Hot erotic stories of men on men. Anonymous hook ups, bathroom encounters, first times to lovers.
Cocktales are a  variety of short and long homoerotic stories from professional and amateur writers, that are collected from the internet.

  • White Work Van

    White Work VanWritten by zephyer
    I was in the Air Force stationed in Great Falls Montana, it was a Monday, in the middle of the afternoon and I happened to have the afternoon off. I was driving by the now defunct Pretty Girls ABS and thought I would stop and watch some porn. I was still a bit new to my bi side and gay sex.
    I had a fondness for Pretty Girls as I got my first cock and blow job from a guy there. But, this is in a small town and before gays were allowed in the military so, I had to be careful.
    I had been there plenty of times and knew that Mondays in general were slow and middle of the afternoon even more so and as I expected the parking lot was empty.

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  • Forever and Always

    Forever and AlwaysWritten by MalevolentBard
    "Tonight is the night" I whispered solemnly. The words had been whispered before, the intention had been stained onto the fabric of my actions once before and I'd cowered and fled, muttering futile Hail Marys while I scrubbed my eyes, ears, mouth and body raw hoping to rid myself of the scarlet letter I'd carved onto my skin.
    I had no reason to believe tonight would be any different, none whatsoever really. Here stands a twenty-year-old virgin with all the hang-ups of a sexually handicapped nun; unsightly platinum blond hair that never bounced, pale brown eyes that should have been gold, but weren't, skin so translucent I swear I glowed in the dark...and knees. I was all knees and arms and... body dysmorphia is a real and harrowing thing, ladies and gentlemen.
    "Tonight is really the night" I'd called all the gods to task. I'd summoned them all for an informal powwow and begged them to conspire towards my happiness. So, there I was, closeted and dolled up and mildly terrified of sex, but damnit it was more than about sex.

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  • The Gang's All Here

    The Gang's All HereWritten by datura48
    Home for the summer from college, I was up in my room online. Bored and horny, I had just loaded some porn and taken out my dick when my younger brother, Carl, came home with some of his friends. With a grunt of frustration, I tucked myself away and navigated to a more innocuous program.
    Despite being only two years apart - at the time I was twenty and he was eighteen - we were not close. There was no animosity between us and we got along okay. We were just two different people with very different interests. Our parents had gone on a cruise and we had the house to ourselves during their week-long trip but hadn't interacted much.

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  • Trusting

    TrustingWritten by sr71plt
    "You must relax and trust me. It's for your own good. You must be very still or there could be damage."
    I did trust the count. What other reason would I have come with him to this isolated area of his vineyard estate, to this shepherd's hut, when he said it would be a very special, a dangerous, taking.
    Still, I had blurted the question when, my bare buttocks resting on his thighs, both of us naked and facing each other, he bound my wrists behind me and tethered my ankles together behind the small of my back.
    "You must trust me," he whispered in that smooth "he is to be obeyed" baritone voice of his, the impeccable English graced with sexy Italian inflection. A voice that had seduced me and dominated me in the vine fields. Spoken from a magnificent, mature, deeply tanned, hirsute, and muscular body. "I want to take you to ultimate pleasure, but you must trust me and give me your all."

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  • Key to My Crotch

    Key to My CrotchWritten by anonymous_a
    For some reason the previous owners of the house I'm currently living in had a shed built in the back yard - not one of those flimsy aluminum things you see at every Lowe's or Home Depot but an honest to God stick-built structure with a lockable door, shingled roof and even a window. If this were New York City I could rent the thing out for a thousand a month.
    It occurred to me one day that if I lost the key, which I was currently searching for in a drawer cluttered with batteries, sewing kits and matchbooks, I would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. It was the only copy. I could call a locksmith, which would set me back a hundred or so dollars. But wouldn't it be smarter to have a backup key made?
    I finally found it and decided yes, I needed to have that key made right now.

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  • Storybook

    StorybookWritten by JacobGoody
    My name is Pete, and I'm going to tell you a story. Now, It might be long, but I like to think its a good one.
    The thing about most good stories though, is that you rarely know when when ones begun, until you're already in too deep. Chapters have unfolded, and you feel like you've almost reached the end. If you're lucky, you start to realize what it was all about, even if you have no idea what's going to happen.
    From what I can recall though, my story starts like this...

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  • Caribbean Christmas Cruise

    Caribbean Christmas CruiseWritten by KeithD
    "Look, there it is again," Jerrod said, turning his tablet around so that Kyle could see the screen. "It's the same cruise. And, look, it says they are prepared to be very generous, based on performance. I wonder what generous means."
    "I wonder what performance would mean," Kyle said, unwrapping the cashmere scarf from around his neck, rolling it up, and laying it on the bench seat next to him. He was only now beginning to thaw out from the early December cold and snow in downtown Denver.

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  • Teacher Lessons

    Teacher LessonsWritten by tommydxxx
    The time I lost my virginity to the hottest teacher at school.
    My name is Sebastian and I've always known that I was gay. None of my friends or family knew until later when I turned 19. I am about 5'10", slim toned body (since I do track and field), light skin, curly black hair, and big brown eyes. I just turned 18 and it was my senior year of highschool. It was August and summer was almost over.

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  • Horrible Day, Turned Gay?

    Horrible Day, Turned Gay?Written by HeatherAnne12
    It was the shitty day to end all shitty days. I had woken up late that morning and then was in a rush to get out the door. Drove my car to work and wound up being 30 minutes late. Got my ass chewed out by my boss. Once that was over I went into my office in hopes of getting some work done. The day dragged on from this point and I swear everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Finally the work day was over and I was relieved to be going home to my wife. I needed a drink and to decompress for the day.

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  • Senegal Surrender

    Senegal SurrenderWritten by sr71plt
    I tried to make sense out of the last several days as the plane began its descent across the eastern Atlantic into the peninsular city of Dakar, capital of Senegal. From there it would be several hours of a dusty ride northeast to the village of Sagata, in Louga Province. I tried hard not to think of this as a banishment, and why it might have been banishment baffled me. The bishop had seduced me. I hadn't been anything but reserved in the monastery until he had lain with me—or, more pointedly until I had agree to lay under him. I was very careful because of my past. But then, of course, Bishop Dominic had known of my past. And with the power that gave him over me, what choice did I have but to lay under him when he commanded that of me?

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