Billie's Sore Ass

Billie's Sore AssWritten by erectus123
Billie's Sore Ass: Sexual Fraternity Hazing Of course I am gay, just look at me; tall and slender, long bleached blond surfer boy hair, a redone bobbed nose, a bit of dental cosmetics to cure an uneven saw toothed smile and an earring in my right ear. I love to wear tight spandex muscle t-shirts with the 'V' neckline as if I had tits. I do have nice pecs and a great ass if I must say so. I wear long tight pants that show off my legs and ass. Baby, I can talk the gay lingo with those important pauses and inflections when I want too without resorting to the limp wrist. You know what I mean?

My name is Billy Bush, no I'm not that guy on TV who got fired for just listening to some crude presidential pussy talk. Shit, it wasn't even his fault. My moniker is just a common name.

I grew up in San Diego, my Mom raised me. My Dad went off surfing with a boyfriend when I was two years old and never came back. I don't mean he drowned, I mean he took off with his gay lover. With the exception of few postcards from Brazil years ago, I don't know if he is alive or dead.

My mom started me in school a bit late because of my birth date, so I was always a little older than the other kids. My grandfather, Grandpa, my Mom's Dad, dyed to have me int to private church school for high school. Gramps always referred to my Dad as 'a fucking faggot run off.' If gayness is an inherited gene I guess that's where I got it from.

Sensing I'd be bullied, Grandpa sent me to Jo-Lu's Karatee Academy (I don't know why there is an extra 'e' in Karate but Jo-Lu didn't speak much English). I studied under Jo-Lu for 4 years until I learned how to protect myself.

When Winston Kedrow started picking on me that summer I gave him a straight arm that broke his ugly nose. After that the bullies left me alone although I thought some of the rougher guys were attractive. Gramps had to pay off the Kedrow family to keep it quiet.

I had done did my senior career paper on communication. I particularly wanted become a TV weatherman. I fell in love with Don Segal, the San Diego Weatherman. He was the cutest mustached guy I'd ever seen, with his tight pants and shapely ass. God I must have masturbated every night to his 11:15 weather report on WSWB, so close to the screen I blipped him in the face with cum more than once. My mother would ask why the screen was so smudged, I just rolled my eyes.

One of that old gang was a guy named Rod Hartower. I thought he was very sexy. He was often with his 'daah' cheerleader back then. He was tall, big boned, curly brown hair and a slanted smile where he'd stick his cigarette when it wasn't behind his ear, sort of looked like a young Nick Nolte. By now we were all over 18 and I was working as a fry cook in that last summer at the McDonald's when he spotted me. Oh, he certainly remembered me. He didn't order anything, he just sat for a while . When I had my break I went to the bathroom. He followed me in. Asked me nicely,

"Do you remember me?"

Oh yeah, you used to run with that gang of bullies"

"Yeah, that was a long time ago."

"Could I ask you a favor, your gay aren't you?"

"So what?"

"Would you please to blow me."

"What about your girlfriend? Why don't you ask her?"

"I did. She's a lousy cock sucker, guys are the best,"

Sure I blew him. He was adorable and had a great 6 inch thick cock even though it smelled like a cigarette. But I wasn't up to swallowing his secret sauce just yet. I don't swallow on first dates. I kind of caught it in my cheek and let in dribble out afterwards into the sink. Just the same he left with a big smile on his face and a wet spot on his tight jeans.

Rod returned a bunch more times, He'd say,

"Baby, (he always called me that) I need it now, right now."

He was always very horny. If his girlfriend was away or if he just wanted my lips on his cock he'd show up, nightly. It was as if my blow jobs were therapeutic. At a certain point the manager figured out what was going on and barred him from coming in when I was doing the late night shift.

This required a change of plans. Rod would show up at closing time and park his old Ford on the far end of the parking lot where I'd meet him. Then he'd drive us to a secluded dark street where he would unfurl his gorgeous cut cock, that sprouted from a mountain of bushy blond hair. He'd lean back and he'd get erect almost instantly and I'd get to work. After he'd cum we'd both smoke a cigarette together and he would play with my hair. I was on cloud nine. That was, until he decided to share me with his cousin.

His cousin was in his mid 20's, he'd just finished a tour of three years in the Navy. According to him the Navy was one big boat of gay sailors. He described the living quarters on the cruiser he was stationed on as a gay sex club. Everyone was fucking ass and blowing each other. No wonder so many of our Navy ships crash into other boats at sea.

Cousin Harold was visiting for two weeks with Rod's family. Rod obviously told him about me and Hal insisted on coming with Rod. I was totally surprised but I was so in love with Rod that I couldn't refuse him anything. I had such a strong crush on him. Hal sat in the back seat observing me as I blew Rod. This time Rod didn't show me any affection and that hurt. He switched seats with Hal so I could work my magic on Hal.

Hal moved up front and said to me as he pulled down his pants,

"Listen you queer fagot. My dick is very sensitive. You gotta go real easy on it."

When I looked at what I was supposed to service I understood something was wrong. His foreskin was attached high up at the top of the shaft so in order to get to the head you had to push the foreskin back but it didn't budge. When I tried it with my hand he screamed. I tried again with my tongue and that lubed it a bit but after about a minute he pushed me away.

"Ok faggot, let me help you some."

He began to masturbate by holding the shaft of his small, maybe it was a three inch er at the base and working up and down without disturbing the foreskin. When he was ready he grabbed my head and shoved it into my mouth. Rod from the back seat shouted, "Swallow it you queer," which hurt me. Hal said,

"Can I jerk you off Billie? In the Navy we say one good hand deserves another."

"I'm ok, but thanks anyway."

That was the last time I saw either of them. I left to start college the week after.

Sometimes guys ask me if I've ever tried pussy. At that point I hadn't. Girls were really not for me. I can dance with them and I dated a few times but most of the girls were too prissy for me. I was never interested in being a fag hag's gay friend. I preferred on my off days that summer to hang with the older surfer dudes out at the rocky beach.

They enjoyed a blowjob inside one of the coral cove caves or more. None of those guys were homophobic. One of the older guys taught me how to take it in the ass. He was real gentle with me and it rocked my world confirming to me that I was a gay dude. It was like my ass had spoken.

You can understand my surprise, when in my freshman year at University. Please forgive me if I don't name the place but this story is between you and me and I don't want any repercussions. But if you are really curious, it's a famous Eastern University, often said to be the best Communication School in the Ivy League. (Is it Harvard? maybe)

Long story short, I received an invitation to pledge Beta Mu Rho or BMP, one of the strongest and best fraternities on campus. The advantage of being a brother was multi. You could room in the frat house dorm at one half the cost of a college dorm, the food was much better, there were great parties every week, there were guys who would lend you their car, and if you ran short of money, small loans of $350 could be made without any interest. As soon as you paid it back you were entitled to another withdrawal. And above all there were lots of cute straight guys who might want a walk on the wild side, the wild side of my ass. So of course I was interested, wouldn't you be? I didn't know that around campus BMP stood for 'the Blow Me Pledge fraternity.'

So in early October, I went to the frat house 'Rush' meeting and met a bunch of the brothers who seemed like really nice guys. No sign of homophobia, the group was interracial, a few Blacks, a swarm of Asians and plenty of the White guys, a few latinos. Most seemed straight but you never know who is going to come on to you after a few drinks.

The guys had brought in a caterer, they were grilling franks and burgers and there were kegs of fresh yeasty beer from the Boston Brewery that was so good you could get drunk just from the smell. A bunch of the brothers were very friendlily. Even putting their arms around me and one even pinched my ass. I felt kind of flattered.

A week later I received a letter offering me the chance to pledge. Of course I accepted and as raw recruit I attended the pledge gathering of this Skull and Bones fraternity. The first thing I noticed was the seriousness of the fraternity master president who said that the fraternity took origin over 124 years ago.

He named a number of famous people who had been pledges. There was a Rockefeller, a Forbes, a Marciano, a Lieberman, a Cuomo, a Gates, a Kennedy, a Cluny, and Haram Sloth the famous Gay Poet who wrote with Ginsberg's Dad. A few Senators and Governors including Grey Davis who I recalled was booted out of office. There were others I wasn't conversant with such as the guy who founded the Good Humor Ice Cream Company, and of course the Green River Strangler—oh that was a joke, he said. I hoped so.

The first pledge night was easy and fun, they made us strip nude, run around the large ball room on the first floor and each of us was given 3 shots with a wooden paddle as a reminder to follow the pledge rules. The pledge period was to last 60 days.

There was to be 2 week hiatus at the end, when the fraternity would vote us in or out. We were assured almost everyone who made it through the pledge period that ended before the winter recess were practically guaranteed to become a 'brother' and could move into the frat house after the New Year.

Each pledge was assigned to a senior brother who was to be our pledge master. I was assigned to Gary Parnell. He carefully attached a male chastity device to my cock. It was plastic with a tiny padlock. I didn't much like the sensation but I figured I'd try to hang with it. It was little messy for pissing but a shower twice a day got the whole mess clean.

Of course I wasn't able to masturbate with that fucking contraption and as a result I was getting quit horny by the time the first week had passed.I don't know if all the other pledges got the same treatment. We were warned not to discuss personal treatment from our pledge master.

The next week preceded Halloween. They wanted us to dunk for apples in a wooden barrel. The losers had to suck on a plastic dildos. Of course not being much of buck toothed apple athlete I was a dismal success at pulling a floating apple out of a tub of water with my teeth. The dildo deal sounded a little sick. How sick? I was to find out.

For my punishment, it was all in fun they said, I was made to get on my knees and they placed a 10 inch flesh colored dildo in my mouth. They told me to spit on it but it was not that slippery. Then one of the guys lubed it up with a spray of Pledge and that went a little easier although it now tasted soapier and horribly perfumed.

They gave us a break period after that and passed around large mugs of cold beer, that was a nice touch. I was content with one mug but then they insisted we all drink a second. I was hardly able to get it down but little by little I managed.

Of course this made me want to pee but we were forbidden to leave the room. When I couldn't help myself and the pee began to leak out I used the beer mug as a piss pot and filled it up. The master saw this from the other side of the room and shouted out,

"What the fuck", and became furious .

Then they called me all sorts of names and put a mask over my eyes. The whole place went dark.

"Give him the dildo to suck on," shouted someone.

"Make him drink the piss," shouted another.

I was pushed to my knees and someone or maybe it was two guys held my hands behind my back. Then they stuck the dildo in my mouth and I feigned sucking it. Then they pulled out, then in, then out. I think, I was woozy from the two large beers when something changed, the texture of the dildo was warm and not as smooth as before. Then they pulled it out and when they pushed it back into my mouth it felt like plastic.

This went on for about twenty minutes and every now and then instead of the soapy plastic dildo it felt like a real dick was inserted in my mouth, some longer, some wider, some pissy, some clean,some very pissy and then the plastic ended up in my mouth again so when they took off my blindfold I could see it really was the fleshy plastic dildo was what was in my mouth.

I guessed I was hallucinating from the alcohol but I wasn't sure. As if that wasn't enough, I suspect they were dipping the dildo in my mug of piss.

So ended that night. I detected laughter directed at me from the fraternity brothers as we saluted nude in a group and were permitted to dress and leave. It was a cold New England night and Garry shouted out,

"Billie, ya need a ride to the dorm?"

"Sure," I said, "thanks."

One of the other pledges asked if he could come but Garry said," Sorry, it's a two seater."

I kept my mouth shut but I knew it was an old light blue Chevy sedan.

Garry and I left, got into the sedan and the car started after one or two tries.

"It's just the cold, the battery is ok."

"Sounds like the starter motor," I offered.

"So now you're an auto mechanic?"


We got on the road to the dorm but the windows kept fogging over.

"Hold on, I got a rag in the trunk," and Garry turned the car off the main road into a dark side street. He got out of the car and got a rag and some squirt bottle from the trunk. He handed it to me and I wiped the window clean.

"You figured out that dick dildo switcheroo, didn't ya."

"Yeah, I wasn't born yesterday."

"Listen Billie, you know you have to obey your pledge master's orders, don't cha?"

I could hear him breathing hard in the darkness, the dashboard lights gave his face an eerie glow. I knew where this conversation was going, I'd been there before. Without further instruction I unzipped Garry's pants and freed his cock, which was already erect. I bent forward to mouth him, hitting my head on the steering wheel. Garry edged closer on the bench seat so I could get closer and I blew him. His cock felt very familiar, like one I'd already met during the dildo game. He didn't take him long to cum.

"Swallow it, don't you get my car seat dirty."

I did as he asked although it was very thick and hard to get down.

"This never happened," said Garry, "you got that."

"Yes, Sir, I got it all."

When we rolled into the dorm parking lot Gary was silent.

"Thanks for the ride Sir," I said as I exited.

"Oh, just one thing Billie, my roommate is graduating this semester, maybe you'd like to room with me after the New Year."

I didn't answer.

"Well, think about it. We could have some fun."

I got out of the car, sort of waved goodbye and headed over to the dorm.

Gary just sat there in the darkness, the lone parking light shone dimly but I could see he was smiling to himself as he zipped up his pants.

The weather stayed cold, we had some snow and the remaining pledges were issued snow shovels to dig out the sidewalks and driveway of the frat house. I was surprised that a whole bunch of the guys I'd started with had de-pledged. Obviously this pledge thing wasn't for everyone. I'd see some of these guys in class and they'd say nothing or a little like,

"I needed more time for study."

"Fraternities are not for me."

"I ain't sucking any guy's dirty dick."

For those of us that remained, our hazing continued, we were ordered to pull the usual pranks. They would tell us to do silly things, I had to climb up and place a cum loaded condom in the hand of the snow encrusted classical Greek Goddess statue at the entrance to the University.

Once unscrewed the placards on then bathrooms and switched the men's and lady's signs which caused all kind of embarrassment. Madeline Albright was making a speech that day and walked in right after the switch and saw some guy pissing long distance into the upright. I guess she dealt with it diplomatically.

We even dumped a bag of wet manure on the stairs of the fraternity house Alpha Rho Omega, our chief rival on the quad, and spread it at night so with the morning dew all who exited smelled like shit. One pledge, that was me, was told to stand outside the cafeteria with a box of pears and give them to sharply busty women who upon acceptance would be asked,

"Can I touch your pair?" all stupid stunts.

That little stunt really pissed off one of the girls, Sally Hansen, she cursed and slapped my face. I found out later she was one of the fraternity brother's sister.

The pledges got instructions that on Halloween night we were all to dress up as girls. The most provocatively dressed pledge would have one weeks respite from the hazing ritual. I was determined to win that contest.

I shopped at H&M and found a really trashy outfit, a gold colored pair of hot pants, a tight yellow blouse that was transparent, a full bra that I filled with foam, a gold metallic colored wig, some cheap high heels in shiny patent leather. I topped it off with some funky glass beads and a rubber girdle with a built in rubber ass that gave made my ass resemble J-Lo, or a cheap hooker.

The costume contest was an easy win. They made each pledge stand on a chair and they voted by the loudest cheers. Edgar Green and I were the last two winners and I took the prize by a few extra shouts. They even took my picture. When I won I was quite pleased to be escorted into a room with four senior fraternity masters.

I expected to be rewarded but instead they berated me and in the end they made me strip off my red panties and rubber ass girdle and told to bend over for the dildo routine, but this time without a blindfold. I was surrounded by these older members who preceded to unzip and plunk their meat in my face. Thus bared, I was told to blow each of them. This was my prize? I was to swallow all their cum, if any leaked out onto the floor I would be paddled. It seemed I'd heard this scenario before.

As the winner I expected to get some respite from the hazing but that was a false hope. At a loss, I begged them to reconsider, instead they pushed me to my knees and told me I had no choice but to service them. Of the four senior brothers, there was Willy Kassec, Dan Triumph, Leroy Jenkins and Davey Cohn.

Willy was the first, his dick was a normal 5 inches and tasted like piss. I didn't say anything and started to suck it. He grabbed my head at one point and shoved it deeper but it wasn't a really big dick. I could handle it. When he came it was just a trickle.

Dan was a big guy, I almost choked, not just on his cock but on his pubic hair. Maybe the guy was going cock bald. He was so horny he came right away. I slurped his cum up, it tasted a little like asparagus.

Leroy was a black brother. His cock was definitely the biggest, thick probably 7 inches long. It had a musky funky taste but otherwise it was nice to suck.

"Taste like pussy Billy?" Leroy laughed, "I had it in Lacy Dumont's puss just two hours ago and didn't get a chance to wash it off."

That remark got a good laugh but I didn't think it was funny. I had danced with Lacy a few times and didn't think his kiss and tell was very nice. Still, I sucked his cock for a good five minutes or so and was rewarded with a lathering of cum.

This guy was a dynamo, he had already generated a full mouthful of cum in those few hours. Of course I swallowed most of it. Sometimes if the cock is not deep in your throat when it erupts on the withdrawal hit me some may dribble out.

Davey kind of apologized quietly, saying this wasn't his idea as he pulled out his long wiener. I tried to give him a good BJ after that remark. His dick was an easy 6 or 6 1/2 inches and kind of rounded, the thickness of a kosher frank, and you wouldn't have expected that length because he was little guy. One of the brothers said hold on and I waited. I recalled that Davey was a wiz at handball, I'd seen him beat many players.

Then next thing I knew this joker who told me to wait was squirting mustard on Davey's dick. I started sucking, swallowing the Gulden's mustard and moving back and forth on his shaft. Davey paid no attention to the mustard and kept saying,

"My balls, suck my balls. Don't forget to suck my balls."

So I did and then I was taken by surprise when I dropped my head to the level of his balls, his cock exploded right in my face. That cream pie hit me right in the forehead.

It got a big laugh from the brothers, like they knew it was coming. I quickly put my hand to my face so it wouldn't splatter on the floor but a few drops did escape and they paddled me for that error.

Just a word on the previous events, I should add that I didn't go down without a fight. When they told me I had to service them, I said,

"No." Then they paddled me,

"Nice going guys, " I thought.

When the pain became unbearable; I capitulated, after all, it wasn't that I was new to blow jobs, I just had not expected my college career would not be tainted by public humiliation. The strange thing was the more they paddled me the harder my cock grew and the more excited I got. I didn't cum in a burst when I was sucking their cocks but a steady flow of cum juice was dripping out of me. I guess all this crazy stuff was exciting to me.

When I finished sucking I thought I was done, that's when I realized how wrong I was. One of the brothers brought me into the guest bedroom and left me in the care of four different guys I hardly recognized. It turned out they were brothers as well but from a Connecticut chapter.

I figured I was going to have to get on my knees and suck cock again. Well, if that was it, I'd perform for them as well. But no, these guys weren't into blow jobs, they were fuckers, big fuckers.

They grabbed me, lifting me up and carrying me into the bathroom, putting me down in the bathtub. One guy had unscrewed the water jet tube from the hand held part and stuck it into my ass. It was under too high a pressure and too hot. I screamed.

"Lower the volume," a low voice that sounded like Johnny Cash ordered.

The tube went limp then slowly started to fill my ass with cool then lukewarm water. After a minute or so the same gruff voice said,

"That's enough, dry him off and for God's sake rinse out that tub."

Someone took a towel and rubbed my ass a bit, I was still damp but this didn't stop them. They pulled me out of the tub, dried my knees and dragged me back into the bedroom, plopping me down on the rug in an all fours position.

"Me first," said the gruff voice. And he continued,

"I get to break him in. Then you guys with your small cocks can have sloppy seconds, very sloppy cause I haven't drop a load in two weeks. Anyone got any lube?"

Someone spotted a bottle of hand cream in the bathroom and they used that.

Grunts of approval were heard and two big hands grabbed my ass. I could feel him pushing against my ass but his cock was so large he couldn't get it lined up, I wanted to help but they were holding my arms down,

"Higher up," I shouted back.

"Well, look at that. The pledge is trying to be helpful. Stuff something in his mouth."

I expected a rag but I could hear a loud unzip and a fat short cock was unceremoniously thrust between my lips. Meanwhile, the big guy was still trying to get his cock into me,

"His ass hole is too small, oh wait, oh yes, there it is."

And without further thought, he had found the way in. He plunged into my ass hole like one of those Star War rockets blasting off, and he lifted my hindquarters right off the floor, with a twist of his hips he rammed even more of that monster into me. Then he withdrew and I could hear him spitting on my ass and I imagined onto his cock and then squirting more hand lotion.

That moment of peace was lost when he started again and forced his big cock's head back into my little ass hole, opening it up the same way Nixon opened up China. I use that analogy because it didn't take long for that behemoth to spurt his load at the same time he started shouting in what sounded like Chinese.

About that time the cock in my mouth also erupted. All during all this time I was sporting a full erection.

One of the guys holding my arms down snarked me with,

"You've been 'Mongolianized,' by the grand master Otokomoyotu, the biggest Asian cock in the western hemisphere."

I could hear them chortling at that moment. The big guy, whatever the fuck his name was, pulled his cock out. Believe me, it felt like someone had pulled a plunger out of my ass. With that my own dick deflated like an untied balloon.

His cock was quickly replaced by another but I was so widespread and spunky that the second guy could hardly get any traction.

Obviously unpleased, this guy who spoke with a Texas drawl complained, "This pledges ass is like trying to fuck a giant cunt, you can't even feel the sides and it's so wide and wet and gooey your cock doesn't even know where it is."

Eventually he gave up trying to get off and resorted to using his own hands, that way he was able to jerk off and shoot his cum onto my buttocks. I can't say I appreciated his effort.

The next guy wiped my wet ass off with a towel so as not to rub up against the Texan's cum load and inserted his smaller prick carefully into what now must have looked like a tunnel, I could hardly feel his cock but he slapped my ass a bunch of times, which distracted me and then he came managed to cum.

The guy whose cock had filled my mouth picked me up and carried me into the bathroom and laid me gently into that cold porcelain tub. He had never bothered to put his cock back in his pants and it hung there like a chubby dark red slug.

"Thanks for the blow job," he said and proceeded to unfurl his soft slug of a cock and piss all over my lower extremities with what smelled like beer piss. The other guys by now were all in the room or doorway watching and laughing.

The gruff Mongolian said to the pisser,

"You are gross man, let's go."

Nonetheless, the pisser still had another 25 seconds of scattered piss left in his bladder, but in the end it was just dribbling out a little at a time. Then he dried his cock with a towel and threw it at my face,

"Goodbye baby," said the pisser, "I hope to fuck you next time, remember my name, Johny Hansen," and the bathroom door slammed shut. God, that name sounded familiar.

It took me a while to get to my feet. I did my best to shower and reclaim my cloths that had been thrown on the floor. I dressed, my ass hurting. Even the shower had failed to get the piss smell out of my nose, but I thought I soaped it off of my body. I think all this sex without cuming was giving me blue balls.

Samy, our pledge master came in with a pint bottle of 'Jack' corn whiskey and I drank a slug or two in an effort to calm myself and get the cum taste out of my mouth. One of the brothers, tall Carl, put his arm around me and said,

"Come, I'll drive you home."

On the way he spent most of the time telling me how much I was going to like living in the frat house. Quite frankly I was beginning to have my doubts.

I was still wearing the padlocked chastity device, but had gotten used to it by now. I could hardly feel it was on me. For the longest time growing up I had masturbated myself to sleep, but with that apparatus locking my cock and balls I couldn't, but nature has a way.

Instead of stroking, my body was instead getting off as a result of wet dreams. Every few nights, I'd have gay dreams where I was fucked by strangers and I'd shoot my load while they were pounding my ass. I guess that scene turned me on and kept me from going crazy with the chastity device that prevented masturbation.

I tiptoed to my dorm room careful not to wake my roommate, he was anti-fraternity and I was beginning to appreciate his perception. I got a clean towel out of the drawer to cover the chastity thing so no one would see it. My legs were worn out, my ass muscles were sore and I sort of tight legged limped down the hall, squeezing my ass cheeks tightly with both hands to stop from leaking cum drops on the floor.

That Mongolian must have deposited his spunk so high up my ass that it took an hour to leak down and spill out in drops. It was still dripping out of me despite my best efforts to contain it. I finally go to the bathroom shower area, the showers were deserted at that late hour and it took a while for the water to get hot.

Once the water got warm I took a nice hot shower, using my fingers to push the water into my ass until it ran clean. Of course I was still woozy from the alcohol, it doesn't take a lot to get me drunk. I almost fell several times. I sprayed hot water on the cock cage, I really wanted to jerk off when I thought about all the sex I'd been through, but that was impossible. All the time I was thinking,

"This hazing is not going to be over in a week, should I just quit?"

After all, how much worse was it going to get? Little did I know? It would.

The next week they separated us into small groups and walked my group of five pledges into a special room that had surprisingly had a taped glory hole. They said that one of the older brothers who was gay had volunteered to man the glory hole and each of us would get to stick his cock in the fuck hole. My pledge master unlocked the plastic cage on my cock and whistled as my cock flopped loose, I guess it was bigger then he remembered.

That there was a gay brother in the frat was news to me. But some guys who love cock like to man a glory hole. A good captain of a glory hole can be a fine reward. They instructed all of us to wear rubbers for reasons of hygiene. That seemed like a good idea. It insured each pledge didn't have to deal with the sloppy seconds from those who'd already cum in the hole. I thought this was a nice for us after we'd been so mistreated.

I'm really not so much into fucking but I can enjoy it like any man, gay or straight. I prefer masturbating or taking in in the ass. I was surprised to be one of the five that was selected. Afterwards I questioned if it was a set up but the four guy before me fucked that glory hole like it was the best thing on earth. When it came my turn I chubbed up and stuck my cock into the hole.

Two soft hand greeted my cock and oiled me up, the hands felt really good, this guy knew how to jerk you off and I wondered if the other guys could even tell the difference. The longer he stroked my cock the harder I got. Then I was guided into what should have been as ass hole but seemed rather strange but still satisfying and although loose, it was an ok sensation. I had to work it to get to the point of coming and finally my thrusting paid off and I delivered all I had into that glory hole. Then a feminine voice said,

"I love you Billy Bush.

I realized it was Zelda, the frat house groupie. I was fucking her cunt through that glory hole. When I realized I was fucking a female I felt nauseated and started to wheeze and ran to the bathroom to vomit.

"Oh, he's all gay, he didn't pass the Zelda test" someone shouted after me.

I guess the other four pledges were probably relieved not to have been involved in a homosexual act, but I was disgusted. I realized I was going to be gay for life. There was no golden pussy waiting for me in the future, just a lot of cocks and an occasional ass.

The next few weeks passed without much consequence, silly pranks but no physical harassment. The last week of pledge time was not too far away, it was just about over. That was when they separated us out. The Master announced that now since our initiation into the brotherhood was near, we had to find a way to contribute money or to earn something for the fraternity. I didn't know at all what they were talking about but I knew I was damn near broke and there was no chance of hitting up Grandpa for a dowry.

The next night each pledge stood and explained what he was going to do for the good of the brotherhood. When they called on me I stood up and didn't say anything. The Master looked at me harshly,

"Don't worry Billie, we've got you covered, sit down."

The next night went easy, everyone was in a good mood. Sometime around 11:30 several brothers grabbed me and hustled me out the door. They took me to a place I had heard existed but had no idea where it was. It was a bordello the specialized in serving older men and motorcycle gangs with what they called greenies or chickens and that was the role I was going to play. I figured they were going to sell me for the night as if I was a rent boy.

I recognized the place as it was next to a big barbecue restaurant. They walked me into the place and then down some stairs to a subterranean room that smelled dank and rude. Then I was pushed onto some sort of raised wooden platform. Someone was sitting on my shoulders until I was maneuvered into the right position and then they chained me hands and feet, my hands to the front, my legs split wide to each corner with an iron shackle.

While several men were chaining me, someone with a gentler hand snipped off the little padlock on my cock's chastity prison and I could hear it bounce as they threw it away. It felt good to have my cock hanging loose without any restraint. A mask was put on my face but I could see out of the corners what seemed to be bright lights that were on and little by little the mask slipped and I could see more.

Someone pushed a glass in my face.

"Drink this," and poured it into my mouth.

It tasted like liquor but with some paste in it. I had drunk most of it before the residue clogged on my teeth. Someone poked me and indicated I had to drink the whole glass. I get drunk pretty quick because I'm so thin. Whatever I drank had the immediate effect of dulling my sense of reality.

Before anything happened, I began to feel very woozy, then I realized that the pasty taste of the drink they'd given me probably contained a mashed up Ecstasy pill. I had the same feeling that I'd had at a rock/rave concert in Los Angeles one time.

But this stuff was much stronger. It must have been a real heavy dose because I still can only remember snatches of what went on afterwards. I guessed it was also mixed with viagra because as soon as someone touched my package I had a strong erection, when the parade of cock suckers began I had an erection that lasted hours.

So then there began, what looked like a religious procession, a group of older men and some younger but each with a semblance of a hard on marched in. They came right up to me but didn't spend much time checking out my ass. They were more interested in sucking my cock and balls and fingering my ass.

Each paused before me and would kneel and start to lick my cock. They'd reach under my ass and pull harshly on my balls and one old guy rubbed me hard behind my balls as if trying to get to my prostate.

With the mask ajar I could look down and see the heads of the guys sucking on my cock and balls. Some guys were bald, others had a full head of hair, and some were grey with a bald spot. This went on for a while as they sucked and tried to make me cum. Try as I might I was blocked. I just could not cum and these guys kept fooling around with me, as if they were trying to get me to shoot my load but I couldn't.

Some had terrible breath. Some blew me smoothly, others hurt me with their teeth. Some had hairy shoulders and backs. I couldn't see their faces, just the back of their heads and their shoulders. Later I learned that a super dose of Viagra gives you a strong erection but does not allow you to cum. Finally the line was finished, the last guy tongued me mostly and sucked on and squeezed my ball sack. I guess 10 or 12 older guys had played with me in that short interval but it wasn't a pleasurable event for me.

When the cock suckers were finished I was forced to my knees and now I was forced to suck the cocks of a new group of men who were lining up to receive blow jobs. When this new group were ushered in I picked up a scent, and even in my unpleasant situation I thought it rather comical.

A bunch of them smelled of smoke, like the odor of a barbecue restaurant. I guessed they worked at the barbecue place that we'd passed when the frat guys parked the car and escorted me across the parking lot into the bordello.

These smokey guys spoke some bits of a foreign language, sounded like Spanish but later I learned the restaurant was run by a Portuguese and his workers were mostly from his country. One guy's cock tested like a jalapeño and burned my mouth but I got relief when he came. Cum seems to defuse the hot pepper.

These guys slapped me in a playful manner and laughed at my situation, but like most men they just wanted to get off. This herd of foreigners had very large meaty cocks. I found it hard to breath as I sucked them, especially when they ejaculated and it went up my nose. Some even thanked me in their own language or with a heavenly accented,

"Danks Miss-ter."

I guess I blew at least 8 or 10 guys. Of course my lips and chin were inundated with all these guy's cum juices, I knew better than to try to swallow as they humped into my mouth. I just let the cum drip out. I remember blowing the smoky ones but there were a few others who seem a distant memory.

Oh yeah, there was one guy in mechanic's overalls, I never saw his face. He looked tall and lanky. His cock smell like gasoline. It was a short cock but very wide, so wide I had trouble getting it into my mouth so I concentrated on his head, surrounded by unyielding foreskin.

Little by little I was able to get to that sweet spot on the underside and then, thank God he came. At that moment all inhibitions were lost and he made loud grunting noises as each jolt of cum left his penis and filled my warm mouth. I continued to swirl my tongue around his penis crown as he came.

Giving satisfaction wasn't so bad and I'd learned in the past two months how to really blow and get guys off, at least most guys. There are always some guys with a sexual dysfunction, more than you'd imagine, whose inability to cum or even get hard is sad to deal with. The fun of blowing a guy is to succeed in making him cum. Perhaps this reticence is of their own making or a physical impairment.

There is an absolute feeling of satisfaction performing a well executed blow job and also a feeling of profound sexual participation that can be very exciting. Even if I didn't know who I was blowing or even saw their face, I knew their penis intimately and to me the cock is the eye of the soul. Most of the time I was sucking these stranger's cocks I had a hard on. The more they moaned and made noises the more excited and confident I became.

This part of the ordeal seemed over. Then they unchained me and helped me to my feet. My knees were sore from the gritty floor.I expected to be taken out of this place and was sure I would live through the night, but oh I was so wrong, they were just beginning.

Instead of letting me leave, they escorted me down a curving staircase into another dank room. The place smelled of cock, cum and piss. I wasn't wearing shoes and it felt damp, wet and sticky under my feet. They walked me to some sort of stockade and chained me standing up. I was totally naked and the cool air made me shiver. My dick had shrunk.

The posts were constructed in a 'V,' I realized my cock and balls were entirely accessible and could be easily handled from any direction. Then the roar of motorcycles from outside filled the air and shook the building. A rowdy group of guys stormed down the stairs, theirs boots clattering on the cement. I could smell their sweat and the leathers they wore. They were all shouting but I could not understand them. The noise seemed like a dirge, a roar that filled my ears, like you'd hear in a sports event.

A guy wearing a burlap bag with two eye slits approached and passed behind me. He pinched and slapped my ass a few times and lubed me up in preparation. These guys were a rough crowd and their cocks were rough. On older big guy with a crown on his leather jacket grabbed me by the chin lifted up my mask. The lights are so bright I was almost blinded.

"You better satisfy my guys or we'd crate you and leave you bleeding down in the harbor where the longshoreman will finish your off."

I was scared to death.

Thus began a gang rape that I cannot even describe because I fell in and out of consciousness.

I remember the threats, "We are going to fuck till you are dead meat."

"Bitch, sissy, were gonna fuck you till your ass is broken," one whispered in my ear.

Then they began, smacking my ass red and humping me, penetrating my ass, severely expanding my ass hole with their big dicks. If I had the choice of accommodating guys of their penis size, I'd have refused out of fear they'd split me apart. At that moment I was not free to choose. I had to stand there and allow each and every cock the opportunity. My screams or cries just served to encourage them.

Tied to this stockade in a standing position my legs were exhausted and my arms were weak from holding me up, as I sagged they would put their arms around me and lift me up, holding me by my naked ass as they forced themselves inside me. Their salty sperm burned as they tore up my insides while penetrating my rectum.

Over and over, one, two three guys, I was losing count. I'd passed out several times only to be awakened by a fresh penetration. Then it seemed to have ended. I guessed there were at least eight or ten guys who'd abused me. Then the leader, the guy with the crown on his leather jacket flashed a bright light in my face, my eyes had long since closed.

"Open your eyes you fagot,"

I opened weakly and he unzipped his leather pants and let them drop to his knees where they rested on his high black boots. He wore no underwear. He took out a smooth silver colored cock ring and fitted it on his large still flaccid cock which grew to full size as he stroked it.

Then he took out another cock ring but this one was frightening, it had points on it. He fitted it carefully onto the end of his cock, it settled just behind the head of his swollen massive member and then he smiled,

"This teaser is for your faggot," and he smacked my face, just hard enough to fully awaken me from the drugs stupor.

When I realized what was going to happen next I started to shout "No"—and this just made them all laugh. My cock had shrunk to nothing after these assaults. I probably looked like a girl at that point.

"Hey Dinky," shouted the leader, "I thought that stuff was supposed to give him a big time hard on. His cock and balls look like a tiny grape cluster. Get the zapper."

"Someone has to rub his cock first."

"Are you kidding? I ain't touching his little cock."

I guess Dinky, whoever he was, stuck something cold up my ass. It felt thick as a pencil, then the chief said,

"Zap Em."

Whatever this thing in my ass was, it shot an electrical charge right up my ass to my prostate and my dick took on a life of its own,

"Again, Zap Em again."

And my cock snapped to attention, then faltered.

"No more, please no more," I screamed.

"Again," the leader shouted and Dinky gave me a long blast and my cock jumped around, the shaft enlarged, filled and I was erect. I looked down and see the tip of my full erection and someone's hand was playing with it.

"Put a clamp on his cock so he don't lose it."

I was so hard I could hardly feel it as some sort of constrictor was placed over my erection.

"See that he don't lose that hard on while I fuck him," said the leader.

He had moved behind me now and he whipped me with his leather glove,

"Oh yes, this is for you faggot," and he lifted me up by my hips to the height of his cock. My ass already filled with his gang members cum as he plunged his cock with the pointed teaser ring into my ass, dislodging much of the cum that was inside me and I fainted.

This was fortunate because he was far from finished. I heard him command,

"Throw some water on the fagot,"

Instead of water they started spitting on me and finally a canteen of water was emptied on my head and I awoke.

"You don't want to miss this fagot" he snarled.

As he pushed further inside me, further and further holding my legs by the knees so he could get a full measure of my wet cumy ass and as I was about to pass out again, he shouted,

"Here it comes," and a massive eruption shook me like a tsunami as he came. Oh God he came in me so hard and I almost passed out once more.

And then he shouted, and I was embarrassed with his word,

"Look guys, the faggot is coming," and he was right.

I shad hot a giant load out into the cool subterranean air, first one then several more. Then I must have passed out for good.

The next thing I knew I was bundled into a blanket and pushed into the middle of three of my fraternity brother's seated in the back seat. They were cursing and smoking and I was getting sea sick, I asked them to pull over as I held my mouth and vomited a quart of cum and shat a quart of motorcycle cum out my ass. I was crying. They pulled me back in the car and drove back to the dorm.

I figured that was the end, I wanted nothing to do with this fraternity from hell and then in the morning a delivery guy with flowers and a giant fruit basket with cheese and wine and whiskey bottles arrived. The around lunch time a delivery guy with a fresh basket of fried chicken.

I was still in shock, my ass was still bleeding. My swollen gums had been attacked by so much cum. I felt so badly, I thought my teeth were rotting. I had no idea if I had contracted any disease. One of the brothers, a pre-med student, whose Dad was a pharmacist came over that night with a pill box filled with antibiotics.

"Take two a day until the pills are gone, it should be eight days. You look all right but we want to be sure."

A week later was the last day of hazing, I was determined to quit and not attend but at that night a group of the bigger frat guys arrived without notice and dragged me out of my dorm room and drove me to the back door of the frat house.

I began to shout,

"I can't take it any more, no more," and then I broke down into a pitiful heap on the floor.

The guys lifted me and carried me inside. When I entered all of a sudden the bright lights went on and I was in a room with all the fraternity brothers and the group of twenty-three remaining pledges.There was music and balloons and everyone had a drink in their hands.

A bright screen turned grey and when I looked up at the big TV screen, a gang of motorcycle guys were circling a victim, someone shouted,

"Look you fool, Billy it's you."

Then I realized they had filmed the entire gang rape and I was the star. As the movie played on, the sound of the guy with the crown of his jacket who raped me was shouting and then the recordings sound diminished and the Grand Master stepped forward,

"You Billie Bush are our golden pledge. We have been under severe economic distress but thanks to you all is well. We welcome you as a brother and await your move to live here with us under this roof. You will not have to pay for room and board for the next 12 months."

I was shocked, "What why, what is happening," I stammered in the direction of the Grand Master.

"We sold the film of your ordeal for $25,000 and the fraternity is free of debt and there is no chance our mortgage would be foreclosed.You Billie Bush, are our hero."


So that is how I became a fraternity brother in a supposed straight fraternity, although as you may have imagined, they may have thought they were straight but they didn't have any inhibitions about getting blown by a gay guy or fucking a gay guy's ass.

I've realized after all that went on, that you live and learn and although it was a terrible ordeal to go through, my ass was sore for 7-8 weeks and my cock was so beaten up it seemed to shrink. Zelda would come by once a day, I got to know her real well and she was really nice to me during my recovery. She'd give me massages and rub down my ass and cock and balls although there was no reaction, I stayed flaccid, my dick was dead.

Then one day in the middle of a cock massage, my cock came alive, and to my surprise I produced an erection and Zelda, God Bless her blew me and I came with clean white cum. She swallowed most of it but some ran down her chin and dribbled on her huge tit.

Yes, she always got nude before she massaged me. That ejaculation felt so good, like old times in the beach cave. Not having an ejaculation for so long I nearly choked her with my cum load. But all in all, I learned to forgive and forget, after all I was the hero of the fraternity and that stands for something. I really have a nice relationship with Zelda but she knows I'm gay and respects that.

Just a word of caution and some free information. I've learned that if you are going to have a bunch of guys fuck you in the ass, or God forbid a real gang rape like I've experienced, try to get the guy with the biggest cock to go first. After a really big cock, the smaller cocks just seem to fit into place. Sometimes you can hardly feel them after you've been traumatized by a monster cock.

I've been asked if after these experiences you ever feel the same. Maybe not the same? Certainly the more you are butt fucked by big dicks, the slacker your ass will get. However, if you give up being penetrated, after a few months you may begin to tighten up and it might feel like starting over when you get 'anal-ized' next time around.

If you are gay or bi, many guys can swing both ways, your best arrangement, when picking a lover, is to find a 5-6 inch cock. It is easy to take in the ass or mouth and it feels just fine. Other guys who give their asses for Sunday passes all seem to agree.

The one caveat is this, once you've had a lover who is large, in the 8-10 inch and thick, no one else will ever satisfy you as much. Those big cocks just fill you all the way up and its unworldly.

Oh, and that bastard motorcycle gang leader, he turned out to be a local motorcycle cop who patrols the area where the frat house is. His name is Officer O'Toole, which is very appropriate. They also call him the 'Rhino' or the 'Tank.'

Whenever he passed by he'd waves at me and finally I've learned to weakly wave back. Last week he stopped and asked if I miss him. Maybe he was being sarcastic but I answered him honestly,

"Officer, after you fucked me, no man on earth will ever satisfy me like you."

"You and me have a thing going on Mrs. Jones," he said laughing and then roared off on his big Harley.

I didn't quite understand that comment but I expect his big cock will be crashing this party sooner or later and I just can't wait.

When it happens I'll tell you all about it.

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