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  • Kayden Gray woke up from a drug overdose to find men fucking him

    Kayden Gray woke up from a drug overdose to find men fucking him‘They tore my ass for starters’
    Exclusive: Kayden Gray speaks to Gay Star News about his experience of getting high and horny.
    Porn star and escort Kayden Gray has opened up to Gay Star News for the first time about a violent sexual assault that happened while he was at a chillout.
    ‘He knew I was negative, and that everyone else was positive. He said: “Don’t let anyone here fuck you”.’
    At the chemsex party Gray was at, he was unaware of the HIV status of others.

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  • Anal Peep Show

    Anal Peep ShowWritten by wiley4377
    It started when I was 19 and for the next five years, I enjoyed anal intercourse with several men. Two men were regular visitors to my apartment over the garage of my parent's home. I measured Bill's cock at 11 inches long and 3 ½ inched wide. George was 10 inches and slightly thicker than Bill's.
    Both parents worked until eight or nine each night except weekends. Bill and George visited almost daily between four and six. I had a part time job on weekends.
    I liked the sex so much that I installed several large mirrors on the walls so I could enhance the experience.
    Here is my story.

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  • Bath-House Surprise

    Bath-House SurpriseWritten by BiFunRtb
    To start off, a little about me; I'm an athletic guy, just short of the 6ft mark, with an extremely naughty side. What transpires here is a true story, and happened in a popular bath house located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    After years of slowly exploring my curiosities, I became ever more confident in accepting my own desires. This lead to my first gay encounter with a close friend, who was also curious, and after admitting his curiosity, we ended up taking each others "virginity", although I will recount that encounter in a future story.

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  • Top of the Morning

    Top of the MorningWritten by JasonClearwater
    I woke with Will's sweaty heat against my back, and lay listening to him breathe. He was still asleep, his hand resting against my side, his fingers twitching as he dreamed.
    Sunlight streamed through a gap in the curtains, cutting across us both. Nearly midday, I was guessing, although I didn't want to reach for my phone to check in case he woke. In case he left.
    He's going to leave eventually.
    Everything Lucy had said the night before came back to me like a punch to the stomach. That Will had engineered our breakup. That he was poison. And Will, the anger in his voice when he'd accused me of not being honest with myself about this being more than just two friends fucking. Both of them angry, both of them willing to cut me out of their lives because I didn't know how to deal with any of it.

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  • Police rush to home of Aaron Carter

    Police rush to home of Aaron CarterHe’s ‘on the verge of death’
    Police were called to the Florida home of Aaron Carter after terrified neighbours reported “erratic behaviour”.
    The bisexual former pop star has revealed drug abuse, plummeting weight and cosmetic surgery addiction in recent weeks.
    Now those close to him say he has “threatened to take his own life multiple times in the past few weeks”.

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  • Teasing Another Neighbor

    Teasing Another NeighborWritten by stockingluvr
    I saw Paul a couple of days later while he was out mowing his lawn and I was just getting home from work. After our night of spectacular but short lived sex in the back yard, Paul seemed a little more talkative. He mentioned that he really enjoyed himself and that he wouldn't mind trying that again. I said that we'll have to try something different as the best part was the spontaneity and risk of getting caught.

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  • A New Town

    A New TownWritten by shyhand
    I've recently moved to a small town. Previously, I was living in London, just about making ends meet, but a new job application, 2 interviews later and I've found myself here, just shy of Swansea.
    I've been here 2 months now, and so far, it's even quieter than I could of possibly imagined, there's no gay bar in sight and the only form of gay community is a once a month hiking club, there's only 4 of them, 2 older gentlemen and 2 mid 40's women. I'm 30 in a few months time so I'm looking for something a little more exciting than walking. Thankfully, I've found the town's only gym, and this is where my story begins.

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