. He could no longer deny that he was horny.

"Wow this place is beautiful." Cameron exclaimed as they walked up the driveway and he took in the impressive, well tended front lawn. The front of the building looked very modern with its darkly tinted windows.

"Yes I love location, its way better than some of the other places I have lived in."

"I bet, my friend's couch is nice and all, but the area is not the best, just too far away from everything. Living here would be ideal."

"Well, just keep an eye on the listings online, I'm sure something will come up in this area eventually, this area is very popular though."

"Even if I have a mate looking out for me." He said with a playful shove.

"Only so much I can do," Myles replied, taken aback.

Myles pulled open the heavy front door, a waft of cleaning chemicals greeted him. He seen the cleaner just as Cameron closed the door behind them.

"Hey Peter how are you?" Myles said.

"Fine as always, I haven't seen you around that much, you been OK?"

'Yes just had some stuff to do in the city."

"I have locked Mason's apartment, the cops have finished with it they told me, his housemate has already moved out. He gave me his keys, I put them in your lock box. Not sure if you wanted me to clean it or wait a while."

"Thanks Peter," He said quickly, desperate to get him to shut up."I will add that apartment to your roster once I know what is happening, have a good day."

He walked off without waiting for a reply.

"Cops? Was someone murdered here." Cameron asked with half seriousness.

"No just a break in, personal I think. I promise it's usually a very save complex." He quickly picked up all the correspondence and messages he had missed while on the hunt for Kash. They were stored in a lock box that hung from his apartment door. He unlocked it and walked ahead, praying that it was clean and not musty.

"I have not been here in a few days so forgive the mess."

"What mess? This place is a freaking palace." He said setting down his gym bag and walking to the kitchen area.

Myles walked to the giant window and threw back the heavy drapes, he cracked the window slightly.

"Help yourself to a drink or shake from the fridge." He called out.

"Thanks," Came the reply from right behind him.

Myles slowly turned around, startled by the close proximity of the reply. Cameron was standing there, a knowing grin on his face, his hand shot up and grabbed the back of Myles' head. He pulled him into a deep passionate kiss.

Myles was shocked, he couldn't believe the brazenness of him, after a few seconds he found himself getting turned on by the confidence of Cameron.

"I'm sorry it's just that I wanted to do that since I first saw you." Cameron said pulling away.

Myles grabbed his bicep with one hand and with his other planted his splayed palm against his chunky ass and pulled him closer, taking a deep breath through his nose. drinking in the smell of shampoo and sweat from the walk home. He looked into Cameron's brown eyes briefly before planting a sloppy kiss on his full lips.

Cameron responded in kind, kissing deeply, his hand running up Myles' back. He pushed him back against the window, the sun now shining full force behind him. Their tongues were lapping against each other, deep manly moans emanating from them both.

Myles squeezed Cameron's ass forcefully, each hand cupping a buttock, pulling his hips to his own. Lust had completely consumed him, he was surprised at how quickly he wanted to devour this man, who until a few hours ago he only knew existed as a guy who kept staring at him. As Cameron continued to probe his mouth with his tongue he realized fully, how much he actually missed the contact of another man.

He slowly moved his hands from Cameron's ass and snaked them slowly up his lower back, pulling the elasticized waistband of his grey sweat pants down, putting his hands on his fleshy cheeks. The smoothness ignited a fire in Myles, his kissing and moaning became more feral. He placed his two fingers between Cameron's crack and found his tight entrance. He slowly pressed against it and moved in a circular motion.

Cameron's breath caught, their lips remained clasped together, he was practically panting into his Myles' mouth.

"Fuck!" He whispered.

Myles didn't wait for any more words, he began to slowly lick Cameron's lips, placing quick, gentle kisses as he traced his jaw line back to his ears. He playfully nibbled on his lobe, taking in his manly scent. Cameron's asshole was moving in and out against the pads of his fingers.

Cameron's face was now between Myles' broad shoulder and neck, he traced the outline of his neck tattoo with his lips. His eyes closed tightly, all of his focus was on the pleasure he was getting from having his asshole massaged. He couldn't believe he was fooling around with the guy he fancied from the gym. He pulled his body away slowly, his erection protruding against the fabric of his sweat pants. He looked Myles in the eyes and smiled.

Myles smiled back, resting his fore head against his, his fingers moving away from his hoop and slowly around to his front, he grabbed Cameron's erection through the pants.

"Damn," He muttered, "Someone came to play."

Cameron bit his lower lip and smirked before slowly sinking to his knees. He quickly pulled down Myles' denim shorts, he was wearing black speedo briefs. The curve of his cock extended nearly to his waistband. Myles tossed his head back as Cameron slowly began to rub his member. Cameron planted his face against the underwear, using his lips to stroke the shaft, Myles' sweaty scent was driving him mad.

He pulled the fabric across, Myles' cock sprang out. Cameron grabbed it in a firm grip, he looked at it in all its glory. At the head of his cock was a dark brown helmet, the shaft was thick and less brown, his ball sack had contracted, extenuating his big bollocks. Cameron pulled Myles' shorts down to his ankles. He hadn't appreciated how thick his thighs were until he viewed them up close. He ran both hands along them before he spat on the dick. Myles tilted his head back against the window. Cameron slowly wrapped his full lips around the tip, sucking it gently. His tongue was fanning the piss slit, spreading the pre cum all around the eye. Savoring the salty taste.

He chanced a look up at Myles. He was rubbing his pecks as he returned the stare. Eagerness and anticipation etched across his face. Cameron smirked up at him before taking all of his shaft, Myles' helmet glided across the roof of his mouth before hitting the back of his throat. He wasn't used to sucking a dick this thick. He took it back out and began to jerk it with his hand, spitting constantly to get it well oiled before he attempted to swallow it again.

"Fucking hell." Myles moaned, placing a hand on the back of Cameron's head and guiding him back to his cock.

He continued to jerk the shaft, pulling more and more of him into his mouth with every downward thrust. He went all the way to the base and exhaled, his jaw was beginning to hurt but there was no way he was finished. He slowly extended his tongue and lightly lapped at Myles' ball sack. They gave a little jolt at the sensation.

Cameron reached inside of his pants and began to stroke his own cock. Myles was forcing more of his prick down his throat now. He reached around and grabbed Myles' beefy ass, digging his fingers in to the fleshy mound, before he spanked it. The loud smack resonated in the air.

Myles looked down at Cameron bobbing up and down his cock, he couldn't believe this was happening. The last time he had gotten head was off of Mason, he mentally shook himself and focused on the present. Cameron had brilliant oral skills, if his dick wasn't in his mouth, he was either kissing, licking or spitting on it.

"Yes, make that fucker sloppy." He moaned as he rubbed his nipples through his singlet.
He stared into Cameron's eyes as he placed his full lips around his helmet and slowly took him inch by inch into his mouth, their eye contact never broke. He took all of him, head to base, again and again, slurping each time his head hit the back of his throat.

Myles could feel the heat of the sun warming his shoulders, he was starting to sweat. He dragged his singlet over his head and threw it on the counter top. He kicked off his shorts and pulled Cameron up off his knees at the same time. His tongue once again began to probe his mouth. His lips were wet with saliva and pre cum. He could taste himself. He slowly walked him to the kitchen counter and spun him around. It was his turn to sink to his knees.

He reached down and pulled off Cameron's sneakers and began to drag his sweat pants down his muscular legs. Trailing his fingers up and down the back of his legs, Cameron let a soft humorous laugh out.

"You have a fucking beautiful body." Myles commented, admiring his flawless skin and sculpted leg muscles. He grabbed his ankles and forced them apart. Reaching up he grasped Cameron's cock and pulled it down. His 6.5' uncut dick was thick, his foreskin felt soft over his raging boner. Myles tugged it with one had while kneading Cameron's bubble butt with his other, prizing the cheeks apart, exposing his brown eye.

Myles couldn't contain himself anymore, the sight of his tight opening was making his mouth water and his cock throb. He spat on his fingers and wiped them against his hoop.

"Fuck yeah!" Cameron moaned, spreading his legs even more as he arched his back.

He had the nicest ass Myles had ever seen. Perfectly round and pert. He moved closer to it, extending his tongue, he swirled the tip around the hole. His beard rubbing between the crack. The smell of ass was intoxicating to him, he reached between his legs and began to stroke his own cock. Cameron had taken his dick from Myles' hand and was jerking off. Myles launched into a full on ass eating attack.

He ate Cameron's cunt like he was starving. His tongue flicking rapidly, probing deeply. He spat on it again, smearing the saliva all around the backdoor area with his beard and lips. Cameron let out a continuous grunt, he was too consumed with pleasure to form a sentence.

Myles formed his tongue into a point and began to punch in his backdoor, it loosened slightly, creating a sliver of an opening. He spread both cheeks as wide as he could and began to lap the entrance methodically. Letting the ring contract and relax against his tongue.

Cameron's whole body felt weak, Myles' hot breath was making all of his nerve endings tingle. His whole upper body was resting on the counter. His hand had a firm grasp of his own meat and was sliding up and down his shaft. He was practically pissing pre cum, he could feel warm drops that had flecked onto his thigh, all of his former hook ups were either grossed out by the excess of fluid he produced before sex or extra turned on by the river of juice that oozed from his dick.

Cameron was starting to sweat, the heat from the sun was now making the apartment feel clammy. His hoodie was beginning to stick to his back.

"Let's shower," He moaned, looking over his shoulder as Myles' hulking frame rose.

"Sounds good to me. I don't have shower gel though, some muscle god stole my last bottle and never gave it back." He said with a smirk before planting a firm slap on Cameron's ass.


They stood together under the cool jet, jerking each other off, their foreheads were pressed together. It was like they were in competition, both tugging furiously but neither wanting to be the first to bust. Myles moved closer, the hair on his chest sticking to Cameron's smooth chiseled pecks. Cameron's erect brown nipples grazed against Myles'.

"Fucking feels so good." Myles said as he began to roll one of Cameron's nipples between his thumb and fore finger. Cameron's back was pressed against the cool tiles. He grabbed Myles' face before snaking his fingers through his thick brown mane of hair. He pulled out the tie and watched it cascade around his shoulders. He looked fucking glorious, Cameron almost couldn't believe his luck. This is exactly the kind of thing he had moved to the city to experience.

The water made Myles' hair stick to his back, he grabbed Cameron's shoulders and spun him around, the jet of water hit the middle of his back before it ran down between his crack.

"Now where was I?" Myles said as he rubbed his fuck you finger against Cameron's twat.

He slowly applied more pressure and entered inside, he could feel his heartbeat around his finger.

Cameron cried out but didn't tell him to stop.

His hole felt so tight that Myles had to slow down his early pace, backing in out and of him gently, pressing down a little more with each retreat. Slowly but surely he could feel him loosen up.

"I want you." He said as he trailed kisses up Cameron's back, his finger still inside of him.

"Yes." Came the reply. "On your bed, but I want to taste your ass first."


They both lightly dried themselves before heading to Myles' bedroom. He gave a jolt when he seen the dirty laundry piled up on the un-made bed.

"Sorry." He muttered quickly, grabbing handfuls of his clothes and throwing them onto the floor.

Cameron pretended not to notice, he began to pull himself lightly to keep his hard on going. Myles' bedroom was spacious, a king sized bed was sandwiched between two bedside lockers, each having their own pendant lighting. The headboard was black and appeared to be leather. The little carpet he could see seemed to be white.

Myles tugged the blue duvet cover and threw some pillows against the head board.

He spun around but Cameron playfully pushed him back onto the bed. He grabbed Myles' hips and pulled him to the edge. He lifted both of his legs and placed his hand behind his knees, angling him back. Cameron let a glob of spit slowly escape his mouth, it dangled from his lips before it landed on Myles' ball sack.

He leaned down and slurped it up.

"Missed my target."He said flashing a perfect smile. The next spit found Myles' pink asshole which was encircled by curls of dark brown hair.

Ever since Cameron began to take his work out and diet seriously he always had to be smooth, he just put it down to being condition by what he saw in the fitness magazines but he had always favored the natural look on men. He tentatively placed his tongue on Myles' brown eye and let it quiver. He loved the fact that he was having such a pleasurable effect on such a giant of a man.

"Feels amazing." Myles moaned, his eyes were closed, he was stroking his dick and rubbing his nipple. "I want you in my mouth at the same time."

Cameron mounted the bed and swung his leg over Myles' face. He guided his dick to his mouth and felt soft lips envelop his helmet. He loved feeling the strands of hair from the beard tickle his foreskin as he began to pump into Myles' face. He leaned forward, taking a firm hold of Myles' cock, he began to stroke it passionately, his wrist flicking up and down, swiveling slightly on the down strokes. He licked his hairy gouch, following the natural line all the way to the asshole.

Myles had always been a heavy sucker, his first and only boyfriend had called him a vacuum. He couldn't get enough of Cameron's uncut cock, it felt fucking amazing slamming in and out of his face. His tongue slipped inside of his foreskin and circled around. His dick tasted amazing, if he had a choice he would always pick a hooded dick to play with.

Cameron leaned back, placing his arms on the bed, he began to gyrate his hips, pushing his cock further and further down the back of Myles' throat. The warmth and texture nearly tipped him over the edge. Both of Myles' hands were on his ass now, rocking his hips on to his face. Cameron had never had oral like it in his life, it made his toes curl and his eyes roll.

"I want to fuck you know." Myles said, breathing heavily.

"Yes." Cameron moaned in reply, swinging his leg over and going on all fours. Myles moved off the bed and walked to his bedside locker, he opened the drawer and pulled out his box of condoms and bottle of lube. He rolled on the rubber and applied a generous helping of oil to his throbbing cock. His mouth was dry, he had completely given in to his desire. He looked at Cameron on all fours, his perfect ass was just waiting for him to wreck. He moved behind him, rubbing some lube onto his hole, he reacted to the cold sensations sending his prick and balls rocking from side to side.

"Fucking hell man." Myles muttered as he rubbed his helmet against the shit slit.

The anticipation was building tenfold in Cameron, he couldn't take it much longer, he was looking forward to getting a good dicking. He felt pressure on his hoop before the pain as Myles shoved his cock inside of him.

He cried out, taking rapid shallow breaths.

"Just leave it in and give me a minute." He said through gritted teeth.

Myles pushed his dick all the way into the base of his shaft. Cameron was so tight it felt like a vice around his schlong. He reached around and tentatively began to stroke Cameron's cock. It had lost a bit of its hardness.

"OK, try again but go slowly."

Myles backed out, the muscles gripping his dick as he went. He could feel them loosen slightly. He inched forward again, easier this time. Cameron had placed his face on the bed cover, his eyes screwed up in concentration. He was sweating profusely now, a sheen had formed on his brow. Myles grabbed his ass cheek and used to guide them back and forth on him.

He had a steady momentum going now, he chanced a deeper thrust every so often. Cameron relaxed enough that he even pushed himself back on to Myles battering ram. Before long he was getting pounded, deep and relentlessly. The noise their two bodies slamming into each other egged them both on.

Myles pulled out of him and turned him on his back. Cameron spread his legs while Myles moved between them, he threw his head forward. His thick, wet mane of hair trailed his body. The sensation was like nothing Cameron had ever experienced before. He opened his legs around Myles' hips, welcoming his cock back inside of him, it went in quicker this time.

They began to kiss passionately, their tongues invading each other. Cameron wrapped his legs around Myles' back, as Myles began to pound him deeper than he had ever been fucked before. He thought is brain would burst, he just let go and submitted to it.

Myles looked Cameron in the eyes as he thrust into him with raw power. Something had taken over him, he had turned into a wild animal. Cameron's facial expressions were lost in ecstasy, his eyes were glazed over like a junkie that had just gotten his first hit in days.

"I'm going to come," Cameron moaned.

Myles increased his fucking, pile driving himself repeatedly into Cameron's well fucked ass.

He could feel the hot gunk shot out underneath his hairy torso. Cameron's cunt contracted around his cock with every spurt. They continued to grind together, Cameron's load rubbing between them, until Myles felt the familiar tingling in his cock.

"My turn." He said with a devilish grin on his face.

He pulled out and ripped the rubber off his dick.

"All over my fucking face." Cameron said weakly, sliding down, positioning himself between Myles' knees.

Myles' bellowed out, a guttural roar, before he unloaded on to his face. Shot after shot of thick, white sex piss splashed over Cameron's nose and lips. After the last string of jizz had seeped out of him, Myles leaned over and kissed Cameron, they were upside down, his own load getting mashed into his beard.

Myles flopped down onto his back, panting, he was tired and spent but felt fucking glorious.

Cameron pulled himself closer to Myles' body and laid his head on his stomach.

"Welcome to the city." Myles said with a weak chuckle.


The grey light of evening spilled across the room when Myles woke up. For a moment he was startled, he was confused. He didn't know at first how long he had slept or why he was naked, it all came back to him now and he was saddened to find he was now alone. He was annoyed at himself for getting his hopes up.

"Just another hook up." He thought to himself dejectedly. He walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, he was starving. He pulled some eggs out and closed the door with a bang, a page that was stuck loosely to the front with a fridge magnet fell and fluttered to the ground, landing on his bare foot.

"Hey Myles.

Sorry I had to leave, you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you, here is my number if you feel like catching up again some time. I had a lot of fun.


He placed the eggs back in the fridge and gathered up his singlet and jean shorts. A smile crept across his face, the first in weeks. Suddenly he felt like having dinner out.

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