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  • Growing Up Hung

    Growing Up HungWritten by funandbold
    I've always had a big cock! I mean not gargantuan, but even from a young age, almost always in the changing rooms at the gym or at the pool, I was noticeably bigger than most guys. It was to be expected though. I knew this because I came from a family of athletes. My dad and all his brothers were, hell even my mom was an athlete and so were her brothers. Speaking of that because we all worked out and swam and were into a lot of sports so we constantly saw each other naked. My dad was hung and so were his brothers, and so were my mom's brothers. As I got older and it was noticeable my dad talked to me about it one day, he told me never to be vain about out, or make someone smaller feel bad as cocks were just the luck of the draw, you got what you got.

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  • Wild in the Countryside

    Wild in the CountrysideWritten by thebearwriter
    "Hello? Is someone there?"
    Gabriel stood in front of the gate with a basket under his arm, clapping and shouting, but no one answered. In front of him, around thirty meters down a sloop, stood a wooden house with faded white paint, its size almost that of a cabin with a tall tree, almost double the height of the house, at the back, and its slide-up glass windows with bug nets appeared to be open, with its lights inside turned on. _Perhaps they just haven't heard_, he assumed.

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  • A Trip Out of Town

A Trip Out of TownWritten by eljayb
    I have just returned from a three week trip to another city. Before I left I had checked a dating site searching for like minded men in the city I was heading to.
    I am 77 years old and prefer men around my own age so I did not have any great expectations.
    I did find one guy who seemed to match my preferences and we exchanged a few messages and agreed that we both had really dirty minds and that we would probably hit it off just fine. And we did!

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  • Better and Wetter

Better and WetterWritten by robinhead
    My boyfriend James is a handsome young black man. He's kind of small but well built. His shoulders are broad and muscular. He has a slender waist. He looks great in tight clothes and even better naked.
    He has well defined pecs and dark nipples. They're hard as pebbles when he's turned on. He's got six pack abs and narrow hips. Being smaller and slender makes his dick look larger than it is. But it is bigger than mine. It is a little on the skinny side, which I like.

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  • The Quarterback and Me

The Quarterback and MeWritten by skinnon95
    This is a true story of what happened to me my freshman year of college. I had gotten a job working at the Activity Center on campus. The AC was a gym just for college students where we could work out. Usually it was used just for non-athletes as athletes had their own gym, but occasionally various team members would come in. To gain entrance into the AC, you had a to present your college ID with a staff member (that was me). Then when you left, you picked your ID back up. This way we could keep up with who was in the the AC at any given time.

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  • More Farm Fun

    More Farm FunWritten by bobapple
    Let me tell you about a former classmate of mine. His name was Cameron and we went through school together, right from grade 1 to grade 12. I was a town kid and he was a farm kid. He got bussed to school every day. While we were classmates and friends, we were not buddy buddy. No opportunities presented themselves for us to hang out together after school and become close.
    The Thursday before Good Friday, he approached me just as we were dismissed for lunch about working with him and his dad for the long weekend. His dad needed some extra help on the farm. He had asked Cameron to check around and see if somebody wanted to make some money working on the farm for 3 days. As an eighteen year old, I sure could use the money for gas for the car and for burgers and babes.

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  • At The Party

    At The PartyWritten by bi golly
    He goes to a stroke party and tries it all.
    It was billed as a jack off party. I found it by trolling gay groups on Yahoo. They said that they allowed no alcohol or drugs. They limited the number of men to 16 and you had to apply to get in. They mailed the invitation if you were accepted and that was your ticket for entrance. They said that you had to strip as soon as you got there and after that, you made the limits. "No means No" and all of that.

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  • Step-Dad Screams My Name

    Step-Dad Screams My NameWritten by JustAnAuthor1497
    Tyler makes step-dad, Andy his bitch.
    This happens often. Ever since I met this kid he's been a whiny little bitch, just like his father. Don't get me wrong, moving into a house full of other men was a nice change of atmosphere. Y'see it's always just been me, my mom, and my older sister. I was the only man surrounded by women.
    That is until mom started dating Andy my sophomore year of high school. He proposed my senior year and we moved in. My sister had gone off to college my junior year so it was now me, my mom, Andy, and his son Cameron.

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  • The Host

    The HostWritten by unknownmuse
    Traveling Dom meets twink.
    He was the host in the hotel restaurant near the convention center. Early twenties and very cute. Dark curly hair, incredible smile, about five seven and slightly built. Exactly my type. Shaking off the rain from my coat I approached the host to be seated for dinner.
    "Just you?" He asked.
    "Flying solo tonight." I said. "A window seat if possible and a vodka screwdriver." The view of the river would be welcoming after a day wandering the convention complex.

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  • Houston's Story

    Houston's StoryWritten by kwchancellor
    Houston gets picked up.
    I stood in the light of the street lamp on a corner of Avenue B counting the money I had made for the night. I got fifty from an old man who removed his dentures and slobbed my cock with such precision, I busted my nut in the old man's make shift pussy faster than I ever had. Fucking blew my mind. It felt so good, I almost felt guilty taking the old coot's money.

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