Belfast Sauna

Belfast SaunaWritten by TheJuicer
An evening of Irish cock fun in a Belfast gay Sauna. I was looking forward to my business trip to Belfast. It had been a couple of years since I was last there and I was up for a visit to Pipeworks Gay Sauna. Several past visits had been very rewarding evenings with some lovely Irish cock to play with. I checked the opening times online to find that the place had closed a few weeks before. Gutted doesn't cover it but I did remember there used to be another venue, I had a browse and sure enough, Outside was still open.

The day of my trip arrived and it was one boring meeting after another, me distracted by the promise of cock throughout. I finally got to my city centre hotel. Checked-in and went to my room. I loaded Grinder to see who was about, I got a couple of hits straight away but explained I was Sauna bound. There was an Arabic looking guy pretty close, handsome looking 'Travelling' was the profile and I dropped him a quick hello but no reply. I hit the bathroom to get ready.

I'm in my early 40's, six foot with a broad and stocky frame, a few too many pounds but in reasonable shape. I keep my hair short cropped, occasionally some trimmed stubble. My chest and belly hair are trimmed to and my bollocks either waxed or shaved. I'd had a wax a few weeks back, so just a tidy up needed in the shower. I had eaten light but decided to douche for a long evening ahead.

I headed out around six and found the venue in a side street fairly easily. Buzzed in at the door and upstairs through to reception. A nice young guy booked me in, gave me a towel and sold me some poppers. I checked the sign-in sheet and it looked like there were half a dozen guys in.

I walked back to the changing room and there was a guy in the showers and another guy sitting on the bench with a towel round his waist. He was mid-twenties, nice looking with dark hair, about six foot, similar build to me but more toned. I started stripping off and noticed him part his towel a bit. I put my top in my locker and noticed his hand had gone to his cock and he was looking at me. "Promising start." I thought. I took me shoes and socks off and dropped my jeans to reveal my Andrew Christian backless briefs, a clear advert for him. I put that all in the locker and he was now flashing me his cock. Possibly semi but was at a nice size, a good 4 inches, thick with a lovely head of skin. He was waxed and appeared totally hairless. I quickly whipped of my pants and threw them in the locker, securing the key on my wrist I picked up my poppers and towel and grabbed my cock which was starting to swell.

The guy stood up and made it obvious I was to follow. This was good as I had no idea where I was going. We went upstairs and rounded a corner where there were some private booths. He selected one, there was porn playing on a screen and I locked the door behind me. I dropped my towel and he did the same. I was rock hard now, I'm about seven and a half inches, pretty thick and cut with decent low slung balls. He was still getting hard but already he was bigger than me. He pulled me close and we grabbed each-others cocks. We slowly wanked each other and leant in for a passionate kiss.

I hadn't looked down but I could feel his cock was huge. He pushed me back on to the padded bed area and quickly took my cock in his mouth. Wow, this guy knew how to blow a cock, swallowing me straight down to the balls and then working my shaft up and down. It was a lovely couple of minutes, I held his hair as he bobbed up and down with my cock hitting the back of his throat.

He lifted off me and stood tall, this was the first time I'd seen his fully engorged dick. It was massive, and easy nine or even ten inches and really thick. I dropped to my knees and started working my mouth on him. I can control my gag reflex and there's not many dicks I've not been able to take to the base, it's a bit of a party trick and drives hung guys wild, this was going to be a challenge though. His prick was gorgeous and I couldn't believe my luck as I worked it deeper and deeper. My nose touched his groin and I turned my head slightly to take his full girth. He was right at my limits and he could tell that. It excited him and knowing I couldn't breathe he held each side of my head and fucked my skull in deep smooth cycles. This guy was a pro, he timed it perfectly until I needed air then let me up, the fresh air filled my nostrils and the spit dropped from his manhood to my chest.

I heard him unwrap my poppers and that distinct click of the lid before he took a couple of massive draws on them and passed them down to me. His cock still in my mouth I took one long pull of poppers in to each nostril. I handed them back and we were off again. Pump, pump, pump in to my mouth, each drive forward getting wetter and deeper until he was at the back of my throat. The saliva dribbled from my mouth, I looked up at him and he spat in my face. Not normally my thing but this was hot and I was happy for him to abuse his cock whore. He spat again as he rode my mouth, then placing a hand each side of my head pulled his cock out and lifted me up to standing. I'm versatile or power bottom but this guy wanted a bottom slut and he was going to get it.

We kissed again, my mouth still sloppy from sucking his dick and he seemed to like that. He turned me and forced me face down towards the bed.

"Put your hands on the wall." He said.

I complied. The bed was a strip of vinyl covered foam about the width of a single bed. My legs were against it and my hands planted on the wall, so I was at ninety degrees with my arse stuck out. "If I'm going to get fucked there's not been anything that big up there in ages. This is going to hurt!" I thought as I reached for the poppers.

As I took a couple of snorts on them I felt his big hands part my cheeks and heard him spit as the warm gob sprayed my hole. Then in came his tongue, probing and exploring my hole. Now his mouth pressed hard to it as his tongue drilled me. He backed-off and spat a couple more times, then back in to feast on my ring. His stubbly chin scratched at my cheeks, it was prickly but I loved it. Another tote on the poppers as he wetted my arse.

Now he stood and taking the poppers from me he leant in and his cock slid along my crack hitting my balls. He tugged on the poppers a few times, riding my crack. "I'm not up for bareback with you." I thought, though I do love the feel of an uncut cock raw in me. Not to worry though as he reached to a container on the wall and pulled out a condom and lube.

I heard the slap of rubber as he put it on and wiped his length with some lube. Then the hit of cold lube on my arse as a finger was driven home.

"Go easy, it's been a while and you're fucking huge." I begged.

Now his dick pressed against my hole and I felt it stretch to take his girth. "Ouch, yep painful." I thought and I pulled forward a little. He realised and stopped pushing a few seconds. Then slowly started driving himself home. I wondered if I was going to be able to take him. A long sniff on the poppers and we was at his full length. "Oh, my, fucking, God!" I thought this is fucking enormous.

He started to pound my arse in long rhythmic strokes. It was so intense, I could feel every inch of him as it slid through me. Harder and faster the rhythm became as he drilled my cunt, his massive dick stretching me to the absolute limits.

I was hungry for spunk now. "I want your cum down my throat." I groaned as he continued to plough me with ever deep and hard thrusts.

I couldn't brace against the wall anymore and dropped my chest to the bed as he continued to destroy me. I didn't know how much more I could take. The he pulled himself from me and grasped my side to turn me round as he tore off the condom. I dropped to my knees and looked up at him longingly. What a sight up past his now tight balls, his massive dick pumping his hand, along his firm body to his handsome face, eyes closed and brow frowned in deep concentration.

I took his dick in my mouth. He continued to hold the base and work his shaft but there was still a good mouthful to enjoy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he pounded in to my face and then bang, his spunk filled my mouth. He pulled out and it dribbled down my chin as bang, another load hit my nose and cheek. Another shot over my face and dripping to my chest. He groaned and pulsed again but no more cream, he was spent.

He pressed his dick in to my mouth and I sucked the last few drops from it. His spunk was beautiful, salty, thick and warm. He wiped his dick in the cum on my face and pushed it in to my eager mouth. Now his thumb scraped up all that remained and fed it to me.

"Wow!" I said. "I wasn't expecting that."

He grinned, unlocked the door, grabbed our towels and led me along a dimly lit corridor to a small shower room. He forced my shoulders down and I knelt. He stood and looked down on me, motionless and focused as a warm jet of piss started to hit my groin and work up my body. I grasped his cock and took the head in my open mouth. The salty warmth filled my mouth and ran down my chin splashing off my chest to my thighs. The stream slowed and he pulled back, holding my head in one hand he grasped his dick with the other and shot his last few jets of piss in to my face.

He turned on the shower, picked up his towel, turned and left. His muscled arse twitching left to right above his strong legs as he headed away. His bitch had been well and truly used and his needs satisfied. I knew my place.

I showered quickly and took a wonder to see what else and who else Outside had to offer. The upstairs area was pretty quiet, mainly a mixture of private rooms and glory holes, all dimly lit but well cleaned and there were condoms, lube, tissue and things everywhere, good signs. There were also a few more interesting and open rooms with slings and other devices. I walked back to where I'd come in and noticed a cinema area playing porn, there was one guy sitting in there, early twenties a little chubby and didn't look that tall but OK looking and dark haired. I walked on round the corner and found a darkroom but nobody in it, so decided to go for another circuit. As I walked round I passed the guy from the cinema, we gave each other a glance and he moved to the side in to a booth. I looked back and we was in the doorway looking at me and grabbing his cock through his towel. "Why not?" I thought and walked toward him.

I locked the door behind me. He wasn't all that attractive but I wasn't looking to get married, just to resolve my raging horn. I reached to his towel and grasped his cock, it was hard but not that big, about 5 inches I guess. I pulled my towel off and went down to suck his dick. To be honest I wasn't that in to him. I saw him reach past my head and then heard the door lock slide open. "Good with me, could get interesting." I thought.

His dick wasn't massive but was pretty hard and I had been giving it a good service. I rose to my feet and he grabbed my cock which dwarfed his. He sat on the bed and leaned back, clearly I was to suck him again, this was all too passive for me and I was about to leave when I heard the door open. An older guy had walked in, late fifties or early sixties, six foot, slim and tanned with totally smooth skin. He dropped his towel to reveal a long slim cock. I gave him a grin and started to tug on him and the other guy, one in each hand. The first guy was now laid fully on the bed.

I turned to new guy, bent down and took his semi cock in my mouth. It immediately started to swell and was getting to a good size, this guy was a grower. I pulled back to reveal a decent eight inches with a really big bell-end. I sank back down in it and gobbled some more, the other guy still in my hand.

My hole was still hungry and the new guy looked like a contender. I turned to blow the first guy on the bed hoping that the skinny fella would find my ring an attractive proposition. Lucky me.

He took a condom and put it on, lubed himself and my hole then slowly presented his head. He eased it in and I felt my ring close around it on to his shaft. The first guy had opened me up so well that I easily took this guy full length and he started to ride my arse.

The first guy stayed a while but it was probably obvious my attention had turned elsewhere and he left. New guy was pounding deep in to me now and his balls were slapping my arse. He pulled out and I turned, pulled off the condom and took him down my throat again. He fucked my throat a while then gestured for me to turn round. He was an arse guy which was fine with me. He put on another rubber and shoved his dick hard home, I winced a little as his mushroom forced me open but I was soon in the rhythm as he rode me again.

"I want your spunk all over me." I said, it was the first time one of us had spoken.

"Yeah, on your face and chest?" He said in a broad Irish accent, half question and half statement of intent.

"Fuck, yeah." I said as he pulled his knob from me.

I turned as he ripped of the condom and with a couple of strokes his spunk was hitting my face. I licked the first jet from my chin as the second hit my cheek and a third hit my brow and dripped down. I leant in and took his dick in my mouth to suck the remaining drops. He was obviously hyper sensitive now and his body convulsed as my mouth explored his head. That was him spent. I gave him a grin, took my towel and headed to the showers.

I wondered around upstairs again, followed one big set rugby type trying to lure him in but to no avail. There were other floors to this place I was sure, time to explore further.

I took the stairs back down and past the changing rooms, through reception to the wetter areas. There was a large but empty sauna, a spa pool and a steam room. I put my towel on a rail, went in to the steam room and took a seat on one of the benches. Just one older guy in there. As I laid back and relaxed I felt his hand take my cock. Then his mouth followed. It was an OK blowjob but I wasn't that in to it. Happy to kick back and relax in the warm steam while he worked on my cock and beat his own meat though. Eventually he shot his load and left. I stayed there a while enjoying the quiet.

I showered and headed to the spa pool. Big rugby guy was in there along with the short chubby guy from earlier. I got in alongside rugby guy. I'm never that sure on etiquette in a pool so I just sat there enjoying the warm water and jets a while. Then I thought I'd try a little subtle leg contact. I spread my legs open and my knee touched his, no jerk away which was a good sign. I grabbed my cock in my left hand and started wanking, making sure the motion was obvious and over exaggerated. He started wanking with his right hand. Promising, so I ran my hand up my leg until my fingers touched his leg then slipped my hand over to his thigh and ran it down as his knee pushed against mine. His legs were thick, muscly and hairy. My hand ran down to his groin, he moved his hand away and I grabbed his cock. Under the water I could tell he wasn't that gifted but it wasn't tiny either. He was uncut and pretty hard but there was something else, a heavy metal weight on his sack above this balls.

The guy from earlier had twigged that something was going on and was watching intently as I started to work his cock and toy with that weight. This guy liked his balls tugged, that was good with me. I worked my legs under him and used them to help him float up in the water. Cock and balls were just below the surface now and the metal weight ring glinted in the light. His balls were pretty small and only just big enough to not pop through the weight. His sack was relaxed in the warmth and hanging really low.

Another slim broad bearded guy got in the pool and made his way over to sit between rugby bloke and the chubby guy from earlier. He leant in and started to suck and nibble rugby's nipples. Rugby had a really hairy chest and the slim guy was burying his face in it. I felt his legs come under and help lift rugby's groin from the water. I leant in and took his cock in my mouth. It was about five inches with really loose skin that rolled back and forth as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. With my thumb and forefinger clamping his sack I was pulling on his balls, this was obviously his kink and he was enjoying being worked on by the two of us.

Chubby guy was enjoying the show and wanking under the water. I moved round between Rugby's legs and using my thighs lifted him high. I leant in and took his dick in my mouth swallowing it whole my nose against his thick pubes taking in his scent and the smell of the spa water. I pumped his dick in to the back of my throat then pulled up. As I did, the other guy took his cock in his mouth. I moved to his balls and sliding the weight up took them in my mouth. I stretched them holding with my lips at first then gently closed my teeth on his sack and let them pull against his bollocks. This hit his spot and he wriggled like a wet eel in the foaming water.

I sucked his balls deep then allowed them to pop out of my mouth, the weight hit them and they dropped low between his legs in to the bubbling water. The other guy moved back to his nipples and I took his cock in my mouth again. I worked his balls with both hands, pulling down on the weight in faster and faster tugs whilst rubbing his boys through his smooth, stretched scrotum. A few more tugs and I got my reward as his hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed the first shot and allowed the rest to collect, savouring it on my tongue. The other guy pulled me up, turned my face to him and kissed me, sharing Rugby's cum. I ran my hand to his groin and found a big thick hard cock waiting.

We sat back and Rugby guy got out and left. I still had the new guys cock in my hand and he had grasped mine, but to my disappointment he got up and left with no obvious sign to follow.

Chubby guy was still there and said "They're together."

"Oh right, that makes sense." I replied.

Chubby was wanking under the water. I moved over and took his cock in my hand as he took mine. We wanked each other under the water for a while. It was all very chilled and the warm water made a nice lubed sensation over both our dicks. Chubby guy tensed and pumped a few times and his jet of cum rose in the bubbles. I left him there and hit the showers.

It was around ten now and there were only a couple of other guys in the place. One really old guy and a middle aged guy who was walking round at such a pace it was like he was circuit training at a gym. I wandered for a bit but got bored, it appeared I'd drained every drop to be had. I'd not cum but it had been a good night.

I showered and headed out in to the cold night, there was a heavy frost on the ground. I picked up some food and walked back to the hotel. As I got to the doors there was a guy smoking outside, I was sure it was the Arabic guy from Grinder and I was sure he had clocked me. Anyway, I headed through reception and took the lift to my floor.

Back in my room I started to think about the events of the evening, Outside had certainly been worth a visit. My tablet pinged with a Grinder message. "Surely not?" I thought but there it was a message from 'Traveller'.

"Think I saw you downstairs, Up for fun?" With a photo of his cock.

"Yeah, my place or yours?" I joked back.

"Mine. What are you in to?" He asked.

"Hungry Power Bottom to Versatile. Up for most things and pretty adventurous. You?" I asked back.

"Top here mainly, like to fuck." He said.

"Perfect! What room?" I enquired.

He sent me his room number, the room below mine. I had a quick piss and tidy up, grabbed some lube, poppers and condoms and headed downstairs. He opened the door stark bollock naked and what a sight! He was an Arab Stallion, dark skinned, toned to perfection, handsome with a chiselled jaw and trimmed beard, oh and hung like a horse. His dick swung between his legs knocking his low hanging balls as he turned and led me in with a cheeky smile. I literally couldn't believe my luck, I could have cum there and then.

I followed him to the bed, he turned and lifted my top over my head then unbuttoned my jeans. I kicked off my shoes as my jeans fell and I stepped out of them. We were now both fully naked and he pressed himself against me. Both our cocks were semi on and it felt good to have them nestled against each other. He slid down, kissing my chest all the way then took my still growing dick in his mouth. I felt myself grow inside his hot warm mouth as his tongue explored me and his strong hands firmly grabbed my cheeks pulling my groin in to his face. He pulled his mouth from my cock and pushed his face in to my groin, licking and kissing my balls.

"Nice cut cock." He said in a London accent.

"Cheers." I said "You're fucking gorgeous."

He laughed a bit and took me in his mouth again. He was working my cock really well, a bit too well, I'd been on the edge a few times this evening and didn't want to cum too soon. I held his shoulders and pulled him up to my face. We held each-others heads and our mouths locked for some heavy tongue action. His massive dick was pushing in to my thigh.

I pushed him back on to the bed and he hitched himself up to the pillows. I leant forward and took his dick in my mouth. It wasn't much of a grower but that didn't matter, it was a really good nine inches, thick and veiny, perfectly cut with just a little loose skin and absolutely solid. I was already dribbling at the sight of his hard brown dick against his solid dark body. I took him in my mouth and slowly bobbed up and down taking his shaft lower and lower until it was balls deep.

"Fuck he, you're good at that." He said "I've never had anyone swallow it whole before."

"Party trick." I thought as his words encouraged me. I kept working him as deep as I could. There's a point where my mouth can't take anymore and the guys dick has to slide in to my throat. My tonsils were removed when I was a kid so it's an unobstructed passage and I know it really gets guys off as their head forces its way down. My stallion was loving it and groaning each time he went that deep. I dropped to his full length and held it there. He pumped his groin in to my face, going so deep there was no more to feed me. I pulled back unable to breathe and took a few deep breaths through my nose before heading down again.

"I want to see my dick in your throat." He said.

"Yeah, fucking hot." I said as I pulled off him and lay back on the bed my head hanging over the foot.

I looked up as his dick came towards me and slid in to my mouth, his low bollocks resting on my face and filling my nose with his scent. He plunged deep and I could feel him filling me.

"Oh fuck yeah." He groaned as he gently rubbed my throat. I could feel the pressure between his hand and his cock as he fucked my face and I could tell he was enjoying it too.

I can't breathe when a dick is that deep and gagged a little. He knew it was time for air and pulled back but I could tell he got off on it a bit and it became a thing for a while. Testing to see how long he could hold it there then giving me some air as a reward for pleasing him.

He leant in and took my dick in his mouth while pounding mine in a mutual oral fuck. He lifted up and pulled his cock out, it was really wet and dripping with saliva from my throat and it shone like polished ebony in the dim light of the room.

"Turn over." He instructed and I did what I was told turning round on the bed and face down in to the pillows.

In came his tongue as his bearded chin parted my cheeks. His soft facial hair against my skin as his mouth sucked my arse and his long tongue writhed in my hole. I could have stayed like that for hours and he was really enjoying me. His tongue must have been massive, it was literally fucking me and I could feel it enter my ring. Eventually he rose up and I felt his dick press against my hole as his weight fell on me.

"You want protection?" He asked.

"Usually do but I want your spunk in me. Are you clean?" I'm normally really sensible but my hole was so hungry for him.

"Tested last month." He said and I took his word as his dick pushed on my arse.

"Poppers? No, I want to feel all of this." I thought as I relaxed and let him slide inside. His tongue had done its work and my wet juicy hole accepted him easily. I could feel every bump and vein as his hard rod opened me deeper and deeper, and then there it was, at full length and hitting my prostate in just the right place. He was gentle but thorough making rhythmic almost circular thrusts. His strong hands rose over mine which were spread either side of my head, pinning me down as he took some if his weight off of me. Then he leant in and passionately kissed my neck and shoulders as he fucked my hole in long strokes.

"Ride me, I want to see your face." He said as he pulled himself free from me and laid back on the bed.

I straddled his groin and sunk my face down on his as we went in for some more tongue action. Our tools pressed against each other as I rubbed my groin up his and on to his chest. My dick rubbed against his hot skin as his popped back up behind me. As I slid back down his manhood entered my gaping hole without guidance, a perfect fit.

I sat upright, he spat on his hand and took my cock, wanking it, as worked my hips against his girth. Our eyes were locked in a knowing stare and I could tell as his breathing quickened that he was close. His dark skin shone with sweat, revealing every sinew and detail as he joined the motion, his groin thrusting in perfect time with me, pushing himself deeper and deeper. As his dick hit my gland and his hand worked my cock in perfect time I couldn't hold it any longer and I erupted. A massive jet, a whole night's anticipation of this moment, erupted over him. As it did his body tightened and I knew the moment was right for him too. He rammed his dick home and this sent another jet from me as I felt my hole fill with his juice. Another plunge and another jet from me, joining the others on his chest, white against his dark skin. He plunged again, his whole body rigid and sending electricity through me. We collapsed, me falling on to him and pressing my hot cum between us.

We lay there panting, our torsos tight against each other in a mixture of spunk and sweat. His dick gave out a few last pulses which ran in to me as it softened and slowly worked its way out of my cunt. I felt his cum dribble out as my satisfied ring relaxed.

We showered and then chatted a while as I dressed. He was a Londoner here on business and it turned out I often stayed in his part of the city with work.

"Ever do the London scene or Sauna's?" He asked.

"Normally too busy with work." I said.

"We should hook up and have some fun." He said.

I agreed and we exchanged numbers.

But that, as they say, is another story.

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