A Trip Out of Town

A Trip Out of TownWritten by eljayb
I have just returned from a three week trip to another city. Before I left I had checked a dating site searching for like minded men in the city I was heading to.
I am 77 years old and prefer men around my own age so I did not have any great expectations.
I did find one guy who seemed to match my preferences and we exchanged a few messages and agreed that we both had really dirty minds and that we would probably hit it off just fine. And we did!

He lived in a retirement village and any hope of privacy was useless as people kept barging into his room so in the end I suggested he accompany me to my accommodation. He was very keen and off we went.

Ahh this was better, a nice queen size bed and complete privacy. We dropped our pants, kicked off our shoes and he sat on the bed and I approached him and he reached out for my stiffening cock. He opened his thick lipped mouth and slowly sucked me in.

He had no teeth and the feeling of his gums sliding down my shaft, while his tongue caressed it and the warmth of his mouth drawing me deeper and deeper until he held me all. His fingers caressed my balls and at that moment I knew that this was going to be one of those special days.

I withdrew from his mouth and dropped to my knees and lifted his soft cock into my mouth. He responded quite nicely and I pushed him back on the bed, sucking and licking and I let a flow of saliva run down between his legs to give lubrication to my searching finger.

I sucked him and very gently pressed my index finger against his crack. Not hard, just to tease. From the sounds he made, this was a good idea so I pressed harder. Pausing to get more saliva to keep things moist.

Pressing harder my finger slipped in and immediately found his prostate. No doubt about where I was and how he felt about it from the sounds of joy he made.

I timed my sucking with my pressure with my finger and things became quite heated. I am not sure if he came or not but he certainly made all the right noises. At our age ejaculation is often a phantom. We have all the fun without the mess!!

I came back to my feet and then lay beside him, just holding him close.

He asked if I could fuck him and we tried. First he sucked me until I was hard (with his beautiful soft mouth, that did not take very long) Then he got on his hands and knees on the bed, I put on a condom and lubed myself up but by the time I had got into position I had gotten too soft to penetrate. The joys of getting old.

Stripping off the condom I went to the bathroom, washed my dick and brought back a warm facecloth to clean up his lubed bottom.

Now he lay on his back on the bed with his head over the edge and reaching up behind him he pulled my cock closer and into his mouth. He was at exactly the right height for me to stand and just fuck his beautiful warm throat.

I have been sucked so many times in my long life, I have fucked many men and women but never, ever, have I enjoyed sensations like these.

I could lean forward and pinch his big nipples, stroke his face and neck and all the while he just let me slide in as far as I could until my balls were jammed against his face and I was completely taken inside him, his fingers reached up to tickle my balls and to stroke my cock every time I pulled back from his throat. He used his cheeks to suck me, his tongue to rub against me, his gums to slide up and down the shaft. I got into a beautiful gentle rhythm sliding in and out, feeling the delicious warmth of his mouth and throat. He deep throated like I have never enjoyed before.

Eventually I was getting to close to a climax so I very regretfully pulled out and lay down on the bed beside him but in a 69 position. He shifted further back on to the bed and surprise, surprise, his mouth was right beside my eager cock.

He devoured it, there is no other way to describe it and in a very short time I exploded. I had one of the most intense orgasms that I can recall for a very long time.

We got together again back at his retirement home a few days later. On this occasion we timed it better and picked a time when he knew he would not have the interruptions we had struck the first time. In no time I had his pants down and I was sucking his sweet cock and then we reversed positions. I sat on his bed beside him and he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth.

The lovely warmth of his mouth and throat, the slicky slidey in between his lips and gums, the feeling that his tongue gave me as he licked my cock in his mouth. I exploded, a totally shattering cum. What more can I say. He was just so sweet and loving and I am looking forward to catching up with him again on my next trip to his home town.

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