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  • The Secret Escape for Young Gay Men

    The Secret Escape for Young Gay MenFrom Chechnya to Canada
    (CBC NEWS) - The secret escape for young gay men. Man telling his story to thank those who brought him to safety.
    One of the gay Chechen men brought to Canada as a refugee under a program, which human rights organizations and the Canadian government worked together in secret until last week, is telling his story of why he needed asylum.

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  • The U.K. wants to ban the porn that Brits crave

    The U.K. wants to ban the porn that Brits craveA controversial new bill in the U.K. wants to put a gag ball in the mouth of unconventional porn. - The Digital Economy Bill would force internet service providers to bar content that doesn’t meet the standards of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). As the Daily Dot reported last month, the BBFC bans “the portrayal of sexual activity which involves real or apparent lack of consent,” “the infliction of pain or acts which may cause lasting physical harm,” and “sexual threats, humiliation or abuse which do not form part of a clearly consenting role-playing game.”

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  • HIV ‘Patient Zero’ CLEARED!

    HIV ‘Patient Zero’ CLEARED!Gaëtan Dugas was blame for AIDS crisis - A man frequently blamed for spreading HIV to the US was not responsible for the initial outbreak, a study has confirmed.
    During the early AIDS crisis, gay French-Canadian airline steward Gaëtan Dugas was frequently named-and-shamed in the press as ‘Patient Zero’, blamed for spreading an HIV outbreak in the Caribbean to New York.

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  • Gay donkey tried to rape his stallion

    Gay donkey tried to rape his stallion‘Please can I move on?’ - A donkey, perhaps as curious as this one, has been by British parliamentarian John Rees-Evans of trying to rape his horse.
    When candidates run for or hold prominent political office, they often have to reconcile with some of their darker moments.
    U.S. President Barack Obama, for example, admitted in his first memoir that he had snorted cocaine earlier in life. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently parrying accusations he sexually assaulted multiple women by threatening to sue them after the election. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron consistently had to field questions about whether he had, in fact, engaged in sexual acts with a dead pig.

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  • Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns dies

    Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns diesDead or Alive singer Pete Burns dies - Dead Or Alive singer Pete Burns has died aged 57 after suffering a cardiac arrest, his management has said.
    A statement said it was with "greatest sadness" that it had to break the "tragic news" that Burns died suddenly on Sunday.
    Burns had a hit with You Spin Me Round in 1985 and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.
    The management statement said: "All of his family and friends are devastated by the loss of our special star."

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  • Coming Out In 2016

    Coming Out In 2016From reported stories to personal essays - Coming out in 2016 has been shaped by the external factors around us, digitally from social media and video-sharing, social issues like immigration, the refugee crisis and race relations, and also by tragedy, such as the Orlando nightclub shooting in June 2016. Not only are there new ways to come out, but the very definition has changed; coming out no longer just means identifying with a letter in the LGBT acronym — for many it means celebrating what’s beyond the four letters.

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  • Gender Boundaries - American Male

    Gender Boundaries - American MaleShort film 'American Male' takes a deeper look at the weight of masculinity. - Most of us were taught from young to follow ‘gender boundaries,’ and warned that if we don’t act according to how society expects us to do, we would be shamed, rejected and even bullied. In a new short film titled American Male, a college student tries his best to not only conform to the ‘ideal’ standards of masculinity, he tries to outplay it.

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