More Water Induced Hard Cock

More Water Induced Hard CockWritten by FunHead
One of my straight buddies and I decided to do some fishing so we went to a spot with a wooden boat ramp and walked out on it. There was no one else there so we had the spot to our selves.
We cast a line in the water and waited for some fish to take our bait. The fish did not do any biting so things got a little boring. I was staring down at my cork and I heard my friend reel his in and lay down his gear. He then took off his shoes and socks and dipped his feet in the water as he sat on the edge of ramp.

I looked over at him and he was smiling at me sort of sheepishly. I knew water makes his dick hard. Then he leaned back and slid his shorts down. His dick was already hard and it seemed like it was on some sort of spring as it flew out and upwards and slapped on his stomach.

I reeled in my line and put my gear down and crawled the short distance over to my buddy.

"Damn. It sure looks like Mr. Pee Pee is all hard and excited."

"Yep. He's feeling all achy breaky and could really use a real good tongue massage."

"Mmm. Bet I can help him with that. I'll give him a real good tongue massage that will make him feel real good."

I leaned my head closer to his cock and was going to start licking on it.

"No. Wait. Don't start there. Start with my balls first. Lick and suck around on them dudes and that will make lots more of my hot cum. I know you like my hot cum and told me it tastes good. Suck around on my balls and I guarantee when Mr. Pee Pee gets all excited he will fill your mouth up with hot cum."

"Wow. That sounds real good to me. I'll start by weighing your balls on my tongue."

His balls were larger than average and there was no way I could get both in my mouth at the same time. I could, however, get at least one of them in my mouth but not much room to do anything else but wiggle my tongue.

With his shirt off and now with his shorts down he was naked from head to his balls. He looked mighty fine to me and I began to get a hard on as well. I wanted to put that hard cock with its large head on it in my mouth right then and just suck the hell out of him. He was right. I do like his cum. I do love it so.

He laid back on the wood and put his hands up and behind his head. I love that pose. I call it the "blowjob pose." I leaned in some more and twisted my head side ways and he spread his legs some. I put my tongue under his balls and lifted them up pretending to weigh them. That caused them to move around a little and raise up some. It also made him make some verbal pleasure sounds.

He had cold black hair on his chest, pubes and legs. Not a lot but just enough to get me excited. I liked the treasure trail from his erotic belly button down to his pubes. I followed that trail when ever I could to either lick his belly button or head on down to his hard cock.

His belly button had a sort of hypnotizing effect on me. To just look at it and I felt like I was heading down into a whirlpool where I had to kiss and lick on it. He would usually flex his abs when I did that to him.

When he laid back with his arms up, I saw he had nice black hairy pits and his tits took on an oblong shape up and down. That sight further looked erotic to me and again I wanted to get his cock in my mouth. Instead, I did it like he said so his cum would be more favorable and a goodly amount.

"There it is again, A bubble of that clear liquid has appeared at the slit hole. I like how slick it is and helps slide my tongue on your dick better."

I put my lips around his precum and got a good amount on my tongue. Then I slid my tongue down under his cock head and on down to its base. As I did so, more precum appeared and I repeated the same thing. Then I could no longer wait so I took his cock in my mouth and slid down as far as I could.

"Mmm. I like that. It feels like I'm really going to enjoy this."

While I had my mouth down as far as I could, I slid my upper and lower lips in opposite directions and wiggled my tongue sideways on his huge urethra. That's an exaggeration cause in my mouth it felt large to me. He did have a big one though. When we were in my home and he had to take a piss I could hear what sounded like a garden hose in my stool. That tube also made it possible for him to shoot out ropes of cum sometimes.

Now I began to suck up and down on it a little faster.

"Fuck. That feels good. Better slow down some. Better yet, just soak it for awhile. I don't want to come just yet."

I knew what he meant. Stay on it but with little movement. Just a little tongue movement but no hard sucking. I too was not ready to finish him too early. My mouth watered some as if I was about to swallow something. It amused me that he was a mouth watering delight. Then I gagged some.

"Oh fuck. That felt good."

I felt a small amount of thick cum in my mouth and I swallowed it.

"Better stop for awhile. Unless you do, I'm going to bust a nut big time."

I took his cock out of my mouth and looked at him. He was so hot looking laying there. I kept his dick in my hand and just lightly squeezed it and moved my thumb back and forth under its head. Then a solid white bulb of cum appeared again. Like a good cock sucker I leaned forward and licked it up.

But wait there's more. Another amount came out of it and I wondered if he was loosing control.

"Are you real close?"


"Want me to finished sucking you?"

"Go for it, I'm getting a nut right now."

Like the last time before I could get it back in my mouth, a string of his cum shot out and hit my face. I continued on down and began sucking him real good. He looked down at me and took his hand and wiped some off my face and then on the lower part of his Dick. I was able to swallow that stuff too.

Then, as if he was afraid I might stop, he put his hands on the back of my head and held it still as he moved his hips in and out. His buttocks contracted and that tube seemed like I could feel the cum as it traveled upwards into my mouth. I was definitely in cock sucker heaven. He too acted like he was in Ecstasy and moaned with pleasure.

His dick slowed its pulsations down and I knew it was about over. He took his hands off the back of my head and let out a big sigh.

"I think you drained me this time!"

"I know. It had a sweet taste to it and I just couldn't help my self. You acted like it really felt good to you."

"You got that right. I love it when you swallow my load. See what I mean? I think I got a much bigger and hotter nut than usual. Eh?"

"It was for sure."

I smacked my lips a few times.

"I can still taste your cum."

Then I asked him if it would it be okay if I sort of rubbed your chest and abs while I jack some?

"That's okay with me but I'll jack you while you feel me."

I slid my shorts down and he took hold of my dick and began manipulating it. I rubbed his chest and squeezed his nipples some. They took on a more pointed look and that made me get a good feeling in my dick.

The best part is when I leaned forward and licked on his tits. It got my dick so hard I had no choice but to let it have its way. I shot my load and he pointed it down on the wood where it created a small puddle. That was the wildest feeling sucking on his tits and coming at the same time.

That's a fish story with a nice big ending to it.

The End.

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