Mobile Ready, Jack Off and Cocktales

No NoWe are now mobile-friendly. Jack Off pics and Cocktales are on their way!



We just finished upgrading so that it is mobile-friendly. Now you can visit any time, any where on any mobile device. The mobile version of the site is simplistic, light and fast. It's simple layout and design, is to give you just what you need... on the go.
When you get back home or have the time, you can enjoy the full rich experience of on your desktop / laptop / tablet.
The mobile version allows you to sign-in, update your profile, make comments and upload video content right from your device.
How do you check it out? Simply point your mobile device to Enjoy!

We have had a few e-mails expressing the concern that there are no Jack Off pics or Cocktales. They are coming! We will begin to populate these categories very shortly. You will find them in the "Articles" tab in the Menu navigation above. As well (to keep things in focus and easily found), new Jack Off pictures and Cocktales notifications will be shown on the (Home) Front Page. Listings will be on the right hand side of your screen under "Latest Articles" (just below the Pic Of The Day).

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