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  • Kayden Gray woke up from a drug overdose to find men fucking him

    Kayden Gray woke up from a drug overdose to find men fucking him‘They tore my ass for starters’
    Exclusive: Kayden Gray speaks to Gay Star News about his experience of getting high and horny.
    Porn star and escort Kayden Gray has opened up to Gay Star News for the first time about a violent sexual assault that happened while he was at a chillout.
    ‘He knew I was negative, and that everyone else was positive. He said: “Don’t let anyone here fuck you”.’
    At the chemsex party Gray was at, he was unaware of the HIV status of others.

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  • Police rush to home of Aaron Carter

    Police rush to home of Aaron CarterHe’s ‘on the verge of death’
    Police were called to the Florida home of Aaron Carter after terrified neighbours reported “erratic behaviour”.
    The bisexual former pop star has revealed drug abuse, plummeting weight and cosmetic surgery addiction in recent weeks.
    Now those close to him say he has “threatened to take his own life multiple times in the past few weeks”.

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  • Your New Favorite Porn Star is Also a Drag Queen

    Ty MitchellTy Mitchell on drag and barebacking
    (By Rose Dommu) - Porn newbie Ty Mitchell isn't just a burgeoning gay sex symbol — he's also a regular on Brooklyn's underground drag scene. Rather than keeping these identities wholly divorced, as if he's Hannah Montana with a Truvada prescription, Mitchell's analytical take on contemporary queer life — channeled primarily through his Twitter account — uses what may seem to some as conflicting identities to reach a more well-rounded understanding of the current state of gay culture. And according to Mitchell, drag and porn have much more in common than you may think.

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  • It’s Time to Talk About Chemsex and Consent

    It’s Time to Talk About Chemsex and ConsentThe elephant in the room
    (By Zachary Zane) - “In New York City, you hop online at 3 or 4 in the morning [and] a great deal of the people online are using some kind of drug and looking to have sex on it,” James* told me. “I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was. I started having chemsex when I was 18 because it was normalized through these apps and the gay men I was meeting.”

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  • Relationships Between Gay Men & Straight Women

    Relationships Between Gay Men & Straight Women“When you take the sex out of it,” says Messing, “there is a freedom.”
    (By Stacey D'Erasmo | This article originally appeared in the December 1998 issue of OUT.) - Sitting in the frigid dark of the soundstage watching a blocking rehearsal of Will & Grace, NBC’s new sitcom about the enduring friendship between a gay man and a straight woman, I know I should be watching the action onstage. But instead my attention is drawn to an unremarkable spot on the back wall of Will’s New York apartment, where I spy a tasteful, black-and-white frame image of two tapering columns—are they buildings? Asparagus?— that seems awfully... Is it possible? I squint. Probably not.

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  • China's Money Boys

    China's Money BoysChina’s male sex workers, a.k.a. ‘Money boys’, make bank
    (By Graham Gremore) - Cai Yifeng is a Ph.D. candidate at Brown University’s Anthropology department. He recently traveled to China to study the country’s gay male sex trade.
    “When I went to China in May to study ‘money boys’–male prostitutes providing sexual services to male clients, known colloquially as MBs–I imagined that I would be seeking entry into a world of darkness, violence, and suffering,” Yifeng writes in a fascinating new piece published by Sixth Tone.

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  • The Walking Dead's Daniel Newman

    The Walking Dead's Daniel Newman Is the Change Hollywood NeedsThe Walking Dead’s bi star
    (BY David Artavia) - When Daniel Newman first appeared on AMC’s The Walking Dead, viewers grew transfixed by his brooding gaze and dazzling red hair. His roles in The Vampire Diaries, Homeland, and Sex and the City made us believe he was another straight cisgender male rising star. Behind the scenes, Newman kept his bisexuality hidden.

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