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Cocktales are a  variety of short and long homoerotic stories from professional and amateur writers, that are collected from the internet.

  • The Best of Friends

    The Best of FriendsWritten by tvdude17
    Guys go through everything together without having to say a word, sometimes, especially without saying a word.
    You don't find a lot of groups of friends like the one I have. We met in third grade, all of us completely different, but we played together and never stopped hanging out after that. Bad grades, parents' divorces, grandparent's dying, that incident with the cop, girlfriends, they all came and went but we stuck together.

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  • A Life Well-Loved

    A Life Well-LovedWritten by bhart1
    Sunday morning, June 9, was our first anniversary and just over a couple of weeks shy of my forty second birthday. My eyes fluttered open to see 9:47 displayed on the digital clock by our bed. I felt Chik's warm mouth gently nursing on the head of my morning hard-on and I looked down over the crest of my belly to see his head barely bobbing under the sheet that covered us. It felt incredible. I laid my hand on the back of his head and gave it an affectionate rub through the linen.

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  • Meeting His Cousins

    Meeting His CousinsWritten by skyblue789
    The next morning I woke to the rocking motion of my bed and opened my eyes to see him kneeling above me, straddling my chest. We were both still naked and he leaned forward to put a wide leather collar around my neck, his balls and already half-hard cock grinding against my belly.

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  • How Sweet It Is!

    How Sweet It Is!Written by walterio
    Rick Jennings rolled over in bed on a Saturday morning and took a hold of his erect 7" cock. He stroked it for a few minutes and then decided to get up and take his morning piss. He rolled his 6'2" muscular body out of bed and walked naked into the bathroom. After relieving himself he left the bathroom after cleaning up a bit and made his way down the hall past one of his roommate's bedrooms. He saw that Tom was also awake but he had not moved out of bed.

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  • The Boarder

    The BoarderWritten by canaigle
    I live in a small hick town and yes, at 20 years of age I am still living at home with my mother. We own a small three-bedroom house, nothing out of the ordinary yet mom and I fixed it up to be quite cozy and comfortable. My mom has been working as a waitress at little diner located at the other end of town for quite a few years now, the money she earns just gets us by, so funds have been tight for quite some time now. I managed to do the odd job here and there to help out while I go to school.

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  • My First Cock

    My First CockWritten by northparkbi
    From my late teens (my first discovery of porn beyond my dad's stash of Playboy magazines), I found myself more and more fascinated by watching blow jobs There was just something I liked about watching a big, hard cock sliding in and out of a mouth. The porn of those days often involved women like Desiree Cousteau and Seka and the like, and I also just love a great face and a firm set of boobs, but watching those lovely faces involved with those cocks was something special. There's something more personal about a face than there is about a pussy, however cute.

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  • Pent up Roommates

    Pent Up RoommatesWritten by WatchesYouCum
    It's a brisk October night and my roommate and I have both gone to bed early before our midterms tomorrow. The window is open to allow fresh air into our cramped room so I'm wrapped up in a heavy blanket. We say out good nights and turn off the lights. I settle into my pillow and close my eyes waiting for sleep.

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  • BBC Slave Boss

    BBC Slave BossWritten by dhat_soa
    It is difficult to understand how influences earlier in our lives can come back to affect us as adults. In my case, I was a small, nerdy guy in high school with low self-esteem. My only saving grace was my intelligence and good grades. In my senior year some of the popular, athletic guys befriended me and asked for my help with their studies. I was smart enough to know that they were just using me, but it still felt good to be accepted by them.

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  • In The Pitts

    In The PittsWritten by SplathouseFiction
    "So pucker like this?"

    Jordan raised his lips. Terry shook his head, and said "No, you dolt, like this," as he puckered his lips and closed his eyes. Jordan wrinkled his nose, and laughed. 

    "But that just looks so weird." said Jordan. Terry crossed his arms, and raised an eyebrow. He smirked, and shook his head.

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  • A Complete Life

    A Complete LifeWritten by Nils Huim
     Dale had a real man's cock. It was thick and long and straight-up stiff when engorged and I could wrap my entire hand around its base and still gag at times on his circumcised head. It took a lot of work to make Dale cum and usually my jaw muscles gave out or my lungs, one, before he finished. Dale would then oblige by jacking off into my waiting mouth. I preferred it this way, anyway.

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