Hot erotic stories of men on men. Anonymous hook ups, bathroom encounters, first times to lovers.
Cocktales are a  variety of short and long homoerotic stories from professional and amateur writers, that are collected from the internet.

  • Friend's Father

    Friend's FatherWritten by EroticJoeRotica
    It was a long weekend. Memorial day weekend. My parents had planned a private getaway seeing as their 20th anniversary coincided with the holiday. It also coincided with my 18th birthday, which fell the Thursday before the holiday weekend. A quick and quiet celebration for me, and a nice long private vacation for them. I could be bitter about my lack of celebration, but I wasn't. No, I was bitter about the idea that at the age of 18 they still didn't trust me.

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  • Dad's Man Cave

    Dad's Man CaveWritten by canaigle
    Dad was a man of few words the kind that kept to himself. He loved his sports, hockey and football. Often he would retreat to his man cave to watch games, have a few beers and generally relax. His man cave was his sacred space. Even when mom was alive she was not allowed to go down was MEN limits to the opposite sex. I was allowed to go down to dad's sanctuary on the condition I asked permission to do so.

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  • Overnight Guest 1973

    Overnight Guest 1973Written by o2byoung
    Much of this story is based on a true experience, with a tad of spice thrown in for the flavor. It had been about 2 months since my wife and I had separated. She had taken our 2 boys, aged 4 and 1, and moved to the city, about 5 miles away, still in New York State. The main reason we had separated was that she had a very strong sex drive, and my own was lacking. She was emotionally stressed because she found it almost impossible to turn me on. The final straw was when she found out I was cheating on her, with guys!

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  • Muscle Club

    Muscle ClubWritten by crayrei
    "Remember, sex onstage is illegal. This isn't fucking Amsterdam. You can jerk yourself off a little, play with the other guys' cocks, but if you cum, it's all over. Got it? No blowing your load. No oral. No penetration of any kind. Not that the other guys'd let you—they're professionals and a lot of them're straight. Got it?" "Got it."

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  • Bi-sex began at a Glory Hole

    Bi-sex began at a Glory HoleWritten by walterio
    We were both naked in my apartment and I was being treated to another one of Troy's signature blow jobs. He did more than suck my cock; he made love to it. His technique was the best ever, girl or guy. He loved to prolong my ejaculation for as long as possible. When it was time for me to cum, he took my cock from his mouth and stroked it. He loved to watch me shoot especially when it was my first load of the day. Once I had shot my wad, he would take my cock back in his mouth and suck it dry.

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  • Slave to Two Hung Masters

    Slave to Two Hung MastersWritten by sr71plt
    I became the sex slave of two big-cocked masters in Bangkok. Not simultaneously. Neither would have acceded to shared control. But one after the other. I tried to fight them off initially, but once they had nailed me to the quick and bathed me in their cum, I went docile and let them do whatever they wanted with me.

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  • Broken In

    Broken InWritten by highwayman2
    I was 19 and finally on my own when I took the plunge. I met him at a club, attracted by his smouldering good looks. He appeared to be about 8 or 9 years older than me, and I thought that his experience would be helpful.
    I had gone there a few times, and been approached by a few guys, but on my third visit, I approached him. We had a drink together and danced a few times before I asked if he'd like to go elsewhere. He smiled and suggested his place.

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  • The Best of Friends

    The Best of FriendsWritten by tvdude17
    Guys go through everything together without having to say a word, sometimes, especially without saying a word.
    You don't find a lot of groups of friends like the one I have. We met in third grade, all of us completely different, but we played together and never stopped hanging out after that. Bad grades, parents' divorces, grandparent's dying, that incident with the cop, girlfriends, they all came and went but we stuck together.

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  • A Life Well-Loved

    A Life Well-LovedWritten by bhart1
    Sunday morning, June 9, was our first anniversary and just over a couple of weeks shy of my forty second birthday. My eyes fluttered open to see 9:47 displayed on the digital clock by our bed. I felt Chik's warm mouth gently nursing on the head of my morning hard-on and I looked down over the crest of my belly to see his head barely bobbing under the sheet that covered us. It felt incredible. I laid my hand on the back of his head and gave it an affectionate rub through the linen.

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  • Meeting His Cousins

    Meeting His CousinsWritten by skyblue789
    The next morning I woke to the rocking motion of my bed and opened my eyes to see him kneeling above me, straddling my chest. We were both still naked and he leaned forward to put a wide leather collar around my neck, his balls and already half-hard cock grinding against my belly.

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