Former lover of Alexis Arquette sells a SEX TAPE

Alexis Arquette SEX TAPE Sold for $25,000XHamster Buys Alexis Arquette SEX TAPE - Former lover of Alexis Arquette sells a SEX TAPE featuring the transgender rights activist to a porn company for $25,000 just a day after her death.

Actress and famed transgender rights activist Alexis Arquette, who had reportedly been living as a man in his final months, died on Sunday of AIDS-related complications.
Less than 24 hours later, a former male lover began hawking a sex tape, thought to have been made around two years ago.
Online porn site paid $25,000 for the video - but then destroyed all copies of the tape to prevent it smearing the late transgender activist's memory.
An xHamster spokesman honored the Pulp Fiction star in an exclusive interview with
You can read that interview here

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