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  • Step-Dad Screams My Name

    Step-Dad Screams My NameWritten by JustAnAuthor1497
    Tyler makes step-dad, Andy his bitch.
    This happens often. Ever since I met this kid he's been a whiny little bitch, just like his father. Don't get me wrong, moving into a house full of other men was a nice change of atmosphere. Y'see it's always just been me, my mom, and my older sister. I was the only man surrounded by women.
    That is until mom started dating Andy my sophomore year of high school. He proposed my senior year and we moved in. My sister had gone off to college my junior year so it was now me, my mom, Andy, and his son Cameron.

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  • The Host

    The HostWritten by unknownmuse
    Traveling Dom meets twink.
    He was the host in the hotel restaurant near the convention center. Early twenties and very cute. Dark curly hair, incredible smile, about five seven and slightly built. Exactly my type. Shaking off the rain from my coat I approached the host to be seated for dinner.
    "Just you?" He asked.
    "Flying solo tonight." I said. "A window seat if possible and a vodka screwdriver." The view of the river would be welcoming after a day wandering the convention complex.

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  • Houston's Story

    Houston's StoryWritten by kwchancellor
    Houston gets picked up.
    I stood in the light of the street lamp on a corner of Avenue B counting the money I had made for the night. I got fifty from an old man who removed his dentures and slobbed my cock with such precision, I busted my nut in the old man's make shift pussy faster than I ever had. Fucking blew my mind. It felt so good, I almost felt guilty taking the old coot's money.

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  • Sergeant Miles

    Sergeant MilesSergeant Miles
    The expressive and orally fixated Sergeant Miles is compactly built, but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for with his cock, which measures eight and a half inches. He’s great at topping with that big dick of his, but he’s equally excited to bottom. When Sergeant is taking a cock, you can see on his face how every inch feels as it pushes deeper inside him—witness this spectacle for yourself in one of his early movies as a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive, Saluting Sergeant, in which he has scenes with Drae Axtell and then Michael Lachlan. There’s no hiding Sergeant’s ecstasy, and that’s one of the things that is best about this versatile, muscular stud.

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  • Why it’s so hard to #DeleteFacebook

    Constant psychological boosts keep you hookedHere we go again: another Facebook controversy, yet again violating our sense of privacy by letting others harvest our personal information.
    This flareup is a big one to be sure, leading some people to consider leaving Facebook altogether, but the company and most of its over 2 billion users will reconcile. The vast majority will return to Facebook, just like they did the last time and the many times before that.

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  • Threesome Fantasy

    Threesome FantasyWritten by brentstar
    My first time m2m sex fantasy.
    I have had a fantasy for a few days now that has been driving me crazy every time I think about it so I thought I would share it..
    I had been chatting with a gay couple guy online for a few days and I told them how I was bi curious and was asking questions and talking out being with another guy and m2m sex ect. Some of the chats got quite hot and all round was quite fun so they invited me round for a drink one afternoon.. nothing intended just to have a chat like we had online and a drink or two.

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  • Foundry Furnace

    Foundry FurnaceWritten by rae121452
    More than the furnace is hot at this foundry.
    "Never Fuck Your Small Town Best Friend". That's how I should have titled this story because that's how it all began.
    Troy and I had been friends since childhood. We also started fucking and sucking each other as soon as we figured out how. In small town West Virginia it sure helped to pass the time, even if you weren't into it the way I was.
    Anyway, we had reached our mid-twenties, still riding each other's dick whenever the need hit. Then, Troy suddenly began to get stand-offish and I discovered that he had himself a serious girlfriend. I didn't mind, we weren't in love, we were just fuck buddies. But I should have been more cautious about the whole thing.

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  • New Muscle

    New MuscleWritten by dakotadanders
    Beefcake Myles fucks a new 29 yr old member of his gym. 
    The steady rhythm of the treadmill calmed Myles, it eradicated all of his thoughts and stresses. All he had to do was just keep running forward. Every so often his concentration would falter and Mason would slip into his mind.
    He couldn't make sense of his feelings about him, he was definitely attracted to him, they had a brief encounter a few weeks ago but literally everything had changed after that night. Their relationship was no longer the same and Myles doubted that it ever would be. He found that thought to be unbearable. Mentally shaking himself he increased the speed to its highest. His hulking muscular frame pounded the machine. He couldn't face using the gym in the complex he managed so he opted to go to the nearest 24 hour one.

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  • Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'

    Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'Two-and-a-half percent of American men ages 15-44 who identify as straight have had same-sex relations.
    That's according to a December study published in the journal Sociological Perspectives by Tony Silva and Rachel Bridges Whaley, which examined “the relationship between straight identification and nonsexual social factors among men who are attracted to men."

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  • The Farmer's Sons

    The Farmer's SonsWritten by rae121452
    Running out of gas in deep country can be wonderful. I was driving down I-75 and it had literally become a trip through hell on earth. A trip that would normally take 8 or 9 hours had stretched already into 13 with no end in sight.
    I had left Detroit that morning at 6 AM and I'd been on the road ever since. I had told my cousin that I'd arrive in Nashville in the early afternoon but it was 6 PM and I was still on the road, somewhere between Lexington and Richmond in Kentucky.



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