Hot erotic stories of men on men. Anonymous hook ups, bathroom encounters, first times to lovers.
Cocktales are a  variety of short and long homoerotic stories from professional and amateur writers, that are collected from the internet.

  • Salt and Pepper

    Salt and PepperWritten by kerrymcboyd
    I never actually really liked beaches. Sand would find its way into places on my body that I didn't know was possible to even get sand in, and it wasn't like I rolled around on the beach or volunteered to have my cousins bury me in the ground and build a curvaceous bikini-worthy model on top, like those cheesy photos where the idiots are grinning just above obscenely large sand boobs. No, just thinking about doing that made me want to run and hide in the hotel room.

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  • A Birthday Gift

    A Birthday GiftWritten by Singleman96
    I wake up in the morning, to the sight of a rising sun spilling light into my room. I think to myself about what a life I have been living so far. Less than 2 months ago, I indulged in some anal with my best friend, then 2 weeks ago, I got to enjoy my best friend's father and his wonderful cock. After getting a boner just from thinking about it, I checked my phone to see what time it was.

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  • My Speedo Fetish

    My Speedo FetishWritten by speedodave
    Guys in Speedos had always been a turn on for Justin. He remembered the first time he went to the pool and saw the lifeguard clad in a red Speedo, he got an instant erection. Justin bought a red Speedo himself right after this happened and spent hours rubbing the smooth bulge and watching his cock tent the nylon. He loved the silky, slippery feel of the nylon against his skin, and he enjoyed rubbing and caressing his cock through the fabric. Justin never understood his Speedo fascination, but he certainly knew he was very attracted to other guys in Speedos.

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  • Corey's Christmas

    Corey's ChristmasWritten by naughyboy
    Cory watched the flakes drift somberly through the window of his first floor apartment, thinking to himself how cold and lonely each of them was. There was just three days until Christmas, the holiday he despised over all others. The season always reminded him of the painful fact that followed him around all his life: he was alone. His father had never been around, and since his mother passed four years ago, he'd spent his holidays alone, cooped up in his apartment, usually watching some ridiculous movie that was as far away from the notion of Christmas as he could get.

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  • Bolero

    BoleroWritten by joshprim
    I pulled into the semi-circle in front of the dorms that I'd be living in for the next year. I'd spent my first year in junior college, living at home, and I'd be starting my first year at the university as a sophomore. I was a little nervous – but then who isn't when starting at a new school?
    The dorms here are sort of old, but seemed nice enough when I checked them out earlier. There were 4 different 3 story dorms, each with 2 wings. Each wing had a long hallway with 20 rooms, 10 on each side of the hallway and also a social gathering room with a small kitchen and refrigerator. Most of them were doubles, but there were a few singles as well. My dorm wing was called Aldeburgh after some English town.

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  • My First Black

    My First BlackWritten by sr71plt
    June, 1974, Da Nang Airbase, Vietnam
    God, he was big; one of the biggest. Shit, he could fuck. Panting, panting, I grabbed the metal legs of the cot on either side in a death grip, my cheek pressed into the rough woolen blanket, my eyes bugging out and my mouth slack and open in a silent scream, as he drove it harder, deeper inside me. Cruel. Rough. Just what I wanted. Just what I needed.
    "Punish me," I murmured. "Cum inside me." He laughed.

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  • My Disgusting Neighbor

    My Disgusting NeighborWritten by curiousonesocal
    I've been divorced for almost 8 years now and while I still love women, I melt at the sight of cock.
    I can't say I love men, I don't. But even twenty years ago while watching porn on VHS tapes I always wondered what it would be like to be the woman sucking that man's cock. I wanted to be that woman.
    About 10 years ago, when my favorite online site had chat rooms, I slowly worked into connecting with a local doctor and discovered I loved sucking cock. Not sure if I wanted to swallow his load I asked him to hold my head in place so I would, and he did and I discovered I love to swallow.
    Since then I've connected with about two new men a year and connecting with my doctor friend whenever possible. It would have been more men but my daughters live with me and I couldn't risk being caught with a man in my house, so it's been difficult and I am cautious about who I hook up with. Always married men who need head and nothing else.

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  • White Work Van

    White Work VanWritten by zephyer
    I was in the Air Force stationed in Great Falls Montana, it was a Monday, in the middle of the afternoon and I happened to have the afternoon off. I was driving by the now defunct Pretty Girls ABS and thought I would stop and watch some porn. I was still a bit new to my bi side and gay sex.
    I had a fondness for Pretty Girls as I got my first cock and blow job from a guy there. But, this is in a small town and before gays were allowed in the military so, I had to be careful.
    I had been there plenty of times and knew that Mondays in general were slow and middle of the afternoon even more so and as I expected the parking lot was empty.

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  • Forever and Always

    Forever and AlwaysWritten by MalevolentBard
    "Tonight is the night" I whispered solemnly. The words had been whispered before, the intention had been stained onto the fabric of my actions once before and I'd cowered and fled, muttering futile Hail Marys while I scrubbed my eyes, ears, mouth and body raw hoping to rid myself of the scarlet letter I'd carved onto my skin.
    I had no reason to believe tonight would be any different, none whatsoever really. Here stands a twenty-year-old virgin with all the hang-ups of a sexually handicapped nun; unsightly platinum blond hair that never bounced, pale brown eyes that should have been gold, but weren't, skin so translucent I swear I glowed in the dark...and knees. I was all knees and arms and... body dysmorphia is a real and harrowing thing, ladies and gentlemen.
    "Tonight is really the night" I'd called all the gods to task. I'd summoned them all for an informal powwow and begged them to conspire towards my happiness. So, there I was, closeted and dolled up and mildly terrified of sex, but damnit it was more than about sex.

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  • The Gang's All Here

    The Gang's All HereWritten by datura48
    Home for the summer from college, I was up in my room online. Bored and horny, I had just loaded some porn and taken out my dick when my younger brother, Carl, came home with some of his friends. With a grunt of frustration, I tucked myself away and navigated to a more innocuous program.
    Despite being only two years apart - at the time I was twenty and he was eighteen - we were not close. There was no animosity between us and we got along okay. We were just two different people with very different interests. Our parents had gone on a cruise and we had the house to ourselves during their week-long trip but hadn't interacted much.

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