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  • Getting to the bottom of anal sex

    Ass PlayWhy are we so reluctant to discuss the dirty details of butt play? - “If he tells you his apartment is messy, that’s usually a sign.” I have vague memories of a friend breaking it down for a group of us during university. Crowded around the bar, we were already well into our second pitcher of cheap domestic and — as topics tend to go at that point in the night — the focus had shifted to matters of a more personal nature. “Messy means that he’s not clean . . . down there,” he continued. “That he didn’t douche before he went out.”

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  • Watch: Rocky Horror remake trailer reveals a very special cameo

    Rocky Horror Picture ShowA trailer for the upcoming Rocky Horror remake includes a very special cameo.
    We've been shivering with anticipation now for months, since the made-for-TV remake was first announced.
    The remake boasts a star-studded cast, including Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert and Annaleigh Ashford. However, the latest trailer gives a glimpse at one very special appearance: with original Dr Frank-N-Furter Tim Curry returning to the film as the narrator.

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  • Before Grindr and Scruff

    Before Grindr and ScruffBefore Grindr and Scruff: A brief oral history of gay men finding each other online. - Over a hundred gay men descended upon the same Manhattan hotel last week for a “Scruff meet-up” of sorts, though probably not the kind you’re picturing. The gathering was held in honor of the sixth anniversary of Scruff: a geolocation-based mobile app that many gay men—as well as plenty of LGBTQ folks who don’t identify as gay men—use to meet other people for sex, dating, friendship, articles they’re writing, and even professional networking.

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  • Probing the Straight Fear of Gay Gaze in Locker Rooms

    Gay Gaze in Locker RoomsFair Play - I had sex with a straight man once. He dated women, had a girlfriend. We met through work when I was a development executive at Disney just a year or so after starting Outsports. We bonded over our love of college basketball and one afternoon were sitting around my apartment in Los Angeles watching an NBA game. I don’t know how it started or who started it, but somehow the conversation turned to sex. I won’t dive too far into the details, but one thing led to another. Like it does.

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  • Police Entrapment?

    Police Entrapment... ?Nobody is going to defend lewd conduct - Sitting in cars along the edge of the park, four Long Beach police officers waited for the right time to pounce. The innocuous signal that spurred them to action came when they saw a middle-aged man close his laptop and head toward a public restroom known in the area as a place where men have sex with each other. One of the undercover officers followed him inside. Within moments, police were leading the man away in handcuffs.

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  • The World’s Most Perfect Ass

    Bryan Hawn - Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been obsessed with the male physique. I remember rushing home after preschool to watch Batman reruns. The merest glimpse of the Caped Crusader’s well-muscled body in his gray tights and blue briefs gave me “funny feelings.” It took a few more years before I put the pieces together and figured out I was gay.

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