Late Night Jog

Late Night JogWritten by AndyWilson
I worked late so I usually had a to clear my head and to unwind from the long day at work. As it was late and very few people were about I usually only wore a tank top and a pair of white nylon running short shorts. You know the sort that scooped up at the sides which showed a lot to thigh (no underwear), joggers and sox which had a pocket for my apartment key.
My normal route was around a few blocks and then back to my apartment. This night I decided to vary my route which took a little longer as I had a particularly rough day and I really needed to unwind. I really needed to piss so as I ran down this street I noticed a club which was open to the public, i.e. no cover charge. I stopped and had a look around, it seemed ok so I walked inside and made my way to the back of the bar where the toilets were and went in and relieved myself. It felt so good to empty my bladder. I don’t think I would have made it home.

I made my way back out towards the front door where I was stopped by a large guy who said that the toilets were only there for patrons and were not free for scum off the street. If I wanted to leave the club I would need to at least buy a beer. I told him that I had no money and that I was only out for a jog. He replied that it seems that we have a problem.

Just then four guys came up to the guy and asked what the problem was. The guy explained what the issue was. One of the guys frisked me, feeling my arse and patting my brief, flimsy shorts and grabbed my cock through my shorts. Satisfied that I was carrying no cash he offered to buy me a beer which seemed to satisfy the manager. They took me back to a booth where I ended up at the back with two guys on either side. The beers arrived – there were two for me and just one each for the guys. They just said that they had been drinking for a while and that I needed to catch up. I was told to scull the first then I was aloud to drink the second.

We chatted about nothing much in particular which relaxed me a little. Then they ordered another round – again two beers for me and again I was told to scull the first. As I drank the fourth beer, the guy who had frisked me asked if I usually took my late night run commando. The other guys whooped it up and began feeling me up under the table. I tried to fend off the hands but I was unsuccessful. Hands seemed to come from all directions, sliding up my thighs and under my shorts, grabbing my cock and balls. I suddenly felt uneasy, but so many beers in such a short space of time were taking an affect on me. Things were becoming a bit blurred.

The guys then decided that I needed to pay for the beers that got me out of trouble with the manager for using the toilet. I told them the same as I told the manager, I had no money. Their reply was that I now owed them four beers. So what was I going to do to repay them? I tried to reason with them that I could bring the money to them another night but their reply was how could they trust me, I could just disappear and never come back.

Their suggestion was that we should sort this out in the dungeon. I had no idea what they meant. I was simply dragged out of the booth and two of my “friends” frog marched me down the stairs to the dungeon followed by the bar manager, where I saw a huge sign “The Dungeon” suddenly I became a little scared as I realised what was behind the door and I tried to make a run. No chance with two burly guys attached to each arm. My struggles were in vein. When we came up to the guy at the counter all the guys showed a badge and one said “he’s with us”. The guy behind the counter just smiled and winked at the guys and buzzed us through a door and they took me to a locker room. I was told to strip or they would shred my clothes. I opted to strip. My shorts, T, joggers and sox were removed and handed over to one of the guys who put them in his locker. The others also stripped off and deposited their clothes in lockers and locked them up. I was standing there naked with the others but my clothes were locked in someone else’s locker. I was stranded.

The other five had towels wrapped around their waist while I was lead naked through the corridors where other guy whooped and grabbed me as we went past. My cock by this stage was fully erect standing vertically reaching my belly button. I was very nervous but at the same time very excited.

I was lead into an area that had a sling suspended in the centre of the room. Even though I was gay I had never been gang banged by five burley guys. I tried to free myself to no avail. I don’t know what I would have done if I did get free. I was naked and my clothes and apartment key were locked in someone’s locker.

The guys just lifted me up and positioned me in the sling securing my arms and legs with the leather straps provided. One of the guys then got some lube and squirted a good blob up my arse and fingered my arse to prepare me for the rape. They said that they didn’t want to hurt me just get their moneys worth for giving me free beers. The manager chipped in that it was also payment to use the toilet.

The manager was the first to fuck me. His huge cock was eased into my arse slowly and made me squirm. His cock stretched my arse causing considerable pain. I relaxed as much as he pushed it all the way in while someone else gave me poppers. By the way his balls hit my arse I was cruising. Another guy came around to my head and slipped his monster cock into my mouth and down my throat. I was so relaxed and what a sensation being fucked at both ends. Soon a crowd started to gather and they were told in no uncertain terms by the manager that this was a private party and that I was their fuck boi exclusively. They were told they could watch and wank their cum over me if they wanted, but that was it.

There I was suspended in the centre of a group of guys, secured so that I couldn’t escape to be raped by all … not that I was complaining. It was a fantastic feeling to be completely helpless and to be ravished by a group of burley men. More poppers, more fucking, I was in heaven. I don’t recall how long these two cocks were pounded into my body, but it seemed all too soon they came deep inside. I tried to swallow all the cum in my but didn’t quite manage it, trickles of cum escaped from the corners of my mouth.

As soon as the first two withdrew they were replaced. I had lost all inhibitions by now and was ready for anything. I felt a few guys play with my cock and yank my balls but they didn’t want me to cum just yet … they wanted me to beg for it. Just then someone began to pull and twist my nipples which made me arch my back while some was pulling my balls. The torture was bliss – more poppers. I started begging them to fuck me harder and faster. The guy fucking my face got me to suck both his huge balls into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his balls and sucked as hard as I could (I love to suck nice big balls). Eventually I released his balls so I could suck his cock down my throat.

My fucker started to slap my arse which got me bucking and bouncing on his cock as he rammed it up my arse. He came in explosive torrents. I could feel each shot of hot man juice deep inside me. This in turn made the guy face fucking me shoot streams of hot cum down my throat. These two guys were replaced by the last of the five and one guy who was coming back for seconds. I was almost delirious with pleasure. I had never dreamt that I would feel so fucking hot by being gang raped.

I started feeling hot cum being sprayed over my face and torso from the audience. Splash after splash, fuck after fuck. There was nothing I could do about it even if I wanted to but I just didn’t want it to stop. The five had fucked either my face or arse then they came back for seconds to fuck the other end of me. By the end I had lost count of who had fucked me where. All I know was that I was coated with cum, cum was running down my cheeks to the floor and cum was dribbling out my arse onto the floor.

Exhausted, I was released and carried to the showers where they all cleaned me and themselves and then carried me to the Jacuzzi where we all rested for a while rejuvenating our bodies. We all decided that we all had a good time and asked me if I was up to this on a regular basis each week. They suggested that next week I only wear the shorts on my jog – of course I agreed and would strap my apartment key to my wrist with a lackey band. They would buy me beers and let me use the toilet and in return I would let them use me – fair exchange I thought.

They advised that there were other rooms with other contraptions we could use for our fun. When we had recovered we got out, towelled off and returned to the locker room. I was given my clothes back, we all said our good byes and I headed off home.

All week I was so horny wondering what would be in store for me the following week.


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