Forever and Always

Forever and AlwaysWritten by MalevolentBard
"Tonight is the night" I whispered solemnly. The words had been whispered before, the intention had been stained onto the fabric of my actions once before and I'd cowered and fled, muttering futile Hail Marys while I scrubbed my eyes, ears, mouth and body raw hoping to rid myself of the scarlet letter I'd carved onto my skin.
I had no reason to believe tonight would be any different, none whatsoever really. Here stands a twenty-year-old virgin with all the hang-ups of a sexually handicapped nun; unsightly platinum blond hair that never bounced, pale brown eyes that should have been gold, but weren't, skin so translucent I swear I glowed in the dark...and knees. I was all knees and arms and... body dysmorphia is a real and harrowing thing, ladies and gentlemen.
"Tonight is really the night" I'd called all the gods to task. I'd summoned them all for an informal powwow and begged them to conspire towards my happiness. So, there I was, closeted and dolled up and mildly terrified of sex, but damnit it was more than about sex.

I once fought against the tide and my insistent fears by fooling around with someone from some shady website; it wasn't an experience I'd like to relive. To be honest, part of me knew that I wouldn't be getting Prince Charming, but can't a brother get a man who advertises honestly though? I was expecting a strapping young man who was hung for Africa, but what I got was a near obese middle-aged man with a dick small enough to be a pacifier, doused in the worst smelling cheap fragrance known to man. I'll never forget how he'd walked in, smiled that greasy old-man smile and urged we get a move on because he had somewhere to be. I was doe-eyed and flustered, not because I was anywhere near aroused, just unbelievably embarrassed and eager to get it over with.

I was beyond grateful we hadn't had time to go all the way, but I did have to blow him for his troubles. His meaty paw stroked the outside of my sweats, moving heavily over my eighteen-year-old cock. After minutes of doing so he must have figured that I wasn't going to get hard anytime soon, so sensing his growing frustration - that not being the only thing of his that grew in my presence - I decided that now was as good a time as any to get it over with.

I got on my knees and did what mamma never showed her baby to do. I wasn't no punk quitter. I had to almost tear him out of his tight fitted slacks; the clank from his belt buckle echoed while the scratch from the zip hissed. I watched as layer after layer of clothing disappeared and what i was left with was maybe two and a half inches of meat, limp meat. His olive cock head flared out while the rest of the small shaft rippled with skin and sat cosily against a wall of curly dark pubic hair. Closing my eyes shut i pulled in a deep breath, almost choking on the fumes from this man's suffocating fragrance, and then i went for it. I opened my untrained mouth and slinked the wilted appendage in my warm mouth and did what I'd read about. I moved my tongue over the spongy head and head him moan while i bobbed slightly.

I must have been doing something right because seconds into my ministrations i felt the small penis grow in my mouth and expand. For a second I felt a power course through me with the knowledge that I did that. I turned what little flesh he had into something slightly more noticeable. I made him hard. I should have enjoyed it more, i should have been hard, but I wasn't. I just went through the motions; not looking into this man's eyes and not moaning for his benefit. With his cock now fully erect i could still fill its entirety in my mouth. No throat needed there. My taste-buds tingled with a new taste; an off, bitter and salty taste i almost recognised. It was his precum; the man was sure enjoying himself while he began thrusting into my young mouth. Just as quickly as it had begun, it ended. A few thrusts later he began shooting into my mouth. Without so much as a heads-up, I gagged at the bitter, unwelcomed taste. I couldn't swallow so i waited for him to finish while his smooth cum pooled in my mouth and the man rode out the waves of his orgasm.

A heave and a sigh later he zipped up and looked at me with those dirty green eyes.

"Not used to the taste, huh?" he asked in an equally greasy voice. I smiled and nodded while he left to go wash his hands in the bathroom. I rushed over to the sink and spat out what was still in my mouth and gargled to make sure what was left was gone. We exchanged an awkward goodbye and that was that.

If I could I would erase that bit of my past, because hot shame filled me every time I thought about it. Since then I'd never so much as licked or even touched anther man's penis. Now that I was in my second year at College I figured it was about time I broke through the awkward fear around sex and finally lose my virginity. I looked over my 5 foot 8 slim frame through the dusty mirror that once belonged to my crabby old grandfather who spoke more of the "evil homosexuals" as he got older, and sighed pensively. I wasn't anything fascinating but I wasn't hideous either.

I could hear him now, "You keep wearing clothes like that, and you'll come home married to a man. A damn poof", I'd grunt something unintelligible and he'd grunt something just as unintelligible before trying to hide a knowing smile while he shuffled his way back to his room. He passed away not a month ago. I missed him, that weird old coot.

The beeping of my phone pulled me out of my musings and back into reality. I slid over to my phone and read the message recently received from my best friend, Blake.

Hey Danny, i'm outside waiting for you. Let's bounce

Now there was a guy who was comfortable with not only his body, but with sex. He was imperfectly perfect in every way possible. His olive complexion wasn't unique, nor were his chocolate brown eyes or his full pink lips or the full, trimmed beard. But on him, it was a work of art.

So yeah, if you thought I had an original bone in my body, you are sorely mistaken. I'm the gay nerd who is hopelessly, disastrously and unstintingly in love with his best friend. His straight best friend. Tonight, however, I was going to do something far out of character for me. I was going to ruin our friendship and I was going to seduce the hell out of Blake until he is either weak at the knees ready to plough into me or furious beyond consoling.

I was going to throw a grenade in the air above our friendship, scream "I LOVE YOU, COME FUCK ME" at him and wait for the bomb to rip what solid comradery we'd shared over the now two-year friendship. I was ready to mess things up.

"Tonight is the night" I smiled nervously. Living in the same dorm as him was torture. He'd even recently suggested we study together, which meant he studies while I try to not stare at his perfectness while I retain absolutely nothing and bone up something fierce. It was horrible and great at the same time. I could smell him, hear him breathing almost and sometimes he'd look up and we'd lock eyes for only a second before he smiled and returned to his studying.

I created fantasies and worlds around that boy's smile. It was life affirming. It was god designed and it was all him. I had to be close to him. I had to inhale what little of him I could get my fill of Blake musk, use it as self-love fodder and hate myself after because of it.

I've never told anyone that i was gay, out of fear maybe but when i'm around Blake i feel like i could say anything and he'd accept me for who i am. Sure he often made fun of gay guys and how feminine they were, and sure he'd called me out a few times and insinuated I might be gay and instead of agreeing I'd laughed it off as one of his many jokes, but I know he'd be there for me should I say anything. That's why I was in love with him.

Maybe it's that he's tall enough to lean against without feeling too small; he was just the right size with his 5 foot 10 self. Or was it his dark brown eyes that i so often saw staring back at me when i looked in the mirror? I promise, sometimes I swear I saw him staring back at me through the mirror.

Whatever it was i couldn't have said anything to him last year because he was in a relationship with this really cool girl and i wasn't by any stretch of the imagination a home-wrecker. It was only when they broke up and she told me to "look after him" that i entertained the possibility of being with him.

Tonight, was going to be the night i said something though, even if he told me off and it ended our friendship; I couldn't stand it anymore.

With my phone and wallet in hand i locked my room and braved the cold night in search of Blake. My phone buzzed once again before I pulled it out to read another message from Blake.

Blake: Look up

It was involuntary, I swear. I couldn't help but smile and look up and there he was; a vision in his dark blue slim fit jeans and a bright white hoodie. His smile held my audience and i was drawn to it, hypnotised by it while it pulled me deeper and deeper into his orbit.

"You ready, man?" he finally said, breaking the spell. "ready to tell you I love you and beg for you to take my virginity? Sure" I thought nervously.

"Sure, where are we eating exactly?" this was something we did often, well something he initiated often. He'd call me to go have dinner somewhere and after we'd part ways.

"I was thinking pizza and then a movie, in my room though, cool with you?" my heart began doing things that resembled a heart attack but were more akin to the kind of palpitations you got when you heard you might be getting a puppy for Christmas. Also, that puppy was kind of a great Dane. I was nervous, excited, afraid, but so ready. "Keep it cool, just keep it cool" I took a deep stealing breath and shrugged.

"Sounds good, dude" with that we walked and talked about anything and everything under the sun...erm...moon. We finally got to where we'd get out pizza and he chose his first.

"I'll have the chicken and mushroom please" he said confidently and then turned to me. Menus and I never got along. It wasn't that I was indecisive, it was just that there were too many numbers and letters and pictures and the pressure to order something good and I would start sweating and get a little woozy and get confused before I finally closed my eyes and ordered whatever came to mind first.

"Have you made up your mind?" Blake asked.

"I'm thinking okay, just wait a second"

"You're being a girl, just order something" he smiled down at me and i huffed disapprovingly while the young lady behind the counter looked at both of us, trying to hold back a smile, unsuccessfully might i add.

"You know, all this pressure isn't helping me, Blake"

"You don't know what kind of pressure i can give you, buddy" he said and i shook my head and skimmed through my options.

"Hurry up Danny" he taunted.

"Stope speaking and let me think" I mumbled.

"Start thinking and maybe I'll stop speaking"

"It's the letters, I'm not dyslexic but I feel like I get touched by it whenever I see a menu"

"The menus aren't the problem here. Hurry up" he hissed playfully.

"You're being a bully, stop it" i said and Blake nudged me aside all the while looking me deep in the eyes while he spoke.

"He'll have something meaty because he's a fan of meat. Make it extra saucy too, right Danny?" with his eyes still on me and a wide smile, I gulped down the rising furnace that was my arousal and forced myself to roll my eyes when all i wanted was to grab him and suck on his meat right there and then, but i had to behave. I instead nodded and turned towards the now openly smiling young lady behind the counter while she clicked and scanned.

We waited a few minutes for our order to arrive and began eating the moment they arrived. Small chatter took up most of our evening and then a topic i hadn't expected came up.

"We should get you a smoking hot chick for at least one night, man" Blake said between mouthfuls. I rolled my eyes.

"Why'd you think that?"

"You're never with anyone, you're always riding solo and it's tough to watch" he said and a dull pang shot through me before i responded.

"I don't know if i'm for that right now" i said while i wiped myself off, feeling stuffed. Appetite severely desecrated by my breaking heart.

"Don't be weird man, just get a girl already" he pushed and i found myself feeling frustrated by his incessant badgering.

"I have other things to focus on right now, Blake" I knew I was annoyed, surely he must have sensed it too, but I smiled to help keep the conversation light. "That boy does not and will not want your behind. Tonight is not the night" my inner sexy-self spoke proudly. He was usually right. He was just as encouraging as he was discouraging. He favoured not the good nor the bad.

"Yeah well make sure you slot having a girlfriend somewhere in there, nobody wants to be friends with the frigid, lonely old man. That's just weird" he said while he continued demolishing his pizza.

"Don't be like that old weird man in your family, who did you say it was? Anyway just be normal for once" he said while chewing on his pizza.

If words dealt wounds, mine would have been fatal. My insides churned and my eyes stung. I'd opened up to him about my grandfather and how he'd been alone for all of his life and how that was sad and he chose to tell me in not so many words that he didn't want me to be like that because he thought it was weird. My mind buzzed as i thought about whether or not i should tell him. I looked up at him; completely unaware of what he'd just said and done and decided that it wasn't. It could never be.

"You done?" he asked and i nodded; not trusting my voice not to break. Suddenly i was dreading the rest of the night. I felt like my heart had been stomped on and broken, i couldn't go on with the night but if i bailed on Blake, he'd want to know why and i didn't have it in me not to tell him everything.

We walked in silence back to his room and he popped in an action flick and we both sat back and watched in silence.

"You want some sweets?" i turned to find Blake waving a bag of treats before me with the side of his face illuminated brilliantly and seductively by the glowing TV screen. I shook my head and turned back to watch the movie, wishing for the night to be over with so i can crawl back in my bed and stay there for days, months or maybe even years.

"You okay?" I'd barely registered the question until the volume was muted and Blake shifted beside me to face me entirely. I turned to face him and could do nothing to stop the lone tear the stretched languidly down the side of my face. His dark eyes widened while he looked me over. I just nodded.

"You're crying, Danny" his voice painted with awe and confusion. I sniffed back the coming tears and smiled.

"I'm fine man, it's nothing really" i lied, i would have to lie from here on out so i could be "normal" and retain his friendship. "You weren't designed normal. It will kill you. You'll be another statistic, another life lost, another boy who didn't say anything" He was heartbroken too. As unbiased and sometimes callous as he was, my inner sexy-self loved Blake too. I was so hurt by the statement and judgement that it felt as though something had been crushed inside me, but i couldn't show it to him or tell him about it, that was clear.

"Come one man, tell em" he urged but i shrugged. I opened my mouth to say something, anything, but i couldn't. The tears flowed and i just stared at him while he stared back. I hadn't noticed his hand over mine, but it was there. His thumb had begun rubbing circles over the back of my hand and i couldn't do it. I couldn't have him be so close and so far at the same damn time.

I couldn't lie to him for the rest of my life; i couldn't have him in my life and not have him in it too. I needed a way out of this because it was no longer healthy for me or our friendship; one i knew had come to an end.

"I have to go, Blake" i whispered, pulled my hand back and stood up. He stood up with me and kept his eyes on me the entire time. I sighed and took a step forward. He stood stock still in front of me, staring at my face and in my eyes and around the room like he'd been contemplating something. Maybe he knew he'd hurt me somehow, maybe that was why he looked slightly panicked.

"Please man, i need to go" i said, i couldn't have offered him an explanation right there and then without revealing too much. I needed to be calm when i next spoke to him. He took a step back and looked down to the floor. I took a step closer and he snapped his head up and looked as though he couldn't believe it. He stepped in front of me again and shook his head.

"You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on man"

"I'm just...tired, Blake" i really was, I've been tired for such a long time and tonight had taken so much out of me, just standing there was a test of wills.

"Tell me the truth, Danny. Tell me everything" he insisted, stepping closer. They tell you the eyes are the windows to one's soul. Like you could consider someone's eyes and see it all; really look into who they are, what they want, what they need and what they stand for. IN that moment, looking into Blake's hardened eyes, I saw a silvery determination I'd never seen in him before. Maybe the eyes are the windows to one's passions, what they want to be, who they see themselves as, because who I saw staring back at me wasn't the guy I'd known for almost two years now.

This was a man who was relentless. He was stern, unwavering and he scared me a little. "You've heard about all the homophobic beatings on campus. He's going to beat you now. This is where your friendship ends. He knows and he's going to do you in" for all the bravado in his words, my sexy-self was cowering in a corner, waiting for the blows.

"I don't know what you..." The words only half left my lips before they were stolen from me when Blake moved in like a predator on his unsuspecting prey. Grabbing the sides of my face, he almost growled as his breaths burned through him. If this was how it was meant to go down, with Blake beating me up because i was gay, then so be it. I was too tired to do anything about it anyway.

"I just want to go" i said with my eyes closed. Pleading. The closeness did things to my body i tried swearing off but couldn't. I was drinking in his warm breath and the smell of pizza and body heat. I opened my eyes to look into his for the last time before he did whatever he wanted to do and found him tearing up. Silver streams cascaded down the side of his face while he bore into mine and before i could ask him what the matter was he leaned in without any preamble and devoured my mouth.

That's what it was. It was the ravishing of one's lips, mine to be precise. The second our lips touched my breath escaped me and i thought i would faint, but Blake's arms left the side of my face to hold me in place. His body knew what to do instinctively. It took me a second to understand what was happening, but once my brain caught on, once i felt his tongue sensuously sliding over my lips and once i felt his hot breath washing over my nose, i knew what i needed and wanted to do. I opened myself up to him and welcomed his intruding tongue and for what felt like hours our tongues danced and slid over each other. It was something I'd dreamed about for years now and it was finally coming true.

The taste of this man had me going insane, i didn't need coercing or rubbing to get my cock up because it was as hard as steel. Blake moaned while devouring my mouth and tongue as though they were his lifeline. Now I understand why whores don't kiss. When you do that with someone, when you do it right, you could inhale the soul of another and be possessed by them. You could be filled up by their essence, feel their every move, be touched by their being in places you were never touched before. They would have free reign over the dark spaces and broken places you've hid from the world, they would know and understand you. He finally detached himself from my face and looked deep into my eyes. Still teary eyed, he looked down at me and pulled me flush against him.

"Please, just...please tell me everything" his voice cracked before i looked deep into his eyes while he pleaded. He wanted me to say it; he wanted me to finally be honest with him. Could it be that he'd felt the same way i had felt for him? Maybe he knew all along and just wanted me to open myself up to him and being real with him. Whatever he wanted, i was going to give him everything, but not before i tested his limits and showed him what i wanted.

I pulled back and grabbed his hand and dragged him further into his room. He followed compliantly, eyes trained on me and face flushed while I turned him around and pushed him onto his bed. He fell back and stared up at me while i took in every inch of this fine man. He propped himself up on his elbows and waited.

"I'll show you what i want" i whispered and moved over to him. He moved his head up to try and kiss me, but i was having none of that. "Yass damnit! You do it, you take the lead on this one. make me proud!" my inner sexy-self sauntered seductively in nothing but a red jockstrap and red pom-poms.

"I want you to trust me. I don't have much experience, but i need you to allow me to do this my way, okay?" i waited for his response and he nodded. His eyes hooded he leaned back, still on his elbows and waited. I began unbuckling his belt and in on swoop i pulled them down until his boxer-briefs were left.

"Shirt" i demanded huskily and in a matter of seconds he tore it off him and sat back again and waited. I smiled at is eagerness, still shocked at how quickly things had escalated, but satisfied that this, whatever this was, was finally happening.

I slid over him, breathing over the smooth dips and ridges of his young body, meandering with my tongue out and tasting the supple skin below me as I made my way up to his neck. He tasted right, warm and so damn good. I kissed his neck, feeding off the shiver that rippled through his body, imbibing his excitement and tasting the salty sweat down his colour bone and over his perky pink nipple.

"Oh god" he moaned while i flicked the little nub with my tongue and moved over to the next one. I did the same thing, biting lightly, toying and enjoying the shudders and groans, but I was impatient, I wanted Blake inside me and fast. I moved languidly down his firm chest and over the pulsing ridges of his muscled abs and dipping my tongue in his belly button before moving towards the top of his boxer-briefs. "You've already made it this far bitch, I'm proud of you. Now take it home" proud as ever and gleaming with pride and arousal, my inner sexy-self glowed like the emperor of debauchery he was.

I looked up at Blake, waiting for him to say anything, to back out, but he just nodded. His dark eyes even darker as lust hung in the air. The oxygen was scented with carnal need and want and it was a heady mix of lust, longing and love. I had to admit it, i loved the man before me with every fibre of my being and he may not felt the same way but i could care less. I had him where I'd wanted him from day one.

I grabbed the top of his boxer-briefs and slowly pulled them down. Inch by inch it was all revealed to me; the V shape of his flat stomach and then the trimmed bush and the thick base of his cock. Inch by excruciatingly beautiful inch, that cock was exposed until the briefs were around his knees and what looked to be a 9 inch beast pulsed and stared back at me while it jutted out of Blake's beautiful body.

My mouth watered at the sight and my own cock throbbed uncontrollably. "If penises could be given awards..." all I could do was nod.

"Touch it, taste it, Danny" That was all i needed as my hand wrapped around the silky hot shaft and i watched as a translucent bead of precum formed at the tip of his thick, flared cock head. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and i couldn't resist.

"Lick it for me" he urged and i did just that. I bent over and flicked my tongue over the tip of Blake's cock and tasted the sweet and tangy bead. I was hooked, addicted at the first taste and i knew that I'd want to live off nothing more than this man's nectar. His groan was all the urging i needed to continue. I licked the sensitive slit of his cock and he cried out in ecstasy. His deep voice was all i wanted to hear, it was like crack to my ears, i wanted to hear him moan even more. So i ambitiously went for his wide cock head. My mouth wrapped around it and the soft, silky feel of it felt right. I worked my tongue over and under the soft spongy head and he thrashed wildly on the bed.

"Oh god, Danny; oh fuck you're doing goo. Please...please suck me. I need you, Danny..." his cries were the sexiest thing I'd ever heard. His pleas were like music to my ears and they triggered something within me. I needed more, so I slid my warm mouth over the thick shaft of his olive cock. The feel of the velvety skin over the tough muscle that was his manhood was beyond description. Knowing that I had Blake's pleasure at the tip of my tongue, inside my mouth, deep within my throat, was so satisfying and oddly fulfilling. Each bump, each vein, each pulse was a prize. Each groan was pulled from him, offered to me as a gift, a thank you from him to me.

"Oh shit, oh fuck yes take me baby" he cursed while i felt every pulsing inch sink deeper and deeper into my mouth. I didn't know how I'd be able to take this, but i wanted to. I wanted to make him feel good, to have him remember me and to have him crave me as much as I've craved him.

"Oh yes, oh shit you're taking it all in! don't hurt yourself, take it easy for me" he was astounded when i felt his pubic bone hit the tip of my nose and the musky scent of man filled my nostrils. I was just as shocked, but so much more turned on. It felt strange while i breathed in through my nose and felt the pulsing head at the back of my throat.

"Oh god you're the first, oh crap yes Danny" i hummed in appreciation and Blake tensed and i moved up and off his cock. He groaned desperately and i went back down on him. I bobbed my head with increasing fervour and he was like putty in my hands. It was my mouth that was making him feel this good, i had the power. In no time i was getting tired and i needed more.

Earlier I'd shaved and cleaned myself out hoping that things would go my way, looks like i was right to do so. He sensed what i wanted when i pulled his cock out and looked into his eyes. "This is it. This is where I leave you too for a little privacy. Just know, you're doing well you little whore" with that, it was just Blake and I. He then grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me up his magnificent body before he took possession of my mouth once more.

If all I had in the world were this man's kisses, I would be one happy guy. While he kissed me passionately, all thought, all apprehension and any self-doubt I might have had, evaporated. I didn't feel or hear him unbuckling my pants and pulling down both my pants and underwear. I was soon naked from the waist down before Blake finally pulled back and flipped us around so I was on my back looking up at him.

"Are you sure about this?" he said out of breath.

"I need you" was all i said and it was true. He grabbed the lube from his bedside table and applied a healthy portion on his fingers. I pulled my knees up to my shoulders and opened my most private self up to him. He smiled as he looked down and looked back up at me.

"I want to make you feel like you've died and gone to heaven. I'm going to fuck you so right and so hard you're going to beg me for more" his husky voice laden with lust while he inserted a lubed up finger in my tight ass. My puckered hole gave way to his finger with little fight, but once he tried working the second finger in, he had to push a little harder.

"Relax for me baby, you're tight" he encouraged through a tense jaw and haggard breathing while I took calming breaths, actively trying to calm myself down and within a minute he had both fingers moving easily inside me. He moved them inside as deftly as he could and when he rubbed a spot in me i had never felt before, i couldn't take it any longer.

"Blake, please. I need you inside me" i wasn't too high to beg, i wanted him and i wasn't going to waste anymore time. He smiled that crooked smile that always got me and moved his fingers out of me and moved to position his head at the entrance. He looked down at me and i looked at him, waiting, anxious, excited, scared, in love as he smiled while a tear rolled down the side of his face.

"You're beautiful you know that?" he said before he pushed against the entrance and slowly forced his thick cock head inside. Once it moved past the tight ring with a pop we both let out an audible sigh and moan.

"Oh wow, Blake" i needed him, i needed more but he just looked at me. Awe danced across his features and he smiled.

"I've loved you from the moment you looked at me and told me i needed to shave my caveman beard. I've loved so much for so long I've gone insane without having you anywhere near me" he finally said. I lost it then and began crying, i never knew. He began pushing slowly inside me; while his thickly veined 9 inch cock sunk deeper into me he continued speaking.

"I didn't know if you wanted me too, if you'd ever want a guy as stupid and as annoying as me. I thought you weren't gay and because you laughed at, oh god, because you laughed at them i..." this was when i moved both legs around his waist and pulled him the rest of the way inside me.

I felt the burn of every inch pulsing, hungrily inside me. His cock twitched and the fullness was out of this world. His was what I'd been waiting for my entire life. I've wanted this for so long and to finally have it was a dream come true. Blake leaned forward and captured my mouth in his for a deep kiss. He pulled away and looked deep into my eyes.

"Don't fuck me then" i said and his confusion registered. Before he could respond i pulled him into another deep kiss before saying.

"Make love to me" and so he began moving with mastered ease and skill. It was the most beautiful movement and feeling ever. The burning was like electricity and need coursed through my veins like liquid fire. It took everything for me not to claw at his back and go completely insane. Every thrust was perfect, every thrust had its place and every movement found my special place; the kind of place that had my toes curling, that had my skin breaking out in a sweat and that had my heart beating faster with each push and pull.

"Oh god yes, I love you Blake. I've wanted this so bad, for so long" i confessed while he thrust deep within me. It was animalistic but it was beautiful. We'd been two lovers waiting to happen for so long that we had to make up for all the time that we'd lost.

"Please don't ever go, don't you dare even think of leaving me because i have you now. You're mine now and i'm yours. I belong to you now. You have my...and you can destroy me..." he growled while thrusting deep within me, each movement faster, stronger and deeper. The fullness was intoxicating and it drove me insane.

"Never, i'm yours now. I'm yours, Blake" i screeched out while his thrusting intensified and we both grunted and moved as one. Joined forever, for life; he marked me as his with that very first kiss and he sealed it the moment his cock breached my tight sphincter. We cried, screamed and moaned for what felt like an eternity until after climbing towards our climax. My seven-inch cock shot ropes and ropes of cum as Blake filled me to the brim with shot after shot of his sweet nectar.

The deep smell of sex and sweat tinged the air with musk and breath. Blake lay on top of me with his thick cock shrinking inside me, but still lodged in there. He tried to pull out but i held him in place.

"Keep it inside me please, i want to sleep with a piece of you inside me" i wanted all of him. I wanted to crawl inside of him and live there and i wanted to be there forever.

"It'll hurt in the morning" he urged, but i didn't care.

"I don't care, i want this" he chuckled and kissed my forehead before he twisted about and spooned with me while his cock was still deep inside my ass. It felt so good being so connected to him.

"I'm sorry i was so mean earlier" he finally said. I just held onto his arm even tighter to show him all was forgiven.

"I thought if i was a douche you wouldn't think i was in love with you, i'm sorry" he said again.

"I'm sorry i didn't say anything too. I was planning on finally telling you the truth tonight, but you sort of beat me to it, kinda" we both laughed and soon, sleep took over and we both lay there in each others' arms; content and together. Everything felt right, everything felt perfect. Blake's breathing evened out and i smiled to myself while sleep took a hold of me as well.

Three weeks later

"You look fine baby, hurry up before we're late" Blake looked at me while i fussed over what i looked like in the mirror.

"I don't know, your parents might think this is too tight and too gay" i was worried, to say the least. Today was Blake's birthday and i wanted it to be special. I hadn't planned on his parents showing up, but Blake insisted that i join him and both his parents for dinner tonight.

"They won't care, they love you already and i think my mom loves you now even more because you finally said something about your feelings" Blake laughed and i smiled at the memory. We'd called his parents and told them about our relationship and they'd both responded with a resounding and simultaneous "FINALLY!". It was beautiful and they expressed their support and love.

"I just don't want to make them feel awkward" i urged while i looked over a few other shirts I'd splayed over my bed.

"They won't, you worry too much about what they think of you being gay. Don't worry, Danny, they love you just as much or maybe less as much as i love you" Blake stood up and hugged me tightly. I sighed and sunk into his arms.

"You think?"

"I know. Your parents will come around, don't worry about them. If they don't, then there's more of you for me." We both laughed, albeit mine was slightly more strangled while i remembered how my parents had told me in not so many terms that they've disowned me and that they could never have a queer for a son. My four brothers had disowned me as well and being the youngest, i had no younger siblings to turn to.

"Okay, let me pack things up here while you wait in the rental car" i kissed Blake on the cheek before he grumbled an order for me to hurry up and then he was gone. I really wanted to make a good impression on Blake's parents now that i was their son's boyfriend instead of best friend. I looked myself over again and decided that i was fine, i just had to complete the look with my grandpa's lucky charm which came with the old mirror and i would be done. I reached over for the simple necklace that hung on the mirror and having barely touched it, the entire mirror tipped over and shattered before me. My heart sunk; the one think that meant the world to my old, grumpy and weird deceased granddad was gone. "Seven years of bad luck...and bad sex!! Blake will be gone!" that raging witch that was my sexy-self taunted menacingly while I stared at the broken shards before me.

"Oh god no!" i cried helplessly, hoping I wasn't seeing what I was seeing as the shards glittered devilishly over my wooden floor. It was horrific. It took everything not to breakdown right there and then, what would i have to remember him by now, apart from the necklace? Tears stung the side of my eyes and it was then that i noticed something peculiar about the front of the mirror. Where the glass had been, there was now what looked to be stuffed paper and at the very top corner at the right was what looked like a small envelope stuck in there.

I wiped the corners of my eyes and plucked the small envelope before opening it. It was a letter, from my grandpa and it was addressed to me. A small chill ran through me while i began reading it.

Dear Daniel

If you're reading this, then that would mean i left before they found the fountain of eternal youth, damn. Well since i'm dead i might as well get over it, don't you think? So i want to tell you a short story, don't worry it won't be long. This is about a young man who fell in love at a young age, a young man who was told that his version of love was wrong and that he had better conform to what love truly was before he was outcast from his family and community.

They told this young man that he couldn't love the way he wanted to, the way he needed to. They told him to find the right kind of love or not love at all. That young man, I, chose to not love at all. That was by far the worst mistake of my life. I became miserable, old and lonely and i missed out on the joys that true love offers. I should have fought harder, i should have fought for love in its purest and been an example, but that was what they were afraid of. They were afraid that my example would be the one that you all followed, so here i am now, 82 years old and alone. Then comes you; you're 14 now, but i see it. You love just like i love, you seek happiness from the same place i do...have.

I want to tell you, young Daniel, that it's okay, don't you dare listen to them, don't you dare allow them to force you into being anything other than who you truly are because you will be the one left broken and bettered while they sit pretty in their happy marriages and beautiful families. Because their families will be beautiful, their children will be happy and you will be alone and miserable. I want to make sure that your decision to be happy is made easier; i left you everything i have - the deed to the mansion, my cars, my money and everything else i own. I was a wealthy man, but i was poor in every other way possible. I want you to experience all the riches in the world and that includes the spoils of love. Love him like there's no tomorrow because there might never be one.

All my love

Grandpa Tom

P.S. His name was Michael Harding and he was the most beautiful young man I'd ever seen. Our time together was short, but it was amazing.

I couldn't believe it. I hadn't noticed the tears that flowed freely now and upon closer inspection, i noticed that the paper that formed the back of the mirror had a tear at the top. I leaned down and tore it open to find documents and wads upon wads of money.

It was all too much. I paged through it all; deeds to properties my granddad owned were in my name, his cars were in my name. Stock he had was in my name and everything else he owned was all in my name. Just as i was about to lose it i noticed a small box amongst the glistening shards of glass. "I'm sorry, but was this mirror Narnia or something, so much stuff" my sexy-self stared in awe. I picked the black box up and opened it. Two glimmering platinum bands shone brilliantly back, each with a black band between two silvery bands. It was a timeless and beautiful design made more special by the engraved messages: "Forever and always"

It was then that my phone buzzed and i knew before i read the message who it was from. I smiled to myself and placed the box in my pants.

"Thank you grandpa, you weird old coot you" i sniffed back the tears and walked out the door. I'd see to the mess later but right now, i had the perfect birthday present to give to Blake. I knew from the day I'd met him, from the moment I'd kissed him and the second he'd entered me; he was my forever and always.

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