Better and Wetter

Better and WetterWritten by robinhead
My boyfriend James is a handsome young black man. He's kind of small but well built. His shoulders are broad and muscular. He has a slender waist. He looks great in tight clothes and even better naked.
He has well defined pecs and dark nipples. They're hard as pebbles when he's turned on. He's got six pack abs and narrow hips. Being smaller and slender makes his dick look larger than it is. But it is bigger than mine. It is a little on the skinny side, which I like.

The first time I met him was at the gym. All I noticed was his hard on. I couldn't look at his face. He caught me looking and asked if I'd rather lick him than my lips. All I could say is, "Now?"

"Sure", was all he said.

We went to someone's apartment and he pulled it out of his pants for me. I played with it and got a feel for it by watching it and his face. Another guy's dick felt almost like mine. I jerked him until he shot a lot of cum out of it.

I went home and got myself settled down. I was so turned on and still hard.I thought I would cum the moment I heard my wife come in the house. She was out with her girlfriends. When she did get home, she asked what had I been doing. I blurted out that I jacked a guy off. She asked me to tell her all the details. She was rubbing herself before I started. She came a few times before we got to bed. I was so hard and she was so wet we didn't need any fore play. I know we each came harder than ever before.

James and I kept seeing each other at the gym. Sometimes we would get together and sometimes we didn't. We'd get naked and I would get him off. I couldn't keep my hands off him. I would rub his chest and nipples. Suck, lick and bite them too. It made his dick harder. I would rub his thighs and then his balls. I would jerk him off and lick his bright white cum off his black skin.

He wanted to cum in my mouth but there was too much hair. I made him let me shave him. Then I let him cum in my mouth. I liked his skinny dick. It was so easy to take him deep into my throat.

After we finished I hurried home to my wife for sex. It was so incredible. She and I were so turned on. Sometimes I even had some of his cum left in my mouth for her to taste.

She and I were always horny and went at it like teenagers. James finally asked if my wife would join us sometime. I couldn't say yes fast enough!

We set a day and he came over. He gave my wife a quick kiss and hug. Then we got naked. James and my wife had their hands all over one another. She loved massaging his chest and grabbing his butt. She kept feeling how firm it was. We got James laid down in our bed. I kneeled at his feet and rubbed his thighs and then his balls. My wife kneeled down above his head. She leaned over him to let him suck and rub her tits. After a little while she sat on his face like she was going to do 69 with him. That was my cue to start licking him and sucking him. My wife went crazy when she saw me with a mouth full of black cock. She moaned and rubbed her pussy against his mouth and lips. "Suck it, make it hard for me!" she growled. I did. When I felt him get a little harder I stopped and told her to get on him and fuck him. She got on top of his dick and it slid right in her pussy. She was so wet and he was so hard.

I moved aside and started jerking off. When I was close to cumming I got up and squirted my cum on her mouth and tits. I kissed her a licked the cum off her face and rubbed it in on her tits.

I knew she'd had a few orgasms. I knew by the look on his face he would cum any second. He gave her one big thrust deep in her pussy and stopped. He started cumming in her. She started trembling in another orgasm.

When they were finished she sat on his face again. He licked his cum out of and swallowed it! He was still hard. I started licking him again. His cock was still wet from her pussy. I started sucking him again. I started deep throating him. My wife watched me with it in my mouth. She said "Make him cum in your mouth!".

"All the way in!"

"Deeper, deeper, now!"

I opened my throat more and went further down his shaft than ever before. He squirted and I gagged on it. I pulled up and got him out of my mouth. He was squirting cum the whole time. I kept jacking him up and down making him squirt all over my mouth. I didn't stop until he was finished. I wanted it all.

I gave my wife my fingers to lick and suck. She rubbed some more from my face for her to eat. I let go of his cock and ran my fingers through the juices on his body. I licked up a little puddle of cum on his abdomen.

My wife got off him and moved to me. We kissed and licked each other's face. We both did it to James's face too. It just seemed right. He did kiss and lick us back.

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