Hot erotic stories of men on men. Anonymous hook ups, bathroom encounters, first times to lovers.
Cocktales are a  variety of short and long homoerotic stories from professional and amateur writers, that are collected from the internet.

  • Drunken Orgy

    Drunken OrgyWritten by Papercup69
    It was the first gay men's party I was ever invited to.
    My friend Dillon had asked me if I wanted to come along with him. He said he'd been a few times with a friend of his and it was a good time. Very welcoming guys, open and friendly. The kind of place a guy like me dreams of.
    I'm 19, recently out of the closet, virgin, fresh meat, anything else you want to describe me as. I'm a bit on the heavier side. I've got meat on my bones. But my baby face keeps me looking "cute," Dillon says.
    Dillon is thinner than me. Not toned but not chubby either. He says he's not a twink but I beg to differ. He's also 19 and says he's had a few gay sex experiences.

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  • Daddy's Boy

    Daddy's BoyWritten by Loboclique
    I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. My names josh Henderson. I had the 'fortunate' luck of being born into a Military family. I'm finally 18 and starting college in a couple months but I'm still in high school. I actually just moved so I'm starting over once again at what is now my 5th high school. I'm skinny, only 119 pounds and 5 foot 3. I have an athletic body because I've played baseball my whole life. I also have a great ass like we're known for. I have green eyes, brown hair and a nice tan skin. I'm mostly smooth all over except for a fuzzy happy trail that leads to my 8" cut cock. I just moved to Colorado and I start school tomorrow.

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  • My First Time In College

    My First Time In CollegeWritten by David Johns
    When I went to college at the age of 18, I found out that uncut guys like me were not all that uncommon (as they had been in my high school). My roommate had a big cock with a long foreskin, and so did I. We both noticed the other's cock when we changed clothes the first time. His name was Tim.
    One night Tim and I returned from the Freshman Orientation Dance, and we lay in our beds with the lights turned out, talking about girls and sex. All of a sudden I heard that special sound of a foreskin lubed up with precum being jacked back and forth over a cockhead. I recognized it all right!
    "I've never seen another uncut guy jack off before," I told Tim. "Can I turn on the light?"
    "Sure," he said. I didn't waste any time.

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  • Catching Up

    Catching UpWritten by Anotherusername180
    I'm Whitney Wright, a 19 year old male, Sophomore in college, and a bank as a teller to help pay for school. It was Friday, my classes were finished, and I had the day off from work. Needless to say I was elated. I opened a window letting in the outdoors warmth and the occasional breeze. I turned on the TV to have background noise and kicked off my flip flops and slid my very short shorts off enjoying the freedom.

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  • Al's One Night

    Al's One NightWritten by JimBob44
    Ronnie Valpo entered Tommy's Po-Boys and sauntered up to the counter.
    "Help you?" the young man behind the counter smiled.
    "Regular roast beef, just gravy," Ronnie smiled. "And uh, small diet coke."
    The young man showed Ronnie where to slide his debit card.
    From his seat, Ronnie could see into the small video arcade Tommy had in the rear of the shop. There were seven video consoles; at present three of them were taken.
    Two couples, boys and girls, had two of the machines. They were playing, but they really weren't concentrating on their games. They would touch each other, smile, laugh, and encourage each other, even as they competed.
    And there was a young man, dressed in black jeans, black sleeveless tee shirt, and black motorcycle boots.
    The outfit alone would have been fierce, fearsome, except for the boy was a scrawny kid.

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  • Voyeuristic Intention

    Voyeuristic IntentionWritten by Chancem77
    It had started raining early in the day and didn't show any signs of slowing down or stopping. Kayden was more disappointed than Ryan because he was really looking forward to spending the day at the beach, maybe even take the paddle boat out for an hour or two. Unfortunately that didn't look like it was going to happen. Ryan didn't care either way. He wasn't that overly fond of the beach, or nature, or even leaving their apartment. He'd much rather spend the day in front of the TV watching a good movie or sleeping.

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  • Beach Trips and Road Head

    Beach Trips & Road HeadWritten by Universal_Thirst
    Some opportunities just present themselves. For example, my sister Brenda's friend's boyfriend's brother, Chad, showed up for my carefully planned beach trip, invited by the boyfriend who did not think that I'd need to know. The car we planned to take wouldn't hold all of us and our stuff so instead of being a bitch (which was plan A) and telling him to take a hike we drove two cars. The boyfriend paid for gas as his punishment.

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  • California Here I Cum!

    California Here I Cum!Written by walterio
    Alan woke up on Saturday morning to the sound of thunder and pouring rain. He knew his golf game would be rained out so he rolled to his side and turned off the alarm clock. He rolled back to his left side and draped his arm over Sayaka and Mitsuki the two beautiful Japanese lady boys. He had inherited them from the abrupt passing away of his father just over a month ago. In the past few weeks he had become very comfortable having sex with them both.

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  • Why: Long Night with Ben

    Why: Long Night with BenWritten by hasnoalias
    It had been four days since Dan and Ben had shown up at my apartment, followed by my friend Tim. I had seen Tim every day at school and spoken to him. He was getting better in dealing with what happened to him. He seemed less jumpy and far less depressed. I had been worried about him, for obvious reasons. But after all my assurances of his safety and Dan's lack of interest had both turned out to be true, he began to become himself again. I assured him that I was always available if he needed to talk to someone, since we had both agreed not to tell anyone else. But he seemed to want to follow my original advice, to simply go on about his life and try not to think about it.

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  • Bottom Jock

    Bottom JockWritten by writerofgayer
    Just a few weeks after I joined Nawabshah University and started living in a student residence, a new roommate was assigned to our room. My other two roommates were like me, we had specifically asked for studious and quiet roommates on the initial room assignment forms. In other words, we were a room of nerds. The new roommate, however, was a real jock. His name was Sattar, and he was built like the proverbial brick shithouse.

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