Foundry Furnace

Foundry FurnaceWritten by rae121452
More than the furnace is hot at this foundry.
"Never Fuck Your Small Town Best Friend". That's how I should have titled this story because that's how it all began.
Troy and I had been friends since childhood. We also started fucking and sucking each other as soon as we figured out how. In small town West Virginia it sure helped to pass the time, even if you weren't into it the way I was.
Anyway, we had reached our mid-twenties, still riding each other's dick whenever the need hit. Then, Troy suddenly began to get stand-offish and I discovered that he had himself a serious girlfriend. I didn't mind, we weren't in love, we were just fuck buddies. But I should have been more cautious about the whole thing.

I got along with Marcy, the girlfriend, alright at first. She soon seemed to take a dislike to me but I didn't really give a shit.

She belonged to one of the fundamentalist churches in town, the kind where they think if a kid beats off he's on a surefire chute to hell and he needs the devil beat out of him.

So, when Troy and Marcy invited me to accompany them to services one Sunday, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it but I went to be accommodating.

One of the features of the hick church was that anyone in the congregation could stand up, confess a sin and ask for prayers.

Marcy was out of her seat like a jack-in-the-box when the time came.

"I want you all to forgive and pray for Troy, my fiancé." she said. "He's been having an unnatural and demonic sexual relationship with his friend Bud here and he needs God to mend him."

I looked at Troy and I instantly knew that he'd been part of setting me up. Seeing red, I stood up and turned to walk out.

"Wait," Troy said, grabbing my arm. She's just trying to get you forgiven for our sin."

"What's she's trying to do is make sure that you're not getting any more cock up your ass after you and she get hitched." I told him.

I shook off his hand, harder than I'd meant to, and he fell down on his seat.

"You're a servant of Satan!" Marcy screamed at me and I said back, "And you're a dumb jealous cunt but I already knew that."

That set her free and it took three guys to pull her off of me. I turned once more to go and was confronted by the preacher, bible raised in his right hand, muttering some kind of gibberish.

"With all due respect, preacher, " I said, "If you don't step out of my way I'm going to be forced to cram that bible up your ass hole sideways before I leave."

He might have been an ignorant ass hole but he wasn't entirely stupid. He stepped aside and I walked out, followed by Marcy's banshee howls.

In a small town, the one thing you can count on is gossip. It seemed like most of the guy's I worked with had heard the tale before we started work the next day. The rest heard it soon after. I had 3 reactions that day. There were the guys who would mutter, "Queer" and "Cocksucker" after I walked by, the ones who would look at me and snicker and a couple of guys who asked if I wanted to stop by late in the evening.

In our little town, there was only one viable business, a foundry where practically everybody worked. I'd been working there part-time and full since I was in high school. The work was hard but it had built me up to where I was one of the biggest and most muscular guys in town so nobody tried any shit with me but I knew I had to get out of there.

By the time I got home that afternoon my dad, the town barber, had heard the full story, too, and he asked me to sit down and talk to him.

"I heard all about it." he began.

"If you're going to read me the riot act, just get it over." I said.

"I'm not going to do that." he said. "It may surprise you to know that when I was your age and in the army, I had a special male friend, too. If he hadn't died in the war, my life would have turned out a whole lot different. We're a lot more alike than you ever thought so I'm not going to try to shame you or make you feel bad."

"What about Mom?" I asked. My mother was out of town, tending to a sick aunt a few towns away.

"I already spoke to your mother before you got home. She knows all about my past and, truth to tell, we've known about you and Troy for quite awhile. We agreed that you need to get the hell out of this town and go someplace where you can be yourself."

"Mom thinks that?" I asked.

"Her exact words were, 'Tell him he's too good to be stuck in that shithole surrounded by shit kickers. He needs to move to a big town where he's got a chance to be happy. Just make sure he knows to come home at holidays.'"

My dad slid an envelope across the table and when I looked inside, it was filled with cash.

"It's only 500 dollars, it's all we could spare right now." my dad said. "But it should keep you until you find a new job and if need be I can send you more when the time comes."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I confess I teared up. I jumped up and sank to my knees and hugged my dad where he sat.

"You're my boy and I will always love you." he told me. "You're worth any ten of the lunkheads in this town and don't you ever forget it."

"What'll I do about my job?"

"I've known the old bastard who owns that place for the last 30 years." dad said. "I know a couple of stories that he'd do anything to keep from getting out. Don't you worry, when you get where you're going there will be a good reference all ready to be sent for you."

I went to bed with a heavy heart that night but I knew I couldn't argue with the wisdom of what my dad had told me.

The next morning, I was up and ready to go at sunrise. I had a Studebaker Lark in those days and I was able to fit the things I took with me in the back seat and the trunk. It was pretty tough saying goodbye and I may have even cried a little bit after I was on the road.

The freeways weren't really built back then so I had to use the state routes to get wherever I was going. It took me about an hour to hit Wheeling. By mid afternoon I was in Ohio and I decided to hop over to another route that went through Indiana. I had a road map that showed how I could drive across town and hit the route directly.

I had only gone a couple of miles off of the route when I came over a rise and saw my future. At the bottom of the valley there was a foundry, only about a fourth as big as where I had worked before, but operating full bore. I parked across from it and I noticed that there was a store and a bar and houses along the other side of the street.

There were a couple of guys smoking in front of the bar so I asked where the foundry office was and they directed me to a doorway about a half block away. I went in, climbed the steps and was in a paper cluttered office where a middle aged man sat behind a desk.

I asked if he was hiring and he replied, "Have you ever done foundry work?"

I told him how I had started part time at 16 and had worked there ever since. He was familiar with the name of my previous employer. I explained the various positions I'd held and the methods we'd used and he listened to it all. Then he asked, "Why'd you leave your last job."

I wasn't sure what to say and I must have looked uncomfortable because then he said, "You're not running from the law, are you?"

"No, Sir." I replied. "I come from a real small town and I got into a situation with another guy and a girl. I decided to get the hell out and let them have each other."

"That's all I want to hear." he replied. "That's a problem any healthy young fellow could get into. Come have a look around with me."

He took me on a tour of the place and explained that they were a family business that concentrated on specialty castings. I tried to sound knowledgeable about the different departments so that he'd know I wasn't bullshitting him.

We went into one area where the molds were kept while he was giving me the tour. There was a guy working there that I couldn't take my eyes off of. I'm around 6' 1", which was tall at that time, and he was every bit as tall as me. He had dark blond curly hair and blue eyes and resembled a movie star who was currently popular named Guy Madison.

He had on a dirty, torn undershirt and had a dark smear of dirt down one side of his face that did nothing to make him less handsome. Like I've said, I was in pretty good shape and he was just as muscular as I.

Broad rounded shoulders and swollen biceps, a tight v-shaped torso and thin waist. He was wearing a pair of loose old khakis but I could see the swell of his thighs as well as a pretty impressive swell at his crotch.

He felt me looking at him and looked up into my eyes. Usually, men don't look at each other that intently but he made sure that I was the first to break the contact.

We had a saying back then that when you inadvertently outed yourself, you had "dropped a hairpin". I felt like I'd spilled the whole box. Even when we moved on with the tour, I looked over my shoulder and he was still staring at me.

After we got back to the office the older guy who, as it turned out owned the business, said, "I could really use someone with your range of experience. As far as I'm concerned, you can start in the morning."

"I'll need to find a place to stay first." I replied.

He picked up the phone receiver and as he dialed he said, "I can fix that."

When the other end answered, he asked if there was a vacancy and then said he was sending someone right over. It turned out that there was a rooming house only a couple of blocks up the side street where a lot of the guys at the foundry roomed at first.

I went and rented the room, unloaded my stuff and called my dad to let him know everything was fine and that I had a job.

The next couple of days were spent just learning the drill, getting used to how things were done. I sort of floated around, helping out in the different departments as needed and I'm glad to say that I knew exactly what I was doing. By Wednesday, I was just another one of the guys.

Never having worked in a foundry you're probably unaware of the end of day routine. Because you get unbelievably filthy and sweaty, everyone showers before changing back into street clothes.

The shower room at this foundry was in an added on building, reached down a long hall from the locker room. It only had 8 shower heads and there were about 50 guys working, so you had to wait your turn.

The custom was to strip and line up in the hall till your turn came. I had spent plenty of time doing basically the same thing at my last job so I didn't think anything at all of standing naked in line with a whole bunch of other naked men. They came in all shapes and sizes and after the first day I had seen everything there was to see and just pretty much wanted to get cleaned up and out.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, things changed. There was a row of windows down one side of the hall and guys who wanted to smoke while waiting would get out of line, okay it with the guy behind them and then stand at the window and smoke. When they were done, they'd take their place back in the line. It worked well.

Anyway, that afternoon I was practically dozing in line against the wall when I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and standing at the window across from me with a cigarette in his hand was the burly blond I had seen Monday.

"I didn't know you smoked, Cole." one of the guys said.

"I quit but I'm starting back up." he replied.

He was standing with his shoulder resting against the window frame, three quarters turned to me. There's no other way to say it except that he was the hottest, most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen in my life. Our bodies were actually pretty similar, well defined and not a bit of fat since we'd sweated it all off in the foundry. He had really fair skin that was pretty much hairless except for a curly patch above his cock. And, my lord, what a cock.

I'm pretty well hung, over eight inches hard and nice and thick. Soft, I probably hang about half that.

His cock was at least six inches of soft fat meat and it hung over a set of large egg shaped balls that weighed down the sack they were in. I couldn't help staring even though I was afraid that I'd get a hard on.

I looked up at his face and he was giving me that stare again.

"If you like staring at naked men so much, maybe you should start going for the second shift showers." he said.

I had no idea what he was talking about since the foundry didn't have a second shift but I wasn't about to let him think I was afraid of him. I've never run from a fight and I figured we were pretty evenly matched.

"If all your mouth has to do is talk shit maybe I should come over there and plug it with something that will keep it busy." I replied and used one hand to flip my dick at him.

The guys around us snickered and he gave me a half smile and turned his back and leaned on the window sill.

Looking at his big cock had been bad enough, now I was looking at one of the most fuckable asses I had ever seen. His thin waist swelled into a pair of perfectly sculpted buttocks, full, rounded and melon shaped. I've got a special fetish for guys who have a pair of dimples above their cheeks and damned if he didn't have them. As I stared, he reached back to scratch one cheek and his deep crack parted enough for me to see the smooth flesh and tiny pink pucker inside.

There was no way that I could stay soft confronted with that and I hastily covered my growing cock.

Cole threw his cigarette out the window and swiveled to face me again. I saw him check out the half hard cock I was trying to hide and he gave me a half smile again and went back to his place in line. It looked to me like his cock was a little swollen, too.

When I got back to my locker I asked the old timer who was next to me, "What are the second shift showers?"

He snorted a laugh and replied, "There are some guys who work here who wait until everybody else is done before they shower. Supposedly, they do a lot more with each other than just shower. You walk in on that group and you'll have those cocksuckers all over you like leeches. How'd you hear about that?"

"I overheard somebody say something and I wondered about it. Don't worry; I've got enough trouble in my life without looking for it."

The next morning when I came in I was told that the foundry owner wanted to see me.

"Fuck," I thought, "I guess he heard about me popping a boner in the shower line." and I was all prepared to lose my job.

Instead, it turned out that he'd gotten a reference from my last job. I don't know what kind of story my dad had on the other foundry owner but it sure must have been something. They gave me such a glowing reference that even I didn't recognize myself.

"It says here that you've had fireman training." the owner said to me.

A fireman is what we called the guy who was responsible for making sure that the gauges and thermometers throughout the foundry were in the right zones. You're only allowed to generate a certain level of heat and there are big fines if you get caught overdoing it, so it's pretty important. He's also the last guy out at night because he's responsible for seeing that everything is turned off, covered up or blown out. Usually there is a guy who walks around a couple of times each shift with a clipboard and notes all of the temperatures and levels. I had been that guy at my last job and I told him so.

"Sweet Jesus," he said, "I've been taking care of all of that in addition to my own work since the last guy left. If you'll take it over, I'm sure we can make it worth your while."

I didn't have any social life; mainly I'd been going home after eating something and sleeping until the next day.

"Sure," I said, "I like the job. I'm kind of a worrier and I like to know everything is safe."

That's how I became the fireman.

Like I said, I was responsible for closing everything down so I was always the last one out of the door. I didn't get a chance to see Cole again in all of his glory but one afternoon as I was walking by his area with my clipboard he said, "Have you come to take my temperature?" The other guys laughed.

"Sure," I replied, "which end would you prefer I stick my thermometer in?" I cupped my cock in balls in my other hand.

"You'd better give it up, Cole." one of the other guys said with a laugh. "He can dish it out just as well as you can."

"Maybe we'll see about that." Cole said.

The next day at lunch time I was sitting outside with some of the guys at our picnic table. Cole wandered over and sat in one of the chairs across from me. He spread his thighs and either he's skipped his underwear or else he had on really thin boxers because I could see the outline of his big cock snaking down his leg perfectly.

"How do you like getting to shower on the second shift?" he asked me.

"I like it just fine." I replied. "I've met a real friendly bunch of guys. If you want to join us some night, I'll even wash your back for you."

"Yeah, like I'd ever let you near my bare ass when you've got your dick out." he said.

One of the guys at the table was a young guy who hadn't worked there that long, either. The guys called him Scotty and gave him a bunch of good natured shit, basically because he was so young and pretty.

"What makes you think anybody would want to fuck a big baboon like you?" I asked Cole.

I reached over and ruffled Scotty's hair and said, "Now, Scotty here is a different matter. All he'd have to do is drop the soap one time and I'd be wearing his ring."

The other guys laughed and Scotty said, "Yeah, and then I'd cut off your cock and your balls, too."

I acted afraid and jumped up and sat on the other side of the table.

"I'm staying away from that one." I told the table. "Those little guys are always the meanest and the hardest. I don't care how horny I am, it's not worth losing my cock. I'd rather jump naked into a cage full of wolverines than tangle with a guy his size when he's pissed off."

Scotty immediately and ever after became "Wolverine" and I noticed that the guys were a lot more careful about giving him shit.

The others all got up to go back inside, leaving Cole and me alone outside. He was giving me another one of his long, cool stares.

"You think I'm a real asshole, don't you?" he asked.

"I don't even know you." I replied. "You're a good looking guy and you're probably used to having people fawn all over you. But no matter how good looking you are, that won't stop me from kicking your ass if you give me a reason."

"Point taken." he replied with that funny smile.

He got up and walked over to the doorway as I watched his magnificent ass. Just before he went inside, he glanced back over his shoulder t see if I was looking.

I didn't see Cole for the next few days but I did see something else.

Since I was the person designated to lock up at night, I always was the last to shower and the last out. That Thursday evening, I had completed my duties and was looking forward to my shower. I could hear the water running from the locker room but I just assumed that some lazy ass had left it running, it had happened before.

I stripped and walked down the hall to the shower room and when I got to the doorway I got a surprise.

One of the older guys that I didn't really know was leaning against the tiles and there was another guy in front of him on his knees, sucking his cock. I could see the cocksucker's lips sliding up and down the thick shaft and I immediately grew a hard on. The guy on his knees was sucking like a pro and the guy being blown had his eyes closed, enjoying the service. The fat dick stiffened and I saw the cocksucker's neck muscles flex as he swallowed the juice. The older guy opened his eyes and I ducked back down the hall unsure if I'd been seen.

A few minutes later both guys came in, toweling off, and were surprised to see me sitting on a bench waiting.
"I guess I'll get my shower." I said.

I got up and covered my cock with my towel but even so it was fairly obvious that I was still hard.

"Thanks for not disturbing us. It's the only time some of us get to relax and there's no use rushing it." the older guy said, checking out my bulge. "Maybe we'll see you again some night."

I went in and turned on the shower and jerked my hard cock until I had sprayed about a gallon of cum on the tiles and floor. It had been over a month since the last time Troy and I had fucked and I was sorely missing having an available dick in my life.

The next day was the same old same old; I did my job and my fireman requirements. Twice when I went by him Cole stared at me as was his wont.

At the end of the day I went around for final check, making sure that everything was turned down, turned off and blown out. When I got to Cole's section, he was still there working.

He looked up and said, "Oh, sorry. Time got away from me. I've been lining these molds up for a big job we've got tomorrow and I wasn't paying any attention."

He finished what he was doing and walked off to the locker room.

When I had finished up all of my details I headed that way myself, wondering if I'd run into Cole. The locker room was empty and the showers were silent. He must have hurried up and gotten out so he could avoid me.

I stripped and went down the hall to showers and began to soap my body up. I kept replaying the scene I'd witnessed the night before of cocksucking and my dick was standing at full attention while I stroked a soapy hand up and down the shaft.

"Hey, it looks like we're the last two assholes left." I heard someone say and I spun my head around.

Cole was walking into the showers, his big dick and heavy balls swinging. I moved my body to shield my hard dick and I said, "I thought you had gone."

"There was a couple more things I thought needed done before I went home." he replied.

He came over and stood under the shower head one away from me and began to lather up. I pretty much had my back to him and he had his back to me but that didn't stop me from peeking over my shoulder to watch him. He ran his soapy hands over his body and I was getting harder by the moment. When he reached around and started soaping his ass, his hands sliding between his full cheeks, I almost shot my load then and there. The water ran down his back and through the deep valley between his cheeks making me want to drop to my knees and bury my face in his cleft.

"You made me an offer." he said, not turning around. "You said you'd wash my back some night."

He was still stroking his ass and my cock was so hard that precum was dripping from it.

I walked over to where he stood and he handed the soap over his shoulder. As I lathered his shoulders I caressed the hard muscles and felt the smooth skin sliding under my hands.

"That feels really good." he said. "You should give massages."

I let my hands drift down, stroking and kneading the taut muscles until I reached his waist. Looking down at his full rounded ass cheeks an inch or so from my hard cock was torture, I wanted so badly to slide my cock between them.

He said, "I'm really tight around my waist." and thrust his hips backward.

Since my cock was as hard as a brick and less than an inch away, of course he rammed it with his ass. He didn't react, though.

"Rub me right around there." he said. "It will loosen me up."

I massaged his waist, my stiff cock occasionally bouncing against his gorgeous ass until finally he said, "You can massage me lower, too."

My hands slid down and cupped each of his fleshy hairless cheeks. They were well muscled and his ass felt like satin over hard rubber. I kneaded the rounded globes and let my finger slide between his tight cheeks until I felt his puckered hole and began to stroke it.

"Something keeps poking me." he said and brought his had back and wrapped it around the stiff shaft of my cock. He looked over his shoulder at the hard meat in his hand and said, "Wow, you're a big boy all over, aren't you?"

He swiveled around, still holding my dick, and I saw that he'd gotten hard, too.

His cock was almost the exact same length as mine but mine was a bit thicker. He also had a bigger cock head, red and round like a small tomato.

"That's no circus peanut you're packing." I said and wrapped my hand around his shaft.

We stroked each other's meat for a moment and then he said, "Hold that thought."

He broke away and went over to where he'd left his towel and when he turned back to me he was holding a jar of Vaseline.

"I keep this in my locker to put on burns." he said. "But, it also comes in handy for other things, too."

"And you just happened to be afraid you'd get burned in the shower tonight?" I asked with a smile.

He came back over to where I stood, opened the jar and began to grease up my stiff dick. It felt indescribable to have this big butch guy lubing my cock up to fuck him.

There was a small concrete shelf that ran around the shower room about a foot high and after he'd greased me up to his satisfaction, he leant over and placed the jar on it. When he bent, he made sure that I had a good clear view of his hairless crack and tightly puckered hole.

He stood back up, widened his legs and leaned against the tile wall clutching the water pipes, his ass spread and waiting.

"Let's see if that big dick knows how to satisfy a hungry ass hole." he said.

I stepped up behind him and looked at his muscular shoulders and back, taut and straining and then down at the most beautiful ass I'd ever seen. I used my hands to separate the full cheeks until I could see his sweet little hole. My dick was so stiff that I didn't even need to guide it; I just rested the head against the opening and pressed forward.

His tight hole must have been hungry for dick because it opened around my thick cock head with almost no resistance. I watched the long greasy shaft begin to sink inside him and he whispered, "Oh, fuck yeah, that's what I've been needing."

When my cock was buried up his ass to my balls he looked over his shoulder at me and said, "That thing is the perfect fit. Now, wear my hole out with it."

I didn't need a second invitation.

I watched as my thick cock slid in and out of his tight hole, his beautiful ass cheeks shivering with the impact of my slamming hips.

He was muttering to himself, saying things like, "Give me that big meat. Open me up with that thick cock. Make me your cock slave."

He put each of his feet up on the shelf and clung to the pipes so that his ass stuck out and was spread to the max, welcoming my plunging cock to drill even deeper into his guts.

Needless to say, that just made me hotter for his ass and I began to jack hammer his hole, sliding in and out and swiveling my hips so that my cock rubbed every inch of his fuck chute. I leaned over with my chest against his back and began to steadily fuck his hole while reaching around to hold his cock. It was as big and stiff as a crowbar and I could feel a tremor go up it every time my cock head hit bottom in his ass.

I felt my balls start to boil and I said, "I'm going to cum soon."

"Fill my ass up." he said, "I want your cum dripping out of my hole all night."

His already tight hole clamped down harder on my cock shaft and then I started shooting. The hot fluid squirting out of my piss hole felt like molten lava shot through a fire hose and I practically swooned.

My balls kept shooting forever, I wasn't sure it would ever stop but eventually it did.

I rested, catching my breath, and then I slowly drew my spent cock out of his clutching hole.

Cole stood up, stretched and said, "Goddamn, I'm ready to work another shift, now!"

His fat juicy cock stood out in front of him like a prong, so stiff it didn't even sway as he moved. The thick piss channel underneath bulged out and a fat blue vein ran down the length of the upper side.

"That's good." I said. "You've still got work to do."

I grabbed the Vaseline and began to coat his fat cock while he watched, then I turned to the wall, spread my legs and bent over with my hands on the low shelf.

"Let's see what kind of ass fucker you are, since you're so good at taking it."

He stepped up behind me and said, "I didn't even hope that you'd let me fuck you, too."

I felt his wide cock head sliding up and down in my crack, finding the hole, and then the thick meat opening my ass up for invasion. His cock was thicker than I was used to and I let out a low moan that seemed to excite him.

"You like my cock, baby?" he asked.

"No, I love it. You haven't even started to fuck me yet and it's the best dicking I've ever gotten."

That got him going. His thick meat sank into my ass to the root and he moved his hips to stretch my chute and get it ready to be fucked. When I'd loosened up a bit, he began to hammer away.

"You've got the hottest ass I've ever fucked." he said. "I never thought I'd get to fuck such a hot guy."

I have to say right now, he was an expert fucker. With Troy and me it had been-stick it in, shoot it off, and slide it out. With him, I felt things in my ass that I never had experienced before. He was making love to my hole.

I was gasping and groaning with the sensation, arching my ass back to me his thrusts and he said, "I've never had such a hot fuck, you really love my cock. I don't think I can hold out."

"Shoot it!" I said. "I love how you fuck me but I want to feel you shoot your load inside of me."

No sooner said than done. He let out a deep moan and I felt his rigid dick stiffen even more and his hot, slick cum begin to paint the walls of my ass. He must have shot twelve spurts of juice in my hole before his balls were emptied.

As he slid his dick out of me he just said, "That was fucking fantastic."

I stood up and looked at him and he grabbed me by the shoulders and pressed my back against the tile. I had never kissed anyone before so it came as a complete surprise when he wrapped his arms around me and began to kiss my mouth, hard.

After a momentary shock I decided it felt pretty good and I kissed him back just as hard. Our hands were running over each other's body, our tongues buried deep in the other's mouth. I caressed and squeezed his tight ass cheeks while he caressed and stroked my cock, we kneaded each other's shoulders and he fingered my dripping ass hole, all the while never separating our mouths.

It was even more incredible than fucking him, I felt like we were absorbing into each other's body.

It could have been five minutes or it could have been an hour, I lost all sense of time and surroundings, totally connected to his mouth and body.

Finally he broke our kiss and said, "Jesus Fuck, you must be the hottest man in the country."

"I'm just number two." I replied. "I just got fucked by the hottest."

We went back to kissing until I said, "We really need to lock up. Who knows what time it is?"

He reluctantly released me and I almost fell over, I was so weak in the knees. We turned off the showers and the lights and he followed me back to the locker room, all the way making lip smacking noises as he watched my ass.

Even as we got dressed I couldn't resist occasionally stoking his ass, holding his heavy cock and giving him quick kisses. When we were finally dressed I didn't want the night to end.

"Want to come across the street to the bar and have a beer with me?" I asked.

"We could do that, or..." he started as my heart began to sink.

"Or, we could go to the store and buy some beers and take them back to my place. I live only a couple of blocks from here." he said.

"I like that idea much better." I replied with relief.

I looked at him standing in front of me, his handsome face, his sculptured muscles and the big bulge of a cock filling the crotch of his jeans.

"It's no fair that you're just as sexy in your clothes as you are naked." I said.

"Well, you're probably the only guy who thinks so." he replied. "And I intend to take these clothes off as soon as I get you home, anyway."

Walking to his place I kept marveling at the gorgeous man walking beside me and how lucky I was. We got to his place, the first floor of a two family, and we had no sooner shut the door than we were in each other's arms kissing again.

That was Friday evening. We didn't leave his bed that weekend except to pee or get something to eat.

We did everything that two infatuated men can do to each other and I think we might even have invented a few new ones.

By Sunday evening we had eaten everything in the house except for some grapes and water and we still didn't want to go out. The time we hadn't spent fucking or sucking each other we had lain wrapped in each other's arms, asleep or awake.

Monday dawned and we both had to get up and go to work.

As we walked to work, Cole said, "How about we go out for dinner after work? There's a chili parlor less than a mile from here that's really good and we can go to the Kroger and stock up on groceries, too."

I handed him the keys to my Studebaker and said, "Pick me up out front after I close down."

"And no spending any time with the second shift shower boys." he replied.

"The only shower boy I'm interested in is you." I said. "I may even have to suck you off during lunch."

Cole threw his hands up in mock terror and in a high voice said, "You brute! Have you no mercy on a young boy's innocence?"

"About as much mercy as you've had on me." I replied. "My ass hole is still throbbing from the work out you gave it this weekend."

"Well, I know you're not complaining so you must be bragging." he said.

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