Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'

Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'Two-and-a-half percent of American men ages 15-44 who identify as straight have had same-sex relations.
That's according to a December study published in the journal Sociological Perspectives by Tony Silva and Rachel Bridges Whaley, which examined “the relationship between straight identification and nonsexual social factors among men who are attracted to men."

Colloquially, it's called “bud sex.”
Other recent articles and studies have pointed to a “bud sex” trend catching on in rural areas, particularly among white males. We conducted an unscientific search through hundreds of exciting propositions in the casual encounters section of Craig’s List to see whether these findings hold true in North Texas.
We began our search during a holiday week, perhaps not the best time to track down straight men looking for discreet gay encounters. To start, we placed an ad: "Straight man looking for straight man for bud sex.” We got three responses in the following hour and then nothing else.
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